The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches when it comes to appearance, productivity, and functionality. Proud Apple watch owners can never stop talking about the watch features if they start. And loading them with the best Apple Watch apps multiplies their goodness. From reminder apps and productivity apps to sleep tracking apps, there are many that add color to your life.

Most apps are free to download and use, making them all the more desirable. But you may consider your lifestyle before deciding what kinds of apps suit you. For example, a fitness app will be a good option if you look forward to meeting your fitness goals. But how do you know which one to get out of the thousands of apps available? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

25 Best Apple Watch Apps For Better Functionality

You will find here the best Apple Watch apps that cater to different needs. Add them to the native Apple apps, and you will get the best out of your smartwatch. You may not need plenty of apps, but a handful of them that suit your interests can make a big difference. So, make your watch more efficient with these fantastic apps for Apple Watch.

1. Strava

Strava best apple watch apps

Fitness enthusiasts will swear by the best Apple Watch apps, like Strava. Whether you are into running, swimming, or riding bikes, Strava will be by your side. It records mileage, pace, and heart rate to give you accurate information about how your workout is progressing.

You can use the iPhone app, but if you think a watch is a better option while on the go, you are right. In fact, Strava works with over thirty sports types. Your training log is available at your fingertips, making it possible to make improvements when you fall behind. In addition, a strong community is always there to support your fitness journey.

Download Strava

2. Citymapper


Mind a travel companion in some of the capital cities of the world? Get Citymapper if you don’t want to waste time figuring out the best route to reach your dream destination. You can use any mode of transportation, including walking and cycling, and get turn-by-turn directions.

You can plan your trips based on the travel routes and transportation recommended by Citymapper. Choose from the three map views, compare cab fares, get live wait times, and even save your favorite places to make the next ride super easy. The only drawback is that, currently, the app works for only a few cities.

Get Citymapper

3. PCalc


Calculate on your wrist, and that too with one of the best Apple Watch apps for accurate calculations. PCalc is suited to students, engineers, scientists, and anyone who wants to do regular calculations. It supports octal, hexadecimal, and binary calculations, so it differs from the traditional calculator we all had.

PCalc lets you choose a button layout, perform unit conversions, undo and redo actions, and much more on the small screen of your Apple watch. It comes with 3D touch support, engineering, and scientific notations for all the dreaded calculations. In addition, the free app allows making in-app purchases.

Download PCalc

4. Water Reminder

Water Reminder

It would be quite heart-warming if there were someone to remind you of your daily duties. Water Reminder is a handy app that calculates your water requirements and reminds you to hydrate yourself without fail. In addition, it makes custom drink volumes depending on your bodily needs.

You can enter the amount in the watch every time you take in any liquid. And the app analyzes the amount and finds out if it matches your needs. Water Reminder syncs its drinking data with the Apple Health app. You can choose from the different subscriptions available in the app.

Get Water Reminder

5. Cloud Battery

Cloud Battery

If you are worried about the dipping battery levels of your Apple devices, use one of the best Apple Watch apps to keep track of the levels. Cloud Battery lets you better manage the battery by viewing all the important information in one place.

You may install Cloud Battery on all Apple devices and see the battery info from any device using your iCloud account. You can decide at what percentage you want to get a charge alert. In addition, the app provides a Today Widget, Notifications, Watch complications, and more to be informed about your devices’ batteries. So, you will never face a zero charge screen on any of your devices from now on.

Download Cloud Battery 

6. Headspace

Headspace best apple watch apps

All the hype is about mindfulness, and for a good reason. Less stress and sound sleep are linked to a happier life, and Headspace’s mindfulness and meditation ensure all of these. You can access mindfulness exercises, courses, guided meditation, and more with the app.

Headspace is a great Apple Watch to know yourselves. Depending on your likes and current mood, it gives you daily recommendations. You can choose 3-minute meditation sessions or longer ones if you want long-lasting relaxation. Headspace is the best tool to boost your concentration for a productive day. Users can get any of the two auto-renewing subscriptions.

Get Headspace

7. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather

Meet one of the best Apple Watch apps for accurate weather forecasts, CARROT Weather. It gives quick access to the current forecasts, so you can plan your day accordingly. You will get detailed information in an easy-to-read format. The app does not share your location details with any third-party vendors.

For that matter, CARROT Weather is not a mere weather app but offers more fun. You can unlock secret locations and achievements, film your weather report videos, and more. Moreover, if you join the Premium Club, you will get more exclusive features at your fingertip.

Download CARROT Weather 

8. Spotify


Been a Spotify fan forever? Then you will be happy to know that Spotify also has an Apple watch app. With the app, you can enjoy millions of albums, songs, podcasts, and whatnot. As a Premium subscriber, you will get all these free to download and listen to later.

It is best to manage Spotify playlists from your watch and listen to the songs on your headphones to get the best out of your music. Once you have the app on your watch, you can delve into a world of music. Explore albums from worldwide or create your playlists and sit back for a lazy day.

Get Spotify

9. Just Press Record

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is one of the best Apple Watch apps to get the perfect audio recordings. With a single tap, you can record, pause or stop. In addition, the app supports transcription and iCloud syncing to access the recordings from any of your Apple devices.

The app lets you edit your audio and gives an unlimited recording time. You can store up to twelve audio recordings, then transfer them to another device. So get the app and capture all your important moments with a single tap on your watch.

Download Just Press Record

10. WorkOutDoors


WorkOutDoors is an app that assists you in your workout endeavors. It is best for all indoor and outdoor activities like cycling, running, and hiking. In addition, it has a vector map that can be cached on the Apple Watch so that you can use it offline.

The app has many configurable data screen displays. For example, you can schedule intervals between workouts and get alerts when the time is up. Additionally, you can upload your workload details and integrate them with other health apps. WorkOutDoors comes packed with several features you can explore in your free time.

Get WorkOutDoors

11. Calm


One of the best Apple Watch apps for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, Calm has bagged many awards for excellence. Unlimited guided meditations, breathwork, stretching exercises, and sleep stories give the benefits like stress relief, lower anxiety, sound sleep, and more.

Calm is suitable for beginners as well as people who are regularly into meditations. You can choose from a few minutes to longer sessions to completely ease your mind. Mindfulness is something you will gain out of these sessions. We recommend taking a monthly or yearly subscription to make maximum use of the app.

Download Calm

12. Cheatsheet


Are you overwhelmed with all the pieces of information you must remember daily? Here is the Cheatsheet app to note your room numbers, ID numbers, and anything you need to remember accurately. A glance at your Apple watch, and you will see the data along with the icon; it’s that easy.

With a simple user interface to search among the 200+ icons, you can easily choose the right one and assign your cheats. Finding the cheats is easy as you can organize them into folders. In addition, pro users can lock their cheats with a passcode lock and sync the data between their Apple devices via iCloud.

Get Cheatsheet

13. Audible


Audible is one of the best Apple Watch apps functioning as a complete audio entertainment app. If you like storytelling, you will enjoy the app with a huge collection of stories from various genres. In addition, you will find podcasts, audiobooks, and Audible Originals to listen to when you feel like it.

There are various websites that offer completely free audiobooks. But, if you have the app on your iPhone, you can get audiobooks and move them to the Apple watch. You will get continuity as the phone app syncs with the watch app. The app enables listening to thousands of titles without credit. In addition, audible Premium Plus gives you more features for a complete listening experience.

Download Audible

14. Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout

Get Streaks Workout, and you will never feel the need for a personal trainer. Choose any place for your workout, and the app will guide you with the best suitable exercises. There are thirty exercises you can choose that do not need any equipment. Exercises are customized for different ages and abilities.

The app offers four workout lengths depending on your interests. You can view your workout history in the app and analyze how well you are progressing. An Apple Music subscription will let you listen to your favorite albums while working out.

Get Streaks Workout

15. Google Maps

Google Maps

There is no need for an introduction to Google Maps because rarely anyone on the road hasn’t used it. The app is now available for your Apple watch, making it more convenient. Google Maps is one of the best Apple Watch apps you can rely on to reach your destination correctly.

You can enter where you want to go, and the app finds the best route. It gives detailed information about live traffic, local businesses, and transit info. It is like a step-by-step guide to reach the place in the minimum time possible.

Download Google Maps

16. Snappy Word

Snappy Word

Yes, you can also play games on your Apple Watch, and that too for free. Snappy Word has many hidden words that challenge you to find them. You will link the letters in the word game to make words and reach your goal. Once you start the Apple Watch game, it is impossible to stop playing.

When you find all the hidden words, you will complete a level. You can also make words not present in the list to earn hint gems. Kids and adults will both enjoy the game. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of training the brain?

Get Snappy Word

17. Solstice

Solstice best apple watch apps

If you are a person who loves to bathe in the sunlight all day, the Solstice is one of the best Apple Watch apps you should get. The app gives you the sunrise and sunset times in advance, so you know when to get ready. It also provides information about the daylight levels of your region.

Solstice gives a comparative report of how the daylight hours vary from the previous day. You will also know how much daylight can be expected in the coming months. Overall, the app works pretty well for every sunny person.

Download Solstice

18. Runance


Runners will find loads of apps in the App Store to assist in their running and recording data. But most of them urge you to share your data but not Runance. Runance is a running app that respects your privacy and keeps your running data to itself.

You can record your runs on your watch, and the iOS app will give a report of your workouts, including distance, heart rate, tempo, and more. The interface is easy to use, and you can trust the app with your data. Runance only has a free version, so you don’t have to think again to get it.

Get Runance

19. Todoist


Get one of the best Apple Watch apps to stay organized in your daily life, Todoist. It is like a task manager that helps you make a to-do list for your day’s duties. Whether it is your professional or personal front, you can go a long way if you stick to your schedule, and the app ensures that.

The Quick Add feature lets you add tasks to our list anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can link the app to other tools like the calendar to boost your productivity. Set task priority levels and tick the tasks one by one as you finish them. And don’t worry if you forget some tasks. The app will remind you about every important one like the usual apps for productivity.

Get Todoist

20. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies

Mind a strategy game on your Apple watch? Tiny Armies is an exciting game that lets you fight with your enemies and conquer them. You can play against AI as a solo game or face your friends or people from across the world as enemies.

The game design is so amazing that you will never want to stop playing. Besides the Apple watch, it is compatible with all iOS devices too. So, you can enjoy playing the fast-paced game irrespective of the device.

Download Tiny Armies

21. iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse

If you are a frequent traveler, it is a good idea to have one of the best Apple Watch apps for translation. The app will translate 38 languages and be your best pal throughout your journey. You can select the language to translate or let the app do it automatically.

Using the app is simple. Tap and hold to speak, and when you release, you will find the translation button. iTranslate Converse delivers the best results even if you are standing on a busy, noisy road. So, take it anywhere and experience its benefits.

Get iTranslate Converse

22. AutoSleep


AutoSleep can track your sleep, whether you wear your watch to bed or not. The app will automatically determine your sleeping and wake-up time. Then, once you are up in the morning, check your watch for a detailed report based on factors like heart rate and time spent in bed.

AutoSleep works brilliantly with no third party code or ads. If you often have disturbed sleep, you can make a few changes in the settings to suit your sleep patterns. The app comes with a low price, and anyone who has used it once has improved their sleep.  

Download AutoSleep

23. Map My Run

Map My Run

We have already discussed some of the best Apple Watch apps for fitness, and here is another workout app. Map My Run is a favorite app of runners. It motivates you to give your best run and achieve your fitness goals. In addition, you will get coaching tips and training plans tailored for you to make your performance better.

Ranked as one of the top ten apps for runners, Map My Run tracks your runs and gives real-time updates. It has over 600 activities, including yoga, cycling, walking, and more. So, it is a great app that cares for your health and fitness.

Get Map My Run

24. Pennies


Having the best budgeting app on your Apple Watch, like Pennies, is a stepping stone to financial stability. Every day, it tells you how much you can spend on that particular day. In addition, with the financial health data it gives, you will know your status and hence keep a tab on overspending.

Depending on your earning and spending habits, Pennies gives you a budget starting any day you choose. In fact, the app also helps create any number of budgets according to your requirements. Thankfully, the data can be shared across Apple devices via iCloud. As a result, it is easy to work with the app with the simplest interface.

Download Pennies

25. Watchsmith

Watchsmith best apple watch apps

Want to play with an array of Apple Watch complications? Watchsmith is one among the best Apple Watch apps that offers customizable complications to suit your interest. You can make different complications and schedule them to show on the Apple watch face, following certain rules.

You can set your favorite one-liner to appear in the morning, followed by a to-do list, and so on right on your Apple Watch. Watchsmith can integrate with the Apple Health app on your iPhone if you prefer. You can get a monthly or yearly premium subscription if you are impressed with its features.

Get Watchsmith

Final Thoughts On Best Apple Watch Apps

An Apple Watch is really classy on your wrist and pairing it with the best Apple Watch apps can help make your life interesting. The App Store has umpteen third-party apps designed for the Apple Watch, and you may end up getting the wrong ones. Every app has a specific purpose, and you are the best person to decide which goes well with your daily routine.

Our list of apps will make you happy because there is something for everyone here. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or spend more time caring for your health, you will find the best apps that will give you more than you expect. So, choose the best app and make your Apple Watch perform better.