Android phones come with a lot of features that make our lives easier. But most of the time, Android users cannot take full advantage of its capabilities because the apps run without mercy. App killers for Android check for apps that unnecessarily run in the background and kill them to save battery and optimize your device.

Some apps let you select the apps that you want to close manually. Others do an auto-scan to discover the troubling apps and disable them automatically. This is a crucial step to improve the performance of your device and extend battery life. When the resource-consuming apps end, the device starts functioning optimally, and the essential apps get more focus. If you are still doubtful about getting one, understand if your Android device really needs a task killer.

12 Best App Killers For Android To Save Battery

Most app killers for Android kill apps efficiently and do a little more for an optimized device. Some apps you will find here are also app managers that give complete info about how the running apps affect your device. So, choose an application killer for Android from the list of the best ones by understanding how it works.

1. Greenify

Greenify App killers for Android

Let us start the list of the best app killers for Android smartphones with the most popular and highly optimized app, Greenify. Greenify does not exactly fit into the category of killers; rather, it uses hibernation technology to lead the problem-causing apps to a state of hibernation.

Additionally, Greenify has an Aggressive Doze mode that enables better battery saving. The app is also capable of recognizing battery-draining apps and reducing the time they run in the background. When they go into hibernation mode, they don’t use up resources like before.

Low-end devices greatly benefit from Greenify as the Android app ends device lag if any. It works with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

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2. Taskmanager

No, we are not talking about the Task Manager every computer user is familiar with. Taskmanager is an app compatible with Android devices and is used to kill the apps that are unnecessarily running in the background.

Taskmanager is the best free Android app killer that comes with three themes to choose from. It gives you a list of apps running currently and the RAM available. You can just give a single tap on the app name to kill it.

The app also lets you create a list of ignored apps, including those you don’t want to stop. All the apps that are often used can be put into this list. The killer app for Android has no ads, and it is a great blessing. Note that it doesn’t auto-kill apps.

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3. KillApps


KillApps is one of the few app killers for Android that comes bundled with many features. A single tap is all you need to kill the apps that crave resources. You can permanently stop an app from running in the background if you prefer.

You can stop system apps and third-party apps using KillApps. Listing apps and setting rules defining how they should run is easy. As the app can shut down background apps automatically, you don’t have to manually do it every time your smartphone goes slow. In addition, the app makes other apps use less memory and speed up your phone.

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4. Task Killer

Task Killer

Task Killer app lists apps running on your phone and information about how much space they consume. So you can decide which apps to kill and which to keep. Check the box near the apps to select them and tap the Kill Selected button.

Thankfully, the auto-kill feature does not allow the apps on Android to restart on their own. You can automate the killing process by setting a time limit. For apps, you always want to run in the background, like social media apps, create an ignore list to skip them.

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5. Auto Optimizer Premium

Auto Optimizer Premium

Every Android device works best if it is optimized for use with app killers for Android. Auto Optimizer Premium saves a lot of battery power by stopping the background apps. In addition, the premium version offers many advanced features, which you can test during the free trial period.

Auto Optimizer Premium puts your unwanted apps into hibernation mode so they won’t actively take up resources. As a result, your phone will save its battery for important apps. The features like Touch Block, Video Enhancer, and more make it quite different from the regular app killers.

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6. Hibernation Manager

Hibernation Manager App killers for Android

Whether you want to hibernate your CPU, settings or apps, Hibernation Manager is ready to serve you. If you close it manually, you cannot trust an app to remain inactive. But the apps closed by the app killer will stay closed, even for non-rooted devices.

If you are not using your device, the Hibernation Manager app may prevent apps from accessing the internet. Thus, the data consumption of your phone is reduced. There are several things the app can do to make your phone work better, so don’t see it as a mere application killer for Android.

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7. Skit


When you install Skit on your device, you just don’t get one of the best app killers for Android but also a comprehensive apps manager. The app is simple to use but very useful in managing the apps on your device.

With Skit, you can stop any app that drains your device’s battery by running in the background. You can also extract or uninstall apps, view its components and activities, and do more with the app. In addition, you can get a deep analysis of how the app works and the permissions set.

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8. Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager works with devices up to the version of Android Nougat 7.0. It gives you a list of background apps and lets you decide which ones you want to end. You can even group apps under the ignore list to save them from being stopped.

Many features in Advanced Task Manager help you delete bad files, uninstall unnecessary apps, and do much more. While the manual mode lets you kill selected apps manually, the auto mode kills all apps that consume battery by running in the background.

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9. Naptime


Naptime is one of the best app killers for Android that puts the apps to a good nap. Android has a built-in doze feature that comes to use while using the app. When the device screen is off, the app reduces your device’s battery consumption. As a result, the background apps enter a power-saving state.

When the device is turned on, the doze mode turns off, and the apps resume working. Naptime works with only rooted devices. So, the app suits advanced users who have practice working with Android devices.

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10. App Killer and Manager

App Killer and Manager

The name App Killer and Manager gives an idea of what the app is about. It can manage the apps on your Android device and kill the unwanted ones that simply drain the battery. In addition, it brings all the hidden apps and services to light.

Once you identify the apps, you can decide whether or not they should run. If they stop functioning, the CPU and RAM get much relief, resulting in better performance. The memory cleaner in the app auto-kills services that it identifies as unwanted. If you want to save apps from being killed, you can make a list and keep them untouched.

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11. SystemPanel 2

SystemPanel 2

It is not surprising that the best app killers for Android can also be the best system monitoring app. SystemPanel 2 is the best Android app that keeps track of how the RAM, network, and CPU work and affect the performance of your device.

Opening the app will give you detailed information about battery usage, active apps, power consumption, and more. This gives you an idea of which apps are detrimental to the optimum performance of your device. You can then disable such services and apps that run in the background unnecessarily.

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12. Super Toolbox

 Super Toolbox

We are not done with app managers yet, and here is the last one on the list. Super Toolbox is an excellent app manager that shows running app details in neat categories. This way, you can quickly identify what needs to run in the background.

The attractive features of the app are a power-saving mode, a one-tap boost option, and regular automated cleaning. The automated cleaning feature automatically closes all the battery-draining apps that need not run always. You can also whitelist apps that are often used.

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Final Thoughts On App Killers For Android

Getting all the interesting apps on your Android smartphones can be tempting, only to regret it later. Many apps run in the background to sync data or send notifications, but they use the device battery unnecessarily. And this is where app killers for Android play their part!

The best app killer for Android kills the apps that consume more resources without user intervention. But some apps list the background services, and you can kill them manually. You can even choose an app that is also an application manager for Android to boost device performance significantly.