Gameboy Advance, or GBA as we know it, has revolutionized the gaming industry ever since its inception in 1990. Three decades later, the portable video game console has evolved drastically, given that it already uses the touchscreen technology in its recent models. The advent of the Gameboy Advance also calls for a list of the best GBA games in the market so that gamers can choose which games they can try out.

GBA games are absolutely fun to play with and a great substitute if you don’t have a PC for playing open source games. There are oodles of exciting games to choose from, no matter whichever genre of games you love to play. They can also be great entertainment to savor while you are traveling and on the move.

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Best GBA Games: Are you Ready to Time Travel and Get Nostalgic!

For the purpose of bringing more clarity and understanding to the reader’s mind, we have sorted games according to different genres. That being said, let’s have a look at 73 best GBA games that can make your leisure time a memorable one!

Pokemon Versions

1. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

pokemon firered version gba games

Developer: Game Freak
Release Year: 2004
Price: $45 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen has been known to be the best GBA Pokemon game for the GameBoy Advance platform. It is a remake of the games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue from 1996.

The game is set in the Kanto region of the Pokemon universe which includes various geographical habitats for Pokemons. The protagonist is a silent child who lives in a town called Pallet town. Much like the cartoon series that we are very well-acquainted with, the protagonist’s long-term goal is to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

Every Pokemon are awarded Hit Points (HP) points and Experience Points (EXP) points. During a battle, when the HP points are exhausted, the creature faints and becomes ineligible for a fight until it is revived. The EXP points are gained only after the Pokemon is revived; it shows that the creature has leveled up.

Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the Pokemon franchise.

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2. Pokemon Emerald Version

pokemon emerald version best gba games

Developer: Game Freak
Release Year: 2004
Price: $180
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Pokemon Emerald is similar to Ruby and Sapphire and is a part of the third generation Pokemon series. In this GBA game, Team Aqua and Team Magma are taking over in the Hoenn region. Your character is an aspiring Pokemon Trainer from the Littlefoot Town with the primary aim is to stop those two teams from trying to exploit a legendary Pokemon’s power for their personal gains. Further, he also has to face eight Pokemon Gyms and conquer them, in order to fight the Elite Four and its Champion.

While battling, the player must make sure to keep the Hit Points (HP) of the Pokemon in check during the match. As soon as the HP turns to 0, the Pokemon no longer has the strength to fight in the battle. Playing and winning battles enables the Pokemons to earn Experience Points (EXP), which helps the player in upgrading the attributes of that Pokemon.

The Pokemon players also have Pokemon Contest to participate where they have five categories to win; “Cool”, “Beauty”, “Cute”, “Smart”, and “Tough”. It is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the Pokemon franchise.

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3. Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire

pokemon pinball ruby sapphire best gba game

Developer: Game Freak
Release Year: 2003
Price: $119.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are the first installments in the third generation of the Pokemon series, also known as the advanced generation. It features double battles and 135 new Pokemons, which is an upgrade on the Pokemon Pinball version.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire both have the same base to play which means the mission, battle, and objective is similar to the Emerald Version. The difference is only in the set of Pokemon each game has and also that it is a sequel for Pokemon Pinball.

The game features two boards, each themed on either Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. With this Pokemon GBA game, one has to make sure that the ball does not reach the pit at the bottom. It reminds you of the traditional pinball games.

The players have to utilize the pair of flippers to hit the ball upward that prevents them from falling for as long as possible. Catch ‘Em Mode, Evolution Mode, Egg Mode, and Travel Mode are the four modes in the game. These modes are activated when the player crosses certain areas on the board thrice.

The sound effects and music of the game make you feel more involved in the game, making it one of the best GBA games available in the market.

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4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

pokemon mystery dungeon gba games 1

Developer: Chunsoft
Release Year: 2005
Price: $17.86 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team is a mission-based game where you have multiple jobs to complete. The story focuses on the protagonist who has been turned into a Pokémon and has developed amnesia who later joins a rescue team with a partner Pokémon while finding out who they are.

The game starts with the protagonist, that is you, turning from a human into one of the Pokemon of your choice. When you complete a particular job, you receive a reward, and Rescue points which increase your team’s rank.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Pikachu, Eevee, Machop, Cubone, Psyduck, Meowth, Skitty; there are a plethora of Pokemons you can choose to accompany you.

Regarded as one of the best GBA games in the GBA universe, this game received favorable reviews upon its release. An upgraded version of this game is set to be released in March 2020.

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Best GBA Action Games

5.  Golden Sun

golden sun gba game 1

Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Release Year: 2001
Price: $54.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Golden Sun is among the best GBA games that take place in a fantasy world called Weyard. It has a beautiful Earth-like environment with major continents and oceans.

You are controlling four characters, Isaac from Venus, Garet from Mars, Ivan from Jupiter and Mia from Mercury. The game has random monster encounters, randomly selected enemies and compulsory boss battles.

The main job of Issac, the protagonist in the game, is to retrieve a lost artifact that was stolen from his village. The artifact in question is capable of causing mass destruction and Issac and his friends have psychic powers, magical spells, and the lost art of Alchemy to defeat the evil forces.

When not indulged in battle, the characters traverse through a fantasy world collecting ‘Psynergies’ or magical spells. They travel through caves, buildings, and other locales while searching for these magical spells. Random monster encounters also raise the excitement bars and help in giving a dimension to the story.

During the battle, players’ aim is to defeat the enemies keeping their own party alive. You receive a “Game Over” if each character’s HP is down to zero. One has to interact with other characters, fight with monsters, acquire the powerful abilities and equipment to prove your skills throughout the game.

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6. Astro Boy – Omega Factor

astroboy gameboy advance game

Developer: Treasure and Hitmaker
Release Year: 2003
Price: $39.98
Mode: Single-player

The famous Astro Boy needs no special introduction given that at some point in time, every one of us has watched him on a cartoon channel. The Astro Boy: Omega Factor delivers an uber experience, bringing the character into a gaming mode.

The game’s plotline is loosely based on the Tezuka series. The game is divided into two episodes, Birth and Rebirth. In the Birth episode, Astro Boy has many adventures along with other characters but ends up being destroyed due to a device called Death Mask. In the Rebirth episode, Astro Boy is revived by the Phoenix and his aim is to go back in time and try to stop the Death Mask from destroying all the robots. Astro Boy can perform special attacks and beat his enemies.

Astro Boy has been hailed as one of the best action games and one that can be played regardless of the gamer’s age. It is one of the best GBA games in terms of animation.

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7. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

harvest moon gba games 1

Developer: Marvelous Interactive
Release Year: 2003
Price: $194.85
Mode: Single-player

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is one of the best GBA RPGs to date. You start as a  young boy who is on a journey with his parents to explore a country. While you are on your way, all of a sudden you get lost and find yourself on an old man’s farm in Mineral Town. The old man helps you find your parents and you both become good friends.

After leaving Mineral Town, you stay connected with the old man through letters. One day, the letter stops coming from that old man, and you decide to go to that farm again and find the old man has died and the farm is not in a healthy condition. The Mineral Town’s mayor informs that the old man has left the farm for you. Your ultimate aim is to make profits for and from the farm.

As a player, you need to restore the farm, and the game starts. You have the tools to earn money so that you can manage the farm by planting crops, and mining. The player starts with five tools – ax, hammer, watering can, sickle, and a hoe. Cows, sheep, and chickens are the three livestock available. You will truly miss out on one of the best GBA games if you refrain from playing this game.

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8. Fire Emblem

fire emblem best gba games

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Release Year: 1990
Price: $69.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Fire Emblem is one from the best GBA games that definitely deserves a mention on this list as it has awesome gameplay. It is a large series consisting of 16 versions and three spin-offs that will amaze you.

The protagonist of the story is Linn, a young maiden who discovers that she is the heir to Rikea’s throne. Your job as her guardian and advisor is to protect and guide her as she builds her own army and fights hostile lands to claim the throne. In the game, you can control massive armies of soldiers and wizards as well as collect magic items and other equipment.

The game is an RPG that includes turn-based combat. You have a team of powerful and brave men and women with their own unique abilities. As a player, you have to control a set number of characters throughout the series. The results of the game are decided on the basis of experience points which are gained after you perform certain actions such as killing enemies and healing allies.

To be precise, the Fire Emblem is an entire universe in itself. It will be loved by all those gamers who like games related to combat, battle, strategy, action, and adventure.

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9. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 

final fantasy tactics gba games 1

Developer: Square Product Development Division 4
Release Year: 2003
Price: $139.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance also deserves to be in the list of best GBA games not only due to its wide popularity but also because of its engaging plotline. This game is nothing short of a treat for gamers who view themselves as efficient generals in warfare and strategy games.

The story is set in the kingdom of Ivalice, which is seen to be recovering from a Fifty Years War with one of its neighbors. However, the death of the king with a new-born infant heir causes the two neighbors to plot another war against Ivalice.

As protagonist Ramza Beoulve, your duty is to safeguard the throne of Ivalice and fight off the threat from the two neighboring kingdoms. Encounters take place on isometric fields and players move in square maps. Battles are turn-based and actions can be performed only when your Charge Time (CT) reaches 100. When a certain action is successfully carried out, the player gains Experience Points and Job Points (JP).

Graphics, plotline, characterization, gameplay; Final Fantasy Tactics have mastered almost every element you can possibly think of. It also has a sequel known as the Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift which is for the Nintendo DS.

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10. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario Luigi superstar saga gba games 1

Developer: Alpha Dream
Release Year: 2003
Price: $133.95
Mode: Single-player

If you are a Mario game player then you would surely agree that it is one of the best GBA games of all time. After all, Mario is not just a game, it is an emotion.

Superstar Saga is the first game in the Mario series which is not set in the Mushroom Kingdom. It introduces the Beanbean Kingdom, albeit the traditional enemy ‘Goombas’ is present alongside the ‘Beanish’ enemies. The mission of Mario is to save a princess Peach from the primary antagonist Cackletta.

In a combat style, you have to jump and collect the coins. Another striking feature of Superstar Saga is that a player has to control both Mario and Luigi simultaneously or separately as per their wish. In order for them to perform powerful and coordinated combination attacks, Mario and Luigi have to collect Bros. Points (BP) that improve the coordination between the two characters.

If you are looking for a nice game to chill out and enjoy, Superstar Saga is a fun game to get acquainted with.

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11. Final Fantasy VI Advance

final fantasy VI best gba games list

Developer: Square
Release Year: 1994
Price: $40.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Final Fantasy VI is all about controlling the third party of characters. It has four basic modes: an overworld map, a battle screen, town and dungeon field maps, and a menu screen.

Final Fantasy VI is one of the best GBA RPGs to date. It allows the players to control Terra, whose primary aim is to learn how to control the Espers by harnessing the power of magic. Terra has to traverse through two worlds before she can finally bring down the evil Empire ruled by Emperor Gestahl.

The user has to explore the game world while defeating enemies whom they meet randomly on a path. You can equip various characters with weapons, armor, and accessories which will help you increase abilities. The combat is menu-based where the player selects an action from the list containing Fight, Magic, and Item.

Players earn experience points money called Gil (GP) for victories in battle. If you love action and warfare, make sure you don’t miss out on the Final Fantasy GBA games.

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12. Mother 3

mother 3 gba games

Developer: Brownie Brown, HAL Laboratory
Release Year: 2006
Price: $21.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Mother 3 is yet another tactic and strategy game set in Nowhere Islands that gamers cannot afford to miss. It features Lucas, a common boy who is given the task to save the world from a group of enemy invaders along with the help of some party characters. His mother and father are killed and his brother Claus disappears when Pigmask Army invades the Tazmily Village, their residence. What follows is his quest to find his lost brother Claus.

The game is shown from a top-down perspective and is conveyed in eight chapters. While the player navigates and explores the world, he can even communicate with non-player characters, obtain items, and encounter various enemies.

You can get EXP when you win battles that are required for leveling up. In order to increase the overall attributes of your character, you have to amass certain kinds of points such as HP, PowerPoints, offense, and defense. You can also equip various weapons, armor, etc to increase productivity.

Upon its release, Mother 3 was listed as the best GBA RPGs in terms of plotline, gameplay, and music.

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13. Medabots Metabee Version

medabot metabee best gba rpgs games

Developer: Natsume
Release Year: 2002
Price: $9.50
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Medabot Metabee is a beautiful game in the list of best GBA games with RPG . The Medabots are artificially intelligent robots whose purpose is to serve a human. The game starts with a ten-year-old boy named Ikki who wants to be a champion of the world Robattle Tournament and save his hometown Riverview City from the evil Rubberobo Gang.

Ikki is unable to buy a Medabot, and his parents don’t get it for him. So, he manages to get enough money to buy an outdated model. Ikki finds a medal in the river, and he inserts that into the robot he bought called Metabee.

Metabee is not defective, but he has a rare medal. This makes him eligible to fight in Robattles with other Meds Fighters.The gameplay is divided into two parts: one for World Map and another battle. Battles with rival Medafighters are set in a unique 3-v-3 system. Each medabot can perform four actions. You can win medaparts, EXP, and money by winning fights.

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14. Beyblade VForce: Ultimate Blader Jam

beyblade gba games best 1

Developer: Atari Interactive
Release Year: 2003
Price: $15 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Regarded as one of the best GBA games, Beyblade is the most popular name among gamers. It is also a famous toy and has had a television series broadcast to.

As the story goes, a mysterious group is stealing BitBeasts from the World Champions Blade Breakers and your job is to find and stop them.

Beyblade V Force – Ultimate Blader jam allows you to play as Tyson or Kai (characters from the original TV series). There are four exciting game modes to play that also include the BBA Tournament and the episodic Adventure mode. Players can also customize their Beyblades in terms of equipment and colors.

Coming to the gameplay, you can choose any one of the two Beyblades when you are challenged for a battle. There are two measurement bars for measuring spinning capability and attack; the former gets affected whenever the opponent top attacks you. It becomes difficult to control your top as the spin bar reduces. The attack bar can be increased as you damage the opponent’s top.

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15. Mega Man Battle Network 6

megaman 6 gba games 1

Developer: Capcom Production Studio 2
Release Year: 2005
Price: $36.47 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Mega Man Battle Network 6 is one of the best GBA games and GBA RPGs in the GBA universe.

The game is about Lan and his family who have shifted to Cyber City. There, he learns about the Cybeasts – two huge Net mafia beasts – and the organization WWW who is trying to awaken them. There are two main playable characters; Lan Hikari and MegaMan. Lan is a child whose Virus Busting skills are top-notch.

In fact, he has already saved the world 5 times from Net mafias. MegaMan is a virtual person who can explore the second reality that the internet has become. Lan and MegaMan become a powerful team and move ahead in the game defeating enemies.

The chip-limiting system has been changed in Battle Network 6. Now, it limits the number of the same chips a player can store in a folder depending upon its MB. The Navi Customizer has also been changed slightly and parts can be placed off the map.

Mega Man Battle Network 6 received an average response on its release. It was criticized for not bringing anything new to the graphics and gameplay elements.

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Best Action-Adventure GBA Games

16. Super Monkey Ball Jr.

supermonkey ball junior gba games 1

Developer: Realism
Release Year: 2002
Price: $24.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Super Monkey Ball Jr. is a platform game from the Super Monkey Ball series. The game is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the GBA universe.

Like other games of the Super Monkey Ball series, you can choose the characters like Meemee, Baby or Aiai. All you have to do is just maneuver a monkey who is trapped in a ball. You can do that by tilting the labyrinth and reaching at the end of the maze for the goal.

There are 60 stages in total through which the monkey can be maneuvered. Each level has different obstacles like bumps, moving platforms, steps, and more. Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling are the four classic monkey party games available.

Super Monkey Ball Jr. did receive positive reviews upon its release.

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17. Ninja Five-O

ninja five o gba games

Developer: Hudson Soft
Release Year: 2003
Price: $1,299.95
Mode: Single-player

Ninja Five-O is a GBA game developed by Hudson Soft which was released on April 11, 2003, in Europe. It is one of the rare Game Boy Advance games with beautiful music, good sound effects, and actions.

The player has to take the role of Ninja cop Joe Osugi and battle a group of evil ninja masters and the terrorist cells under their control. It features swords, throwing stars, magic, and a unique grappling hook called Kaginawa to fight enemies without getting caught.

The graphics are quite nice with various characters including Yakuza thugs and a robotic samurai with a bazooka. It is definitely one of the best GBA games of all time that you must try out.

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18. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

the legend of zelda minish cap gba games

Developer: Capcom, Flagship
Release Year: 2004
Price: $49.98 onwards
Mode: Single-player

The Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap features the legend of the Four Swords from its prequels and is the 12th entry in the series. The game starts with protagonist Link being shrunk to the size of a Minish by a magical talking cap named Ezlo. The Minish is a bug-sized race that lives in Hyrule.

The main aim of the game is to protect the kingdom from devils and cooperate with the small Minish Cap that is attached to your head. The game’s camera angle is closer to the ground that allows you to go into the details. The storyline is great with good gameplay and powerful action.

The shrunk size of Link opens up a plethora of new challenges for the gamers as it changes the perspective of the game. Small grasses appear as giant walls and shallow puddles turn into giant lakes. Small and trivial enemies become gigantic and more difficult to beat.

Link has to collect certain items or enchantments as he traverses through the dungeons. Bombs, Arrows, and Pegasus Boots are retained while the Mole Mitts, Gust Jar, and the Cane of Pacci are the new items that have been added.

The Minish Cap made it into the top 20 games in the best GBA games list of IBN. It is one of the  best GBA games of all time and worth a try.

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19. Metroid Fusion

metroid fusion gba games

Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Release Year: 2002
Price: $34.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure shooter GBA game where you have to control the bounty hunter Samus Aran. Samus investigates a space station swarming with virions-infected organisms called X Parasites.

The fourth in the series, the game is easy going at the start but turns into a challenging battle as you progress. You have to shoot your enemies while searching for Power-ups that will allow you to enter a new area.

Metroid Fusion is a side-scrolling game like its predecessors. It is set in an open-ended world with elevators that are connected by regions. The gameplay is more linear in fashion in contrast to the prequels.

It’s easy to play the game as the mission is quite simple; you have to kill all the aliens that are trying to take over the control of the earth. Metroid fusion was praised for its awesome gameplay upon its release. Make sure you don’t miss out on playing this GBA game.

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20. Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

super mario advance 2 gba games

Developer: Nintendo EAD
Release Year: 2001
Price: $134.53 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Another one to add to this list of an epic action-adventure game boy advance game.

The story takes place in the Dinosaur Land, where King Bowser and his Koopalings have kidnapped Princess Peach and held seven Yoshis as captives in eggs. The player, acting either as Mario or as Luigi, has to travel through the Dinosaur Land by running, jumping swimming, dodging, and defeat his enemies to unshackle the prisoners.

The player has to travel through nine large worlds before they can actually King Bowser in the final showdown. He has to find secret paths and cross 96 levels before he can actually untie and free the prisoners.

Basic Power-ups such as Starman, Super Mushroom, Cape Feather and Fire Flower have been retained from the original game, Super Mario World. It is one of the best GBA games to try out in the Super Mario series.

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21. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

super mario advance 4 gba games

Developer: Nintendo R&D2
Release Year: 2003
Price: $148.74 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Mario games are well known and considered the best GBA games. If you love playing Mario games, then you should not miss Super Mario Advance 4 which is an enhanced version of Super Mario Bros. 3.

In this game, Mario gets a tail that helps him fly and glide through the air. He adventures through eight kingdoms of the Mushroom World to defeat the seven Koopa kids. Then there is Bowser, who has snatched the scene magic rods from the kings of the seven kingdoms. He is also transforming them into various creatures.

Power-ups such as Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Starman and many more have been retained from the original series. The objective of each stage is to reach a black rotating box that contains either a mushroom, flower, or a star.

e-Cards are the standout feature in the game. E-Cards allow players to scan the game and add 32 extra levels to the game. On its release, this game gained immense popularity and hit the right chord with the Gameboy Advance games.

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22. Metroid: Zero Mission

metroid fusion zero mission gba games

Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Release Year: 2004
Price: $50
Mode: Single-player

Metroid – Zero Mission is another Metroid game that takes you in the world of adventure. It takes place on Planet Zebes which is a large open-ended world with areas connected by doors and elevators.

The player becomes Samus Aran, who travels through the planet’s caverns hunting Space Pirates. The Space Pirates have stolen meteoroids – floating organisms that can latch on to any organism and drain its life out. Aran’s job is to stop the Space Pirates from creating more duplicates of Metroids and use them as biological weapons.

After you collect Power-ups to strengthen your armor and weaponry, you will have to use the accumulated power to access areas that were previously inaccessible.

This GBA game includes a sequence in which a player controls Samus without her Power Suit. When Samus is without an Armor suit, she is more prone to damage. The game allows players to unlock the Metroid Fusion picture gallery by linking between Zero Mission and Fusion cartridges via Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable. Metroid – Zero Mission received generally favorable reviews upon its release.

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23. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

yoshis island super mario advance gba games 1

Developer: Nintendo
Release Year: 2002
Price: $16.79
Mode: Single-player

Yoshi’s Island is a simple and easy game to play and that is why it is in the best GBA games list.

It is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer game. Mario’s prime aim is to rescue his brother Luigi who gets kidnapped by an evil antagonist called Kamek. Like the other Super Mario Games, Yoshi can use his tongue to catch enemies and put them in his mouth.

When Yoshi has anything in his mouth, he can either spit it out as an attack on enemies or he can swallow them to turn them into eggs. You have to help the friendly dinosaur Yoshi and Baby Mario to pass through 48 levels across six worlds. You can also use these eggs either to attack enemies or to reach various items that will help.

There are a plethora of enemies and two bosses waiting to confront Mario at the end of each world. Yoshi’s Island was widely praised for its graphics and gameplay following its release.

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24. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with Four Swords

legend ofzelda a link to the past with four swords 1

Developer: Nintendo, Capcom
Release Year: 2002
Price: $180.93
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Four Swords is slightly changed from the original Zelda version. It’s a powerful action-adventure game where your aim is to save Hyrule and Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon. You are in control of Link, who is the protagonist of the game.

Unlike its previous version The Adventure of Link, this game uses an overhead perspective similar to the original Zelda. It has borrowed many concepts from its predecessors but also introduced new innovations that make it to the list of best GBA games.

In this game, you will face puzzles that require the help of two or more characters to be solved. However, what makes it exciting is that these characters are also competing against you to collect Rupees, meaning you will have to kill them at some point in the game.

Hookshot, Master Sword, Spin Attack, and Pegasus Boots have been retained from the original Zelda version. Link has to collect Heart Containers which gain him HP and improve his health. This version also introduces the trademark feature of the two different worlds – The Light World and the Dark World.

The effects are attractive, and background music is relevant to the actions. The game is full of exciting and dangerous adventures. Make sure you don’t miss out on this enthralling Gameboy Advance game.

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25. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow 

castlemania aria of sorrows best gba games

Developer: Konami Computer, Entertainment Tokyo
Release Year: 2003
Price: $15.99
Mode: Single-player

Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow is a role-playing game and one of the best GBA games which features a 2D side-scrolling style. This is where the player controls the character from a third-person perspective.

The story starts with a flashback in the year 1999 when the deadly Dracula has been subdued after a long battle. Now in 2035, you have to control Soma Cruz, a teenager gifted with occult powers, who is regarded as the vessel of Dracula’s reincarnation. He must protect himself from several dark villains and demons who are trying to kill him in order to inherit Dracula’s powers.

Like most GBA RPGs, characters level up each time they earn a set number of points. As the player reaches a higher level, the character’s statistics also increase. This ultimately enhances their performance in the battle.

The game also introduces the Tactical Soul concept which helps the player absorb souls in order to gain the abilities of his enemies. Aria of Sorrow has been hailed as the best game in the Castlevania series, which makes it a must-try for action gamers.

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26. DragonBall Z Buu’s Fury

dragon ball z gba games 1

Developer: Webfoot Technologies
Release Year: 2004
Price: $24.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku is one of the first and best GBA games to feature full-motion video. If you have been madly in love with the Dragon Balls franchise ever since you were a kid, get ready to fall for this game as well.

In this game, you can control either one of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten. You have to travel through various stages and locations of the earth, and Planet Namek. As you progress, you gain points which will help you level up and grow stronger. In the end, Goku turns into a Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza (an enemy).

You can perform Melee attacks and Energy blasts to beat the mammoth number of adversaries you face before you come face-to-face with Frieza. On the side, you have to collect 25 Hercule Exhibits and 15 Z-Fighter Exhibits in the game

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27. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors

dragon ball z supersonic warriors

Developer: Cavia, Arc System Works
Release Year: 2004
Price: $14.49 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is a fighting game based on the very popular anime series Dragon Ball. The game has two characters that face each other and have to fight in the air.

Each character is assigned three unique Certain Kill abilities that help the player withstand strong attacks and damages. However, these abilities according to the place where the player is situated.

The player can use variations of combat attacks. The game also allows tag team battles in a three-a-side style. This game was met with average reception on its release. It is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the Dragon Balls franchise.

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28. Naruto Ninja Council 2

naruto ninja gba games

Developer: Aspect Co., Tomy
Release Year: 2004
Price: $20.94 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Naruto – Ninja Council 2 is one of the best GBA games in which you level up by fighting with the enemy Ninja. This game comes in two versions – Japanese and European.

The Japanese version follows the plot of the second and third seasons of the anime. It has some minor differences but there are repeated battles with Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi, Kabuto Yakhumi, and Orochimaru. It also comes with a two-player co-op mode and four-player battle mode. The European version follows the arc of Sasuke Retrieval story, excluding the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, adding a final showdown with Orochiramaru instead.

The playable characters are Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura where you can swap between them. The game also contains some levels where you can double your speed. You can also run through the whole level while collecting leaf symbols. At some points in the game, you cannot switch between one or two of the characters. This is the challenge and if you are smart, you can get through any circumstances. The game received mixed reactions upon its release.

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29. Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland

kirbynightmare dreamland gba games 1

Developer: HAL Laboratory
Release Year: 2002
Price: $21.97 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Kirby – Nightmare in Dreamland is one of the best GBA games in the platformer genre. Kirby, the protagonist in the game, loves living in DreamLand. One day, however, Kirby goes to the Fountain of Dreams and finds it broken. Then, he decides to join the pieces and rebuild it all by himself.

As Kirby, you have to reach the end level of the game by walking, jumping over obstacles and defeating various enemies. He attacks enemies by inhaling the opponents (or other objects) and spitting them out to attack more enemies.

Each stage is divided into small sections ending in a door that leads to the next section. After completing each level, Kirby has to do a boss fight which he must win to get a piece of Star Rod back.

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30. Metal Slug Advance 

metal slug advance best gba games

Developer: Dream Vision Games
Release Year: 2004
Price: $198.95
Mode: Single-player

Metal Slug Advance is one of the most popular and best GBA games in the action genre and it is the second Metal Slug GBA game.

In this game, you can either be Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson, who are Peregrine Falcon recruits in a survival training camp. Their ultimate challenge is to survive on an ultimate island with limited food supplies and weapons. However, things take a wrong turn when General Morden arrives in his aircraft. His aim is to build a base and capture as many recruits as possible.

The gameplay is divided into two systems, the life system, and the card system. You have to collect food items to restore your health and to save your life bar from depleting completely.

In the card system, you have to collect cards that can be obtained from either hostage or by firing in certain areas. There are 100 cards to collect and accumulating them all eventually becomes the final objective in contrast to defeating the boss.

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31. Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

crash bandicoot gba games

Developer: Vicarious Visions
Release Year: 2002
Price: $29.99
Mode: Single-player

Doctor Neo Cortex, the antagonist, is hell-bent on shrinking the earth. To reverse his attempts, protagonist Crash Bandicoot has to collect 20 crystal balls and overthrow him. That’s pretty much the gist of this Gameboy Advance game.

The Game takes place in a series of hubs, from which Crash can teleport to different areas of the Earth. Initially, you get four hubs. Each hub has five levels and a boss level. When you defeat the boss, the new hub gets accessible to play. The goal in each level is to find and obtain a hidden Crystal.

You win the game once you collect all the 20 crystals and get the shrunk shape of Earth to its normal size. Hailed as one of the best GBA games of all time, Crash Bandicoot received rave reviews for its graphics and gameplay.

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32. Sonic Advance

sonic advance best gba games

Developer: Dimps, Sonic Team
Release Year: 2001
Price: $23.89
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Sonic Advance is about Sonic and his friends who are trying to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over South Island. The game has four playable characters that include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

Each character carries a unique ability like Sonic has a splice shield, Tails has flight, Knuckles can glide and climb, and Amy has a hammer to defend herself. There are 6 normal zones. Each zone contains two acts. Springboards, boost pads, and golden rings improve health while Power-ups like invincibility, speed shoes, and elemental shields maintain the attacking power of the character.

The graphics used in the game are unique and attractive. Sonic Advance is definitely one of the coolest and best GBA games in the business.

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33. Megaman Zero 2

mega man 2 gba games 1Developer: Inti Creates
Release Year: 2003
Price: $179.95
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you are in search of some good side-scrolling games, then check out Mega Man Zero 2.

This game is about the adventure of Zero who fights against various evils of an organization called ‘Neo Arcadia’, an extreme government faction, and has to stop them from executing their plans.

The player takes control of Zero and helps him leading him various levels in the battle. The main features of the game are Forms and EX Skills. Forms can be unlocked by completing multiple tasks of the mission and it helps Zero to enhance his ability. The EX Skills are obtained after a player has defeated a boss enemy. These Skills help the players’ weapons to assimilate the qualities of the enemy’s weapons.

It’s one of the coolest adventure Gameboy Advance games slaying your enemies and reaching your goal.

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34. Donkey Kong Country

donkey kong country best gba games

Developer: Rare
Release Year: 1994
Price: $248.85
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Going by the ratings and appreciation of the Donkey Kong Country game, you will definitely be impressed. It is one of the best GBA games that will keep you enthralled constantly.

Donkey Kong is about two protagonists Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong whose primary concern is to retrieve the stolen banana hoard from King K. Rool and his henchmen, the Kremlings.

The players have to complete 40 different side-scrolling levels and get your banana hoard which has been taken by Kremlings. The player can control two Kongs at the same time and switch between them as and when necessary. Both DK and Diddy have their own strengths; DK can beat enemies easily and retrieve the bananas, while Diddy is smaller, faster and jumps higher than DK

Your life support adds up if you collect 100 bananas, the K, O, N, and G letters, and extra life balloons. Each level is interesting with various tasks like swimming, riding in mine carts, launching out of barrel cannons and much more.

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35. Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey kong country 2

Developer: Rare
Release Year: 1995
Price: $9.49 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of the best GBA games that will make sure you enjoy your leisure time to the fullest and have fun. In this game, Donkey Kong is kidnapped by Captain K. Rool and it is up to Diddy Kong and a new character called Dixie Kong to rescue him. The gameplay is pretty similar to what it was in Donkey Kong Country.

As Diddy and Dixie, you can perform their special attacks such as Cartwheel attack and Helicopter Spin. You can also race against Diddy’s Dash to outsmart and win races against your friends.

The game has been met with rave reviews given the fact that it has an adequate number of levels that come with moderate difficulty. They aren’t too easy or too challenging and succeed in enhancing the experience of the gamer.

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36. Teen Titans

teen titans best gba games of all time

Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Release Year: 2005
Price: $11.99 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Teen Titan is a beautiful action-adventure game released for Game Boy Advance based on the famous television show Teen Titans.

The game has five playable characters including Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg. The boss characters of the game are Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth, and Brother Blood. Brother Blood is tired of Teen Titans defeating him always. So, he decides to make clones of them to do his bidding. The main aim of the Titans is to find Brother Bloods created clones and retrieve the DNA back.

You will face environmental hazards, explosions, and traps throughout various levels and have to unleash the attacks with power-ups. The user can switch from controlling one Teen Titan to another in real-time.

Teen Titans garnered mixed reactions upon its release.

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37. LEGO Star Wars II The Original Trilogy

star wars lego top gba games

Developer: Traveller’s Tales and Amaze Entertainment
Release Year: 2006
Price: $48.96
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

The gameplay of Lego Star Wars II is from a third-person perspective and takes place in a 3D game world. It follows the plot of movies Star Wars, The Emperor Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Each film is represented by six levels and is actually a mixture of action-adventure, platform, and a little bit of a puzzle.

The game is a battle of the Rebel Alliance to dismantle the Galactic Empire and rebuild a galaxy in pieces. In the game, the player has to defeat his enemies, build objects with lego bricks, and drive vehicles. The player must also collect Lego studs that serve as the game currency.

You can customize 50 new playable characters by mixing and matching up the body parts, to build your own LEGO Star Wars heroes. It is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the Star Wars franchise.

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38. Batman Begins

batman best gba games

Developer: Vicarious Visions; Eurocom
Release Year: 2005
Price: $40.95
Mode: Single-player

The Batman Begins game makes the best GBA games list as it has a different system that involves intimidation. There are 20 clips from the film that give meaning to the story and also form the plot of this action-adventure game.

Most superheroes simply fight, but Batman Begins features the use of the environment to fear your opponents. Some of the interesting gadgets that are used against enemies are smoke grenades, flash-bang grenades, and an ‘HF Transponder’. Players can also drive the Batmobile and enjoy some top-class action during the combat racing sections.

If you happen to be a Batman fan, you will enjoy playing this game with interest and excitement. Batman received mixed reviews upon its release.

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39. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

mortal kombat gba games

Developer: Midway Games
Release Year: 2002
Price: $87.75
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is one of the best GBA games in the action-adventure genre and the fifth game in line in the Mortal Kombat series. If you like fighting and slaying your enemies, then this one’s for you because it’s comprehensive and filled with innumerable challenges as well as missions.

Sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung are in an alliance, trying to revive an ancient army to conquer Outworld and Earthrealm. What follows is the entire plot of the game. Each character has three individual fighting styles which includes two hand-to-hand styles and one weapon style.

The environment is interactive and there are various levels with its own difficulties. Mortal Kombat has also introduced the Konquest Mode which is an expansion of the storyline. There are a series of missions in this mode which help us understand the background of each character. Koins are the currency of the game which helps you unlock various coffins and the secrets within them in the Krypt mode.

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40. Grand Theft Auto Advance

grand theft good gba games 1

Developer: Digital Eclipse
Release Year: 2004
Price: $178.94
Mode: Single-player

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure and the best GBA games that you may have ever played. It is set in Liberty City and the main character is Mike, a small-time criminal who works for Vinnie, who is killed in a car bomb. Vinnie’s death starts a chain of events where Mike swears to take revenge for the death of his boss.

The game is played from a top-down perspective. It is set in a timeline showing the events that happened before those in the Grand Theft Auto III game. The GBA version of the game does not have the cutscenes that tell the entire story of the game. Also, it doesn’t feature radio channels and has only one scheduled sound for every car. The action-adventure game has a number of missions to complete which will keep you on your toes until the very end.

Given that the GBA version of GTA wasn’t as impressive as the PC and Xbox version, the game received mixed and average reviews.

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41. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

contra advance best gba games 1

Developer: Cing Inc.
Release Year: 2002
Price: $199.97
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Contra Advance – The Alien Wars EX is a side-scrolling shoot’em up genre game. The GBA game is a war where you have a group of soldiers that help you fight aliens and mecha robots. The weapons used are spreadsheets, laser, and flamethrower.

With only two modes of difficulty, easy and normal, you have to save your world from being ruled and invaded by alien forces and evil robots. Simply concentrating on the shooting buttons can help you to win the game. It is one of the most loved and best GBA games for kids from the ’90s.

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42. Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

spiderman gba games

Developer: Vicarious Visions
Release Year: 2001
Price: $10 onwards
Mode: Single-player

Superhero Spiderman needs no introduction. It is one of the best GBA games when it comes to the action-adventure genre.

With classic characters and an amazing storyline, you are Spiderman and have to take over supervillain Mysterio and his powerful attacks. Gear up, because you will also face tough enemies like Hammerhead, Big Wheel, Electro, Rhino, and Scorpion.

There are a total of four spider suits to power up the player. Mysterio, with his friends, makes the best plan to create trouble in the game. The game is full of action where you have to collect Power-ups to enhance your abilities and strengths. There is a final symbiote suit that will make you more powerful and ineffective to all the damages.

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43. Disney’s Aladdin

disneys aladdin gameboy advance game

Developer: Midway Games
Release Year: 1993
Price: Collectibles $99.95 onwards
Mode: Single-player

If you have watched him in films, cartoons, and TV series, get ready to be acquainted with Disney’s Aladdin in the gaming universe which is the best GBA game and GBA RPGs of all time.

In this game, you have to guide Aladdin through the rough streets Agrabah, defeating and hoodwinking foes on the way. The ultimate aim is to acquire the magic lamp with the famous Genie. While the quest for the magic lamp is secondary, Aladdin’s prime focus remains on acquiring Princess Jasmine’s hand for marriage.

There are gems to be collected, which increase your life expectancy. Aladdin can attack by hand or by throwing apples at enemies and disorienting them. There are a total of seven stages to surpass and beware as you will face some really scary creatures in some of them.

Disney’s Aladdin has garnered rave reviews from the audience for its graphics, animation, music, and gameplay. Overall, the users are guaranteed a fun time when they play the best GBA games of all time.

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44. Classic NES: The Legend Of Zelda

legend of zelda gba games

Developer: Nintendo EAD, Capcom, Nintendo EPD, Vanpool, and Grezzo
Release Year: 1986
Price: $20.98
Mode: Single-player

The Legend of Zelda game is a mixture of puzzles, action-adventure battles, and exploration. The elements are constant in all the series with few enhancements in the features. Hands down, it is one of the best GBA RPGs in the business.

When Princess Zelda gets kidnapped by Dark Lord Ganon, she manages to shatter the Triforce of Wisdom for her beloved Hyrule. As protagonist Link, your aim is to save Princess Zelda from wizard Ganon and the land of Hyrule by collecting the eight fragments of the Triforce.

You have to pass through a number of secret passages, dungeons, and rooms barred by various kinds of monsters at the end. In total, Link has to pass through eight underworld dungeons before he can actually rescue Zelda and beat Lord Ganon. It is one of the best GBA games in the business.

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45. Wario Land 4

wario land 4

Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Release Year: 2001
Price: $249.95
Mode: Single-player

If you love the platformer genre, Wario Land 4 is one of the best GBA games to get acquainted with. This game features Wario, who kind of sounds like Mario’s brother albeit he isn’t.

Wario’s prime aim is to rescue the Princess Shokora who has been kidnapped by the money-crazed Golden Diva in a pyramid. He must unlock four treasures before he can actually fight the Golden Diva in lieu of Princess Shokora’s freedom.

A gamer can select any of the four passages to start with – Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, and Sapphire. Wario must find and unlock the 4 treasures throughout 18 levels and successfully escape each level with them to save the princess. Wario Land 4 received critical acclaim on its release, with gamers and critics hailing it as an outstanding game in terms of graphics, plotline, and gameplay.

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46. Splinter Cell Blacklist

splinter cell blacklist gameboy advance

Developer: Ubisoft, Gameloft
Release Year: 2002
Price: $23.51
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

For combat game lovers, Splinter Cell Blacklist proves to be the ultimate action-adventure in the land of paradise. This game can be played in 3 modes: Ghost, Assault, and Panther. The protagonist of the game is Sam Fisher, the leader of a 4th Echelon unit which reports only to the US President. The objective of Fisher and his subordinates is to stop the countdown of operation Blacklist, which aims at executing a terrorist attack in America.

One of the best features of this game is the return of Spies vs Mercs, not to mention the introduction of new gadgets like the upgraded Snake Cam and the micro Trirotor Drone. Sticky Shocker and the Karambit Knife are back as well, giving a nostalgic joy to the fans.

Splinter Cell Blacklist has been loved across the globe by users for the sheer excitement that it builds up and keeps them off guard multiple times. This game already makes the best GBA games list for many gamers across the globe.

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47. Drill Dozer: One of the Best GBA Games of All time

drill dozer best gba games

Developer: Game Freak
Release Year: 2005
Price: $119.19
Mode: Single-player

If action is the genre you favor above everything else, trying out Drill Dozer is mandatory. This is one of the best GBA  games when it comes to the variety of difficulties it offers. In a literal sense, there is no end to the number of obstacles you will face throughout the seventeen stages in this game.

Drill Dozer is kind of a drill vehicle on which Jill, the protagonist, mounts and tries to surpass all the levels. As the story goes, Jill’s father Doug is a leader of a bandit gang called the Red Dozers. He is deceived and defeated by a rival gang, The Skulkers. They also steal the powerful Red Diamond gifted to Jill by her dead mother.

When you play the game, you will notice a number of red boxes and yellow wrenches that contain chips and health. Each stage contains two red gears that help in increasing the precision and spinning ability. Each stage also contains a boss that can be defeated in various ways using the Drill Dozer.

This game managed to win the Gameboy Advance Game of the Year award by Nintendo Power, which gives you another reason why you should try it.

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48. Boktai – The Sun Is In Your Hand

boktai the sun is in your hand

Developer: Konami Computer and Entertainment Japan
Release Year: 2003
Price: $50.52 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

For action and adventure game lovers, Boktai – The Sun is in Your Hand is a godsend of sorts. It is one of the best GBA RPGs alongside being one of the best GBA games of all time.

The city of San Miguel has already sunk into the Age of Darkness, the time just before the end of the world. The human race is on the verge of extinction and Django, the protagonist is humanity’s last hope to survive. He is the sole heir to Gun del Sol, a solar gun with the help of which he has to visit the city of Istrakan – the city of death – to stop the end of the world.

Django is a vampire slayer who must defeat a group of monsters called the Immortals. The challenge lies in killing vampires as they become stronger. The game’s cartridge has a photometric light sensor that measures light exposure and accordingly, the game manages to stimulate the position of the sun.

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49. Castlevania – Circle of the Moon

castlevania best gba games

Developer: Konami Computer
Release Year: 2001
Price: $299.95
Mode: Single-player

Circle of the Moon is another exciting RPG in the best GBA games list and a part of the Castlevania series. It is all about the fight between the vampires of the Belmont clan and the vampire Dracula.

The protagonist in Circle of the Moon is Nathan Graves, who loses his parents as they attempt to bring down the Dracula and banish him. Morris Baldwin, who also helped his parents in the cause, becomes his mentor and teaches him the necessary skills required to beat Dracula once and for all. As the game progresses, Nathan learns that his mentor is kidnapped and brought him back to safety becomes his prime concern.

There are many points that define how he fares in the game. The HP tells how much damage he can withstand before dying. Magic Points(MP) tells how many magic spells he can cast. He also has points for strength, defense, and intelligence. Circle of the Moon has been primarily praised for the smoothness in animations and its storyline.

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50. Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

star wars revenge of sith best gba games

Developer: The Collective, LucasArts, Ubisoft Montreal (GBA & DS versions)
Release Year: 2005
Price: $99.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith GBA game is loosely based on the movie of the same name in the Star Wars franchise. This game comes with multiple cut scenes which include scenes from the movie itself. They help the user understand the plotline, which is also pretty similar to the movie plotline.

There are two protagonists in this game – Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Republic and the Separatists are embroiled in Clone Wars and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has been taken as a hostage. Anakin and Obi-Wan’s primary aim is to rescue the Chancellor.

There are a total of 17 levels to par in the game, which makes it highly engaging and addictive.

Each player’s character is equipped with one lightsaber – a sword that can be used to kill the enemies. The player has to mix up and form combination attacks to beat the enemies.

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51. Dragon Ball – Advanced Adventure: One of the Best GBA games

dragon ball advance

Developer: Dimps
Release Year: 2004
Price: $54.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

The Dragon Ball Z fandom knows no limitations and boundaries. It is one of the most-watched cartoon anime series in the kids’ genre. Likewise, the Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is a fine attempt to replicate the characters and the plotline into an exciting and action-packed gaming adventure.

Dragon Ball – Advanced Adventure features Goku, the protagonist who must team up with Bulma and defeat his greatest enemy, King Piccolo. In all, this role-playing game consists of thirty different characters and five different modes of play.

With three main level designs, Platform levels, Nimbus levels, and One-on-one levels, there are many collectible items such as Master Roshi’s sunglasses and ki, which increases the player’s health.

The game received positive reviews on its launch and has also been hailed as one of the best GBA games and GBA RPGs till now in the action genre.

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52. Final Fantasy I & II – Dawn of Souls

final fantasy i II gameboy advance game

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2004
Price: $23.42 onwards
Mode: Single-player

The Final Fantasy series has managed to enchant millions of gamers and set a standard for itself as one of the best GBA RPGs in the action genre. It is a compilation of Nintendo’s Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II video games.

Final Fantasy I GBA is about the four Warriors of Light, whose prime concern is to restore light to the four crystals whose powers sustain the world. The King of Cornelia commands them to rescue Princess Sarah, his daughter from Garland. The Four Warriors then embark on their journey.

The Final Fantasy II game is about three youngsters who try to thwart the Emperor of Palamecia in his attempts to conquer the whole world. Leon is the protagonist of the story.

In Final Fantasy I & II – Dawn of Souls, the ultimate objective of the gamers is to select a team of four heroes who have mastered any one of the six jobs available. Then, their duty is to fight the forces of Chaos.

Final Fantasy I & II basically brings the RPG of the 90s back to life and is the best GBA games of all time. It is pretty similar to Final Fantasy Origins, albeit with some extra content and features.

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Best Puzzle GBA Games

53. Mario Vs Donkey Kong

mario vs Donkey kong

Developer: Nintendo Software
Release Year: 2004
Price: $399
Mode: Single-player

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong, you have to play the role of Mario. The game is a mixture of platform and puzzle elements that challenge Mario to find keys, reach a locked door and rescue mini-Marios.

This Gameboy Advance game has a variety of environments included like ranging from a lava environment to a construction site. Adding new powers and 96 new levels, it is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the puzzle genre.

There is hidden e-reader support in the game and has a mixture of platform and puzzle elements. Different levels have different aspects of adrenaline rush. With double-jumps, backflips, and handstands, as well as catching barrels with his feet, Mario has to take all the mini-Mario toys and fight Donkey Kong to proceed further.

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54. Wario Ware Twisted

warioware twisted gba games

Developer: Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Release Year: 2004
Price: $174.95
Mode: Single-player

WarioWare: Twisted! has a unique concept and makes it to our list of best GBA games of all time. Wario and his friend Dr. Crygor have developed a unique Gameboy Advance that operates only if you tilt it around. It follows the WarioWare formula and has many microgames and minigames that last only for seconds. The cartridge of the game has unique and interesting gameplay with a built-in gyro sensor that detects the rotation of the handheld system.

There are 130 souvenirs to unlock from the Diamond City – Bonus games, moveable figurines, music, instruments, and other novelties. Each Game Pak has a Gyro Sensor used for detecting sideways motion. Wario Ware 4 received mixed reviews upon its release.

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55. Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

super bubble pop puzzle best gba games

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2004
Price: $45.99
Mode: Single-player

A puzzle is one of the most common genres in the GBA games universe. It is quite entertaining too, given that it helps in boosting the mental speed of the user. Super Bubble Pop is one of the best GBA games to try out if you are looking for puzzle games.

The concept of Super Bubble Pop is easy to understand. You can choose any one of the 5 DJ poppers. The user then faces a number of bubbles of different colors coming his way.

All you have to do is launch your own bubbles and create a row, column or stack of 3 or more bubbles in order to pop them. Each DJ has his own favorite color and whenever he pops bubbles, he receives energy which is stored in a special jar. When the jar is filled, you can unlock super special attacks, which help in speeding up the game to make it more exciting.

Beyond this, you must take care that you don’t create a row, column, or a stack of three bubbles with the same color as that will cause the bubbles to burst.

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56. Dr. Mario and Puzzle League

dr mario and puzzle league games

Developer: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Release Year: 2005
Price: $21.98
Mode: Single-player

Dr. Mario is no stranger to the Gameboy Advance games anymore, is he? Having appeared as a character in various game genres, he also features in the puzzle genre game Dr. Mario and Puzzle League. It is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the puzzle genre

Dr. Mario has to delete viruses by throwing vitamin capsules in a bottle. In order to survive, you must make sure to eliminate adequate viruses on the top of the screen so you have enough space to sustain and be alive as the blocks from the bottom go on building up.

Both games have a multiplayer mode and a vertical mode that can be unlocked. The game offers six modes and each one of those comes with a different challenge.

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57. ChuChu Rocket

chuchu rocket online multiplayer game

Developer: Sonic Team
Release Year: 1999
Price: $19.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

ChuChu Rocket is one of the best GBA games for the ones who love playing puzzle games. The game has a unique concept in place that can actually leave users playing this game for hours continuously.

In ChuChu Rocket!, a player has to guide all the mice on the board into a rocket while evading the cats. The mice are referred to as ChuChus and the cats are known as KapuKapus.

The game offers several playing modes such as the single-player mode, the multiplayer mode, puzzle editing mode, challenge mode, and competition mode.

This game has gone down as a massive hit with the audience and garnered praise for its addictive nature and engaging concept. It is one of the best Gameboy Advance games in the puzzle genre to support online console gaming.

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58. The Lost Vikings

the lost vikings

Developer: Silicon and Synapse
Release Year: 2003
Price: $35.43
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you need a puzzle game that will compel you to think hard to win, look no further than The Lost Vikings. Three Vikings – Eric the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout – are kidnapped by alien king Tomator for an intergalactic zoo. They get lost in various locations and spaces of time after escaping the ship. The user must guide them safely to the exit door, beating king Tomator himself in the process.

Each Viking has a special set of skills that help users beat enemies. Players can control the trio one at a time but must make sure that at least two Vikings are alive. If that doesn’t happen, the game becomes very difficult to win.

The Lost Vikings game was especially praised for its compelling storyline and gameplay alongside the smooth graphics that it delivers. Hands down, it is one of the best Gameboy Advance games in the puzzle genre.

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Best GBA Racing Games

59. F1 2002

f1 2002 best gba games

Developer: Square Enix
Release Year: 2004
Price: $29
Mode: Single-player

If wheels are your passion and racetracks are your go-to places for experiencing the thrill, The F! 2002 can take care of you extremely well.

Based on the 2002 season, as its name suggests, this Gameboy Advance game has 17 tracks and 22 different drivers. There are three modes of play in the game. You can choose to play in a quick race, an entire season, or in a custom championship.

Users can also play on a multiplayer mode against a single opponent with the help of a link cable. Players who have prior experience of playing handheld racing games can adapt to F1 2002 quickly. The GBA game has also garnered rave reviews for its graphics design from professional and rookie gamers all alike.

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60. Mario Kart Super Circuit

mario kart super circuit

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Release Year: 2001
Price: $18.98 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Mario Kart: SuperCircuits is one of the best GBA racing games you would ever find. The game is very simple and you have to select either Mario or any of his friends to be your competitor. You start your adventure on Kart moving through various race tracks with the aim to win the race.

You have to use some tricks and turns to make sure that nobody else wins. There are a total of five modes in the game: Mario GP, Time Trial, Quick Run, VS, and Battle.

There are items like Shells and bananas that will help you to hit others and slow them down. Items such as stars render the player invincible to the opponent’s attacks. The coins accumulated in the game help in increasing the engine power of the karts.

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Card Games

61. Ultimate Card Games

unlimited card games

Developer: Cosmigo GmbH
Release Year: 2004
Price: $14.44
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

As the name suggests, Unlimited Card Games is a card game created by Telegames for Game Boy Advance platforms. It has games like Poker and Solitaire where you have to use your mind effectively. Ultimate Card game is regarded as one of the best GBA games in the card games genre.

Poker is a collection of card games that is a combination of gambling, strategy, and skill. Solitaire is a genre of card games that you can play as a single player. A few examples of Solitaire games are Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, Yukon, Beleaguered Castle, Forty Thieves, and Canfield. Examples of Poker include games like BlackJack, Texas Hold’em, Double Flop Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple, 7 Card Draw, and 5 unique versions of Video Poker.

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62. Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories

kingdom hearts game boy advance

Developer: Square Enix and Jupiter
Release Year: 2004
Price: $13.46
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories is a Gameboy Advance game that has a mixture of role-playing and collectible card games. The events in the game are set a year before the events of the Kingdom of Hearts II.

The protagonist of the game is Sora, who is exploring the Castle Oblivion with his friends. While doing so, they get locked in a room that sucks away all their power and magic. In order to regain it, Sora has to play a series of card duels where he summons characters from Final Fantasy and Disney Land! Organization XIII is the new antagonist group introduced in the game that Sora and his friends have to fight.

You can use combinations of cards for unlocking new abilities, performing combo attacks, spells, and tactics. The game has a card-based battle system in contrast to its prequel’s real-time combat system. With a field map and battle screen, the field map is an isometric area where the player can switch between rooms.

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Sports GBA Games

63. Mario Golf Advance Tour

mario golf advance tour

Developer: Camelot Software Planning
Release Year: 2004
Price: $13.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Mario is the most popular game among all the best GBA games. Initially, it started as a platformer game but now it has more than one form due to its fame and charm.

You can walk around in the overworld map and interact with different courses and objects of the game. You have to choose between two characters Neil or Ella and play as that character in the whole game.  It is the best pick for golfing adventure in the best GBA games list.

You will have the other character as your partner. Neil and Ella both have different abilities and strengths. Moving forward, there are four golf clubs – Marion, Palms, Dunes, and Links – in which the player has to participate and prove his mettle so that he can play with Mario.

You can also compete in single and double tourneys against pros, practice the swing shot, and master side shots so that you can be eligible to hit 18 holes with Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and other characters from the famous Mushroom Kingdom.

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64. Mario Tennis Power Tour

mario power tennis

Developer: Nintendo, Camelot Software Planning
Release Year: 2005
Price: $38.80
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If you love playing Tennis then Mario Tennis Advance Tour is the perfect game as you can play in both doubles and singles.

The two main characters in the game are Clay and Ace, who discover that some masked tennis stars with excellent tennis skills have beaten the pros from their school and challenged the winners of the Island Open for a match on their own court. In order to reveal the identity of the masked layers, the two characters have to surpass levels starting from Junior Class to the Varsity Class and then win the Island Open trophy.

There are various mechanics included like topspin, slice, and “Power Shots.” While playing the game you can earn offensive power shots and defensive power shots. Offensive shots are powerful attacks and defensive shots can negate the secondary effects of offensive power shots. It is one of the best GBA games related to Tennis.

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65. Madden NFL 07

madden nfl 07

Developer: Exient Entertainment
Release Year: 2006
Price: $21.88
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Madden NFL 07 has hardly introduced any new features except the obligatory updated roster. In other spheres, it is pretty much a carbon copy of Madden NFL 06. The ultimate aim is to make your way up to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In the Hall of Fame Mode, your actions on and off the field decide the impact on the game.

Madden NFL 07 has also introduced a series of 9 GBA-exclusive mini-games which has hardly managed to satisfy the users. WR Catch, Punt Inside 20, DB Cover, and 40-yard Dash drills have been singled out as the most engaging games. Various features such as Lead Blocker Control, Highlight Stick, Juking and Spinning, and FreeMotion Controls have also been added to the game.

NFL has introduced the Lead Blocker Control for the first time, which helps you during the running plays. It might have disappointed in terms of new updates, but there’s no denying that Madden NFL remains one of the best GBA games when it comes to the sports genre.

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66. FIFA 07

fifa 2007

Developer: Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver, and Exient Entertainment
Release Year: 2004
Price: $16.26
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Time for all the soccer aficionados to rejoice here. If you love nothing but playing your favorite sport both on the field and off it, FIFA 07 will take care of your excitement levels extremely well.

The FIFA 07 GBA game allows users to pit against any two of the total 510 teams and enjoy playing a match. If you are looking for a long-term challenge, you can choose to go with the career mode. The career mode enables users to manage a football club for a period of five years. Players must fulfill certain sets of challenges and goals as managers for every match, league, and season.

If you wish to participate only in a specific tournament, you will love the tournament mode. In the tournament mode, the user can select and enter any competition of his choice from amongst 20 tournaments. The final mode is the challenge mode, where a user has to fulfill certain set challenges in a football match.

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67. NBA Jam 2002: One of the Best GBA Games that You’ll Love

nba jam 2002 best gba games

Developer: Acclaim Entertainment and DC Studios
Release Year: 2002
Price: $14.45
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

For all those who love shooting hoops in a basketball court, Gameboy Advance won’t disappoint you with the NBA Jam 2002. Featuring 29 official NBA teams and 140 official players, get ready to be a Michael Jordan, Allen Iversen, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant on screen.

There are six modes of play to choose from – season, playoff, quick game, jam, horse, and practice. NBA Jam 2002 also offers commendable graphics and a great commentary that just builds up the excitement for a match.

Overall, the gameplay is pretty easy to learn and get acquainted with. Functions such as scoring a basket, tacking a player, and passing the ball are simple to execute, just at the press of a button. NBA connoisseurs, don’t you dare miss out on this one!

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68. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

pro skater

Developer: Neversoft
Release Year: 2001
Price: $13.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

If your love for extreme sports has no visible limits, you may as well try out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. This Gameboy Advance game places you in control of a fictional skater called Tony, who must perform skills in return for cash rewards and unlock new levels with them.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 features a number of skating tricks and the character itself is capable of initiating jumps and changing directions in midair. Users can switch footedness, perform nollies, wall rides, and lip tricks, and several other skateboarding tricks.

The Gameboy Advance console isn’t meant for games with 3D graphics but Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 has done a commendable job in that zone. Even the sound effects of the game have been lauded by gamers. The grinds, bumps, jumps, and groans just couldn’t have been better!

With six levels, thirteen skaters, oodles of tricks to perform, and scores of secrets and bonuses to uncover, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 hardly disappoints its users and is one of the best GBA games of all times.

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69. Car Battler Joe

car battler joe

Developer: Acclaim Entertainment and DC Studios
Release Year: 2001
Price: $94 onwards
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Yet another RPG on this GBA games list, Car Battler Joe is an adventurous and action-packed game. In this game, 16-year-old Joe, the protagonist, has to battle and win games against his opponents to buy better parts for his car.

He has no experience and firepower at the beginning but starts accumulating them as he does several jobs at local shops. These jobs require him to destroy enemies or deliver goods and earn coins in exchange.

The real action begins when Joe moves from town to town and faces tough enemies who test the durability and firepower of his car. Car Battler Joe also offers some praiseworthy customization to its users. A player can customize four car types and equip them with your choice of weapons, overdrive, engine, and more.

Car Battler Joe has also gone down on a positive note with the GBA gamers and experts alike. It has been hailed as unexpectedly entertaining and praised for its smooth graphics.

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Best Strategy GBA Games

70. Advance Wars

advance wars

Developer: Intelligent Systems
Release Year: 2001
Price: $394.97
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Advance Wars is a turn-based tactics GBA game developed by Intelligent Systems. The story is about an Orange Star Army’s effort in battling the other countries’ armies. Orange Star commanding officer Andy is accused of attacking other countries’. Olaf is the commanding officer of the Blue Moon country, who has waged the war against Orange Star.

The protagonist of the story is Nell, who must advise commanding officers, with only Andy being available at first. As he moves throughout the four countries, more commanding officers become available. There are various game modes including  “Field Training” which is in a tutorial mode.

A campaign mode that has the game’s storyline, the “War Room” which is a collection of maps on which the player strives for high scores, and a map design mode. The “Campaign” and “War Room” modes will help you to rank up and earn coins to unlock stuff in the game.

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71. Tactics Ogre:  Knight of Lodis

tactics ogre

Developer: Quest
Release Year: 2001
Price: $399.95
Mode: Single-player

Tactics Ogre is one of the top GBA games to try out if you love the strategy and warfare genre. The protagonist of the game is Alphonse Loeher, who must fight against a military unit he was once a part of – The Order of the Sacred Flame.

Alphonse’s challenge is to save the city of Ovis from the oppression of the Order and its commander, Rictor Lassanti. There are a plethora of characters in the game and each one of them has his or her own unique characteristics. Each player starts with an army of six units, which can potentially rise up to thirty-two as the game progresses.

Characters earn emblems as they complete a particular task or reach a checkpoint. GameSpot gave the game their Game Boy Advance RPG of the Year award in 2002, which tells us this game is worth trying out.

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Best Beat ‘em up GBA Games

72. Final Fight One

final fight one

Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 1989
Price: $69.98
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Final Fight One is a game hailing from the Beat ‘em up genre and one of the best GBA games in the business. The story of the game starts with the abduction of Jessica, who is the daughter of the protagonist Mike Haggar. Haggar refuses to work with the Mad Gear Gangs and they kidnap his daughter.

Users can control only one of the three main characters in the game – the mayor and former wrestler Mike Haggar, his daughter’s boyfriend Cody, and Guy, Cody’s best friend.

Final Fight One has six rounds and two additional bonus rounds at the end of which players will face a boss villain. There are many collectibles like weapons, health recovery items, and items that gain us extra points. Each character has his own fighting style and is able to perform combo attacks, jump attacks, special attacks and much more.

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73. Double Dragon Advance

double dragon advance

Developer: Million
Release Year: 2003
Price: $299.99
Mode: Single-player, Multi-player

Double Dragon Advance is one of the best GBA games in the beat ‘em up genre you can try out. You are in control of Billy Lee and his brother Jimmy as they fight against the Shadow Warriors in order to rescue his girlfriend Marian.

Double Dragon Advance also features enemy characters from the past two versions and has new original characters and four new stages. Moves such as hair-pull on Abobo and Baranov can now be performed in this version.

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Final Thoughts on the Best GBA Games of All times

The Gameboy Advance platform has a plethora of genres and games to choose from when it comes to selecting your favorite game. The choice of playing a game totally depends upon the requirements of the gamer. Since there are a lot of GBA games to choose from, the best GBA games differ according to the choice of the user.

The Mario and Pokemon franchises have received favorable reviews from gamers throughout the globe. So, it’s worth trying out games in these franchises according to the genre that users prefer. For people who love playing specific sports GBA games, they can always go for games such as Formula 1, NFL, FIFA, and so on, as per their interests. We have tried to list all our favorites, but believe me, there are still so many that could make it to the list.

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