As our lifestyle is sedentary, staying fit and healthy has become a prerequisite. Maintaining a well-balanced diet isn’t easy, and we tend to go overboard with our calorie consumption. Imagine having someone count it for you and what better than the best calorie counter app options to keep a check on the number of calories you intake every day.

With the advent of technology, almost everything is available at the comfort of our smartphones. So, irrespective of whether you are health conscious or not, whether you want to tone or body or keep track of your drinking water, let us make good use of the best recipe app along with calorie counting apps and take the first step towards being physically fit.

20 Best Calorie Counter App Options To Maintain, Gain or Lose Weight

Not everybody needs to count calories to lose weight; some need to track to maintain it and some want to gain weight too! These offer users much flexibility so that they can set a goal depending on what they want to achieve.

We’ve listed the best calorie tracker apps that can be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices. There are various handy tips and detailed charts that will help plan your day. What more? Some of them also reward you for keeping you well-motivated. Are you ready to cut the chase?

1. MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal boasts of over 10 million downloads and is the best calorie counter app. It has a database of more than 6 million food options that is sure to convert you into a healthy-eating person in no time. They have a recipe calculator that takes into account the number of calories you consume in one single meal. This helps you in ascertaining the nutritional value home-cooked food provides.

MyFitnessPal also has a fitness tracker that offers you 350 exercises that can be done by both beginners and expert trainers. It includes strength training and cardio, so no more excuses as to why you do not wish to stretch your limbs.

What more? The calorie counting app can be synced across more than 50 services and apps.

Download MyFitnessPal on Android | iOS

2.  Cronometer


Cronometer requires you to sign in and fill in details like your gender, height, weight, and age. Next, you can list the names of the food items you consume on a daily basis to check how many calories they account for. You can also add any physical activity that is a part of your everyday routine.

The collected data helps the best calorie counter app to keep track of the net calories consumed, and the amount of weight put on or lost. Once the statistics are handy, Cronometer suggests the maximum number of calories you can take in a day to reach your predetermined goal.

Users can also check out information about the macros they are consuming in a detailed sheet. The best calorie tracker sets individual targets depending on your habits. Once you have used the Chronometer for a few days, you can get your hands on freshly made calorie charts and nutritional reports.

Download Cronometer on Android | iOS

3. Fooducate


Fooducate is slightly different from the regular calorie counting apps. It is primarily used for keeping your weight loss/gain and diet in check. It includes features such as tracking your day’s physical activities and counting the number of calories consumed.

What sets apart the best calorie counter app is that it analyses the value of the calories you take in. Fooducate helps you in consuming better calories and observes your eating patterns for a few days. Then, it comes up with recommendations suggesting you eat a particular food item and opt for a healthier diet so that you shed weight and reach your desired goal.

The app has a food database of more than 250,000 items. It tracks your macros and nutrients and prepares a personalized chart for you. They claim that all the suggestions and theories they use are backed by science.

Download Fooducate on Android | iOS

4. Lose It

lose it

Lose It is extremely popular, and the best calorie counter app for anyone wanting to keep a check on their diet and weight. It suggests diet plans as per your needs so that you reach your desired weight goal soon.

Lose It also has a massive food database. It motivates you to stick to your diet plans and recommends healthy alternatives to satisfy your cravings. The app does everything a calorie counting app should do, and even beyond.

There are also exercises that keep you physically fit. So, irrespective of whether you are on a vegan or keto diet, Lose It keeps a watch on your calorie, macro, and carb intake and helps you in sticking to your regime.

Download Lose It on Android | iOS

5. Nutritionix


Nutritionix has a very direct calorie tracking method and also boasts of transparency while giving users nutritional information. There is a database created by registered dietitians. Users can log any food item by simply speaking into the app. Many health professionals see Nutritionix as a very rich resource.

The most exquisite feature of the best calorie tracker app is that it combines the calories present in the food items cooked at restaurants and packaged food with freshly prepared dishes at home. This helps users in ascertaining the calorie intake even while they are having mixed meals, for example, leftovers from restaurant food and home-cooked stuff.

Download Nutritionix on Android | iOS

6. MyNetDiary

my net diary

One of the nest nutrition and diet control apps, MyNetDairy, is backed with science. It keeps a count of the calories you consumed in a single day and is also an excellent fitness tracker.

The database includes more than 600,000 foods. Definitely the best calorie counter app, as it additionally tracks cholesterol, heart rate, and blood glucose. MyNetDiary gives users cross-platform support, and they can link the app to various other devices.

It makes available easy recipes that can be tried with basic home ingredients. The app also keeps a tab of the number of steps you take in a day. What more? Fill in your body and age details and the desired weight goal and let the app sway you towards achieving it.

Download MyNetDiary on Android | iOS

7. FatSecret

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If you are looking for an easy to use and basic app to keep track of your calories, you must get your hands on FatSecret. They have a dietary diary that enables users to keep recording what they eat and the number of calories they burn.

FatSecret is the best calorie counter app as it includes a diet calendar and weight tracker. It also has a barcode scanner. The app consists of a reference guide that is a blessing for all the users. The guide enables you to find nearby restaurants and food items to check the nutritional value it offers.

FatSecret has plenty of recipe ideas and a widget. As the best free calorie counter app, it allows you to sign in using your Google and Facebook accounts. Connecting the world through the largest food community ever, the app aims to make a positive change in everyone’s lives.

Download FatSecret on Android | iOS

8. Carb Manager

carb manager

Are you in a keto diet and want to keep your calorie intake under control? Get your hands on Carb Manager. Tracking the carbohydrates and nutrients you consume is crucial when you are following a strict keto regime. Carb Manager is the best calorie counter app that enables you to keep a check on the number of nutrients and calories you take every day.

The app makes it very easy for users to maintain their diet plans. It has 3 calculators – a nutrient calculator that tracks proteins and fats, a keto calculator that tracks carbs, and a calorie calculator that gives the total number of calories you consume at the end of each day.

What more? Carb Manager also gives you various keto-friendly recipes.

Download Carb Manager on Android | iOS

9. Lifesum


Lifesum is quite popular, boasts of millions of downloads, and is the best calorie tracking app. You can count the number of calories you consume with the help of a barcode scanner. The app includes recipes for healthy alternatives to satisfy your junk food cravings.

Lifesum offers features like macro tracking and progress tracking. It gives you interesting health tips based on world statistics and shares meal plans with you. The app supports keto and low carb diets, as well. So, you can refer to the app for meeting your targets.

Want to start a sugar-free diet? No worries. Install Lifesum on your Android and iOS devices, and you are good to go.

Download Lifesum on Android | iOS

10. SparkPeople Calorie Counter

spark people calorie counter

If you are looking for a personal diet coach, download SparkPeople Calorie Counter, and you will be sorted. Well, it also acts as your lifestyle coach, which gives us another reason to declare it as the best calorie counter app.

You can keep a thorough check on your diet and count the number of calories consumed in a day. The app has a food database of more than half a million items, and they keep adding new stuff regularly. The barcode scanner enables you to check the nutritional value a food product offers even while you are at the grocery store.

SparkPeople Calorie Counter comes with cross-platform support. It has an excellent collection of informational articles on health and lifestyle. You also get your hands on a basic fitness tracker.

Download SparkPeople Calorie Counter on Android | iOS

11. ControlMyWeight

control my weight

ControlMyWeight is the best calorie counter app for iOS users. You do not come across such useful, convenient, and easy to use apps for free. It includes some unique features that enable users to keep an eye on the daily calorie intake and helps them in losing weight.

You enter basic details like your age, weight, height, gender while registering. Next, the BMI calculator gives an ideal weight range that should be your target. The number that is recommended is good for you to aim to ensure a healthy and physically fit body.

You can also clock in your exercise data for gauging your everyday routine and activities. This enables you to track weight for weight loss. They boast of a huge food database collection, as well. Logging in your calories is extremely easy; you just need to hit a button and enter your food intake.

What more? You also get a barcode scanner.

Download ControlMyWeight on iOS

12. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker is a comparatively new nutrition and diet app. It includes basic features like logging your daily meals and keeping track of your calories. In addition, the app has a very interesting fitness section. Here you can plan your exercises and keep a check on the amount of water you drink every day. Wonderful, isn’t it?

What we absolutely love about MyPlate is that it consists of all the essential features that are present in a good calorie counting app, but does not have any additional stuff that gets in the way of the primary need. It comes with cross-platform support and a barcode scanner.

Download MyPlate Calorie Tracker on Android | iOS

13. Simple Diet Diary

simple diet diary

If you are looking for an app that is hassle-free and does not require you to create an account for registering, you must avail of Simple Net Diary. You can simply start using the calorie counting app directly after installing it.

Simple Net Diary makes it to the list of best calorie counter app as you can enter the name of the food item you are eating, and the app will display the calorie count and nutrient value it consists of. You can set your calorie target and check the number of total calories consumed at the end of each day.

It also takes your data and prepares easy to understand graphs. The app is ideal for the elderly who are looking for a basic app to keep track of their calorie intake.

Download Simple Diet Diary on Android

14. Yazio


You can start using the app by choosing your target weight. Once you’ve entered your goal, the app asks for details like age, weight, height, and gender. It then calculates the maximum number of calories you can consume in a day, thereby setting your calorie goal. You can, of course, change it if you so wish. Yazio is designed to help you track your calories and thus is the best calorie counter app.

Once the setup is complete, you are redirected to your diary. Similar to the other apps we’ve listed, you enter your daily food intake and details about the physical activities and exercises you do every day. Entering this information updates the recommendations of the app concerning the number of calories you can consume, and the nutrient value your food should offer.

What more? Click on the ‘analysis’ tab, and you will see a graphical representation of your daily statistics.

Download Yazio on Android | iOS

15. Joy Health Tracker

joy health tracker best calorie counter app

Although Joy Health Tracker is not as popular as its competitors, it can still give them a run for their money. You first fill in details like your age, weight, height, and gender. Once through, you can start using Joy Health Tracker.

It is the best calorie counter app as it does not give you a target goal, unlike the others we have on this list. You need to enter your goal manually. You can do this by clicking on ‘target.’ What we love the most about this app is that users can have different targets every day and enter them individually under the ‘templates’ section.

There is also a ‘reports’ tab that enables you to check how you’ve fared in a given day.

Download Joy Health Tracker on Android | iOS

16. HealthifyMe

healtifyme best calorie counter app

Whether you want to shed some pounds or be physically fit, HealthifyMe is a smart pick. What makes it the best calorie tracker app is that HealthifyMe simplifies two important things – tracking the eating habits of users and planning their meals. So, depending on your goal, you can decide upon your food intake and track your calorie count.

The app comes up with expert tips that help you in ascertaining areas that require more dedication and attention. These tips also ensure that you stay focused and do not sway from your goals.

HealthifyMe includes a weight loss tracker and sleep tracker. It consists of no-equipment workout videos for both genders, that can be easily done at home. There is an account of your health data, a nutrition calendar, and an immunity checker as well.

Download HealthifyMe on Android | iOS

17. My Diet Coach

my diet coach best calorie counter app

Are you looking for a diet coach? Well, what can be better than downloading this app and having a personal coach guiding you through your weight loss journey and imparting useful insight on health and fitness?

The most unique feature of this best calorie counter app is that it allows users to create a custom plan that suits them. This depends on how many pounds they wish to shed and how fast. Great, isn’t it? Once the plan is ready, My Diet Coach helps you in sticking to it.

The app keeps your spirits and adrenaline levels high by giving you interesting tips and inspiring quotes. They also have a ‘panic button.’ It sees to it that you satisfy your junk food cravings without causing much damage.

What more? There are many rewards that you can get your hands on.

Download My Diet Coach on iOS

18. Calorie Counter +

calorie counter best calorie counter app

Calorie Counter + pledges to give users a simplified experience. It is the best calorie counting app as it offers a vast food database that makes it extremely convenient for users to log their food items.

You can set your daily targets, for example, the amount of water, vegetables, and fruits you would like to consume in a day. This will help you stick to your fitness goals. You also get a barcode scanner.

Calorie Counter + has some fantastic pre-set nutrient guides. These give you valuable information about what nutrients are essential for your body and which foods offer them.

The app also has more than 1,000 physical activities that help you in shedding those extra pounds and keeping you in shape.

Download Calorie Counter + on iOS

19. Noom

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Noom is very different from all the apps we’ve listed so far. It motivates people by giving them tips and tricks for healthy living and eating right. It, of course, comes with calorie tracking abilities.

The app aims to make a lasting change instead of quick fixes. It wants you to develop healthy food and fitness habits so that there are fewer chances of a chronic disease or illness, you must check it.

Noom gives you an exercise log to keep a tab of your daily physical activities. It also has an in-built pedometer. There is a food diary for you to fill in your daily consumption. There is a barcode scanner, and you can custom-create your foods.

The most striking feature of Noom that makes it the best calorie counter app is that it has color-coded food items. Every food product is labeled either green, yellow, or red, depending on whether they are high or low in calories.

Download Noom on Android | iOS

20. Argus Calorie Counter

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Argus Calorie Counter includes all the essentials you would find in a good calorie tracking app. It tracks your daily calorie intake and prepares health charts based on the inputs you provide. The app ensures that your heart rate is in check, and the pedometer counts the number of steps you walk in a day. It also has a sleep tracker and a multi-activity GPS along with a barcode scanner. Argus Calorie Counter enables you to customize your workouts daily, depending on which part of the body do you wish to flex on a given day.

Argus is definitely the best calorie counter app as it uniquely displays your calorie data. It uses colorful honeycomb-shaped tiles to reflect your caffeine and water intake and the number of calories consumed and burned. You can join their community, which consists of health enthusiasts like you and participate in exciting challenges.

Download Argus Calorie Counter on Android | iOS

Final Thoughts

Of the many things that you can do with your smartphone, keeping track of the calories and nutrients your body takes in every day, is a matter of utmost importance for health enthusiasts. The list above consists of the best calorie counter app picks. These also keep your heart rate in check, ask you to consume optimum amounts of water daily, and record your caffeine intake. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Some of these apps offer health tips that keep you motivated, while others enable you to communicate with others on the same journey as you. There are also various options for you to indulge in your daily dose of physical activities and exercises to ensure you are fit and eating right.

(Article Updated on 8th January 2021)