There’s no denying the fact that having a stunning resume goes a long way in making you stand out in the job market. It is also one of the most crucial things which should be taken care of when you appear for a job interview. So, by downloading a photoshop resume template, you can easily make a resume for any occasion or job opportunity.

Adobe Photoshop is a robust picture editing software. It can manipulate images, enhance them, or even completely change them. It is extensively used by web designers, graphic designers, and photographers to create resume design templates.

Best Photoshop Resume Template To Design A Professional CV

Although those who are designing professionally have done your job easy, it is still advisable to have some knowledge of Photoshop basics. This will help you customize your template better because you will be able to create what is needed.

You can start using Photoshop as a free 30-day trial version. This period should be enough for you to be able to create a resume. However, if you need to continue using the services, you can buy the software for $10 per month. Why start with a blank slate when you have most of the work done for you already? Here’s a list of our most favorite Photoshop resume templates.

1. Clean Resume Template

1 clean resume template

Clean Resume Template made it in the first position on our list because of its ultra-crisp design and presentation. The Photoshop resume template contains all the essential space for you to neatly incorporate your experience, educational details, and personal summary.

The design template also contains visual icons that come in handy to showcase your particular skillset and include language skills sections. Since the template can be edited, you can, however, remove these if not required. The template is available for free and comes with an excellent cover letter template.

Download Clean Resume Template

2. Resume by LeafLove

2 free crestive resume templates

One of the most creative resume templates, this design by LeafLove, looks clean and professional. Apart from Adobe Photoshop, it is available for download on Illustrator and Microsoft Word as well.

The simple format has enough space for you to put up a display picture. There’s also room for penning a small introduction in the sidebar. Use this design template to set yourself apart from the others in front of the employer. The resume comes with a cover letter and business card template.

Download Resume by LeafLove

3. FERNS Creative Resume Template

3 creative resume templates

If you’re looking for a creative approach to build out your resume, this Photoshop resume template is one of the best choices. If you want to create a resume for a job application for a designer, photographer, or any other creative field, this one is ideal and works even better.

You can also change the background image that sits as a backdrop of the resume. Bring in your selection of the preferred resume images or add a completely different texture from ‘Elements’ to mix up the look and give a final product a feel.

This creative resume template by FERNS supports both Photoshop and Illustrator and is fully editable. It comes with four pages, including one each for the title and cover letter and two resume pages.

Download FERNS Creative Resume Template

4. Resume 4

4 graphic design resume template

If you want your resume application to highlight your creativity, this awesome template is the second-best choice after the one we listed just before this. The layout of the template resembles the structure of a website but looks impressive once it is printed.

The design’s color scheme is understated to make sure that it doesn’t come across like you’re trying too hard. The PSD resume template comes with the option of getting business cards printed with the same color scheme and design. Are you all game to highlight your creativity?

Download Resume 4

5. InfoGraphic Style Resume Template

5 creative resume template

Do you work in a data-driven field? Is your work related to finance or analytics? Well, in that case, this is the best resume design for you. The template design focuses more on infographics and visualizations than the other sections, which will undoubtedly make your resume stand out.

Use a descriptive picture (like shown above) to highlight your skills and achievements. For example, you can create charts and bar diagrams showing the projects in which you saved costs for your company.

Download InfoGraphic Style Resume Template

6. Malina Resume

6 malina resume photoshop resume template

One of the best free creative resume templates, this design is minimalistic and ultra-clean. It only contains simple and clean lines and typography to ensure that the reader’s interest is solely focussed on the content instead of the design.

The setup and customization of the resume template PSD file are perfect. Of course, you can change the font or the content, but the design in its original form is one of the simplest ways to create a professional resume. The format is compatible with InDesign and Illustrator as well. This Photoshop resume template comes with a cover letter and two resume pages.

Download Malina Resume

7. Basic Resume Template

7 basic resume template

This design follows the traditional rules of making a resume but with a significant difference that it pays a fantastic amount of attention to detail. The icon guides the reader around the resume, which makes it an exciting and different read. You can use an icon of whichever color you want.

The subtle background provided for all the sections increases the readability apart from being very pleasing to the eye. Within the graphic design resume template download file, you’ll come across templates for a portfolio page, business card, and a cover letter.

Download Basic Resume Template

8. Professional Resume Template

8 resume design templates

The entire template is divided into two columns in matching colors. The design might look simple at first but make your resume look different from the others.

Once you know how to use Photoshop, you will be able to shift sections from one place to another. And, how about changing the color scheme to match your style? This creative and professional resume template also includes a template for adding a cover letter.

The major categories include introduction, experience, interest, skills, and education. Therefore, it showcases pretty much all the relevant information required in a compact design.

Download Professional Resume Template

9. Resume Template by Fernando Baez

9 best resume design

When it comes to a stunningly designed resume template and business cards, it cannot get better than this Photoshop resume template created by Fernando Baez. On top of that, it is free to download, which is quite astonishing! The icons that you see on the sample sheet are included within an icon pack, which you’ll get as part of the free download. The same goes for business cards as well.

The only downside of this template design, in our opinion, is that there’s not enough space provided for jotting down the job description and other details in the document. The format is compatible with Adobe Illustrator as well.

Download Resume Template by Fernando Baez

10. Professional Minimal Resume by Alexander Tan

10 alexander tan clean resume template

This graphic design resume template by Alexander Tan is yet another neat and clean looking design which gets out of the way of your credentials. What makes this the best resume design and an excellent choice for any kind of application is that it can be presented in various formats and has enough space for incorporating all the critical parts of a resume.

You can drop in your work experience, references, and other details in this editable sheet, which works with Illustrator and MS Word as well, apart from Photoshop. It also includes a cover letter.

Download Professional Minimal Resume by Alexander Tan

11. Clean Resume by Robert Haselman

11 clean and colrful resume

As the name suggests, the Photoshop resume template has a clean and tidy design with a spot for your picture. The template is a refreshing change from the mundane colorless designs since it features an eye-catching splash of color. You can, of course, adjust the gradient colors as per your choice.

One of the best free creative resume templates, Clean Resume by Robert Haselman, is most suited for creative jobs and professions, rather than a regular office job. You can make fair use of the circular infographics to put in your areas of proficiency and skills and grab the reader’s attention.

Download Clean Resume by Robert Haselman

12. Resume 12

12 beautiful resume templates free

One of the most awesome resume templates, the colorful Photoshop resume template design, will shout out loud in a sea full of black and white resumes. You can drop in all the basics, such as your introduction, education, personal details, and hobbies.

However, they do not include a cover letter, but it can be easily created on your own. How? Just remove all the sheet elements apart from the header and make your cover letter by using the fonts included in the download.

Download Resume 12

13. Swiss Resume Template

13 swiss resume template

One of the best resume design templates, Swiss Resume Templates, is available as a free download, and the format supports Illustrator and MS Word apart from Photoshop. Unlike some of the designs we’ve listed earlier, this template is bold and allows a lot of space for lengthy descriptions. However, you should remember not to make it too wordy.

If you do not like the default red color scheme, go ahead and change it to a color of your choice in a couple of clicks. Just ensure that the selection is bold enough to highlight the keywords and make your skills stand out, as shown in the image above.

Download Swiss Resume Template

14. Clara Resume

14 resume clara

Clara Resume looks sharp and applies to a variety of professions. It comes with a portfolio template which is good to look at and makes space for placeholders for your favorite work screenshots. This creative and professional resume comes with minimal and modern design, highlighting the most relevant features of your CV to get you easily noticed.

Customizing and adding your content to this resume template should be a breeze. You can easily tweak the layers and quickly shape your resume. Isn’t this Photoshop resume template unique?

Download Clara Resume

15. Bold Resume

15 bold resume

Being true to its name, this resume looks bold at its first glance because of its noticeable default color scheme. Just above the credentials section, there’s a placeholder area for the mini-cover letter. Let us not forget the fact that most jobs will have multiple applications. Therefore, using a creative resume template like this gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Bold Resume is a one-page template which is easy to edit and customize. Apart from a mini-cover letter, it comes with portfolio templates and three different header designs for you to choose from. It provides you with several design options for custom icons to add uniqueness and personality to your resume. They also give you three business cards.

Download Bold Resume

16. Material Resume

16 material resume

Want to put your best foot forward while applying for a job? Here’s yet another great option.
The top part of the Material Resume template is reserved for you to write a short paragraph introducing yourself. As you go down, you see a timeline of events that can be filled in with crucial elements showcasing your work experience.

A quick look at this Photoshop resume template on the software showed us that it is easily customizable. You can also, of course, change the color scheme and assets and substitute it with a color of your choice.

Download Material Resume

17. Interactive Resume

17 psd resume template

Were you thinking of redesigning your resume? Well, you must take inspiration from this free and interactive Photoshop resume template then. Although the Interactive Resume design template has less space for incorporating your work experience, you can always change that with a few design tweaks.

Do you see the social media icons in the picture above? You can insert them as hyperlinks in your Photoshop file. So, when you forward your resume in PDF format, the icons will be clickable. Do make sure that your social media account is clean beforehand, though.

Download Interactive Resume

18. Freebie Resume Template by Mahmud Saeef

18 resume template psd

One of the most creative resume templates, this two-column black and white Photoshop resume template, deserves a special mention in the list. Apart from being editable in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can open and edit this template in newer versions of Microsoft Word as well.

If you need help editing the document, a detailed file with all the instructions comes with the main download file. They have space for adding a picture, but you can remove it from the design template if you do not wish to display it. It comes with a cover page and a portfolio page.

Download Freebie Resume Template by Mahmud Saeef

19. Neue Swiss Resume

19 neue swiss resume

The Neue Swiss Photoshop resume template has a clean and modern look. Also, it contains just the right amount of color to ensure that your resume not only stands out but also rises to the top of the pile because of being distinctly visible.

It is easily customizable, so you can always change the color to something less bright if you so wish. This resume design template is ideal for creative lines, for sure. However, because of its tidy and professional look, it should go with conservative work lines as well.

With the minimal layout and Swiss-style design and typography, you are sure to make your CV stand out from the rest.

Download Neue Swiss Resume

20. Minimalist Resume

20 minimalist resume

The Minimalist Photoshop resume template format follows the age-old principle of less is more. Also, in our opinion, good and simple design never goes unnoticed.

The white space between text and clearly defined margins makes the content very easy to read. Well, if you do not want the design to come in-between your written matter and distract the reader, this template with minimalistic design should suit your preference.

Are you ready to make your resume look professional with this easy to edit design template?

Download Minimalist Resume

21. Designsmill Resume

21 dsignsmill resume

Quite different from the ones we’ve listed so far, this Photoshop resume template has a columnar design including space for your picture. It consists of multiple columns for incorporating different types of content.

The column in the middle is for a brief introduction and writing down your experience so far. The one on the side acts as a go-to spot for filling in your contact details.

The Designsmill Resume template again is a breeze to edit in Photoshop. It is also comparatively easier to change the color scheme using the tools available in the software. This super-professional, single-sheet resume design will make sure that your first impression counts well.

Download Designsmill Resume

22. BOXKAYU Resume

22 BOXKAYU resume

One of the most creative resume templates available for free, BOXKAYU Resume is highly personalized and mostly emphasizes making a first impression on the reviewer. It displays a modern, simple, and unique layout.

With an ample amount of space given to add a picture, which almost acts as a banner, this design helps the interviewer put a face to the name even before your first meeting. The Photoshop resume template also contains a well-written cover letter that incorporates your contact details as well. Although this is optional, we’ll always recommend you introduce yourself first briefly.

Download BOXKAYU Resume

23. Free Resume Template by Vivien Bocquelet

23 awesome resume templates

One of the most awesome resume templates, we are back to simpler and understated ones with the Vivien Bocquelet design. This design resume template makes it extremely easy for the reader to review the sheet at a glance quickly. You can, however, make the text size a little bigger than the original.

You get to rate your skills as shown in the right column in the picture. If you think you cannot give yourself at least 70%, we’d advise you to mention it in the other section or maybe within the cover letter itself. The design is simple, and the format is fully editable. We’d say from personal experience that minimal single page resumes works in most cases.

Download Free Resume Template by Vivien Bocquelet

24. Monochrome Photoshop Resume Template

24 monochrome photoshop resume template

One of the most creative resume templates available for free, the Monochrome template design, uses the white space very efficiently to highlight crucial information. Therefore, it is effortless for the reader to quickly go through the finished version of your resume and extract important details.

However, if you think this light and breezy approach doesn’t suit your style, you can always add some color to your PSD file. It gives four color options and works with Illustrator and MS Word, apart from Photoshop. This modern, clean, and professional-looking resume design template also comes with cover pages.

Download Monochrome Photoshop Resume Template

25. Resume 25

25 free creative resume templates

Apart from a resume template, this Photoshop file gives you a portfolio and cover letter template as well. The design is easily editable, so you can incorporate and represent whatever details you want.

Its clean design and modern look of this Photoshop resume template gives it a professional touch. The flexibility enables you to use this design template for different job types. Use this template to tailor-make your CV for any job opportunity quickly. Just below your picture, you get to write a brief introduction about yourself and also rate your skills.

Download Resume 25

26. The CV

26 The CV

This monochrome Photoshop resume template will surely make the reader give your job application a second look because of the clean design and the contrast color scheme used in the file, and not to forget, your picture as well.

The pack also contains a portfolio template which can be used to add screenshots from some of your best projects. It includes a clean and sharp bunch of icons, which come in handy when you want to have a more visual approach to highlight your expertise. The resume design template works with Illustrator, InDesign, and MS Word apart from adobe Photoshop.

Download The CV

27. Modern Resume

27 modern CV

This creative and professional resume has a clean, tidy, and modern look. The text is distinct, clear, and easily identifiable. The color scheme used is very soothing to the eyes. However, you can choose from three different color scheme options available.

There’s space for filling in your contact details and mentioning the awards you’ve won, right below your picture. The design is easy to use and convenient to customize. Therefore, it is well-suited for most kinds of jobs. You can use it on MS Word and Illustrator, apart from Photoshop. It is one of our personal favorites.

Download Modern Resume

28. Swiss Miss Resume/CV

28 swiss minimal modern

The Swiss Miss design template is top-selling for a reason. It works as an excellent PSD resume template for all purposes and types of jobs. Reason enough to be popular, right?

If you want to choose and buy a single pack which will provide you with everything, you should go for this one. Apart from a selection of cover letters, you get resume placeholders as well. It is undoubtedly the best one-stop solution for building a solid resume using Adobe Photoshop.

The minimal design will highlight the most relevant features and create a positive first impression. The layout makes sure your information is presented concisely and makes the text pleasing to look at and easy to read.

Download Swiss Miss Resume CV

29. Free Resume Template

29 free resume template

One of the most beautiful resume templates available for free, this one by Vivien Bocquelet is a rarely designed landscape-oriented template. The designer might soon start charging for it, so download it now because it’s free.

A tri-fold version of this resume template is also available which can be folded into a resume flyer. It offers a more unique and different experience for the reviewer and helps you stand out from the crowd. Original design, soothing colors, and clear fonts; what more would you want? We place our bets on this one if you dare to be individualistic.

Download Free Resume Template

30. Resume Template 30

30 resume template for photoshop

Apart from a resume template, this file contains a cover letter template and a portfolio template. You can edit this design template without facing any difficulties. It can also be customized to suit the job type you wish to apply for.

You can change the colors and add additional colors if you wish to. Just below your display picture, you can add your contact details and also showcase your skills. There’s room for adding more photos apart from the display.

This Photoshop resume template provides you with 15 social icons to choose from. The PSD file comes with download links for three different fonts.

Download Resume Template 30

31. Clean Resume

31 john miller resume template

One of the most naturally attractive Photoshop resume templates, Clean Resume, emphasizes typography. The layout helps put out your information in a concise manner, thus making the content easy to read and pleasing to the eye.

The minimalist and modern design highlights the most essential information and is sure to make you get noticed. The package is affordable, the layout options are plenty, and the design is clean, and the template is easy to customize. It is compatible with Illustrator, InDesign, and MS Word, apart from Photoshop. It includes a cover letter.

Download Clean Resume

32. 2-Piece Pro Resume

32 2 piece pro resume

This pack includes two pieces. One is a decent resume design template with a picture and the other is a cover letter which can be easily customized. You can replace the picture placeholder with your headshot.

The document is easy to print because it is CMYK-ready. It is compatible with Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, and Photoshop. It also uses infographics which help you in highlighting your personal and professional skills. We are keen on trying out this Photoshop resume template. What about you?

Download 2-Piece Pro Resume

33. Jasmine Resume

33 jasmine resume

How often do you come across a Photoshop resume template which looks pretty without looking unprofessional? Jasmine Resume is fully editable, easy to customize, and comes with a free font. The design template is divided into different sections, which makes it easy to read. Apart from Photoshop, it works with MS Word. It is print-ready and sports a modern look.

Download Jasmine Resume

34. Creative Resume

34 creative resume

One of the best resume designs templates, this resume format looks clean and well-organized. Just below your picture, you get to write a short paragraph about yourself and fill in your contact details after that.

There are infographics included in the CV too. In the left column of the page, you can enter proficiency and skills in the form of bars by filling them individually up to a certain level depending on how good you think you are in that particular skill.

You can get your hands on a resume and cover letter templates. They have separate sections for filling in the awards you’ve won and the languages you master. You can choose from the three-color scheme options available. All of them are different from each other.

Download Creative Resume

35. Free Resume Template

35 best photoshop resume templates

One of the most beautiful resume templates available for free, this free Photoshop resume template design enables you to give a brief overview of your experience and skills. However, if you feel there is not enough space, you should opt for a more text-oriented template.

You also get a cover letter with the download just in case you want to use it to incorporate more details. The icons used for passion and hobbies, the timeline highlighting the educational background, and the infographics incorporated for filling in your personal and professional skills; make this design template unique.

Download Free Resume Template

36. Free 2 Page Resume Template

36 photoshop resume template

The first page of this design template is extremely useful for anyone who is looking forward to filling up a fair amount of information while applying for a job. However, we do not like the portfolio page much. It is very cluttered. If you know Photoshop well, you should be able to make a few amends and simplify it.

The main resume page is nicely designed, though. On the left column, you add your picture, contact details, personal skills, and professional skills. On the right side, you start by writing about yourself, followed by details about your education and work experience.

Download Free 2 Page Resume Template

37. Free High School Teacher Resume

37 high school teacher resume template

Isn’t being a teacher a hot profession? How awesome would it be to get a ready-made resume design template which is custom-made for teachers?

This resume template PSD file comes with a cover letter, apart from the regular resume template, of course. You can start by writing a personal summary and contact details. Then, there’s space for filling in your work experience, the skills you know, and the languages you have mastered.

The second page includes details like your educational qualifications, achievements, and your hobbies. The download is free, and the file is fully customizable. You can change the existing color scheme and use anything of your choice, as well. It works with MS Word as well, apart from Adobe Photoshop.

Download Free High School Teacher Resume

38. Free Customer Service Resume

38 customer service photoshop resume template

Yet another hot selling profession is that of a customer care executive. Can you imagine a life without them in today’s world? Irrespective of how big or small the issue is, they are our go-to people whenever we encounter problems with an item purchased or service availed.

This free customer service Photoshop resume template comes with a cover letter template, apart from a resume template. The file is ready to print, fully customizable, and allows you to change the color scheme.

You fill in a small paragraph introducing yourself in brief on the left column, followed by entering your details, key achievements, professional associations, and hobbies. The right side of the page constitutes your educational qualifications, work experience, and the languages known, to name a few.

Download Free Customer Service Resume

39. Free Sales Consultant Resume

39 sales consultant resume

This one-page Photoshop resume template comes with a cover letter. It is fully customizable, print-ready, and allows you to change the color scheme. You fill in details about yourself, areas you specialize in, and personal skills on the left.

The right side of the page consists of your work experience, educational qualifications, and references, if any. The design template is simple, elegant, and extremely useful, considering the number of people joining this profession.

Download Free Sales Consultant Resume

40. Free Federal Resume Template

40 free federal resume template

Fill in your contact details, social media ids, and personal skills on the left. Write about your work experience and professional skills on the left. The Photoshop resume template is compatible with MS Word as well, apart from Adobe Photoshop.

The file is fully customizable, easy to edit, and allows you to change the color scheme. Are you all set to take your preparations to the next level?

Download Free Federal Resume Template

Design Is Not Everything

Boasting of an extraordinary and well-designed resume is an ideal step to ensure that you crack a good job. But, it is just the first step in the right direction. The content of your CV is what will make you stand out from the crowd. This will stem from having some excellent qualifications giving you an edge over the others, working on various creatively exciting projects, and mastering your niche.

Having said that, the list of creative resume templates that we’ve put up is sure to make your resume different from your competitors’. Therefore, the job application will help you in quickly getting a step closer to cracking your dream job.

Want An Attractive Resume? Tips To Consider

The majority of job vacancies receive a multitude of applicants. The quantity is often much more than any reviewer can take. If you want your resume to land you the job interview, what should be done to ensure that you’ll get a call?

Here are three handy tips which you should keep in mind while planning the content of your resume:

1) Craft Your Experience

Read the description of the job you’re applying for exceptionally carefully. Once you are through, update your experience emphasizing the skills required for the job you’re aiming to crack. Doing this, you would come across as a suitable candidate.

2) Go the Extra Mile with Added Documents

Just like a cover letter or portfolio page, building documents is a step that many applicants simply skip. This is reasoning enough for you to make sure you do not skip, as it will increase your chances of making it through the system.

3) Be Personal, But Professional

You need to make sure that your resume presents you as a thorough professional. However, do not hesitate or think twice before incorporating those personal details that will make you look exciting or memorable to the reader. For example, listing some hobbies and other stuff you love, you do often help in breaking the ice during the interview process.


Resumes are the first and vital part of any hiring process in the world. It is extremely to create a memorable resume as it serves to be the first impression in the minds of your interviewer. By downloading a Photoshop resume template, you can easily make a resume for any occasion or job opportunity. It is no longer a tedious job, and you do not have to worry about where to start!

We’ve listed the best Photoshop resume templates, which will help you quickly have your CV ready, and you no longer have to start from a blank slate. Suppose you’re choosing a free download, great. However, if you’re going for a paid one, remember that you only have to pay for the template once, and you can use it for several times after the purchase.

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