People work on multiple languages at one time, be it for professional or personal purposes. Some characters in words other than English are impossible to type using the English keyboard. For example, the ü in German cannot be typed using the English US keyboard. Similarly, if you want to type in Spanish, primarily include the letter Ñ, it is not possible.

In such cases, the best remedy is to learn how to change keyboard language in Windows 10.

Let’s explore the essentials to change keyboard language as well as the way to add the languages. Also, learn how you can work around with changing keyboard layouts in Windows 10.

How to Add Keyboard Language in Windows 10

Before changing keyboard layouts, it is essential to add the language you want to use.

To do so, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: To open Windows Settings press Windows key + I. Open Time & Language.

Step 2: In Time & Language, click on Language from the left panel. Next, click on your standard keyboard layout (English United States in our case) and then click on Options.

click Options for how to change keyboard language
Click on Options under English United States keyboard

Step 3: On the next window, click on Add a keyboard and select the language you want. We selected the German keyboard layout. Similarly, you can add more languages to your Windows keyboard collection.

Add a keyboard to change keyboard language
Click on Add a keyboard to add the language you want

As of now, you have the collection of different languages you want to access. You can easily change between the different languages whenever you want.

How to Change Keyboard Language in Windows 10

There are various ways in which a user can learn how to change keyboard language in Windows 10. Well, some are shortcuts that can help you quickly switch between the keyboards.

Use Ctrl + Shift

To quickly change the keyboard language, press the Ctrl + Shift key. You will see the options popping up on your screen. Keep on pressing Ctrl + Shift till you get the language you want.

Changing the keyboard layout
Changing the keyboard layout

You can also see the language changed in the taskbar. As shown in the image below, the selected keyboard is a US keyboard layout.

Selected Keyboard changed in taskbar
English US keyboard selected

Confirm your selected language by checking the taskbar.

Use Windows key + Spacebar

You can also use the Windows key and spacebar to change keyboard language. It is used the same way as you used the combination of Ctrl + Shift key.

The choice of using the shortcut depends on person to person.

Use Taskbar

If you are not comfortable with shortcuts, then you can use the taskbar to change the keyboard language in Windows 10.

Click on the keyboard seen on the taskbar. Select the language you want to use.

using taskbar to change keyboard language
Selecting the keyboard language from the taskbar

Once done, you can start typing in the preferred language and also use keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.

Now that you know how to change keyboard language in Windows 10, let’s check how to remove the language.

How to Delete the Keyboard Language

Sometimes, having unwanted languages increases frustration when selecting the right one. Windows 10 gives you an option to remove the unwanted keyboard from the list.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Time & Language.

Step 2: Navigate to Language from the left panel.

Click on Options under Preferred Language as done while adding the keyboard.

Step 3: Click on the keyboard you wish to delete and then click on Remove.

Remove the Keyboard
Remove the unwanted keyboard

You will not see the removed keyboard anymore.

How to Disable the Shortcut to Change Keyboard Language

The shortcuts can help your work done easily. However, it can be annoying when you use the same key combination for some other purposes.

The developers and other power users use Ctrl + Shift in many other applications.

If, while doing something important, your keyboard changes because of shortcuts, then it can get frustrating. You can disable the Ctrl + Shift shortcut in Windows 10 and get rid of an unwanted keyboard layout change.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Time & Language.

Step 2: Navigate to Language from the left panel.

Click on Choose an input method to always use as default.

Choose an input method
Choose an input method to always use as default

Step 3: In Advanced keyboard settings, click on Input language hotkeys.

Input language hot keys
Click on Input language hotkeys

Step 4: When the Text Services and Input Languages window opens, click on the Change Key Sequence.

Change key Sequence
Click on Change Key Sequence

Step 5: Select Not Assigned for Switch Keyboard Layout.

Click on OK to save the changes.

Disable the Keyboard shortcut
Select Not Assigned to disable Ctrl + Shift shortcut key

Step 6: After clicking OK, you will be back to the Text Services and Input Languages window. Click on Apply to save the changes, followed by OK.

Note: If you don’t apply the changed settings, the settings won’t be applied. And you will still switch the keyboard language on pressing Ctrl + Shift.

Now, you can no longer change the keyboard language by using Ctrl + Shift. If, in future, you want to use the disabled shortcut to switch the keyboards, then follow the same procedure and select Ctrl + Shift instead of Not Assigned.

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Now, you can easily add Japanese, German, and any other keyboard layout in Windows 10. With a detailed explanation of how to change keyboard language given above, you can do it without any issues. Based on your comfort, you can opt for shortcut keys or taskbar to switch between the different language of the keyboard.

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