Games have to be fun, whether they are online or offline. If you are a fan of board games, sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word puzzles, you will be delighted to know that the best free online games include all of these and more. These days, you can play games without logging in or downloading; just go to the best website and start playing.

You can play millions of games on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device, and that too at no cost. You can enjoy playing alone or with friends anywhere and any time. What are you waiting for? There are online game websites out there that have a large collection of exciting picks. 

Be it FPS games, driving games, casino games, independently-developed games, basketball games, or boxing games, the perfect game is the one that you enjoy. The popular categories of games are fun to play, addictive, and save you from the ordeal of setting up a gaming machine.

21 Best Free Online Games Websites You Must Check

Most of the game sites provide the best free online games. But some are fit for kids, while others are open to playing games for all ages. Be it an adventure game, flash game, card game, free game, or multiplayer game, the list has it all. Some games involve shooting, while others require a different player skills like puzzle-solving and difficulty levels. Your favorite online games are all ready to be played. So, check out the best free online games you can play to beat boredom.

The list below gives you the top online game websites that are fun and free!

1) Kongregate


Kongregate hosts some of the most exciting and free PC games to play online. Play fun games at Kongregate and get rewarded with points when you complete different games and challenges.

Competition is fierce with many multiplayer games at your disposal. It is one of the best free online games websites that let you play directly from your browser. The site displays a list of the browser games you’ve recently played, making it convenient for you to select your favorite game again. 

Check out Kongregrate

2) FOG


FOG (FreeOnlineGames) has a massive variety of online interactive games categorized by over 100 tags. These include Logic Games, Shape Games, Motorbike Games, Superhero Games, Hidden Object Games, and Sniper Games.

If you are an enthusiastic gamer on the hunt for a one-shop stop for the best free online games, FOG is the ideal choice. 

Check out FOG

3) Pogo


Pogo offers some top online games and many excellent gaming categories for casual players. You can also make a custom avatar called a Pogo Mini and chat with your friends.

When compared to the best free online games websites, Pogo hosts a large variety of games. From word-based ones to Boggle Bash, from adventure games to casual games, you will find them all. 

Check out POGO

4) AOL games


Solitaire Racing game or Bird Word by Mahjongg? AOL has all sorts of exciting games to explore. A wide variety of best free online games keeps you hooked to your PC screens for hours.

It may not have that extensive collection like other online game websites, but you’ll find some cool games to play for sure and excellent choices to kill boredom. Sign in with your email, get updates about any new game the site adds, and try any interactive game you like.

Check out AOL Games

5) Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network has always been a place where the majority of children spent their childhood watching incredible cartoon shows. Well, there is more to do on the Cartoon Network website than just watching old cartoons – it has a nice collection of the best free online games for kids and all other age groups.

To play games with your favorite character or cartoon, simply click on the “By Show” drop-down menu and choose the one you like. It is one of the best online game websites that takes you on a trip down memory lane. Cartoon Network also includes a few language arts games that are both fun and educational for the little ones. 

Check out Cartoon Network

6) Shockwave


Search through all 16+ categories at Shockwave to find the most thrilling online games. Play with friends, earn tokens to win prizes, participate in online competitions, and create and share your own games when you create an account. They have incredible categories like Car Racing games, Shooting, Jigsaw puzzles, and Adventure.

One of the best free online games websites, Shockwave boasts the best collection when it comes to variety. Players can either decide to play it online or download the mobile game version on their smartphones. The only drawback is that you have to bear with the advertisements. 

Check out Shockwave

7) MiniClip


Miniclip is immensely popular and every gamer’s go-to site because of the massive 100+ categories. Sign up to save your high scores, win game awards, play with your friends, and earn free credits for redeemable value.

The website is known for hosting original games, which means you will not spot them anywhere else. The strategy and word games section includes addictive and best free online games. Filter the options depending on the grade level, and start playing now! 

Check out Miniclip

8) FreeArcade


FreeArcade has a massive list of the best free online games, which include Graphic Adventures, casino games, brain games, Text Adventures, and Puzzle tags. This site also has nice crossword puzzles every week.

Gamers looking for top-notch picks in the arcade game genre must consider FreeArcade, as one of the best online game websites. They also have a great collection of card games, sports games, multiplayer games, and shooting games for online gaming.

Check out FreeArcade

9) Armor Games


ArmorGames includes some very popular online PC games, evident by the play count next to each one. Kingdom Rush, for example, has been played nearly 46 million times.

10 main categories separate the games, with a prominent one being MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). The best sections are shooting, arcade, puzzle, action-packed game, and strategy games. If you sign up with the website, you will spot fewer advertisements and get an authentic experience. Get ready to play the best free online games!

Check out ArmorGames

10) King


One of the best free online games websites, King is known for its cash prize awards for playing tournaments. There are lots of games to choose from, like puzzles, Actions, Word, and Card games. Go to Select Games and click on the name of the game you wish to play. 

One of the best free online game websites for the little ones, King, is sure to keep children engaged in fun activities for hours. You can play the games directly on the browser or download them on the Android and iOS app store. 

Check out King

11) Y8 – Free Online Games


Y8 gives you the option to choose single or multiplayer games as soon as you open the gaming site. Y8 has over 5,000 best free online games that have tags for easy searching. 

You can also sign up for their RSS feed for new game alerts here. A colorful bar at the top of the homepage consists of the names of all the game categories along with the variety of games in each section. They have 2-player games and multiplayer games in every category.

Check out Y8

12) Addicting Games


One of the best free online games sites, Addicting Games, boasts a massive collection of downloadable games. There are tons of categories to choose from at Addicting Games like Scary, Funny, War, and Flying. Players will find some really cool 3D multiplayer games here.

You can create an account, review games as well as challenge your friends. You will rarely come across a gaming site with such a varied collection in the multiplayer games category. Addicting Games includes a rare selection of car and escape games as well. 

Check out Addicting Games

13) Agame


Agame has games in 13 categories, of which some include MMO, Girls, War Games, and Social Games. It can be a good pick to explore some free to play PC games without downloading them. Create an account with Agame to add friends and save your favorite games to your account.

As soon as you open the homepage, you will come across recommended games, editor’s picks, the recently added ones, and the must-try games. If you are looking for the best free online games, you will love Agame. 

Check out Agame

14) Games House


Not only Game House allows you to enjoy some best free online games, but you also get to enjoy some unique game categories like Hidden Object, Time Management, Strategy, Puzzle, Card, Mahjong, and much more. Games House boasts some top-notch educational video games and online learning resources as well. 

The free online games can be played only for 60 minutes. Post that, you need to pay a subscription fee, and you get unlimited access to more than 2500 games.

Check out Games House

15) Arkadium


A10 gaming website defines versatility as having almost all the popular game genres. One of the best free online games websites, it includes Adventure, Multiplayer, Shooting, Skill, Driving, Sports, Simulations, and many more.

Gaming enthusiasts looking for the best online games for PC can play them without downloading. You can hunt for the games by category or by entering the name in the search bar. The collection is massive and includes both old and new games.

Check out Arkadium

16) A10


A10 gaming website defines versatility having almost all the popular game genres. One of the best online game websites, it includes Adventure, Multiplayer, Shooting, Skill, Driving, Sports, Simulations, and many more.

Gaming enthusiasts looking for the best online games for PC can play them without downloading. You can hunt for the games by category or by entering the name in the search bar. The collection is massive and includes both old and new games.

Check out A10

17) Big Fish Games


Big Fish Games has 12 main game categories. The best variety of categories is Puzzle games, Hidden Object Games, and Strategy games. These rare gems make the platform one of the most sought-after options in the best free online games niche.

Big Fish has the best collection of card and board games that can be played on all iOS and Android devices as well. The most attractive feature of Big Fish Games is that you do not see too many advertisements, so there’s minimum interruption while playing.

Check out Big Fish Games 

18) 247 Games

247 games

247 Games is among the most popular online game websites when it comes to providing the good old classic games. Solitaire, Sudoku, Chess, Blackjack, Checkers, and many more; you will find them all under one roof. You will be delighted to find the classic game Mahjong and Backgammon as well.

One of the best free online games websites that sports very few ads before games, 247 Games, is simple to navigate. Card game enthusiasts can play the games from their browser or download the app store version on their tablets. You can also check out some fun learning games as well. 

247 Games is the perfect browser gaming platform for all puzzle game fans, and you will find the much-loved Helicopter Game as well. 

Check out 247 Games

19) MSN Games

msn games

MSN Games includes single and multiplayer games in carefully divided categories. Card games, trivia-based puzzles, and board game arena boast the most massive collection. Players will find interesting picks in the action games, arcade, and word game categories. The interface is interactive and displays all the game sections right as you open the homepage.

You can skim through the options available in the Poker & Casino genre to explore your luck and indulge in online championships. MSN Games is one of the best free online games websites that gives you an ad-free experience, and the user experience is smooth to operate.

Check out MSN Games

20) Play Retro Games

play retro games

Play Retro Games is one of the best free online games websites when it comes to getting your hands on all your old favorites. The site consists of the best collection of classic games and online versions of the games you’d play as kids. We particularly loved the arcade games available on the site.

To start playing a game, the player simply has to click on the name of the game to play. However, the first step might require you to bear with an advertisement first. 

Check out Play Retro Games 

21) MMO Games

mmo games

If you are looking for the most adventurous MMO games to play, you must visit the MMO Games website for a thrilling gaming experience. They have a huge selection of Massively Multiplayer Online games, a list of new titles, and official trailers of the upcoming games. MMO Games also includes MMO news and the latest articles in connection with the gaming world.

All of the site’s content is free. You can choose to play the games online via your browser or download the app. MMO Games is also one of the best online game websites to consider for gaming enthusiasts in the hunt for addictive RPG games. 

Check out MMO Games


Irrespective of how many new pastimes we indulge in, playing classic games never goes out of trend. People of all age groups resort to the best free online games for getting their hands on some exciting picks to kill boredom. The access to premium games and the biggest PC games is the cherry on top! The downloadable games are easy and fun to play. 

You can choose to sign in with the gaming website to play games by category or play without registering. Get your brain simulated with the puzzle levels and a variety of games. You can participate in thrilling competitions and different versions of games and relax while you indulge in playing the free online games. 

(Article updated on 2nd August 2022)