Marvel Comics Windows 7 ThemeThe giant from the comics industry, Marvel Comics, was established in the year 1939. Though the company started as Timely Publications, it was later known as Atlas Comics and finally acquired the name Marvel Comics in the 1960s. Since 2009, Marvel is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Marvel Comics is home to some of the most popular comic book heroes ever – Spider Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, the X-Men, Fantastic Four as well as numerous antagonistic characters – The Green Goblin, Venom, Galactus, Magneto and many more. Marvel comics has an astonishingly huge list of characters on its roster and they all have enjoyed mass following amongst the readers.

It is almost impossible to have all the Marvel characters in a single theme but we have made effort to have as many as possible. A number of wallpapers feature multitude of characters at the same time, giving an idea of the vastness of Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Comics Windows 7 Theme consists of 40+ Hi-Res Wallpapers, custom character Icons and Sounds created from character soundtracks. Bring the Marvel Universe to your desktop with this Marvel Comics Theme.

Marvel Comics Windows 7 Theme Screenshots:

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 01 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 02 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 03 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 04 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 05 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 06 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 07 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 08 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 09 - TechNorms

Marvel Comics Wallpaper 10 - TechNorms

These are just a few of the 40+ Wallpapers included in this theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds:

Custom character icons are included with this theme that will replace the default icons on your desktop.

Marvel Comics Theme Icons - TechNorms

The sounds included in the theme are created from the themes of Spider Man and Iron Man movies. Both the movies have incredible soundtracks and you are sure to like them!

Download Marvel Comics Windows 7 Theme:

Download Windows 7 Marvel Comics Theme

We have a dedicated download page for the Marvel Comics Windows 7 Theme. You can also view and download other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download Marvel Comics Windows 7 Theme.

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