Are you bored of playing action-adventure Android games and looking for something interesting that blows away your mind? Why not try the best strategy games for Android that test your thinking abilities by putting you into various tricky situations to see how you fare? Strategy games are also beneficial from an educational point of view as they test your managerial skills and thinking capacity.

These games, available as Android port, have taken mobile gaming to a new level of enjoyment. The classic game loved by strategy gamers enhances your teamwork and decision-making skills. The Android versions are better strategy titles that promise much fun, even on small screens. The best strategy games for Android also can be explored as the best board game apps, war game apps, and more.

Best Strategy Games For Android: Face New Challenges At Every Step!

You can play the best strategy games for Android for a prolonged period. Whether it is a tower defense game or a puzzle game, playing them has no fixed difficulty levels. These games offer multiplayer functionality; hence, the difficulty level is based on your opponent’s skill. You will find these games in the Google Play Store; some are even available for iOS devices. So, here are the many strategy games available on Android.

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Have you witnessed an epic clan war, or better, took part in one? Well, Clash of Clans lets you compete in a clan war with players from across the globe. It is one of the best strategy games for Android in the war strategy games genre. Here, you can build your village by obtaining resources from opponent villages.  

Another exciting endeavor in the game is raising clans and participating in clan wars. Clash Of Clans is also one of the best free strategy games with in-app purchases. If you love wars and battles and building empires, don’t miss out on it.

Price: Free

Download Clash of Clans

2. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends

You will wonder how the famous role-playing game Raid: Shadow Legends comes under the strategy game genre. But the responsibility of recruiting the best fighters, training them, and preparing them for ultimate victory calls for nothing short of the best strategies. The visual adventure will let you experience 15 playable factions. It is one of the best strategy games for Android.

The game happens in Teleria, a place ruled by the Dark Lord. Your role as a player is to become that warrior who defeats the Lord in a real fight and brings the much-awaited peaceful ambiance. The battles happen in temples, dungeons, castles, and deserts. But be careful in every step, as your enemies are equally trained.

Price: Free

Download Raid: Shadow Legends

3. Civilization VI

Civilization VI

We cannot do without the mention of the Civilization series in the best strategy games for Android list. A game that improves your decision-making skills and strategic thinking, Civilization VI will engage you for hours. The game is all about developing civilization as part of empire-building.

Obviously, there ought to be rivals when you grow your empire. So, you must do everything you can to battle them without mercy. Many resources are at your disposal to help you conquer the world. So, be prepared with the best of strategies. You may play the first 60 turns of the game for free and upgrade to continue.

Price: Free

Download Civilization VI

4. The Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia best android strategy games

Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategy game where you have the limelight as the ruler of a tribe. But that doesn’t come with fewer challenges. Your duty is to build a civilization while competing with other tribes. The game is optimized for Android devices, and you will never miss the depth of the gameplay, thanks to the brilliant interface.

The game involves fighting tribal foes, controlling the map, venturing to new places, and learning new technologies to establish your base. This is one of the best strategy games for Android and is an excellent choice if you frequently find yourself on the go, as it can be played offline.

Price: Free

Download The Battle of Polytopia

5. Hoplite


Hoplite has everything to be one of the best strategy games for Android, starting with a simple game and leading the players to a tough game. It is again a turn-based game where you move around small maps. You are a soldier from a far-off place, and the small maps contain your enemies and many obstacles.

Careful gameplay is what Hoplite asks for, as every move can be decisive. While you are learning the game, you upgrade your abilities as you progress. But the basic rule stands that a lot of thinking must go into your decisions about each move.

Price: Free

Download Hoplite

6. Into the Breach

Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a combat game where the players must be defenders, saving the civilization. The turn-based strategy game presents threats from aliens, and you must save the world, or they destroy it. There are creatures under the earth waiting to take possession of the world, so be careful.

Players can take help from mechs and pilots to save the land. You must frequently confront your enemies in a battle; every step has a challenge. The game is exclusively available for Netflix users. So, a subscription is mandatory.

Price: Need Netflix subscription

Download Into the Breach

7. Mafia City

Mafia City

Get into one of the best strategy games for Android that lets you get involved in some crime in the city. Time management and wit are two weapons that will help you traverse the perils of the game. Whether you want to conquer the city or the mafia world, you can nurture friendships with other players.

The gameplay includes stealing from banks, dating cuties, and many others to become the boss of the crime world. The game differs from others in that you live in the real world with a somewhat unreal identity. While in the game, don’t forget to gather luxury cars and live in style!

Price: Free

Download Mafia City

8. XCOM 2 Collection

XCOM 2 Collection

XCOM 2 has always been among the best mobile strategy games with a great storyline. Players have no time to waste in saving the Earth from destructive aliens. The aliens rule the world, wiping out those who are not in their support. So, you are the savior the world looks up to.

You emerge to save the people of the world by leading a global resistance against the aliens. So, the planet’s future depends greatly on how well you strategize. You can buy the game and get the four DLC packs in one package.

Price: $19.99

Download XCOM 2 Collection

9. Bad North

Bad North

The Viking invaders are all over the place, killing the king. In one of the best strategy games for Android, which is also a game of survival, you, as a player, take the throne after your father. What follows is a game of do or die, craving to just survive above everything!

Bad North is a real-time strategy game where you need to act fast to ensure the safety of your people. Make good use of your soldiers who are capable of managing their battles. In the meantime, you can focus on the bigger picture. The game is a visual treat you must not miss at any cost.

Price: $3.99

Download Bad North

10. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is another marvel among mobile games that use tactics to progress. You can lead a technically sound army as Magos Dominus Faustinius. You have the power to customize the army, master tech, manage resources, and much more. The game is featured in a sci-fi universe you will love.

You will find more than 50 missions in the game to test your luck. You can use your abilities and experience to control the troops. Every step forward is important, so your decisions cannot be wrong. If you like turn-based games, you must definitely give some time for this best strategy games for Android.


Download Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

11. Card Thief

 Card Thief

You can think of Card Thief as a solitaire-style card game, but it is one of the best strategy games for Android that call for great strategic planning. A deck of cards awaits you, and you make your way through it as a trained thief. You can hide in the shadows, rob the guards and accumulate treasures if you are smart enough.

The stolen items can attract equipment cards that are of high value. By using three equipment cards in a robbery attempt, you can be a master thief with unmatched abilities. If you have played Card Crawl, you will find Card Thief familiar as it is a follow-up to the former.

Price: Free

Download Card Thief

12. Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the best tower defense strategy game where you create monkey towers to defend yourselves. You can take the help of monkeys to save yourselves from the enemies. The game has many maps and modes, each giving a unique gaming experience.

It’s not just the monkeys that defend you. But your upgrades, abilities, and heroes can all help you put up a fight against your foes. Millions of players around the world are playing the game. Team up and give your best gameplay.

Price: $6.99

Download Bloons TD 6

13. Crying Suns

Crying Suns

Mind becoming a space fleet commander while playing one of the best strategy games for Android? Crying Suns lets you travel through a fallen empire and explore its possibilities. The basic mechanics of the game is similar to that of FLT, the difference being that here, you take charge of a command ship.

As you are in charge of the ship, there are many things you must be careful about, like the safety of the crew and the amount of fuel. The storyline is attractive, and that is what engages the players for the most part.

Download Crying Suns

14. Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory

If you liked Out There, try Sigma Theory from the same developers. Sigma Theory is a turn-based strategy game where you are about to witness a life-changing scientific discovery. It will bring new technologies and ideas, and you must watch out for them.

With the discovery, the superpowers of the world understand that they could destroy the world or disrupt the financial system if they wish. You will have a team of agents under you while in the game. Unlike most other games, there are no petty fights here. But you will get plenty of opportunities to make important decisions that will change the gameplay.

Download Sigma Theory

15. Motorsport Manager Online 2023

Motorsport Manager Online 2023 best strategy games for android

Motorsport Manager Online 2023 is one of the best strategy games for Android and a mobile racing game at its core. You are a motorsport manager, and so are other players from different parts of the world. You can hire drivers, design cars, and manage car racing.

The brilliant 3D graphics will capture your heart while the race is on. The game features a 10-player multiplayer mode, raising the excitement level. Then, you get to take part in the weekly World Motorsport Championship and prove your abilities.

Price: Free

Download Motorsport Manager Online 2023

16. Total War: Medieval II

best strategy games for android Total War: Medieval II

The turn-based strategy franchise Total War has four games, and the mobile port of Total War: Medieval II is pretty compelling. The game is set in the Middle Ages, where kingdoms across three continents battle for the ultimate power. Conflicts are everywhere, and you must find a way to rule your empire peacefully.

The game involves real-time battles, and you can use tactics like trade, conquest, or any other to reach your goal. While at it, remember to maintain the loyalty of your people and safeguard the treasures. It has been quite long since the game has been launched, but the response is still amazing. It is one of the best strategy games for Android.

Price: $14.99

Download Total War: Medieval II

17. Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. is one of the best strategy games for Android that tell the story of a land post-war. True that war is over, but you must deal with its aftermath. The simulation game requires you to apply military and political strategies to reconstruct the empire. It is an engaging adventure where you must deal with several things.

The local and enemy insurgents play their part well, so you must be vigilant in each step. The situation calls for a balance between the military forces and the civilians, and you must use top-notch strategies to retain power.

Price: Free

Download Rebel Inc.

18. Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Mini Metro allows you to design a subway map for a particular city. The interesting thing is that the city is growing, and you must match its pace to remain in the game. You can draw lines between stations so people can travel safely. Though the game seems simple initially, you need a high level of focus and tactics going forward.

As the city is growing and the people are moving fast, you need to think ahead before something goes wrong. No delays can be entertained in the strategy gameplay. The mobile title is equally engaging as the PC game, so try it out today.

Download Mini Metro

19. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is one of the best strategy games for Android that require you to go against humanity. Surprised? Yes, you must create a pathogen and spread it worldwide to end human life on Earth. Think of it just as a game, and you will love the intense gameplay. It combines realistic simulation and tactics to give a unique experience.

You must understand that humanity will do everything in its capacity to defend itself from extinction. But your pathogen has already infected ‘Patient Zero,’ so go ahead and infect the rest. The game is a thrilling experience where you will employ unprecedented strategies to spread evil.

Price: Free

Download Plague Inc.

20. Northgard


The new-found continent Northgard is waiting to be taken over, and there are intense battles. A clan of Vikings is fighting to control the new territory, and you must control them to bring success. Based on Norse mythology, the game is highly engaging and addictive.

Northgard is full of treasures, mystery, and of course, danger. So, will the Vikings succeed in conquering the land and bringing glory to their clan? It all depends on how you make grand strategies on their behalf. The game involves many explorations and exciting twists for you to enjoy.

Price: $8.99

Download Northgard

21. Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Supercell has created some of the best strategy games for Android, including Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game where you must build battle decks to combat enemies. If deck building is not new to you, nothing can stop you from attaining success in this game of strategy and tactics.

Your much-familiar clash characters will line up in the game. Multiplayer mode is its specialty, where you can play with anyone worldwide. Choosing the right cards before entering the arena decides your fate. So, play thoughtfully.

Price: Free

Download Clash Royale

22. RTS Siege Up

RTS Siege Up

RTS Siege Up is a fantasy RTS  strategy game with a 26-mission campaign. It supports offline play, so you can keep moving while you play. Open a Community and make your levels if you want to play online. You can also get levels built by other players.  

Enemies are all around you, and while you sail through the siege missions, you may use rich strategies. Most battles are intense and last for 10 to 20 minutes. So, you must focus completely on the game, as each minute is crucial.

Price: Free

Download RTS Siege Up

23. Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is one of the best strategy games for Android in the retro games category. Play this game with real-time strategy and see how you score in different game modes. It offers offline and online multiplayer modes with support of peripherals like keyboard and mouse.

The game has more than 40 player-controlled units. You can use the custom game modes for a more fun strategy gaming experience. In fact, these modes can give you enough practice to fight the actual game. The game has no attractive graphics to distract you from the gameplay.

Price: $1.99

Download Rusted Warfare

24. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires allows you to build your city and travel through the bygone centuries. You can explore different tribes and harvest a village to raise a civilization. Civilization grows and expands depending on your decisions. In the process, you can also time travel for some fun.

The game begins when you make a new settlement in the dense forest. You will slowly expand it while journeying through different ages and into the future. As you guessed, this could take a long time. Sure, the game does need your hours of dedication and tactical planning.

Price: Free

Download Forge of Empires

25. Chess


What is the list of the best strategy games for Android without a game of Chess? You will find hundreds of Chess apps for mobile devices, but Chess from AI Factory Limited stands apart with its cool features. It comes with 12 difficulty levels and two game modes. You can access the chess tutor if you want to learn the basics of the game.

Getting the Chess app is the easiest way to master one of the best games that need tactics to win. The tutor guides you in preparing the best strategies and mastering the skills of the game.

Price: Free

Download Chess

26. Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures is all about watching and being part of the growth of a civilization. While you raise a civilization, you get the unique opportunity to travel through the Stone Age and medieval times and reach an era far into the future. Throughout your journey, you can see different empires with different cultures.

So, the game is not just about building empires but also about the cultures that act as the foundation of these empires. You will have workers to assist you. Make their schedules and allot time for rest, and your empires will flourish in no time.

Price: Free

Download Rise of Cultures

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Android operating system, there’s a slew of games in various genres that users enjoy playing. Strategy genre is vast with exciting games having many challenges, ensuring players don’t get bored while playing. Among the best strategy games for Android, you will find strategy card games, turn-based tactics games, and some favorite games of all time.

Like PC strategy games, Android games also offer the best strategy experience. The article gives the best games ever that test players’ tactical strategies. The choice of the best strategy games on mobile depends upon the interests and requirements of the user