Do you wish to communicate in American English fluently? Are you fascinated with the American accent? Well, everyone around the world wants to get the hang of it so that they can communicate better. In this case, American accent training comes to your rescue especially for the ones who speak English as a second language.

Be it professional growth or a lasting positive impact you want to make, the way you speak can make or break your impression. Irrespective of which country you come from or what your native language is, if you speak English with a regional dialect or with a distinctly foreign accent, it will not be easy for others to understand. The native speakers, especially, will be quite clueless. In such cases, speaking like a native makes a huge difference.

How and Why to Learn the American Accent?

The world today is a global village. We travel, meet people from all nationalities, and connect with them on various levels. Be it for professional or personal reasons, the way you communicate can make an impact and will reflect on your confidence level too.

If you have the correct American accent, pronounce the words aptly, and speak fluent English, you will be successful in making a lasting positive impact on everyone you meet. It also improves your job prospects. We have some of the benefits listed here:

  • Advance your career and fix a firm spot for yourself in the job market
  • Induce self-confidence and reduce communication barriers
  • Eliminate the need to repeat, be more understood by others
  • Reduce prejudice that some Americans might hold by meeting their criteria of having proper speech patterns
  • Create a positive impact on your interaction with colleagues and friends, thereby making socializing more fun
  • Improve upon your oral presentation skills
  • Build credibility and trust with native American accent speakers

Top 8 American Accent Training Options To Up Your Game

Learning to master the American accent has the potential to change your life for the better. You need to speak in phrases and not word by word. The speed is slower than usual, and you cannot forget to use the correct syllable.

Our American accent training courses also teach you to distinguish between L and R sounds and how the Americans use the T sound. You understand the importance of contractions and learn how to pronounce words correctly. There are various learning platforms and online learning sites that you can refer to.

We have listed the best courses that will provide you the best American accent training and help you in getting the pronunciation right, as well.

Note: All the courses from Udemy have lifetime free access with mobile and TV compatibility.

Pro tip: If you are interested in enrolling in a course from Udemy, you may want to wait for one of their promotions before purchasing. Udemy frequently offers promotional discounts that can range anywhere between 10% to 90%. Please do note that not all courses have this promotion.

1. American Accent Made Easy – Mastering the American Accent from Udemy

Master the american accent training course by Udemy

The American accent training course is one of the best-selling tutorials on Udemy. You learn how to master the native American accent in a short time. You also get your hands on some full-proof drills to practice what you learned.

The course instructor, Ashwin Gore, is a renowned Hollywood accent coach. He has trained most of your favorite stars and helped them perfect the accent. No intellectual processes involved, Ashwin eases out the process by making in simple, fun, and quick.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to speak in a proficient American accent
  • Understand the technical elements involved so that you come across as a natural speaker
  • Study what is required only; no redundant fluff
  • Get your hands on worksheets after the course
  • Avail of advanced techniques and stand out from the crowd
  • Perfect the accent by availing a set of drills to exercise

Online course duration: 1.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 1800+
Ratings: 4.6
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Whoever wants to master the American accent, performers, actors, and presenters

Check price and sign up for American Accent Made Easy – Mastering the American Accent

2. American English Pronunciation for Beginners from Udemy

The American accent training course teaches you how to speak the English language in native American style and tone. It takes training and practice to master the dialect. The tutorial also ensures that you speak the language correctly and clearly.

Loretta Huether shows you how to use the difficult sound of alphabets like R, L, V, and W. You will no longer mispronounce them and match up with the speech pattern of a Native American. Did you know the use of the tongue, jaw, lips, and mouth when it comes to excelling in the American accent? Well, let us avail of this course and crack it.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to speak words and sentences in native American accent with the correct pronunciation
  • Correct the pronunciation of difficult words
  • Get the hang of calling out the American numbers, dates, and time properly
  • Improve listening skills through ear training
  • Understand the difference between long and short vowels
  • Use the correct muscles to get the right sounds
  • Study phonetic spelling

Online course duration: 2 hours
No. of students enrolled: 5000+
Ratings: 4.5
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for: Whoever wants to learn the American accent, executives, and marketers

Check price and sign up for American English Pronunciation for Beginners

3. Speak English with an American accent from Effortless English

The American accent training course enhances your tonality and style of communication. AJ Hoge teaches you how to speak in an American accent just like a native. Hoge has trained corporate leaders and government officials and is excellent with his craft. He promises to improve upon your pronunciation and induce confidence while you are speaking the language.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to speak the American accent like a native
  • Understand the pronunciation of difficult sounding words
  • Study how to communicate phrases and when to use stress and intonation

Online course duration: 19 units (each unit takes 5 days)
Best suited for: Whoever wants to learn it
Price: Monthly installment $49.44/month and one-time payment $240

Sign up for Speak English with an American accent

4. American English Pronunciation from Skillshare

american accent training and basic pronounciation from skillshare

The American accent training course teaches you to pronounce single English words correctly. You start with learning how to make specific words sound perfect and then get your hands on using these word sounds in sentences and phrases.

The class comes with innovative techniques to make you master the American accent. You also get to practice what you learned in exercises, once the class is over. The course improves your speaking habits tenfold. After you are through with the easy words, you start learning the difficult ones.

Replay each lesson so that you do not miss out on the details. Also, you can learn at your own pace.

Key Highlights

  • Get your hands on the essential tips which you help you master the American accent
  • Learn everything about short vowels, long vowel sounds, and putting vowels together
  • Understand when the ‘e’ is silent
  • Correctly pronounce words that start with letters like – L, R, N, S, TH, Z, and CH.
  • Master American accent pronunciation and form

Online course duration: 2 hrs 54 mins
No. of students enrolled: 1800+
Best suited for – All levels
Price: Free for the first 2 months and a recurring annual charge of $63

Sign up for American English Pronunciation from Skillshare

5. American Accent Training for IT Professionals from Udemy

The American accent training course is primarily meant for IT professionals. The accent is high in demand when it comes to the job industries, and everyone wants to hire personnel with excellent speaking skills. So, there can be nothing better than sounding like a native professional, right?

Susan Ryan teaches you how to communicate effectively and clearly using American English. What more? The vocabulary that you get your hands on is also customized for the IT workspace.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to pronounce 150 IT words
  • Understand the correct usage of syllable stress while speaking the language
  • Know the techniques used by excellent speakers like Steve Jobs, so that you can talk with influence
  • Apply the fundamentals of syllable stress and the pronunciation rules and tips that you learn to master the sound of hundreds of words

Online course duration: 3 hours
No. of students enrolled: 2800+
Ratings: 4.4
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Developers, consultants, programmers, and enterprise architects

Check price and sign up for American Accent Training for IT Professionals

6. Learn Essential American Accent Rules in an Hour from Udemy

The American accent training course teaches you to speak English like a native American. You master the American accent and English pronunciation.

We’d recommend you to use good-quality headphones while taking this class. This will help you in listening better so that you can understand the exact sound of certain words. You study English Phonetics, as well. You can ask Zaki Badr your questions whenever you want.

Do not forget to get your hands on the practice exercises after the class is over for ensuring quality-learning.

Key Highlights

  • Get knowledge of the standard American rules for pronunciation
  • Avail of handy tips to improve upon your English skills
  • Understand unvoiced sounds, voiced sounds, and consonant sound rules
  • Study connected speech, reading techniques, and linked phrases
  • Learn everything about the intonation of the American accent

Online course duration: 1.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 900+
Ratings: 4.3
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Beginner and intermediate levels

Check price and sign up to Learn Essential American Accent Rules in an Hour

7. American English Accent and Pronunciation – Unlock your Potential from Udemy

american english accent and pronounciationHave you seen the film Hitch? Well, it is better to have a fair idea of the film before you take up this American accent training course. The class is film-based, fun, engaging, and unique. You learn to speak in the American accent fluently and gain confidence.

The course will help you in landing your dream job and ensure you are no longer awkward in social gatherings. It demands active participation and hard work. With determination and attentiveness, you will be able to excel in what the tutorial imparts.

Key Highlights

  • Understand all the components of the American accent
  • Master the language so that you sound like the natives
  • Know about the most important sounds and isolate certain sounds
  • Get rid of problematic areas when it comes to speech and accent
  • Learn how and which phasers to emphasize on
  • Study everything about American pronunciation and intonation

Online course duration: 6.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 700+
Ratings: 3.8
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Whoever wants to take their English speaking level from intermediate to advanced

Check price and sign up for American English Accent and Pronunciation – Unlock your Potential

8. American Accent Training: Learn to Speak like a Native from Accent Hero

Accent Hero is an app that enhances your American accent. It helps you in speaking the language fluently and brings remarkable positive changes in your overall dialect. You learn the correct pronunciation of words and are thus able to speak more confidently.

The best part about Accent Hero is that the course is flexible. Users can personalize their learning tracks and keep a tab of everyday progress. The app interface is rich in visuals, engaging, and easy to navigate.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to speak slower using the proper accent
  • Understand how to speak in phrases and not word by word
  • Master the art of stressing on the correct syllables
  • Get the perfect pronunciation for American T, R, and L sounds
  • Understand contractions and the usage of vowel sounds
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of more than 200 mispronounced words

Online course duration: 16 hours of free practice in 4 weeks

Best suited for: Anyone wanting to improve their American accents

Check out Accent Hero


Well, the accent can really go a long way and make better prospects available for you. Several employers these days wish to hire employees who speak English fluently. Language forms a significant part of how you present yourself, therefore, making it an indispensable skill for the professionals.

Take up the American accent training courses that we’ve listed and excel in the language and pronunciation in no time. So, no more replying in mono-syllables when you are in social gatherings and get rid of the awkward moments where you do not understand how to say something. Learn the apt way to pronounce difficult-sounding words and take another step towards being a confident speaker.

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