Cloudflare is a platform that offers many internet-based services, including security services. If you are concerned about DDoS protection, a feature-rich CDN, and a website application firewall, you might have considered using Cloudflare for your websites. But its shortcomings can lead you to seek an equally compelling Cloudflare alternative. When you try to find the best alternative to Cloudflare, it must come with real-time CDN, extraordinary security features, reliability, and more.

Cloudflare is one of the most popular networks that positions itself between the users and the best cloud storage to reduce latency. So, competitors and alternatives must match Cloudflare’s ability to handle the heavy traffic and deliver your content in the least possible time. It does good for the website owners if all of these come in a single platform.

13 Cloudflare Alternative To Improve Performance And Security

Similar to what Cloudflare offers, a Cloudflare alternative protects the websites and enables a smooth delivery of content. In addition, it is capable of managing large volume traffic and unexpected vulnerabilities most efficiently. Here are a few options you can explore for all your CDN and security needs.

1. Amazon CloudFront

Cloudflare alternative Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront can be your perfect Cloudflare alternative that offers maximum convenience to the developers. It is a content delivery network service with surprisingly high data transfer rates and low latency. Moreover, it delivers content securely, which is highly appreciable of such services.

CloudFront has more than 450 Points of Presence across the world for data delivery. Access controls and traffic encryption provide tight security to your data. If you are worried about DDoS attacks, be aware that the AWS Shield Standard protects against them. If it sees an increase in traffic all of a sudden, it allocates more hardware to keep up with the pace.


AWS follows a pay-as-you-go approach.

Use Amazon CloudFront

2. Fastly

Fastly Cloudflare alternative

Fastly is one great pick if you aim for ultimate digital performance. It promises the excellent cloud innovation, security, and speed you need. In addition, the compute platform assists you in building the swiftest apps with faster response times. And we believe this is what customers require at the end of the day.

Fastly manages mobile and web traffic to optimize the performance of your services. The network has full-feature APIs delivered from the edge. The CDN service is fully configurable and has the industry-leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) in place. Its features like WAF protection, DDoS mitigation, and API protection have drawn users to try it.


You can choose from different feature sets and get custom prices. Fastly allows a free trial worth $50.

Try Fastly

3. Akamai


If DDoS attacks often threaten you, the Cloudflare alternative Akamai will aid you. It is an edge and cloud platform that enables content delivery just the way users want to experience it, irrespective of where they connect from. In addition, it is known for its speed and top-notch performance on any device.

Akamai also ensures your business is secure by protecting your data from malicious traffic. The threat intelligence firewall is ready at all times to identify any security breach that has happened. In addition, the Kona Site Defender enables web application and API protection with the best security offering in the market.


Akamai gives a free trial before giving custom prices.

Try Akamai

4. Indusface


If you have heard about risk-based API protection, you must know Indusface. It features API-specific rules to tackle OWASP top threats. When Indusface is in place, you learn about the undocumented shadow APIs. It offers 100% security against API-specific DDoS and bot attacks.

The AppTrana feature of Indusface manages your web application and provides real-time API protection. Any security concerns and the experts are available round the clock for support. Manual penetration testing, false positive removal, and many other services are available with the Indusface WAS.



  • Advance: $99
  • Premium: $399
  • Enterprise: Custom price


  • Premium: $399
  • Enterprise: Custom price

Indusface WAS:

  • Advance: $59
  • Premium: $199
  • Basic: $0

Use Indusface

5. Sucuri


The cloud platform Sucuri is a Cloudflare alternative to ensure your websites are always protected. The cloud-based firewall is always on duty to protect against hackers. It comes with a malware scanner that detects and uproots it quickly. In addition, the Sucuri CDN provides superior website speeds as it caches the content automatically.

Sucuri has the CDN network, which is a globally distributed Anycast network. As a result, you will never face network interruptions resulting in better load speed. The platform prevents SQL injections and DDoS attacks with top-grade security policies.


Website Security Platform Plans:

  • Basic Platform: $199.99 per year
  • Pro Platform: $299.99 per year
  • Business Platform: $499.99 per year
  • Multi-site & Custom Plans: Custom price

Firewall with CDN Plans:

  • Basic Firewall: $9.99 per month
  • Pro Firewall: $19.98 per month
  • Multi-site & Custom Plans: Custom price

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6. Imperva


With positive security models, Imperva has been popular for its excellent protection. Detecting vulnerabilities, investigation, and management happen on the same platform, which is cost-effective in the long run. In addition, the protection of APIs and applications is automated. As a result, there is no room for the bot, DDoS, or supply chain attacks to scare you.

In fact, Imperva is a service like Cloudflare that bundles CDN services with top network security.

Whether you have data on the cloud or on-premises, it offers improved security. Concerning network security, it supports DNS resolution at the edge for zero downtime. Load balancing, content caching, failover, and more are trademarks of the service.


You can start with a free trial.

Start with Imperva

7. Azure CDN

Azure CDN

Users are delighted to have services from big names like Microsoft, which has a powerful CDN service in its bucket. If rapid content delivery is on your checklist, the Cloudflare alternative Azure CDN offers much. It is a completely scalable solution that copes with the sudden load increase. Through the optimization of delivery, large files become easy to handle.

Azure CDN improves responsiveness and reduces load times for mobile and web apps and streaming media. Enhanced user experience, performance, and security are the strong points if you prefer Azure CDN over Cloudflare. In addition, it integrates with Azure services, so it is beneficial if you have an Azure account.  


You can start with a free trial followed by pay-as-you-go pricing.

Try Azure CDN

8. Cloud CDN

 Cloud CDN

The much-loved Google has its own CDN service called Cloud CDN. Considering its wide reach, you can call it a global CDN. It supports pulling data from any backend, including cloud storage and compute engines, to enable fast delivery. Plus, you have better control over cache keys.

Cloud CDN assures improved page performance thanks to reduced data size using dynamic compression. It uses cloud load balancing to provide configuration capabilities and appropriate routing at each edge location. Security of applications is ensured if you use custom SSL certificates.


You can try Google Cloud CDN for free or contact sales for custom pricing.  

Use Cloud CDN

9. StackPath


StackPath is a cloud platform that offers edge computing on the cloud. The top Cloudflare alternative has its locations even in dense areas so that your content and applications are delivered fast. The fact that these locations are closer to customers makes way for a great user experience in terms of security and speed.

StackPath enables computing with 60% less latency and CDN with an 80% cache hit ratio. The platform has created a private network between edge locations for built-in security. It also features Layer-7 DDoS mitigation and bot protection. Overall, it gives tough competition to Cloudflare in every area.


You must contact sales for pricing.

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10. CDN77


Unmatched client service, huge network scale, and advanced video engineering are factors that make CDN77 unique. It detects vulnerabilities automatically and blocks all kinds of attacks. Advanced video delivery is a key feature of the platform, and it supports almost all video formats.

The secure connections made possible by CDN77 are due to the latest TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT, SSL certificates, and optimized HTTP/2. You can rest assured that it protects your content with SmartWAF, Secure Tokens, and more. Unlike Cloudflare, CDN77 is a cost-effective platform everyone loves.


You can get custom plans based on your traffic requirements.

Try CDN77

11. KeyCDN


KeyCDN is a CDN provider that delivers content at lightning-fast speeds. Its high performance is what makes it a great Cloudflare alternative. With an advanced TCP stack and complete SSD coverage, it has everything you could ask for in an edge server. In addition, features like Brotli, HTTP/2, and more are available to every account.

The secrets to the enhanced performance of KeyCDN are latency-based routing technology and IP anycast. You can access the network in a few steps, where you will get to make advanced customizations suiting your needs. You will never go wrong with KeyCDN, trusted by thousands of users across the globe.


  • First 10 TB: $0.04/GB per month
  • Next 40 TB: $0.03/GB per month
  • Next 50 TB: $0.02/GB per month
  • Over 100 TB: $0.01/GB per month

Use KeyCDN

12. Netlify


Netlify is not exactly a CDN, but it is designed in a way to deliver something similar to Cloudflare. It makes launching websites and applications effortless in a matter of minutes. It offers an environment that is production-ready, thereby letting you escape the difficult setup process. To make things easier, many templates are available for you to work on.

Netlify makes the CDN management process easy with a simple dashboard that comes with logs and reports. It enables static and dynamic content caching that makes your sites load faster. You can also delete the cache if you no longer need it.


  • Starter: $0
  • Pro: $19 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Custom price

Use Netlify

13. is an efficient Cloudflare alternative that makes content delivery reach blazing speeds. The edge storage and optimization services do a good job of optimizing the performance of your websites. A number of companies, including Hyundai and Unicorn, line up to show the actual proof of the benefits offered by the platform. lets your content reach across the globe swiftly with its CDN services. It features hot object storage to enable fast delivery. You can stream videos efficiently and optimize your websites for all sorts of content in a single click. The next on their bucket list is a load balancer for maximum scalability and performance.


Start using with a 14-day trial.


Final Thoughts

Cloudflare is a much sought-after platform that offers many advanced features to website owners. But at least a few have felt that the sight ranking goes down with Cloudflare. So true or not, it doesn’t hurt to hunt for a Cloudflare alternative.

The article gives you some top alternatives that offer free and paid plans to get your websites up and running. Most have DDoS protection, load balancing, caching, and many more features. Identify what your requirements are and then choose an option.