VLC Media Player - © TechNorms Recently we wrote about The Free Player for Google Chrome and how it turns your Chrome Browser into a Music player. When you scrobble a number of tracks on it gives you excellent recommendations for new music.

I have got a good music collection on my computer.It got me wondering how I could scrobble tracks from my local music collection via VLC Media Player, which is my default media player. Turns out,  its pretty easy.

Download VLC Player Plugins From

Before we enable scrobbling from VLC Media player, the first thing you would need to do is to download the Scrobbler here. Once you download and install it – it would install the required plugins for your Media Players.

If you already have audioscrobbler installed you can get plugins for new players by going to Audioscrobbler > Tools > Get Plugins…

Get new Player Plugins - © TechNorms

Although VLC Media Player isn’t shown in the list of Media Players, the plugin for Foobar music player would work just fine. Some of you may need to select the VLC Media Player executable file from the browse menu – its located at C: > Program Files > VideoLAN > VLC > VLC.exe.

Install Player Plugin - © TechNorms

Before installing make sure that VLC Media player is closed. Once the installation is done – now we need to enter a few details in VLC Media to enable scrobbling.

Enable  Scrobbling Option In VLC Media Player:

Open you VLC media player. Go to Tools > Preferences.

In the preferences window, at the bottom left corner you have a “show settings” panel – Click on the “All” option. You would now see the advanced options interface in the left pane.

Now go to – Interface > Control Interface > Audioscrobbler – as shown in the screenshot below.

Enter details - © TechNorms

Here you would get an option to fill in your Username and Password.

Once you fill in the required information  – Click on save and restart the VLC Media Player and scrobbling of tracks you play on VLC Media player to your account would now be enabled.

Couple of things to remember –

1) You need to have the audioscrobbler running in background as VLC uses it to scrobble tracks to your profile.

2) Before you start playing music, make sure the client is already running in background. Once you make sure – then start VLC Media player and play the songs.

If you follow the above two simple rules – the scrobbling works like a charm.

By the way you can also check out my profile on – and add me as a friend we have similar musical taste.

Hope this would be helpful for someone.

  • The Audioscrobbler interface in VLC’s settings existed before I did this. It even works fine on Ubuntu without the need for the app. Why is it any differently here? I can’t get it working either way in Windows.

    • James, audio scobbler is needed for scrobbling to work in Windows OS. There is no way around that. Also, make sure you follow the instructions above, to the word. On my desktop, which has Windows 7, the scrobbling from VLC worked without a hitch.

      However, I faced the same issue you mentioned, on my Laptop which has Windows XP. I had to double check (uninstall and reinstall the software) and carefully follow the procedure outlined above and the scrobbling worked after a restart.

      Just go step by step, it should work fine.

  • This doesn’t work for me. I’m running Windows 7 and followed your instructions step-by-step.

  • Figured it out: you actually have to click the “Submit played track stats to” checkbox on the Audio tab under VLC’s Tools–>Preferences section.

    • I just checked my own configuration and its working perfectly well. Its good to know you figured it out. This information would be helpful for other readers as well, Thanks!

  • Thank you very much
    I was almost getting crazy.
    Congrats, great post.

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