If solving puzzles excites you and you are good with words, then surely you will be happy to know what the best crossword apps on Android are. Solving crosswords is one of the most popular past times and a great way to add some fun to your free time. They not only delight your brain but also test your vocabulary.

Now you no longer have to wait for the Sunday newspaper to solve the crossword puzzles. Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology, the best crossword apps are available for Android users at just a click now.

Whether you’re looking forward to exercising your brain while on the move or if you want to indulge in some creative word challenges with your friends, we’ve got you covered.

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Best Crossword Apps for Android

1) Wordscapes

1 best crossword puzzles 1 1

Will you be able to crack all the crossword puzzles? Even with an infinite number of tries, it can be challenging.

This word game twists text, is brain taxing, and fun to do. Stimulate your mind, and you’ll never encounter a dull moment once you start getting used to this game.

This crossword puzzle app is easy initially but becomes challenging as you get going ahead and clear the initial few levels.

Get Wordscapes here

2) World’s Biggest Crossword

2 best crossword puzzles2 1

You can challenge yourself a new crossword daily with the massive collection of unique puzzles found here.

The words which are required to solve the puzzle are applicable and used in our daily lives. This game is an excellent means of boosting your vocabulary.

There are thousands of unique clues to solve, various quests to complete, and multiple trophies to collect!

Get World’s Biggest Crossword here

3) Wordbase – Multiplayer Crossword game

3 best crossword app 1

Wordbase is a word search that meets spelling games that involve an intense battle with your opponents. It is the most pleasing game you can play with words.

You can boast about your superlative vocabulary skills and challenge your friends in this simple yet captivating word search game.

This is a multiplayer game, so you can connect with the thousands of players and get started with spelling words to beat your opponents.

Get Wordbase here

4) Crossword light

4 best crossword puzzles android 1

Crossword Light for Android lets you solve crosswords from around the world, right on your handheld. It has over 30 unique puzzles available, plus hints, clue listings, and a lot more.

The graphical interface is intuitive and easy to use. The puzzles pose a medium level of difficulty, thus making the ride challenging and fun.

Get Crossword Light here

5) Word Cross

5 crossword puzzle app1 1

If you’re tired of the old fashioned word search interfaces, you should try this crossword puzzle app.

It has all the contents of word scramble games that’ll get you engrossed in the game. Easy to play, simple to use, it is suited for people of age groups to brush up their word search skills.

This game is rated as Editor’s Choice on Google Play, which is an indication of its popularity and a seal of approval by the Android Play Store.

Get Word Cross here  

 6) English Crossword puzzle

6 best crossowrd app 1

Train your brain daily with the best crossword app for Android.

Offline crossword levels, unlimited clues, fun, and educational- this crossword puzzle game will help improve your English vocabulary and learn new words quickly.

One of the best ways to pass the time productively; this crossword app is free, has minimal ads, and can be played offline.

Its additional feature includes the fact that the size of the grid will automatically adjust to your device.

Get English Crossword Puzzle here

7) Word Charm Crossword

7 crossword app1 1

Word Charm is one of the most addictive gameplay of word search games. It comes with superb graphics and good interactive design. This is easy to play, helps you to train your brain, and even learn new words along the way.

One of the more novel crossword apps for android, Word Charm, is stimulating, fun, and makes the brain think hard.

Get Word Charm here

8) CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

8 best crossword 1

You need to help CodyCross – an alien who has crash-landed on Earth and is now relying on you to guide him through our planet. Travel across space and unravel the mysteries through themed puzzles in this challenging word puzzle.

Solve crosswords, explore stunning landscapes, and use your knowledge in this beautiful word game.

Get CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles here

9) One Clue Crossword

9 best crossword app android 1

Exercise your brain every day with picture crosswords.

One Clue Crossword is a different kind of crossword puzzle app.  Every puzzle contains a picture instead of written hints. Each word in the problem can be figured out from the picture.

In a few puzzles, you will only need to voice what you see. But in the more challenging cases, you will need to think a little more laterally.

It is easy to play, but with hundreds of different puzzles available, you will find it hard not to be glued to it.

Get One Clue Crossword here

10) Crossword Puzzle Free (by ITSG)

10 crossword puzzle free best crossword app 1

Crossword Puzzle Free is a crossword puzzle app for the entire family. This instructive game will put your vocabulary to test. Accept this challenge and discover an easy and fun way to learn new words and general knowledge.

Crossword Puzzle Free is a newly designed game for people who are on an always looking out to enhance their vocabulary.

Get Crossword Puzzle Free here

11) NYTimes Crossword

11 NYTimes crossword best app android 1

Decode and cherish the exact same puzzles that are printed in the daily newspaper in this app created by The New York Times.

You can start playing with limitless access to the daily puzzles for a week. After which you can subscribe to avail complete access to the crossword puzzle on your Android device and at the newspaper’s official website – NYTimes.com.

Get NYTimes – Crossword here

12) 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

12 5 minute puzzle crossowrd app android1 1

This crossword puzzle app contains a broad set of bite-sized puzzles that can be solved on the go.

Unique Features:

  • No need to spend too much time on each puzzle.
  • You can skip crosswords you cannot solve.
  • Available in three different languages.

Whether you are new to the game or a champion, you will find a crossword to explore your horizons with!

Get 5-Minute Crossword Puzzles here

13) Clean Crosswords

13 clean crossword crossword puzzle app 1

Created specifically for Android, Clean Crossword has distinctive features and is the best crossword puzzle ever made for Android devices. The clues are posted in the puzzle grid, making puzzles easy to locate.

Clear interface, good exercise for the brain, and an excellent means to increase vocabulary make Clean Crosswords enjoyable and easy to use.

Get Clean Crosswords here

14) Crossword Puzzle Free (by Redstone Games)

14 crossword puzzle redstone app android 1

Join thousands of players who indulge in brainstorming sessions all day with the best crossword app for Android. Crossword Puzzle Redstone is an entertaining and delightful game app. It can be downloaded for free, and the gamers can avail access to it without any subscription.

To use Crossword Puzzle Redstone in any of the devices that you own, you only need to connect, and the game is ready to be played anywhere.

Its unique features include ease of use, non-intrusive ads, and a tasty variety of puzzles at different levels and by various authors.

Get Crossword Puzzle Redstone here

15) WordBrain

15 wordbrain crossword puzzle app 1

Brain exercising at it’s best; this word puzzle is for vocabulary geniuses. The initial levels are easy to crack, but the difficulty level rises as you move ahead in the game.

One can test the limits of one’s vocabulary and find hidden words, slide a finger over them, and see the letters collapse. Do it all in the correct order, and you will be able to clear the grid.

WordBrain is available in several different languages with thousands of levels per language. Even for the sharpest word game enthusiasts, it will not be a smooth ride trying to solve this puzzle.

Get WordBrain here

16) Crossword Quiz

16 crossword quiz best android crossword app1 1

A contemporary twist to a well-loved classic, the Crossword Quiz is an exclusive puzzle based on three types of hints: word explanation, emoji combinations, and images.

Put your visual skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking capacity to test in this new variant of a crossword puzzle. One may have never seen this kind of a crossword app before. Crossword Quiz will test your verbal and critical thinking.


  • Great game, keeps your mind sharp.
  • Not very easy, not very difficult.
  • It can be quite challenging with all the different genres.

Get Crossword Quiz here

17) Wordalot – One of The Best Crossword Apps For Android

17 wordalot crossword puzzle app1 1

Puzzle your way through thousands of levels; the hints are in the images. One of the best crossword apps for android, this word game, is both elegant and straightforward.

Wordalot assures to challenge even the smartest word enthusiast.


  • Simple and easy to play.
  • Learn new words as you put your vocabulary to test.
  • Challenging and obsessive.

So, charge up your detective skills for playing this brain-stimulating game and gear up for a fun, exciting ride, using your language acumen.

Get Wordalot here

18) Cryptic Crosswords

18 cryptic crossword best crossword app android 1

Cryptic crossword is a popular crossword app for Android, and it allows you to improve your word power by solving puzzles quickly. It has listed more than 250 cryptic password puzzles with 24 different features.

It has a comfortable and clean interface that is delightfully challenging too. This crossword puzzle app will make you skillful at your word game.

Get Cryptic Crosswords here

19) Penny Dell Crosswords

19 penny dell crossword best crossword app1 1

This fun and easy to use crossword puzzle app features Easy, Medium, and Hard puzzles levels. It makes free daily crosswords readily available on your Android device.


  • Easy to solve and use.
  • Customise it! Various options available.

Engaging puzzles, addictive, and a great way to unwind – Penny Dell Crosswords is an educational, gratifying, and exciting crossword app for android.

Get Penny Dell Crosswords here

20) Crossword Puzzle Free (by Xpress Mobyte)

20 crossword puzzle free xpress mobyte best crossword puzzle 1

Crossword puzzle free has tons of free problems to play and offers you three different problems every day, even with no subscription.

Join millions of players who apply their brains daily to crack the best crossword game for android.

Crossword puzzle free is simple, addictive, and will improve your English vocabulary. It’s fun, educational, and is meant for the entire family.

Get Crossword Puzzle Free here

21) Daily Themed Crossword

21 daily themed crossword best crossword app android 1

Daily Themed Crossword is a fun crossword puzzle app, with each day connected to a different theme. You can select from a plethora of topics available like Movies, Sports, Technology, History, and more!

Thousands of crossword puzzles will be available to you on your Android device, so you can play your games whenever you wish to.

One of the best crossword apps for android, Daily Themed Crossword, publishes brilliant crosswords every day and is sure to enhance your vocabulary and general knowledge.

Get Daily Themed Crossword here


Here we have introduced you to the 21 best crossword apps for Android, and you can now choose the ones most suited for you.

If you have a vast vocabulary, try Wordscapes and World’s Biggest Crossword.

Looking for a crossword puzzle that would give you a number of clues as you play along? Try Crossword Light.

Theme based? Play CodyCross. Are you running short of time? Quickly glance through 5-minute Crossword Puzzles.

Are you chilling with a group of friends? Get your hands on the multiplayer crossword app – Wordbase.

If you’re looking for an excellent exercise for the mind, you can download any of these crossword puzzle apps to recharge your energy and train your brain. So have fun.