Talking about online gaming and not mentioning first-person shooter games? No way! For decades, gamers have been glued to their computer screens to play FPS games online. These popular games carry you to a different world the moment you click Play now. Depending on your game, you may reach space, hell, or a hideout in some unknown land.

There are many online shooting games, some first person shooter games are browser-based, and others require you to download the game software. With amazing graphics and unlimited game modes, military shooters, and levels, millions of players compete with each other to rule the gaming world. However, one must always remember that some of the best free online games are FPS games.

12 Best FPS Games Online

Everybody has a different taste in online shooting games, and we respect each. When it comes to the best FPS games online, some are funny, some are fierce, some are stress relievers, and some are also the best browser games. Whatever your choice is, we have a deserving game for everyone. So dive in and discover which type of shooter game wakes your senses.

1. Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Call them funny beings or not, Funny Shooter 2 is full of weird beings who are, unfortunately, your enemies. You have an array of weapons to kill these creatures. By killing them one by one, your weapons get progressively more powerful. Unlike many FPS games online, this one comes with unique levels, weapons, achievements, and of course, enemies!

The gameplay is smooth, with the best 3-D graphics players you can ask for. When you progress through the action game, your machine gun and weapons are upgraded, plus you get achievements. An interesting thing is a shop where the hero shooter can buy deadly weapons.

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2. Rush Team

Rush Team FPS Games Online

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If an old-school shooter game was in your mind, you have landed in the right place. Developed by Roka, Rush Team can be played by a team of players and is objective-based. Playing FPS games online is made fun by this browser game. You don’t have to install the game or plugins to play. There are tons of servers for the game, each catering to different continents. But look out for abrupt server failures that are common.

When you click “Play now,” you can create an account and even create a clan if the account has the level five minimum. Once the game starts, you have the role of an infantryman who is part of Team 1 or Team 2. There are different modes for the game; if you are dead, you must wait till the end of a round to get back to life. You will get weapons on reaching higher levels. Killing enemies or completing objectives gives you more experience to jump levels.

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3. Krunker

FPS Games Online Krunker

The multiplayer shooting game Krunker has elegant Minecraft-like graphics suited to any computer type. If you regularly play FPS games online, you might have encountered this fast-paced game. It allows you to be the tactical shooter for at least some time and kill enemies.

There are ten game modes for the users to choose from. Some of the classes are Hunter, Detective, and Sniper. One of the most-played games, the higher levels offer better weapons to fight enemies. You may think that the blocky graphics will be tough to deal with, but you can actually jump to move fast. The game is much loved as it uses less of your computer resources, being a browser game.

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4. Superhot


If you have always wanted to slow down time to squeeze in more activities, then the Superhot FPS game does precisely that. When you move, time progresses, or else it is still. Finding the best FPS games online that have both a downloadable version and a browser version can be challenging, but your search ends with Superhot. The action-based shooter game has several levels, but the browser-based trial version has fewer levels.

The players are involved in fighting with enemies in a sci-fi world. As time moves with you, you can attack them, pause to think about how to proceed, and get more amazing weapons to continue the fight. Superhot is a fantastic type of shooter game that takes a brainy to defeat the enemies and reach the objective.

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5. Global Strike

 Global strike
Global strike

A fan of the Counter Strike video game? Well, Global Strike resembles Counter Strike in many ways, a key difference being the ability to play the former in a browser. Playing FPS games online with a strong player base makes the gameplay enjoyable. Such a player base covers up for all the shortcomings of this game too. A wide variety of modes like a zombie, capture the flag, and deathmatch keeps you on your toes while involved in the gameplay. But the action-adventure game must improve its lag issues to impress any average player.

The pay-to-win feature of the game brings luck to many players who can afford it. This gun game has loads of weapons, and players can pay real money to collect them. This may affect your chances of winning the game. However, if you have had enough aim practice playing Counter Strike, you can triumph in this one too.

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6. Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D

One of the most-played games, Wolfenstein 3D, takes you back in time to the World War 2 era. So start playing, paying tribute to one of the ancestors of FPS games online. Originally a 2D game intended for MS-DOS, it was upgraded for a 3D gaming experience, thanks to intelligent programming.

The 3D title places you as a prisoner in a Nazi hideout. Your task is to fight an epic battle against your enemies and escape the place unharmed. Wolfenstein 3D is a thriving 3D version of the retro title that once had a huge fan following. The difference is that now, you can play it in your browser for free.

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7. Venge


Venge is an FPS browser game that features character classes with different powerful abilities. The higher the level, the more powers are bestowed on your 3D character model. Most players prefer playing FPS games online without any downloads, and Venge ticks this box. In addition, the multiplayer shooting game has a strong community.

Venge lets players play with seven weapons and four hero shooters. The standard maps and game modes count to four, but if they wish, the players can have any number of custom maps and game modes. In addition, the browser FPS games can be played on a tablet, PC, or mobile phone for no cost.

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8. Mini Royale 2

Mini Royale 2

If you search for FPS games online, you will see that battle royale games have become a popular genre under the umbrella of FPS games. Mini Royale 2 is one of the first person shooter games you can play with real players. Developed by Cem Demir, the game features a smaller variety of maps to move around, so survival will be tough.

There is an active war zone, a competitive core, and many enemies waiting for the players. When you reach there, collect guns and other weapons to help fight. The small map lets only ten players play; if you end up being the last one standing, you are the winner. The graphics would attract players who like to keep things flashy, and you will always enjoy playing the fast-paced game.

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9. Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

With a futuristic theme, Warmerise: Red vs. Blue has won a good reputation with a great player base. Any time you want to play, just head to the site, and you will find matches. If you like playing FPS games online, this one won’t disappoint you. There are two factions, red and blue, and the players can join either.

The fight starts after choosing the faction, and you must work hard and defeat others to be on the leaderboard. There are many modern weapons for your aid. The game modes are elimination-based and take some time to finish. Nevertheless, the game is worth trying if you are ready to forget the graphics.

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10. War Brokers

War Brokers

If you are still lingering on the Battle Royale mode, one more is coming your way, War Brokers. Playing such FPS games online takes you straight to the battleground without waiting. You start playing, and an arsenal of weapons greets you. You can choose from the mini-gun, sniper, rifle, and many others.

The audio associated with the game sets the right mood for gameplay. The small map paves for an intense gunfight to ensure survival. There are just two modes available for players – Battle Royale and Classic. The fast action and thrill make it one of the most-played games.

Play War Brokers

11. Bullet Force

Bullet Force

The Android game Bullet Force is now available in your browser for free. Some of the best FPS games online feature fantastic 3D graphics, and this is one among them. What makes this game unique is how you can customize the player models with cosmetics. Unfortunately, even though the graphics is better than many other games, a few bugs on and off are common.

Players can create rooms or join existing ones and start playing with other players online. Some fierce weapons like machine guns are available for the users, and no doubt the game gets deadly over time. You get special abilities if you kill more enemies. The different game modes make the game all the more interesting.

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12. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal

If you remember Doom 16, then Doom Eternal is not new to you except for some added features. Playing FPS games online with limited weapons is not fun. Realizing this, the makers of Doom Eternal increased the number of weapons and made the game a notch higher than its predecessor. In addition, the movement options are also increased to make it more fast-paced.

While the improvements benefit the players, the enemies have also gained strength. But if you know their positives and negatives, you could easily win over them. The game urges players to change their game plan often or get punished. Much to the relief of the fans, the game can be played on most modern platforms.

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Final Thoughts

First-person shooter genre games are shooter games, where weapons like guns are used to fight enemies. The players can take the form of different characters and indulge in combat. Playing FPS games online takes your gameplay to a whole new level if you have the best muscle memory. With a first-person perspective, the action-packed modern games offer unending fun to millions of players across the globe.

Many of the FPS multiplayer games mentioned are browser-based, making it easy for the players to just start playing without losing time on downloads. The first person shooter games also feature multiplayer mode. However, make sure that you skim through the games first to decide which one is right for you.