Every Apple Watch has a basic Sport Band that can be adjusted to match any wrist size. However, Apple Watch bands are as varied as the individuals who use them, and if you’re searching for a Solo Loop or similar non-adjustable band, you’ll need to utilize the Apple Watch band size chart as well as other metrics so that you can get a perfect size and avoid getting the wrong size band.

If you are not sure which Apple Watch size is best for your wrist, you should consider the advanced display size that is most suitable. The Apple Watch band sizing guide with tips will assist you in locating the ideal fit. You may measure your band in inches or millimeters, depending on your country.

A Quick Apple Watch Band Size Guide

How To Choose The Right Apple Watch Band Size

Women and men have different-sized wrists and may prefer larger or smaller straps. With XS, M, & XL bands, you may pick something that is neither too tight nor too loose. Your watch should not limit blood circulation.

However, if the band is too large, the watch might spin and possibly slip off the wrist. For you to utilize the blood oxygen meter, electro diagram, and other apps, the technology in your smart device must be in constant contact with your skin. Having the proper fit and actual band size is crucial.

Understanding The Apple Watch Band Size

How To Choose The Right Apple Watch Band Size

Apple and several third-party manufacturers produce a range of band options and styles for each watch size, and they easily fit into two size groups. Some bands are only available for select models, whereas some fit all.

Braided Solo Loop and Solo Loop bands are Apple Watch’s two bands that have no clasp. They are only suitable with Apple Watch SE & Apple Watch Series 4 or later. You can check the Apple Watch SE Size guide to make the right choice.

The smaller Apple Watch models can be fitted with bands that range in size from one to nine. Larger Apple Watch models are compatible with bands sized four to 12, with specifics on those measurements below.

  • Apple Watch Classic Buckle is available in three sizes for each watch size (S, M, and L).
  • Apple Watch Modern Buckle is available in three sizes for band compatibility for each watch size (S, M, and L).
  • Apple Watch Solo Loop is available in twelve sizes, each watch size. You will have to determine your size.
  • Apple Watch Milanese Loop: one size fits all.
  • Apple Watch Silver Link Bracelet: one size fits everyone.

Know Your Band Type And Size

Apple has synchronized band sizes, making the selection of a band considerably less difficult. Apple Watches are available in a range of wrist sizes, depending on the series.

The smaller Apple Watch is 38mm or 40mm, whereas the bigger Apple Watch is either 42mm or 44mm. The display, not the watch, differs by 2 mm. That means the Apple Watch band size that fits a 38mm Series 3 Apple Watch band is also compatible with the 40mm Series 6 Apple Watch model. Likewise, a band that is compatible with a 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 will also fit a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2.

The typical female wrist measures between 140mm (5.5 inches) and 170mm (6.7 inches), whereas the typical male wrist measures between 165mm (6.5 inches) and 195mm (7.8 inches). Those with wrist sizes between 130 and 200mm need the 40/41mm Apple Watch, whereas those with wrist sizes between 140 and 220mm need the 44/45mm Apple Watch.

Know Your Wrist Size

How To Choose The Right Apple Watch Band Size

Using the Apple Watch band size chart to determine your wrist size is the most accurate method, regardless of whether you plan to purchase an Apple-branded band. Apple provides step-by-step instructions on how to measure the size of your watchband. It requires printing the band template, cutting it out, putting it around your wrist, & recording the resulting number. You can also use the online measurement tool [PDF] offered by Apple to get the correct feel.

Some frequency bands are simpler to measure than others. Adjustable choices for the Sport Band and Sport Loop include M/L for longer bands and S/M for shorter bands. However, this does not apply to every band. Solo Loop, for instance, cannot be adjusted; thus, you must purchase the proper size.

Also, without a printable tool, you can cut a strip of paper or a piece of thread, mark it with your wrist measurement, and then use a ruler to measure it. Then, enter the dimensions on Apple’s website by selecting Start Your Measurements to obtain the correct size of the Apple watch band.

How To Measure Your Wrist?

Following the Apple Watch band size chart is best for the correct results.

However, you can also follow the steps mentioned below to measure wrist:

  • Ensure that your palm is pointing upward
  • Now, open your palm (doing so will guarantee that you measure your wrist at its greatest point)
  • Wrap a soft tape measure gently around your wrist to check wrist circumference.
  • Preferably check the size of the tape measure in inches or cm.

Note: If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can use a string or paper strip. However, use a measuring tape or string that won’t stretch so that you don’t cause an error in measurement. One inch is equal to 25.4 mm. For a wrist that measured six inches, multiply it by 25.4, which equals 152.4 millimeters.

What’s in The Apple Watch band

How To Choose The Right Apple Watch Band Size

On Apple Watch bands, your skin comes into contact with the following materials:

  • Sport Band: Stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, or 18-karat gold with fluoroelastomer
  • Apple Watch Nike Sport Band: Stainless steel with Fluoroelastomer
  • Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop: Woven nylon with reflective thread
  • Hermès Bands: Leather along with stainless steel    
  • Milanese Loop: Stainless steel
  • Link Bracelet: Stainless steel
  • Leather Loop: Leather and stainless steel
  • Modern Buckle: Leather either with stainless steel or 18-karat gold
  • Classic Buckle: Leather either with stainless steel or 18-karat gold
  • Woven Nylon: Nylon with stainless steel
  • Sport Loop: Woven nylon
  • Solo Loop: Silicone
  • Braided Solo Loop: Polyester yarn with stainless steel
  • Leather Link: Genuine Leather with stainless steel

In Conclusion

So, if you plan to buy an apple watch, you must be careful about its size. While purchasing an Apple Watch, take the right measurement of your wrist size as well as band size. You can also select the bracelet colors as per your personal style. As a result, you will be able to pick up the correct apple watch band size.

Apple watches take into consideration wrist size. According to Apple’s support site, the Milanese Loop was redesigned in 2018. By doing this, the band could be opened completely by the user. To do this, one could slide the magnetic closure through the lug or band connector.

The band sizing tips mentioned above will help the users get the correct band measurements and design too. Well, if you don’t have a tool to measure your wrist size band, you can measure it with the help of the apple official guide to size options.


How to remove the Link Bracelet?

Take a cotter pin push-pin tool, a bracelet watch holder, and a ball-peen hammer. Clean the workplace with a towel to prevent surface damage. Count the link that you want to remove. Then, set your watch in the watch holder with the arrows pointing down. Use the hammer and push-pin to pull it out. Reconnect the bracelet following the same procedure, reversing the pins.

How to measure the watch band without the tape?

If you don’t have a band sizing tool to measure the watch band, take a piece of paper from your printable tool or notebook. Place a corner of the paper sheet flat on the inner aspect of your wrist, after which wrap it around. Now, mark where the paper joins, put it flat next to a scale, and you will have your wrist measurement.

Should you buy the Leather Link band?

The Leather Link band is soft enough for sleeping with your hand under your head and comfy on your wrist. It is also easy to clean and sturdy. It is also an excellent band to wear to bed if your Apple Watch supports sleep monitoring. So, you should consider purchasing a leather band without thinking twice.