Its been a decade since the first movie in the original Spiderman movie series was released.  In case you are curious, I call it ‘original’ just to distinguish it from the new one which is ‘amazing’. The series had a very good run at the box office with all the three movies getting commercial as well as critical success.

We have a Spiderman theme based on the first series (that’s doing amazingly well) and if you happen to be a fan of everything Marvel, even a theme based on Marvel Comics characters. The Spiderman series was awesome and it was disappointing to see it come to an end. But its been a long while since then. Its time to get enthralled again as the world of Peter Parker beckons us once more.

The Amazing Spiderman Theme consists of 15+ Hi-Res wallpapers, custom icons and sound clips. Bring the wall-crawler to your desktop with The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme.

The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme Screenshots:


These are just a few of the 15+ wallpapers included in the theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Icons and Sounds:

As is with all our themes, this theme comes with a set of custom icons and sounds. These icons will replace the default icons on your desktop.


The theme also comes with a set of custom sounds that play when you apply the theme, logon or logoff your system and turn off your computer.

Changing Start Orbs and Managing Windows Aero:

You can change the start orb to match the theme. If you have not done this before, refer this guide to know How To Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.

You may also like to check out out handpicked 50+ Start orbs for Windows 7.

AeroRainbow is a nice utility to automate the aero color on your Windows 7 system. If the windows aero color does not match the color of your wallpaper or if it is just too contrast, the look of the whole desktop loses its charm. AeroRainbow helps you avoid that experience. It has a quite a few settings to allow you to set the aero effects as per your liking. You can choose to change the aero color to match your current wallpaper. That way, the taskbar always matches the wallpaper color and gives you a better aero experience.

Download The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme:


Download the theme directly by clicking the link below. You can also check out many other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery.

Download The Amazing Spiderman Windows 7 Theme

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