The Avengers Windows 7 Theme

Here at TechNorms, we just love superhero stuff. Almost two years ago we started our themes section with Iron Man 2 Theme. Going ahead, we got theme for Spiderman, Batman – The Dark Knight and The Green Lantern. We didn’t wish to leave out any superheroes so we also made themes based on DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Now when The Avengers came up, it was too good to resist. We succumbed to the temptation and created an Avengers Theme for Windows 7. Can’t resist having so many superheroes on our desktop.

The Avengers Windows 7 Theme consists of 35+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, character icons and a set of a custom sound clips to complete the theme package. As the Avengers Assemble, the action is about to heat up. Witness it on your desktop with The Avengers Windows 7 Theme.

The Avengers Windows 7 Theme Screenshots:


These are just a few of the 35+ Wallpapers included with the theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds:

The theme comes with a set of icons to replace the default icons on your desktop.


Also included in the theme are a set of custom sound clips that play at the time of applying the theme and also when you logon/logoff your system.

Download The Avengers Windows 7 Theme:


Download the theme directly by clicking the link below or visit the dedicated download page for The Avengers Windows 7 theme. You can also check out many other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download The Avengers Windows 7 Theme

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  1. Hello.Your themes are great but i have a problem with some of them.In the Avengers and the Dragon Age theme when i double click the file (after i unrar it) it gives me the message “Your pc cant save this theme” or something like that.I have W7 Ultimate.Could you help me please?

  2. I currently have 4 TechNorms themes (ironman2, avengers, marvel comics and transformers) themes saved on my computer and I LOVE THEM ALL. Is there any way to combine all those photos into a single directory so that I’m not constantly changing themes?

    • yes u can copy all the files into one folder on your hard disk.
      the location is C:/Users/username/AppData/local/Microsoft/Windows/Themes
      u can then select whichever wallpapers u want from the personalize option wen u right click on ur desktop.


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