Google Docs is a data storage tool that can be used for personal as well as professional purposes. Users can create different types of documents to suit their needs. When you make a new Google Docs document, you are the default owner of the file. However, at times, you may need to learn how to transfer ownership of a Google Doc for several reasons.

As an owner, you can choose to share the file with multiple users and assign them a particular role. The transfer of ownership of Google Docs files is a feature available for all the Google products; you can decide to hand over the control of a document to any other person as per your preferences.

How To Transfer Ownership Of A Google Doc Within No Time

Users can track changes in Google docs and share files with their colleagues. But to make them the new owners of that document, it is mandatory for both parties to have a Google email address. You can transfer the ownership of a folder or a file in all the Google products. On that note, let’s learn how to change ownership of a Google Doc with a few simple clicks.

How To Transfer Ownership In Google Doc

Before you learn how to transfer ownership of a Google doc to someone else, be it, Sheets, Slides, or any other document, the ownership has to be shared. You need to share the document with him first and make him a collaborator before you change Google doc ownership.

Log into your Google account and then go to Google Drive.

Note: You can also use the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides homepage to share and transfer files ownership. Here, we will do it through Google Drive in our Google account.

Select the document and right-click on it. From the drop-down menu, select the Share option.

right click and select share for how to transfer ownership of a google doc
Right-click on the file and select Share

Next, you will see a dialog box where you have to enter the email address of the person you wish to share the document with. After entering the Gmail account ID, click the Share button.

Select the email address and click on Send
Select the email address and click on Send

Now that you have made the person a collaborator of the document, it’s time to transfer the file ownership.

As we did before, right-click on the document and click Share option. In the dialog box, you will see all the collaborators of that document.

Click on the downward arrow in front of the collaborator and choose the ‘Is Owner’ options.

After that, click Done to save changes.

click on make owner for how to transfer ownership of a google doc
Click on Make Owner and change owner of Google Doc

You have successfully changed Google Docs files’ ownership and passed it to someone else who is a collaborator. The transfer of ownership means you can edit the file only until the new owner decides to change it. Added to that, you will be deprived of many other rights to the document. That’s all about how to transfer ownership of a Google Doc.

Things To Consider Before Changing The Ownership

Being the original owner of a Google Docs document does come with certain perks. But, if you want to know how to transfer ownership of a Google doc or files to someone else, you will also need to say goodbye to the decision-making powers you hold regarding that document. Hence, it is prudent to give this action a thought before you go forward with it.

To begin with, the first issue is that you cannot remove the collaborators with whom the document has been shared. Now, you cannot share the document with any number of people as you did when you were the owner. You will also be restricted from sharing the visibility options of the collaborators in a document.

Additionally, you also lose the permission to delete that document permanently from Google Drive. Collaborators of a document can also grant access privileges if you allow them to. However, you will lose that authority when you decide to transfer ownership of a Google Doc.

Note: Users having simple Google accounts cannot share or transfer ownership of a Google Doc to a person who has a G Suite account. Hence, if you cannot transfer ownership, make sure you check the Google account types before moving on with the transfer process.


Google Docs is one of the most widely preferred tools for storing and organizing data and creating a variety of documents, irrespective of the purposes for which they are created. Users can add several collaborators on a document and can work simultaneously.

Transferring the ownership of files to someone else is an important feature that allows an original user to give up the authority over a document to another collaborator. Before you learn how to transfer ownership of a Google Doc, you need to know how to add collaborators to a document. The steps are shown for sharing Google Docs and transferring ownership can be used with any of the Google products. The reasons for changing ownership can never be the same. The transfer of ownership is a choice of personal preference for all users.