Since 2008 the Android OS has undergone various developments. However, with the increasing number of music streaming apps and live podcasts, Android is yet to develop an effective solution for the overall sound enhancement of smartphones. So, users start looking for the best equalizer app for Android that suits their needs.

One could use the sound equalizer for Windows 10 to improve the audio quality on your PC. For smartphones, there is a slew of music equalizers on the Play Store, meaning the users have more than enough options.

Best Equalizer App On Android For Perfect Sound Quality

An audio equalizer will boost your smartphone volume, offer multiple presets for various song genres, and improve bass performance. On that note, let’s check the best equalizer app options for Android available on the Play Store and improve the audio quality.

1. Music Volume EQ

music volume eq best equalizer app

As avid music listeners, we all love having an excellent sound quality that adds to the experience of listening to songs. Music Volume EQ is the best equalizer app made with the same purpose in mind. You can open it to increase the volume and frequency of songs. Music Volume EQ comes with several presets, and if you don’t like them, you can make your own presets as well.

The application has two themes: Classic and Material. One striking feature about Music Volume EQ is that it works exceptionally well for loudspeakers as well. If you wish to ensure good quality audio, this Android equalizer is probably the best bet you can get.

Download Music Volume EQ

2. Equalizer

equalizer sound equalizer

It might have a simple name, but Equalizer does almost everything you want an audio booster to do for you. First and foremost, it lets you adjust your phone’s sound and provides a home screen widget for doing so.

Equalizer has 11 presets which are designed according to different music genres. Hence, you can expect to get the best out of every song while using this Android equalizer.

The 5-band level equalizer controller helps users create their own presets as and when necessary. Additionally, the Equalizer app also has a bass booster, and reverb presets for support.

Download Equalizer

3. SpotiQ – Best Equalizer App

spotiq best equalizer for android

If you are a Spotify user, SpotiQ is the perfect solution to enhancing your smartphone’s audio quality while listening to songs. It is probably the best equalizer app you can come across if you wish to enhance the sound quality of songs available on Spotify.

Users have to download the app and sync it with Spotify first before they can start using it. The Sound Equalizer and Bass Booster are the standout features of this equalizer for Android.

The app has hassle-free preset music app controls, and tons of music presets for your most listened songs. It detects the Spotify song automatically and uses the befitting preset for the same.

Download SpotiQ

4. Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster

equalizer pro and bass booster best equalizer app

If you search for the best equalizer app with some cool looks, Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster fit that bill easily. It comes with a powerful equalizer and a home screen widget that can also provide 3D Visualizer Effects.

Users can control the media volume using this sound equalizer for Android. The five-band frequency set allows you to create various presets as per your requirements.

You can use the Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster with any music player. Isn’t that the very audio booster you were searching for?

Download Equalizer Pro and Bass Booster

5. Music Player – 10 Band Audio Equalizer

music playeraudio equalizer

The first 10 band equalizer for Android on this list, the Music Player audio booster, offers better control and detail over your smartphone’s sound quality. It has a stylish design, light structure, a volume booster that can also enhance the loudspeaker audio.

Music Player provides seamless management of your music files. This audio player supports MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, RAW, AAC files, and other sound formats.

There are 12 types of sound presets and 6 Reverb presets in this sound equalizer. Added to that, you can also make and cut ringtones using this tool. All in all, it’s the best equalizer app and sound booster to go for if you wish to enhance the audio quality of your smartphone.

Download Music Player – 10 Band Audio Equalizer

6. Equalizer Music Player and Video Player

eq music player and video player best equalizer app

The first app of its kind on this list, this tool is also a video apart from being a traditional audio player for Android. The best sound equalizer app on this list in terms of design, the Equalizer Music Player and Video Player delivers every feature for enhancing audio that you could imagine.

This tool also offers 3d Visualizer effects along with multiple presets. Users can edit them and save their own presets as well. To sum it up, it’s not just an equalizer but also a music player that aims to deliver high-quality sound.

Equalizer Music Player and Video Player also supports all popular formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAV, AAV, and APE.

Download Equalizer Music Player and Video Player

7. VAVA EQ Music Bass Boost

VAVa EQ Music Bass Boost is a powerful amplifier with a five-band frequency equalizer that allows users to enjoy their music with the best audio quality. There are plenty of themes and skins to enhance the visual look of the application.

VAVA EQ is the best sound equalizer for Android when it comes to providing Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. In all, there are 20 music presets catering to various genres. The music stereo LED VU meter allows users to enjoy the vision and sound of mp3 music simultaneously.

The visual spectrum of the app changes as per the audio rhythm. Thanks to the professional audio decoding technology, the bass enhancer, and virtualizer will improve the sound quality to enjoy the best music.

Download VAVA EQ Music Bass Boost

8. Music Vol Equalizer

music vol equalizer android equalizer

If you are searching for a professional audio enhancer tool, Music Vol Equalizer can cater to your needs exceptionally well. It increases the volume of your phone with a single touch.

Music Vol Equalizer comes with an in-built music player and a five-band frequency preset. There are nine in-built presets for songs of various genres that can be altered and saved as per your wish, making it the best equalizer app. This music player and equalizer also offers bass and volume boost effects.

Download Music Vol Equalizer

9. Bass Booster and Music Equalizer

bass booster best equalizer app

Another 10-band equalizer for Android, Bass Booster and Music Equalizer will make sure you have the best time while listening to your favorite songs with the best quality you could ask for.

The tool can work for all the music players on your phone. Moreover, it has 12 Equalizer Presets that allows you to alter the audio quality for several genres and save your custom presets.

There’s also an in-built music player and a media volume booster to enhance the sound quality. All in all, it’s the best sound equalizer you could ask for with a low storage space requirement.

Download Bass Booster and Music Equalizer

10. Subwoofer Bass

subwoofer bass sound equalizer for android

For users who specifically want to improve the bass quality of their smartphones, Subwoofer Bass is the best sound equalizer to go for. Using this application will give you a more transparent and punchy bass sound.

Subwoofer Bass also supports platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and all the music players on your smartphone. It has a calm and comfortable user-friendly interface, so you need not worry about lagging or facing hurdles in learning the app.

Just make sure there’s no other sound equalizer for Android running in the background, as it can stop Subwoofer Bass from operating well.

Download Subwoofer Bass

11. Bass Booster – Equalizer

bass booster

Bass Booster – Equalizer is yet another 10-band equalizer that will leave you impressed with its notable functionalities. This music equalizer improves the bass effect so that you have a better time listening to your songs.

The Bass Booster – Equalizer has 10 preset equalizations for various genres; you can choose to edit and save them as per your requirements. Next, you can also enjoy the surround sound effect using this audio equalizer.

The Bass Booster – Equalizer allows users to edit the sound preferences by sending out notifications. Users can alter their preset settings through the notification bars itself. This best equalizer app also has 16 themes so that users can also select a look they like.

Download Bass Booster – Equalizer

12. Flat Equalizer

flat music bass booster

Flat Music Equalizer has some decent looks; it is the best sound equalizer to go with if you are looking to boost your Android smartphones’ volume. To start with, it has a flat UI that follows Google’s Material Design. The Flat Music Equalizer has Dark and Light themes, so users will always have good options for deciding the looks.

There are a bunch of presets suitable for various music genres along with the Bass Boost effect. This Android equalizer has five frequency bands and offers the Loudness Enhancer effect to boost your phone’s sound.

Download Flat Music Equalizer

13. Headphones Equalizer – Music and Bass Enhancer

headphones equalizer best app

If you are looking out for a great equalizer to improve and deliver top-notch listening experience, the Headphones Equalizer could be your best bet. The music equalizer is specially designed for headphones; it won’t be the right choice if you are using it for loudspeakers.

Users can choose to calibrate them with the automatic procedure. You can use the bass boost and the correction attenuation to improve your sound experience. The Headphones Equalizer also offers a unique feature in Autogenre; using this feature, you can retrieve the current song genre and change your equalizer as per your wish.

Download Headphones Equalizer – Music and Bass Enhancer

14. Boom – Best Equalizer App


If you want to have a premium feel with your bass system, Boom won’t disappoint you. It is the best equalizer app in terms of delivering an uber experience for listening to music.

Users can use Boom with Spotify, TIDAL, Radio, or their device songs for improved quality. Use handcrafted equalizer presets as given in the app or customizes one as per your requirements.

The best thing is, Boom allows you to create your own presets using an 8-band or a 16-band equalizer, meaning you can have better control over the customization.

Download Boom Music Player and Surround Sound Equalizer

15. Equalizer for Bluetooth Headset

bluetooth headset best equalizer app

Equalizer for Bluetooth Headset will give away the very reason it is used for, once you read its name. Designed especially for Bluetooth headsets, this is a free audio enhancer for Android that will improve your listening experience.

You can easily control the media volume through this application and use the bass booster for sound enhancement. Further, this music equalizer also has Digital Audio Surround Sound DTS and a great Visualizer.

Download Equalizer for Bluetooth Headset

16. Equalizer, Bass Booster & Volume Booster – EQ

bass booster and volume eq

Suppose you want the best equalizer app that does all the work for you, no need to look further than this one. Equalizer, Bass Booster & Volume Booster – EQ mentions all the services it provides in its name itself.

Users get a five-band equalizer to adjust sound levels and a bunch of presets designed for various genres. Thanks to the professional audio decoder, the bass booster enhances sound quality and lets users savor the best music.

You can also watch the sound spectrum after tuning in to your favorite songs. All the sound spectrums change as per the audio rhythm.

Download Equalizer, Bass Booster & Volume Booster – EQ

17. Max Volume Booster

max volume booster

The Max Volume Booster is a great sound equalizer given the fact that it can amplify your device to a high level. It claims to increase the volume of your smartphone by 200%. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a game or listening to music, this equalizer will make sure your sound is louder than usual.

Users can also boost the volumes for their ringtones, alarm tones, and notifications. The Max Volume Booster works best with headphones without reducing the sound quality. With a five-band frequency controller, you can adjust the levels and create your own presets as required.

Download Max Volume Booster

18. Equalizer Music Bass Booster

music bass booster

Equalizer Music Bass Booster claims to be the most professional music paradise you will ever come across for enjoying quality music. This android equalizer improves the sound quality by tweaking your bass and visualizer effects.

The Equalizer Music Bass Booster has 10 audio presets designed for different music genres, and a volume booster with music stereo LED VU meter. You can also watch the incredible sound spectrum while you listen to your favorite songs.

To enjoy the Equalizer Music Bass Booster at its best, make sure you plug in your headphones for an immersive experience.

Download Equalizer Music Bass Booster

19. Bass Booster Sound EQ

bass boost music

Another great Android equalizer specially designed to improve the bass quality of your smartphone. Bass Booster Sound EQ works the best when your phone is in the loudspeaker mode.

You can customize your music listening experience, even more, thanks to two additional sound effects – a virtualizer to give you a live audio concert feeling and an equalizer for adjusting bass and trebles.

Users can also change the skin color of the app according to their wishes. If you are searching for a solution to improve your bass quality, Bass Booster EQ is the best equalizer app to go with.

Download Bass Booster Sound EQ

20. Equalizer FX

equalizer fx best sound equalizer

You can enhance the audio quality using the Equalizer FX. It is the best equalizer app for improving the sound while listening to music.

Equalizer FX offers services like Bass Booster, Loudness Enhancer, and Virtualization, like many of its competitors. There are 12 presets in this music equalizer app designed for several genres of music.

What’s more, Equalizer FX also comes with a home screen widget that makes it easy for you to access the application. The app’s configuration is flexible, and it can automatically turn on and off when you start and stop listening to music.

Download Equalizer FX

21. Equalizer and Bass Booster

Professional Bass Booster

You can get the best quality sound out of your smartphone by using this five-band sound music equalizer. You can control the media volume, bass booster, and visualizer by using this audio enhancer for Android.

Equalizer and Bass Booster also has custom UI themes and offer the 3D Surround Sound effect. There are 22 presets for various genres, so you have no shortage of choosing the best preset that fits the music you love to listen to. Users can also make their customized presets and save them for use.

Additionally, it also works with streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

Download Equalizer and Bass Booster – Music Volume EQ

22. Equalizer Music Player Booster

Music Player Booster

The Equalizer Music Player Booster is a 3-in-1 app that has an MP3 player, a bass booster, and an audio equalizer to help people improve the sound quality of their smartphones.

Also known as Equalizer+, this audio enhancer for Android will help you achieve smooth transitions between your tracks with a 7-band sound equalizer. There are 10 professional presets for various music genres; you can also create your custom presets and save them.

Moving forward, Equalizer+ also improves the bass quality and offers visualization with 5 impressive sound effects. The DJ Mode of the music equalizer app will take care of the transitions.

Download Equalizer Music Player Booster

23. Equalizer – Bass Boost

Bass Boost

Equalizer – Bass Boost is the best equalizer app in terms of design and look. Users can optimize their smartphones’ sound according to the music they are listening to by using this application.

Equalizer – Bass Boost allows users to adjust the bass and treble levels and create custom presets. You can also have presets explicitly designed for headphones and speakers by using this app. The Equalizer – Bass Boost has five bands for adjusting the sound levels, 10 pre-defined presets, and many other features that will make you fall in love with this Android equalizer.

Download Equalizer – Bass Boost

Final Thoughts on The Best Equalizer App

Music equalizer is an application designed to enhance the audio performance of Android smartphones. The best equalizer app aims at boosting the volume and bass and provides several presets to improve the sound quality of songs from different genres.

Suppose you wish to have a music equalizer that fits well with various music streaming apps. There are a bunch of Android equalizers that cater to different needs. The likes of Subwoofer Bass and Bass Booster – Equalizer are the best options to go for if you are looking to upgrade your smartphone’s bass quality. Music Volume EQ is good for boosting the sound. Boom and SpotiQ are good alternatives too. Thus, the choice of the application depends upon the user’s needs and requirements.