Switching mobile phones is very common nowadays. When the switch is between the same operating system like how to transfer apps from android to android, the transfer and sync of media and contacts is an easy job. But, if you switch from iOS to Android, then syncing contacts, accessing emails and media can be complicated. This is when you need to access iCloud on Android devices.

Best Ways To Access and Use iCloud on Android Devices

iCloud on Android can be easily set up by following some instructions. All you need is access to your iCloud account. You can easily access your iCloud contacts, notes, email, calendar, and media on the Android device.

How to Access iCloud Mails on Android?

Email is something we cannot miss, especially when all the important conversations are on email. If you want to access your emails, you must know how to access iCloud on Android devices. Follow the steps mentioned below, to access iCloud mail on Android phones:

Step 1: If you have not enabled two-factor authentication on your phone, then you need to do it. We need an app-specific password to login to the iCloud account from the Android device. You cannot generate an app-specific password without two-factor authentication.

Step 2: Go to the Apple ID page and log in using your iCloud account. Scroll down to the Security section and click on Generate Password.

Generate password
Click on Generate Password

Step 4: Add a label for your password and click on Create.

Label for password
Create a label to generate a password

Step 5: You can see a password under the generate password. Note down this password somewhere to access iCloud on Android.

Step 6: Now, on your Android device, open Gmail, and click on the 3 lines (Menu) in the top left corner.

Step 7: Go to Settings ➜ Add account ➜ Other and then add your iCloud account.

Enter email account
Add your iCloud account

Step 8: Enter your password and then enter your name, which is you want to display on sent messages. Click on Next.

Enter email for icloud on android
Click on Next

You will now be able to access your iCloud on Android phones to access mails.

How to Access iCloud Calendar on Android?

There is no direct way to sync your iCloud calendar with Google Calendar. If you want to have access to all the saved events and other saved dates on your Android device, then you need to import the iCloud calendar. This way you will be able to access the calendar on iCloud on Android devices.

Step 1: Open icloud.com via your browser and sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 2: Click on Calendar.

access calendar
Open Calendar

Step 3: From the left panel, click on the sharing icon, and then select Public Calendar.

After you select Public Calendar, click on Copy Link.

Share calendar to access icloud on android
Select Public Calendar and click on Copy Link

Step 4: Paste the link in a new tab of your browser and change webcal in the link to http. A file will start downloading as soon as you add http to the link.

Step 5: Next, log in to your Gmail account which you added on your Android device.

Click on the Google apps option in the right corner and then select Calendar.

Google Calendar
Open Google Calendar

Step 6: In the left panel of your Google Calendar, click on ‘+’ sign next to Other calendars and then click on Import.

import calendar
Click on Import

Step 7: Choose the downloaded calendar and click on Import.

Choose the file to import icloud app for android
Import the calendar

You can now see the saved events and birthdays in the calendar app of iCloud on Android device.

Whenever you add any birthdays or events to your iCloud calendar, you will need to download and import the calendar explicitly to update the events on your Android device.

How to Access iCloud Notes on Android?

Notes help us to jot down important points, numbers, lists, and many other things. You cannot miss having these important notes on your Android device. The process of syncing notes from the iCloud on Android device is simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Go to iPhone Settings ➜ Passwords & Accounts and click on Add Account. As you need to add a Gmail account, select Google from the option.

Add Gmail account for notes
Select Google

Step 2: Add your Gmail credentials, and then enable the Notes for Gmail account.

Enable Notes Gmail icloud for android
Enable Notes

Step 3: If you wish to make a Gmail account as the default account for Notes, then go to Settings ➜ Notes ➜ Default Account. Click on Gmail in the Default Account option.

Default Notes Gmail
Make Gmail as a default account option

Step 4: Go to the Gmail app on your Android device, and click on the Menu, you can see the Notes in the left panel menu.

You can see all the notes which were present under the Gmail folder on your iPhone.

Notes in Gmail Android icloud on android
Click on Notes

You can only access all the notes under your Gmail account folder on the iPhone. If you want to access notes under the iCloud account folder, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open an iCloud account in the browser using the official account and click on Notes.

Step 2: Click on the share option in the top right corner of the screen.

iCloud Notes on Android
Click on share option

Note: If you don’t see the Notes interface like the one shown in the image above, then you need to upgrade your Notes app.

You need iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 or later to use the upgraded Notes app. The older version of the Notes app has a different interface (shown below). You are prompted to upgrade the Notes app as soon as you open it for the first time on a Mac with OS X and later, or iPhone with iOS 9 and later.

Upgrade Notes on iPhone
Click on Upgrade Notes

Once you update it on any of the platforms, the change is reflected on other platforms. After the upgrade finishes, continue with the following procedure.

Step 3: You can share the notes which you want to access on your Android device via Email or link to your Gmail account.

Share iCloud Notes icloud on android
Access notes via email and copy link

You need to share each note individually. In this way, you can share and access the notes which are important from iCloud on Android device.

How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android?

The iCloud account contacts can be transferred to Android using two ways. One way is to import the contacts from iCloud to Gmail directly, this is possible if you have saved your contacts in Sim and wish to move them.

Another way is to import and export vCard. The second way can be applied if all your contacts are saved in the iCloud account. It will thus be easier to access the contacts on iCloud on Android devices.

Method 1: Transfer the contacts saved in Sim to Gmail account

Step 1: Open Settings on the iPhone and click on Contacts.

Step 2: Click on Import SIM Contacts

Import Sim Contacts icloud contacts to android
Click on Import SIM Contacts

Step 3: Select Gmail when asked where you wish to move the sim contacts.

Move contacts from sim to gmail
Move your sim contacts to Gmail

Well, this is possible if you have already added a Gmail account to your iPhone.

The process of adding a Gmail account to your iPhone is mentioned in step 1 of how to access the mail in iCloud on Android devices.

Method 2: Transfer the contacts saved on iCloud account to Gmail

Step 1: Open your iCloud account on the browser via the official site and click on Contacts.

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon and click on “Select All”. You can uncheck the contacts you don’t need. Once all contacts are selected, click on Export vCard.

Export vcard icloud
Select Export vCard

A file will be downloaded with the vcf (vCard file) extension. Save this at an accessible location, such that you can import the file later.

Step 3: Click on Google apps menu and select Contacts. From the left panel, click on Import.

Import contacts to google
Click on Import

Step 4: Click on the Select file and select the downloaded vCard file. Click on Import to import the contacts.

Select vCard file
Import the contact

You will now see all the contacts on your browser as well as your Android device.

If you wish only to move the contacts saved on your Sim to the Gmail account, then go with Method 1. If you want the contacts saved on iCloud to Android, then go with Method 2

How to Access iCloud Photos on Android?

There are many ways to access the photos saved in iCloud on Android device. You can either use third-party apps or Google Photos to access iCloud photos from Android.

Method 1: Use Google Photos

Download Google Photos on your iPhone and sync all the videos and photos on that app. Once you are done with syncing photos, download Google Photos on your Android app and access all the photos.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Software like AnyTrans

AnyTrans allows you to transfer all your iPhone’s data to Android. It has a feature called phone switcher, which makes the data transfer between the mobile phones very easy.

Many of our teammates use and recommend AnyTrans for different purposes. You can check out the detailed AnyTrans Review and make a choice.

How to Sync the Reminder on your iCloud to Android?

The Reminder app on your iPhone lets you add tasks. You can see and control all the incomplete tasks from your Reminder app from the iPhone on your Android phone using SmoothSync for the iCloud Android app.

Follow the steps mentioned below to have your iPhone reminder on your Android device.

Step 1: Download SmoothSync for iCloud

Step 2: Login into SmoothSync for iCloud using your iCloud credentials

Step 3: After the login, click on the added iCloud account

Smooth Sync for iCloud account settings iCloud for Android
Click on the added account

Step 4: Click on the 3 dots and then on Sync now option.

Sync the Reminders
Click on Sync now

Step 5: Open the Reminder app on your Android downloaded with the SmoothSync app and check if you can see all the tasks from iPhone to Android.

The image below shows the task on the iPhone.

Reminder on iPhone
Tasks on the iPhone

The same task is reflected in the new Reminder app in the Android device.

Synced Reminder on Android
Same tasks in the Reminder app

Now, you have synced reminders from iCloud on Android.


You can easily access emails, photos, calendar, notes, and reminders saved on the iCloud account from your Android using the straightforward steps mentioned above. In other words, you have customized the iCloud on Android devices in an easy way.

The transfer and sync of reminders and photos are possible only via third-party software. While the remaining transfers can be done easily with some change in settings and your own Gmail account.

(Article updated on 29th December 2020)