Smartphones are an indispensable part of our daily lives and are used in almost every sphere we can possibly think of. However, the glassy screen means mobile is vulnerable to breakage if it slips and falls out of our hands. In such cases, one must have the best tempered glass screen protector to avoid this breakage.

While it hardly affects the touch, a tempered glass protector makes sure that your mobile phone is protected from breakage.

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your Smartphone

A tempered glass protector is a safety glass designed to add a layer of protection to your mobile phone’s touchscreen. Apart from adding a protective layer, it is scratch and damage-resistant. The best screen protector also provides a heat-resistance capacity of up to 470 Fahrenheit.

Additionally, they are also available in patterns and designs to suit your needs. Let’s look at some of the best glass screen protectors available for some Apple and Samsung devices.

1. iPhone 6/6S Screen Protector

je tech iPhone 6/6S Screen Protector

The JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made with 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass and rounded edges. It is extremely studier, and resists scratches up to 9H.

You don’t need to worry about response and transparency! It is the best screen protector that is easy to install and fingerprint-free. Since iPhone 6 and 6s have round edges, it may not cover 100%. It is designed for iPhone 6s(2015 model) and iPhone 6(2014 model).

Pricing: $5.97

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, 4.7-Inch, Tempered...
High-response and high transparency; Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation, bubble free

2. Mr. Shield For iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector

mr shield glass

With Mr. Shield iPhone Glass Screen protector, you don’t need to worry about scratches hereafter. It comes with a fine laser-cut tempered glass that has polished and rounded edges. Due to having rounded edges, the protector may not fit 100% on your phone, but the maximum flat space will be covered.

The installation is easy, and the protector has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. The clarity is quite impressive, and the touchscreen accuracy is confirmed. The Screen Protector kit includes an instruction manual, a cleaning cloth, a dust removal protector, and removing tapes.

Pricing: $5.95

Mr.Shield [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector For iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S /...
Include 3 PCS Tempered Glass Screen Protector compatible with iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S; Protected by Mr.Shield No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement

3. amFilm Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone 8

am film

amFilm is one of the best screen protector brands specially designed for iPhone 8, 7, 6S, and 6. It guarantees 99.99 % HD clarity and transparency, which gives you natural viewing experience. The thickness is just 0.3mm, which is quite comfortable and reliable to use.

You will face no issues with the touchscreen, as it will not affect your experience while using the phone. The screen protector is highly durable with scratch-resistant and topped with an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints.

The amFilm Glass Protector kit includes two high-quality glass protectors, a Squeeze Card, dust removal stickers, and an easy installation guide. It is not compatible with iPhone SE.

Pricing: $6.99

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6 (4.7 Inch)(2 Pack)...
Specifically designed iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6 Glass Screen Protector

4. JETech iPhone 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

je tech

The JETech Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 is designed with a high-quality 0.33mm thick premium glass with rounded edges. The powerful scratch-resistant screen protector is harder than a knife, and resists scratches up to 9H. The response and transparency are too good; enhance your experience while using the phone. Installation takes no time with just one or two simple steps.

Regarded as the best tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 8, it is bubble-free and helps in dust removal. The reviews this brand has got is quite impressive.

Pricing: $5.17

5. Maxboost Tempered Screen Protector for iPhone 8

maxboost screen protector

Maxboost is the world’s thinnest tempered glass screen protector (0.2mm) for iPhone 8, which guarantees you 100% touch accuracy. It is scratch-proof and equipped with 3D-touch sensing. It gives you lifetime protection that comes with easy installation accompanying an online tutorial.

The Maxboost glass screen protector has high-quality glass shields for the front camera and ALS and proximity sensors. You will have zero interference while taking selfies and proximity sensing. As it is coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic transparent layer, it keeps your phone free from sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

Pricing: $9.99

6. Anker KARAPAX iPhone X Screen Protector

anker screen protector

Anker is one of the most trustworthy screen protector brands in the market. The Anker KARAPAX iPhone X screen protector provides you crystal clear experience that supports 3D touch. It guarantees you the ultimate strength with reinforced glass. It keeps all the irritating scratches and fingerprints away from your screen.

One more exciting thing about this tempered screen protector is that it ensures that glass sticks together even if it is broken, thanks to the shatter-proof membrane. The protector is worth buying as it helps in dust removal and protects your phone from scratches and unwanted fingerprints (due to the oleophobic layer).

Pricing: $9.99

Anker GlassGuard Screen Protector for iPhone X/iPhone Xs/iPhone 5.8 Inch...
Safety First: Shatter-proof membrane ensures glass sticks together even if broken.

7 BIUZKO JMG134 Screen Protector

galaxy s7 screen protector

The BIUZKO JMG134 Glass Screen Protector is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 with 99.9% transparency that gives you natural viewing experience. It resists scratches and has the surface hardness of 9H. The screen has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints.

While using your phone, you will not experience any bubble in between your screen and the protector. The installation is super easy; simply place the protector on the phone with the right dimensions, and it will adjust itself automatically on the phone.

Pricing: $7.90

8. amFilm Screen Protector Glass for Samsung Galaxy S7

amfilm galaxy s7 protector

The amFilm Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 has full screen and edge-to-edge coverage that protects your screen from damage. The screen protector is bubble-free and has an easy installation process. The touchscreen sensitivity guarantees full accuracy and is reliable with ultra-thin 0.33mm thickness.

The amFilm glass screen protector is as hard as a knife with a surface hardness 9H. It lets you protect your phone from any unwanted scratches and other damages. If you are looking for the best tempered glass screen protector, this is the perfect option to go with.

Pricing: $7.99

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S7, Tempered Glass, Dot Matrix, 3D...
Highly durable, and scratch resistant - surface hardness 9H

9. LK Samsung S8 Tempered Glass Protector


The LK Samsung Galaxy S8 Protector comes with an easy installation process; you just have to put the glass screen protector on the phone, and it will get settled nicely. You experience no bubbles while using your phone.

While installing it is important that you press the edges of the protector well so that it does not leave the surface. This glass screen protector provides you edge-to-edge protection against scratches and damage to your screen. What’s more, it also heals scratches and bubbles automatically.

Regarded as one of the best screen protector brands, the LK glass protector guarantees no fingerprints and oil stains, as it offers the Hydrophobic Oleophobic coating technology treatment. The glass screen protector gives you an ease of use and optimal, natural viewing experience. 

Pricing: $9.99

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10. Itspeake Samsung Galaxy S8 Tempered Screen protector

itspeake tempered glass protector

Itspeake Tempered Glass Screen protector is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 using precise laser cutting technology that provides total screen coverage. This is something you need in a perfect glass screen protector as it is flexible and military-grade thermoplastic urethane that enhances your experience while you are deeply involved in making use of your phone.

Like other similar products, it is scratch-free, bubble-free, and the liquid solution allows adjustments during the installation process. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy this fantastic tempered screen protector that guards your screen and never let you feel down with damage and unwanted scratches.

Pricing: $9.99

11. Cabras Galaxy S7 Edge Glass Screen Protector

cabras best tempered glass screen protector

The Cabras Galaxy S7 Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector is a 3D screen guard that is designed curved to fit onto your screen. It ultimately gives edge-to-edge protection against scratches and vulnerability.

Made with 9H tempered glass, it is shatterproof and prevents scratches even from high impact drops. To make it fingerprint-free, the Cabras glass protector comes with an oleophobic Anti-Fingerprint coating that also prevents your screen from oil smudges. You get an authentic touch experience with this glass protector.

Pricing: $9.42

Cabras KKA102712 Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge
Supreme clarity - 99.99% hd clarity and maintains the original touch experience

12. XUZOU Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector

xuozuo galaxy s7 screen protector

The XUZOU Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen protector comes with a 12-month warranty and an easy installation process. With this screen protector, you don’t need to bother about any bubble and viewing experience. It perfectly gets fit on your phone and gives you 99.99% HD clarity with touchscreen accuracy.

Regarded as the best-tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7,  it resists all the scratches and comes with the 9H+ hardness. It has laser-cut dimensions so that it can cover the maximum area of your screen.

Pricing: $9.88

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector,XUZOU Tempered Glass,9H...
99.99% HD Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy,keeps high-sensitivity touch response


When buying a new smartphone, a tempered screen protector is the first essential accessory you are expected to purchase to ensure screen protection. The screen protector offers many advantages, the most crucial being it protects your touch screen from breakage due to impact falls.

Added to that, the best tempered glass screen protector is heat and scratch-resistant. It also makes sure your phone touch screen stays free of oily smudges, thus maintaining a clean and clear look. The choice of buying one depends on the type of phone you use; users do have a choice of selecting the brand they wish to use when it comes to screen protectors.

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