Irrespective of whether you use Amazon’s assistant service on your Echo, Android device, iPhone, or any other compatible smart device, you know how functionally useful Alexa is. When you combine this digital assistant’s powers with IFTTT recipes, Alexa can help you save more time and effort. So, are you ready to explore the magic of IFTTT Alexa?

Once you activate an IFTTT recipe, you can activate the Alexa skill list to perform the tasks automatically.

What is IFTTT and How to Use IFTTT with Alexa

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a free, third-party web service that automates repetitive tasks with multiple devices and services using simple scripts. The scripts or conditional statements are also called “recipes” or applets.

Getting started with IFTTT is not tricky. Visit the official IFTTT website and click on Get Started. You will be asked to sign-in with your Gmail or Facebook account. Then, users have to give IFTTT permission to use some information associated with the account.

You can also use a site-specific username and password. Once this is done, you will be prompted to choose three or more services/devices you often use. The options include Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Facebook, Instagram, Android device, and many others.

After you have made your choices, you will see a page full of suggestions where you can browse the IFTTT recipes based on what you’ve selected. Choose the one you like and follow the instructions.

Please Note: You have to give IFTTT permission and also enable an IFTTT account on your smartphone, apps, and other devices for turning on the recipe. If this is the case, then the IFTTT website will notify you about how to continue with instructions. You need to follow the instructions to enable the applet.

Once you’ve used an IFTTT recipe, you will find yourself looking for more ways to use more of these. Although there are some complex applets and you can create your own, many simple ones do exist.

Top 18 IFTTT Alexa Recipes

Do you often wonder how to use the Alexa echo device in everyday life?  The Alexa routine just increased as it got integrated with IFTTT. We’ve listed some of the most useful IFTTT recipes for Alexa that will help you automate mundane tasks. These Alexa IFTTT recipes will also lighten your load, and you can have some fun too.

1. Turn On The Lights When The Alarm Goes Off

Is your bed too cozy and the room pretty dark and lovely? Well, in that case, even if your alarm is loud, you might not be able to wake up at one go.

One of the best Alexa tricks, the IFTTT Alexa recipe, helps you get up on time. The brownie point here is that it turns the lights on as soon as your alarm starts ringing.

If you are already using Alexa’s alarm feature to wake up, adding a smart home device like Philips Hue Lights can work wonders.

Works with: Philips Hue Lights

Check out the IFTTT recipe for Philips Hue Lights

2. Brew A Cup Of Coffee

I generally wake up thinking, “I wish someone could give me a cup of coffee.” How many of you think of having a freshly brewed cup of coffee when you step out of bed?

If you do, it is possible with an Alexa integration with the brewer. The trigger phrase is, “Alexa, trigger brew coffee,” and your coffee maker will start.

So, now you do not have to crawl out of your nice warm bed to get your cup of coffee. It can be ready as soon as you hit the floor.

Works with: Mr. Smart Coffee Maker with WeMo

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe to brew your coffee

3. Trigger Activities With The Help Of Your Harmony TV Remote

People who like to watch sports and play PlayStation celebrated the most when Harmony introduced smart TV remotes. And rightly so, since these remotes allowed people to do a bundle of different activities in a single button command.

Alexa and Harmony have now combined to skip the button. This enables you to activate the activity with the help of a voice command. Just say the trigger phrase, “Alexa, Trigger watch TV.” Your TV, cable box, and receiver will be switched on with just a single command.

You only have to give the necessary IFTTT permission in the IFTTT app, and you will not have to keep your large tub of popcorn down to watch the game again.

Works with: Logitech Harmony Companion

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4. Adjust The Temperature

One of the cool things to do with Alexa using the IFTTT recipes is adjusting the temperature with a smart thermostat like Nest. It connects to your smart home network and can be set up to adjust on a predefined schedule automatically.

But, what if you are still too warm or too cold? With this recipe, you only have to say, “Alexa, trigger Nest to 70,” and the voice assistant will adjust the temperature. You can also create your own custom trigger phase.

Since you can set up one or more custom phrases, setting the ideal temperature quickly is a breeze.

Works with: Nest Thermostat

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5. Sync All Your To-Do Lists With Google Calendar

If your head is always full of things to remember, you must try out this Google Calendar applet. You first need to activate the recipe on your IFTTT app. Next, allow Gmail to go ahead by sanctioning the permissions. You can then create your to-do list with the voice assistant.

Every time you add something to the list, the voice assistant sends a Quick Add Event to your Google Calendar. The key here is “Quick Add.” This means the recipe will not set a date or time for the task, instead, it creates an event ‘right now.’ You will have to go in and edit the specifications later.

Works with: Google Calendar

Check out this automatic sync IFTTT Alexa recipe

6. Trigger Hue Party-Light Loops

This may not make you extra productive at work, but this IFTTT Alexa recipe is undoubtedly a lot of fun.

If the Friday night book club you host suddenly turns into a happening fiesta, just turn on this recipe and say, “Alexa trigger party time.” One of the best Alexa trigger phrase, it will make your Philips Hue colored lights go in a color loop automatically.

Works with: Philips Hue Lights

Check out the Hue Light Color Show recipe

7. Lock-Up At Night

If you have ever laid in your bed at night wondering whether you have locked the door or not, closed the garage up, or switched off a light, this Alexa skill is for you.

Once the Alexa integration is enabled, the specific phrase to say is, “Alexa, trigger lockdown.” You can, of course, set up a custom phrase for the smart lock, as well.

Alexa will make sure your home is safe for the night. This command simultaneously activates home automation and closes your Garageio garage door, mutes your android phone, and turns off all your smart home device Hue Lights.

Works with: Garageio Smart Home Garage Door Controller, Philips Hue Lights, Android phone

Check out this IFTTT Alexa recipe which locks you down for the night

8. Lights Blink When A Timer Goes Off

Want to listen to an audiobook while your tea is being prepared? Or how about a dance session while your cake is being baked?

With this IFTTT recipe, your Philips Hue Lights blinks blue each time your timer goes off. So, you can now leave the earbuds in. You will no longer miss your timers.

Connecting your Philips Hue Lights to the IFTTT app takes less than a minute. You can set timers for any duration by saying, “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes.”

Works with: Philips Hue Lights

Check the IFTTT Alexa applet

9. Add Songs To Your Spotify Playlist


Do you want to change and update your music library? This Alexa IFTTT recipe adds and sends new song numbers that the Amazon assistant plays to your preferred Spotify playlist.

First, you need to follow the instructions for connecting Alexa and Spotify to the IFTTT account. Once you’re through, you have to configure the necessary IFTTT permission for both. It also includes creating or choosing from an existing playlist in Spotify, where the Echo device assistant will send all the new tunes.

Do you think this is one of the best Alexa music commands? Well, we think so too. You can now add songs from Alexa device to Spotify in a beat!

Works with: Spotify

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe for adding songs to the Spotify playlist

10. Set Up Todoist Reminders

Do you often end up forgetting little everyday tasks like creating a shopping list? Thinking about a haircut but do not recall when was the last time you did it? Tell Alexa to have the schedule sent to your mailbox automatically with this recipe.

First, you have to create a Todoist account.

Next, you need to activate the service in IFTTT and fill in some basic information about the items on your list. Once you are done, use the voice command and say, “Alexa, add to my to-do list or shopping list.”

You will get an email reminding you to exercise, walk your dog in the park, throw the trash, or whatever else you want. Also, you will see that the item is added to your list on the ToDoist app.

Works with: Todoist

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe for setting up Todoist reminders

11. Voice-Control Smart Home Devices

One of the best Alexa channel commands on our list, this recipe makes sure that the concept of a smart home concept is no longer a distant idea; but accessible to anyone.

Get hold of a WeMo smart switch for only $25 and start controlling electrical appliances remotely. Well, how about switching off or turning on your fans and lights with a voice prompt to the Echo device assistant? This is now possible since you have access to voice and remote-controlled home automation without spending a bomb.

You only need to choose the voice command to trigger your lighting, for example, “Alexa, trigger + your phrase.” This enables your smart plug to switch on or off that appliance.

Works with: WeMo Smart Plug

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12. Sync Your To-Dos To IOS Reminders

Saying quick reminders to Alexa device is an excellent way to make use of the voice assistant. But do you often feel lost when she is not around? There is no point in setting the reminder up when Alexa is not there to jog your memory.

One of the cool things to do with IFTTT support, this applet syncs your Amazon Echo assistant’s to-dos to your iOS reminders. So, now you can have essential events noted across all iOS devices be it an iPhone or an iPad.

Works with: iOS Reminders

Check out the IFTTT Alexa applet to sync your to-dos to iOS Reminders

13. Tell Alexa To Set The Scene

If you use Philips Hue Lights, you know you can create different ‘scenes’ for various activities. For example, disco lights for a dance party, something soothing while you’re reading, or maybe bright lights for a game night with friends.

One of the best Alexa commands, this IFTTT applet enables you to set phrases for each scene and pick one for the current occasion.

Now, you can control your smart home device’s lighting with your voice.

Works with: Philips Hue Lights

Check out the IFTTT recipe to set the scene

14. Create An Event On Your IOS Calendar

One of our most favorite Amazon Echo commands, this applet surely makes everyday life much easier.

While we cannot use the voice command to fix a specific time for the event, we can set up an easily repeated event on our schedule. For example, “Do not disturb’’ or “Completed a Task.”

Works with: iOS Calendar

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe for creating an event

15. Record A Video Of Your Front Door

One of the coolest Alexa commands on our list is the recipe that enables you to use the voice assistant to record your front door video.

No more worrying about visitors and weird strangers trying to intrude into your privacy or ring the doorbell! Irrespective of whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, you can see, hear, and speak to them. It comes in handy even when your kids are home alone.

With this IFTTT applet, you can choose a phrase to control your front door video with the Echo assistant. Each time you say, “Alexa, trigger + (your phrase),” the SkyBell HD video doorbell begins recording. Notable, isn’t it?

Works with: SkyBell

Check out this IFTTT Alexa recipe for recording a video of your front door

16. Call Your Device

Did you know you can use an IFTTT Alexa recipe to call your iPhone or Android device? Well, as essential as it sounds, use this recipe to call your device with the help of the voice assistant. The simple applet also comes in handy when your Android phone is missing, and you want to locate it quickly. You can make VoIP calls by installing the IFTTT app and giving the app the necessary permissions.

Simply ask Alexa to call your device, and the trigger will cause the desired action. This applet works on international phones as well. 

Works with: All smartphones with the IFTTT and Alexa apps installed

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe for calling your device

17. Control Phone Functions

Imagine how wonderful it would be to control your phone’s myriad functions by giving voice command to the Alexa app. The smart assistant put together with this IFTTT applet makes it possible. Made by a third-party person, this IFTTT Alexa recipe enables you to control and direct instructions to your smartphone. 

Say any specific phrase to the Alexa app, and the device will then be ready to take commands and perform actions. For example, ask Alexa to turn your phone’s ringer on, and she will remove your phone from the silent mode and put it on the loud sound mode.

Works with: All Android phones

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe to control your phone functions

18. Trigger Sleep Mode

Do you use the Ezviz indoor or outdoor security camera? This applet is a useful yet straightforward Alexa IFTTT recipe for everyone who uses the camera, which is a blessing in disguise. 

If you do not want the camera to work at night and not capture the activities taking place after the sun is down, Ask the Alexa app to trigger the sleep mode. Once you have given the command, the smart device turns its sleep mode on and stops capturing. You can also use the recipe when you are outdoors, on holiday, or simply want to rest the camera. 

Works with: Every Ezviz camera

Check out the IFTTT Alexa recipe to trigger the sleep mode

Final Thoughts on IFTTT Alexa Recipes

We’ve listed the best IFTTT recipes for Amazon Alexa, which will make mundane tasks fun and reduce effort from your end. All you need is a smartphone, an Amazon Alexa device, and the IFTTT app to get these IFTTT Alexa recipes going.

If you use Philips Hue Lights, you can put these IFTTT recipes to use for turning on the lights or trigger a hue party-light loop. You can also sync your Alexa routine with a Google Calendar or Google sheet, all thanks to these recipes. If you are an iOS user, use these fantastic recipes to create an event on your iOS Calendar and sync your Alexa skill with iOS Reminders.

If you are an Android user, use the IFTTT account to call your phone, add songs to your Spotify playlist, add a shopping list, and also control your smart device functions. Well, you can also receive a notification in case a new IFTTT recipe for Alexa is published. This makes it easy to keep your eyes on newly released applets. Once you are familiar with the simple recipes for the Alexa routine, you can try the more complicated recipes. 

By the way, you should check out these awesome, super-fun Alexa Games to play at any party or gathering.

(Article Updated on 18th March 2021)