Its been a while since we had a football based theme. After starting the sports section with Chelsea FC, we moved on to Manchester United and Arsenal. Continuing with the sports themes based on football clubs, we have the theme for Liverpool now.

Liverpool FC was established in 1892 based in Liverpool, Merseyside (Completes 120 years this year!) Liverpool has had a pretty successful run with eighteen league titles and seven FA cups being the major wins. Today, it is in the top-ten most valuable football clubs in the world. A lot of folks were waiting for the Liverpool Theme. Here it is!

Liverpool FC Theme consists of 25+ Hi-Res wallpapers, custom Icons and sound clips to make a complete theme package. Get the Liverpool FC theme for your desktop and.. you will never walk alone…

Liverpool FC Theme Screenshots:


These are just a few of the 25+ wallpapers that are included in the theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds:

The theme comes with a set of football icons to replace the default icons on your desktop.


The sounds included in the theme are created from the Liverpool theme song – You will never walk alone. The sounds are a bit longer than what we would have liked them to be, but well, sometimes you can’t help it! The sounds clips play while applying the theme and also at the time of login/logoff.

Start Orbs for Windows 7:

You can change the start orb to match the theme. If you have not done this before, Refer this guide to know How To Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.

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Recommended Aero Effect Tool –

AeroRainbow is a nice utility to automate the aero color on your Windows 7 system. It has a quite a few settings to allow you to set the aero effects as per your liking.

Download Liverpool FC Windows 7 Theme:


You can download the theme by clicking on the download link below or from the Liverpool FC theme page.

Download Liverpool FC Windows 7 Theme.

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