Anime or Japanese animation will always remain in the limelight, and anime fans will only grow in numbers in the future. Given this fact, it is natural for developers to come up with the best anime streaming apps to quench the thirst of anime lovers worldwide. You will find many apps to watch anime for free, but it is best to get a paid subscription for premium content.

To be accessible to people who don’t know the language, the apps have dubbed shows and movies or subtitles. If there is no subtitle for a particular movie you want to watch, get a subtitles app for movies. The free apps and websites may not have an extensive list of anime shows. The trial version will let you experience the whole app for a few days, so you can decide what is best for your taste.

15 Best Anime Streaming Apps

If you have a smartphone, no one can stop you from getting the best anime streaming apps and starting your anime adventure. Android and iOS owners will get lucky with our list of apps and websites. They will open the door to a world of anime you have never seen before. So, let us get started with apps for Android and iOS and websites.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll best anime streaming apps

If you are an Anime fan, you probably know and have used the excellent features of Crunchyroll. With over 1,000 titles in its list, you can be glued to the screen forever. The list includes famous shows like Dr. Stone, Death Note, and most of your favorites. With the Simulcast feature, you can watch the shows on the same day it is released in Japan.

You can watch the original show with subtitles or the dubbed version. Luckily, both are available in Crunchyroll. If you want to watch the shows offline, you can make a customized watchlist and view it when free.

Presently, Crunchyroll gives you a 14-day free anime streaming. After that, you can get a basic paid subscription for $7.99 per month. You will get to watch all the latest anime on this app.

Download Crunchyroll for Android/ iOS

2. VRV


If you pick VRV, the content you can watch is not limited to anime. However, unlike some of the best anime streaming apps, you will have access to an unbelievable collection of comedy, animated shows, and more. In fact, VRV is a platform that hosts several anime streaming services like Crunchyroll to bring home their unique features.

The user-friendly interface makes finding a particular show or movie easy from the various services available. So whether you want to see Looney Tunes or something from the anime library, like Punch Line, a few clicks will take you there.

VRV provides a 30-day free trial. After that, you can get a subscription for $9.99 per month, so you need not tolerate the ads.  

Get VRV for Android/ iOS

3. Netflix


Netflix is so popular that you might have already watched a thousand movies or series on the streaming platform. Well, let us tell you that Netflix also has a decent collection of anime shows and movies. In fact, the best Anime on Netflix is something that you can watch again and again.

If you have just started watching anime, then the service has a lot to offer in terms of popular shows in the genre. The shows come with subtitles for those who don’t understand the language. You will also find a few dubbed versions if you want to listen in English. In addition, the complete anime catalog, including older anime, is available for download if you want to watch them later.

There is no free version of Netflix to stream anime. The basic plan will cost you $9.99, and you can have the premium version of the app at $19.99.

Download Netflix for Android/ iOS

4. Funimation


When Crunchyroll took over Funimation in 2022, it came to be known as Crunchyroll LLC. It still remains one of the best anime streaming apps, with hundreds of dubbed and subbed movies and shows. So, it won’t let you down if you want to watch either of them.

Funimation lets you download your favorite anime pieces to watch later. It has a unique feature that allows customizations of the subtitles to suit your taste. Based on your watch list, you will get recommendations to watch your favorite anime.

The Simuldubs feature made popular by Crunchyroll is also available in Funimation to watch fresh episodes as soon as they release. The 14-day trial period allows you to watch anime for free, after which you can join Funimation with a starting plan of $7.99 per month and go up to $149.99 per year.

Get Funimation for Android / iOS

5. Retrocrush


The name Retrocrush gives away the retro nature of the anime app, and it stays true to it. With hundreds of classic anime titles in stock, it has the largest collection of retro anime. The list includes GTO, Devil Lady, and Cybersix, to name a few.

The interface has minimal functionalities, which is a welcome sight for most users. It offers many dubbed versions of classic anime shows not available elsewhere. You can watch most content in Retrocrush for free, with a few ads popping up often. Creating an account will let you make a personalized watchlist.

The two paid plans are priced at $4.99 and $4.99. However, it is worth paying for a subscription for all the nostalgia it creates.

Download Retrocrush for Android/ iOS

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Whether you want to call Amazon Prime Video, one of the best anime streaming apps, is your call. For people who got introduced to anime recently, it can be a great app that streams titles like Psycho-Pass and Vinland Saga.

If you already have a Prime subscription, it is definitely worth checking the anime collection to find some of your favorites. You can download your much-loved anime content and watch them offline. You will find subbed and dubbed shows you can watch any number of times.

Amazon Prime Video does not let you watch free anime. But you can make use of its 30-day trial period. After that, you will get a Prime Video subscription at $8.99 per month and Prime Video plus Amazon Prime membership at $14.99 per month.

Get Amazon Prime Video for Android/ iOS

7. Hulu


If any streaming app can give competition to Netflix, it is Hulu. Here again, you will find much content besides anime, like TV shows and movies. And if you want to adamantly dedicate your time to anime, you can choose from all the popular ones from the app’s collection.

With Hulu, it is possible to download shows to watch them on the go. Based on your anime preferences, the app will give you suggestions in the My stuff tab. All the basic genres under anime are found here, suitable for long-time fans and freshers.

Hulu gives a free trial period to watch for free. You can buy the basic plan for $7.99 and choose from others, going up to $14.99.

Download Hulu for Android/ iOS

8. Mubi


You couldn’t have counted Mubi among one of the best anime streaming apps when it started as a social network for movie lovers. Later, they included huge collections of movies and shows, including anime, that drew anime lovers to the website.

You will love all the hand-picked anime series and movies included in Mubi. You can download them and watch them over and over again during your free times. Screen them on Smart TV, AirPlay or Chromecast for the best anime experience.

There are free and paid versions to watch an anime. You are entitled to a 7-day trial period, after which you can opt for subscriptions starting from $4.99.

Get Mubi for Android/ iOS

9. 4anime


We haven’t given you a free app yet, and here is one. 4anime doesn’t charge a single penny and lets you watch all the classic and latest anime. In addition, the search functionality works excellently to bring forth exactly what you are looking for.

You can find anime recommendations, music videos, and more in 4anime. The 3 Sauces mode lands you on three random anime or manga you can enjoy. With many unique and advanced features and an extensive library of anime, 4anime is definitely worth your time.

Download 4 Anime for iOS

10. YouTube


How did YouTube enter the list of the best anime streaming apps? Of course, with incredible YouTube channels like Muse Asia that give unlimited anime content for free. The channel showcases much popular anime like Bleach, One Punch Man, and more.

There are many legal YouTube channels that you can trust to offer the best anime collection. For the most part, you can stream the anime in full HD. The user interface is easy to use, and the search bar takes you to your favorite series or movie in no time.

The YouTube website is free for all users. But you can also get paid content with extra features.

Get YouTube on Android/ iOS

11. Tubi


You will be amazed at the huge resources of anime movies and series that Tubi provides for free. There are no paid subscriptions to unlock features. Whatever you want is right in the free app, including content other than anime.

Tubi is a legal, unlimited streaming service with a massive library of drama, comedy, originals, and much more. With the excellent features available, it is no less when compared to the more popular streaming services.

The only drawback is the frequent ads that disrupt the flow of watching. But when you consider the fact that you get all your favorite anime content for free, the ads are manageable.

Download Tubi for Android/ iOS



The unique collection of anime movies and series, including the lesser-known ones, makes HIDIVE one of the best anime streaming apps. With around 500 anime titles like Bloom Into You and Parasyte, it has something for every anime fan.

Something we found different in HIDIVE is that it has uncensored versions of popular anime. The simulcast feature allows you to watch the newest episodes as soon as they release. In addition, the private chat rooms are one-of-a-kind for communicating with friends.

You will have a 14-day free trial, after which you can get a paid subscription starting from $4.99 and going up to $47.99.

Get HIDIVE for Android/ iOS

13. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet, with a massive record of over 45,000 episodes of anime shows, is a top anime streaming site. The website has a partnership with HIDIVE and Crunchyroll, and that’s how you get to watch everything anime here.

The user-friendly interface might remind you of Crunchyroll. Apart from watching anime, you can also read manga here, which is a bonus. The community for anime fans will give watchlists, reviews, and more, and you will have a fun interaction.

You can watch most anime content for free, but not all. You can become a premium member to get access to video streaming of premium content.

Visit Anime-Planet 

14. AnimeFox


AnimeFox shows its online presence with a user-friendly website that takes you to your dream anime series. The site offers the best free selection of anime for users, and there are no subscriptions available. Search for your favorite subbed or dubbed anime and start watching.

AnimeFox offers anime content in HD quality, so you will never get bored of them. The developers boast of an ad-free experience where you can watch movies and shows without interruptions.

Visit AnimeFox

15. CONtv


Whether CONtv can be considered one of the best anime streaming apps is for you to decide. The website and app consist of a small collection of anime, but you will find your favorites if you are lucky.

All the content in CONtv is completely free to watch, but the video player can sometimes be slow. Even though ads pop up mid-way, they are not as frustrating as in other apps. Besides anime, you can access additional content like sci-fi, horror, and more.

Download CONtv for Android

Final Thoughts On Best Anime Streaming Apps

Whether you are a newbie to the anime world or an anime watcher since you can remember, you deserve the best anime streaming apps. Most apps and websites offer a trial period which you can use to your advantage. So explore them thoroughly to see if your favorite series and shows are available.

The best anime streaming services have website versions also where you can log in and watch anime. The best thing is that you can watch not just anime but any other content on many apps like Netflix and YouTube. So, if you are looking for the best apps where you can watch best anime shows and general content, our streaming options are good.