Instagram is one of the most sought-after social media platforms to get yourself noticed. And, the Instagram search for people and users is the most sought after. Not every social media site has a “Search and Explore” tab in its app. From knowing how to find someone on Instagram, to keep an account of the people you wish to interact with or learn about, it has it all.

But somehow, when it comes to finding someone on the Instagram app and connecting with people, users get lost and confused. With users having multiple accounts on Instagram, it is indeed very difficult to find the real profile tab.

What Is An Instagram Search?

For the ones who wish to know how to find someone on Instagram, the Instagram search result is a page that shows you the top Instagram post based on who you follow, what your Instagram followers like, and the type of Instagram feed and content you like, save and watch.

So, if you’re constantly looking for food pictures and videos on your Instagram feed; your search tab will showcase more food posts every time you open the Instagram app.

Indirectly, this is also one of the methods by which you learn how to find someone on Instagram.

Top 7 Ways On How To Find Someone On Instagram

We have listed all the probable ways in which you can learn how to find someone on Instagram. It includes both people you know, as in your Facebook friends and Twitter followers along with people you would want to know on the social network.

So, let’s get started –

1. Manual Search For Instagram Users

Instagram searches for people can be done in multiple ways. The most fundamental way of finding new people on Instagram is by manually searching the person’s profile by entering their name or their Instagram ‘handle’ as we call it.

Note: Although easy, not a very fool-proof method since you might not know the username of all your facebook friends, and just entering the name will show a list of hundred social accounts. This works for famous personalities and Instagram influencer.

Let’s check the process of how to find someone on Instagram on your Android device step by step:

  1. Open Instagram. To find the ‘Search’ option, tap on the Magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen on the main interface, i.e, your Instagram feed.
manual search instagram search people
Selecting the Instagram search bar

2. You will find a ‘Search’ option at the top; tap on it.

search people on instagram
Instagram people search manually

3. Fill in the name of the Instagram influencer or the username of the person you want to search for.

how to find someone on instagram
Instagram profile search

If it is a famous hashtag, it also shows you the number of posts people have uploaded on the image-sharing site using a hashtag with the username you have entered.

4. Click on the Instagram profile of the person you’re looking for. Click on the Follow button to follow someone’s Instagram account.

search people on instagram
Click on Follow to follow the page/person

However, if the profile tab shows no Instagram photos, it is a private account. In that case, you need to make a follow request to follow the Instagram account.

You can also use this Instagram username search process to look for the Instagram profile for famous people, Instagram influencer, and popular brands. By just typing in the name of the particular brand or the famous celebrity, you will see the results. Then, you can click on the profile tab of the Instagram user. 

The Instagram bio will give you more details about someone’s Instagram account. You can click on the follow button. Also, note that the Instagram profile with a ‘blue tick mark’ are the official and verified pages.

Tip- Ensure that your search is set to ‘people,’ and not to Instagram photos, places, or tags when you are searching for someone’s Instagram account by name.

2. How To Find Someone On Instagram From Phone’s Contact List

You can also look for people from your smartphone’s contact list and see who all have an Instagram account. Various factors are considered for how to find someone on Instagram, such as contact number or saved email address.

The Instagram app syncs your contact list, scans the target phone, and then discover people who are on the social network – Instagram.

The Instagram app syncs your contact list, scans the target phone, and then discover people who are on the social network – Instagram.

Go to your Instagram profile page by clicking on the ‘Profile icon’. You will find it in the bottom-left corner of the page.

how to find someone on instagram
Selecting the hamburger menu

You will get – Follow and invite friends.

how to find someone on instagram
Click on ‘Follow and invite friends’

Once you click on Follow and invite friends, the next page that opens displays 4 options:

  • Follow contacts
  • Invite friends by email
  • Invite friends via SMS
  • Invite friends via….
how to find someone on instagram
Click on Follow contacts

Clicking on ‘Follow contacts’ is an easy, one-step solution to finding people with an online presence and who have an active Instagram account. As shown above, you can also invite friends to join the social media platform by sending them invites.

Note: Please note that the above-mentioned method will help you discover people you already know. 

3. Get People Suggestions To Follow / Discover People

If you are looking for ways to search for new people to follow, how about checking out what the Instagram app thinks!

Instagram uses a lot of factors to bring that list to you – your Instagram feed, Instagram activity, Instagram story, connections, your interests, the kind of Instagram photos you share, and the Instagram social accounts you follow.

There are great chances that you will come across someone of your interest to follow here.

Go to your profile by clicking on the bottom right icon. It is also called the profile icon.

Tap on the ‘three vertical dash lines.’ You will find ‘Discover people’ as one of the options. Click on it.

discover people on instagram
Tap on Discover people

You will now see a list of profiles with the Follow button next to their names.

discover people on instagram
Clicking on Follow button

Click on it to follow whoever you wish to. These suggestions are based on your Instagram activity, your Instagram followers, the kind of pages you visit on your social media account, and the accounts your friends follow. Chances are you will find interesting profiles to like here. 

If your Instagram account is already connected to your Facebook account, you’ll see the above-mentioned option after clicking on ‘Discover.’ However, if it is not connected, you will find ‘Connect to Facebook’ written with a blue box next to it saying ‘Connect.’ You can click and connect with your Facebook contact on Instagram. This is the easiest way to add all your Facebook friends to your Instagram account at once. 

The ‘Discover People’ option also enables you to connect with the contact list saved on your phone. You will see ‘Connect Contacts’ and a blue box next to it saying ‘Connect.’ By clicking on ‘connect’ you will allow Instagram to sync your list of contacts with the social media account.

discover people on instagram
Connect your phone contacts with Instagram

Once done, you will be able to see all the people in your contacts list with an active Instagram account. There is a chance you might want to follow most of them.

4. Use Hashtags To Follow And Find Interesting People

If you genuinely want to search for Instagram users and want to know how to find someone on Instagram based on your interest, using hashtags is the most ideal way to go about it on the social media platform.

Hashtags act as keywords that users type in to look for the Instagram story, photos, and posts that are of similar type.

When you upload your online status with pictures, videos, and other Instagram activity, you add various hashtags. So, one can find those posts by using a hashtag.

To search for an Instagram post based on hashtags, tap on the ‘Magnifying glass’ on the bottom tray and tap on ‘Search’ at the top.

Go to ‘Tags’ to filter your search. Next, enter the keyword. For example, if you’re looking for pictures related to technology, type in ‘tech’ or ‘technology.’

You will come across all the related tags and also the total number of posts under it.

Here’s an example of how to find someone on Instagram using hashtags:

We wrote #tech to see all the posts related to technology on Instagram

search by hashtag
Write #tech to look for tech-related posts

Next, we selected technology. A page opened where all the #technology posts added by people on Instagram appeared.

hashtag search
13.2M posts related to #technology

Out of these, we clicked on the Instagram photos we liked. Next, you will see a follow button right next to their profile icon. Click on it to follow them.

Follow as per your liking and interest
Follow as per your liking and interest

This method works best when you are interested in social accounts related to a particular category like technology, food, travel, or fashion. Just open Instagram, and go ahead and follow social accounts with similar interests.

5. How To Find Someone On Instagram By Popular Posts

Open Instagram and you will see the most popular Instagram post in the main search section. These are the posts that have the maximum number of likes and comments or are going viral on the social media platform.

These posts may or may not have any direct/indirect relation with you especially if you have a private account. Popularity might be one of the reasons why you would want to follow an Instagram influencer and users.

Click on the ‘Magnifying glass’ on the bottom tray of your Instagram account. You will find the most viewed and the most popular posts on the next page.

Now, scroll down the page to see the Instagram story, more uploads, and click on any of the posts to preview them. Then check all the likes and comments of the Instagram post. You will click on the ‘Follow’ button on the person’s profile and become a part of the Instagram followers tribe.

If you want to look for posts in a particular category, click on the magnifying glass. Next, you will see a list of categories created by Instagram under the search box. Click on what you like and browse all the public posts in that category. Some of the categories are – IGTV, Travel, Architecture, Decor, Style, Food, Art, and DIY.

find people on instagram
Select a category of your choice

Click on the category of your choice, and you will see a wide range of posts.

how to find someone on instagram
Decor’ category is selected in the above picture

Click on a particular post that you like and you will see a ‘follow’ button next to the Instagram user.

Please note: Yes, you can ‘follow’ people by using the above-mentioned methods. However, whether you directly start following them or send a follow request waiting for approval, depends on whether the user has a private or public profile.

If the user has a public profile, you will be able to follow them as soon as you click on the ‘follow’ button. Whereas, if the user has a private profile, clicking on the ‘follow’ button sends them a follow request. Once they have approved it, you will be able to view their profile and follow them.

6. How To Find Someone On Instagram By Location

If you are looking forward to knowing more people residing in your city or vicinity, the best way to find them is by using the location search option on Instagram. Instagram calls it ‘Places’ and you will get to see all the accounts that belong to people who reside in the same city as yours.

Open Instagram account and click on the magnifying glass at the bottom-end. Next, tap on the search box. Once done, you will see the options – Top, Accounts, Tags, and Places. Click on Places, go go to ‘Nearby Places’, and stumble upon people who reside close to you.

search people by location for how to find someone on instagram
Go to Places and select Nearby Places

Please note that this Instagram search feature will only work for you if you have your location-enabled. If it’s disabled in your privacy settings, IG will ask you to enable it to avail of the search method in the social media account.

7. Find People On Instagram By Checking Out Your Friends’ Following

If you wish to start following the people your friends follow on the social network, the process is quite simple. Well, chances are that you too are acquainted with them and wish to know them more. So, instead of going through the ordeal of entering their full names, which you might not know, or their Instagram handles, simply check out the ‘Following’ list from your friend’s profile and you are good to go. 

The list displays the names of all of the social media account, your friend is a follower of. You can also do the same for following Instagram influencer, news accounts, or fun pages that your friends are following. 

Also, they need not be people in particular. Go to your concerned friend’s account from your Android device and click on ‘Following.’

how to find someone on instagram - follow friends of friends
Checking the ‘following’ list

When you click on ‘Following,’ you see a full list of people and accounts the page follows. You can also know more about them through their Instagram bio. 

Click on ‘Follow’ to start following the accounts and you will get updates from them.

Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Instagram Ranking

Instagram is a big favorite with youngsters and used as a visual and communication channel. In fact, users can now even send and check Instagram messages on a computer. But, not all users have a great ranking. Your ranking depends on the type of content you post, the visual appeal, and how you handle your online status.

If you want to show up in Instagram Search, Instagram Explore, or be an active member of the Instagram community, here are a few tricks to boost your ranking-

  1. Use relevant hashtags
  2. Increase online presence and engagement by asking relevant questions
  3. Share video content instead of only pictures
  4. Post at the right time- the best time being around lunch or after 7 p.m
  5. Add location tags
  6. Post many pictures or videos in a single Instagram post
  7. Get organic Instagram followers


We’ve listed all the probable methods and answered how to find someone on Instagram by describing multiple ways in detail, so you do not have to Google the query anymore. The processes are quite simple, especially if you are well-versed with the workings of the social media platform. If you are a beginner, follow our steps and you’ll be good. Instagram is an excellent medium, which enables you to connect to more people, and once you know how to go about searching for like-minded enthusiasts, it’s a fun ride from there on.  

Be it friends of friends, popular celebrities, influencers, meme pages, or fun accounts; you will find them all using one or more of the ways we’ve enlisted. You might also stumble upon random accounts you’d like to follow using the Instagram search tools and there’ll be no looking back. 

(Article Updated on 25th March 2021)