Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) encompasses a range of therapies, each of them connected to human emotions, thoughts, and actions. There are dedicated CBT training courses that focus on identifying maladaptive behaviors and thoughts. This is where a CBT certification comes in.

To understand what a person is going through and find a solution by studying the mind and behavioral patterns is very important. The affected person is made aware of his/her negative emotions and fears, with the aim to eradicate them. This helps them to lead their lives to their fullest potential.

You, as a certified CBT practitioner, will not only identify problems but propose adequate solutions, as well. You need to assess past responses and accordingly prepare the future plan of action. The ultimate goal is to make the client happy, positive, healthy, mentally fit, and productive.

How and Why to select CBT Certification?

With more and more people coming out in the open about their mental health issues, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is extensively studied. It is an excellent modality to study, and why do we say that? CBT training emphasizes on solution-oriented interventions that are to-the-point. The action or the approach taken to improve the condition is brief and clear. In simpler words, CBT aims to induce measurable changes in behavior and thought processes. Therefore, it is a goldmine for every researcher. It also means you get to see quick results.

A very high percentage of people are going through some form of depression, anxiety, OCD, panic, and other forms of mental illness. Getting a CBT certification helps in making sure these people gently face their fears first. Next, they must develop new ways in which they can relate to their thoughts and feelings; and you have to make it work. CBT training gives you the tools to encourage the affected and help them overcome the unpleasant emotions. You need to confront all that they have been avoiding.

Top 8 CBT Certification Online Courses: Goal-oriented Psychotherapy Treatment To Improve Mental Health

Getting trained from credible sources is highly important when it comes to CBT training. Anyone coming to you with their case would want to ensure that the background study is fool-proof. Keeping in mind the seriousness of the issue, we’ve brought you the best courses from reliable sources.

Whether it is the top-notch international institutes offering online CBT training as part of their curriculum or Udemy bringing you the best instructors with accreditation, we’ve got you covered.

Note: All the courses from Udemy have lifetime free access with mobile and TV compatibility.

Pro tip: If you are interested in enrolling in a course from Udemy, you may want to wait for one of their promotions before purchasing. Udemy frequently offers promotional discounts that can range anywhere between 10% to 90%. Please do note that not all courses have this promotion.

1. CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy Life Coaching Certification from Udemy

CBT training and life coaching therapy from udemy

If you see yourself as an international life coach, you must start your career with this CBT certification course. It teaches you how to help and guide your clients out of difficult and uncomfortable situations.

The comprehensive training enables you to manage stress, overcome negative thinking patterns, and replace self-destructive behaviors. You get more than 30 CBT workbooks and handouts. You also earn 16 CPD credit hours.

Learn how to set and achieve goals and silence the inner critic.

Key Highlights

  • Eliminate any kind of self-harming/sabotaging behavior
  • Learn how to condition the mind for happiness
  • Master communication with yourself
  • Understand how to gain control over others’ emotions and thoughts
  • Leverage the science of the mind
  • Experience psychological peace
  • Study how to remove emotional blocks

Online course duration: 3.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 5100+
Ratings: 4.6
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for: Teachers, counselors, therapists

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2. Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach from Beck Institute

Beck Institute has been training professionals in CBT for many decades. Irrespective of where you are in the world, you can avail of the online CBT course from the best possible source. Dr. Judith Beck sharpens your therapeutic skills in this 4-module course.

The class is full of interactive sessions. You understand behavioral and cognitive theories better so that you, along with your client, can reach the common goal faster. You can also share your experiences with the Institute’s online community and read what others have to say. It is one of the best CBT Certification Courses across the world.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to conceptualize clients according to your cognitive model
  • Understand the techniques required to engage your clients in the therapy
  • Study how to evaluate and elicit thoughts
  • Use strategies to modify assumptions and beliefs

Online course duration: 4 weeks (8 hours/week)
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Mental health professionals

Price: $175

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3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate from Udemy

Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, and instructor Kain Ramsey have come up with the best CBT certification course. This one has been taken by nearly 1,00,000 lakh students and is very highly-rated. At the end of the course, you gain a deep understanding of CBT and will be ready to practice what you learned to make the world a better place.

The in-depth knowledge about cognitive principles and theoretical techniques that you learn can be universally applied to any client-situation. There are various downloadable resources, and the CBT online course is affordable, comprehensive, and very useful.

Key Highlights

  • Get your hands on CBT based techniques and tools that can be used in your personal and professional lives and also with your clients
  • Learn everything about planning a therapy session with your client
  • Know the details concerning how to establish professional boundaries with clients
  • Understand practical applications of CBT
  • Study how to break through your client’s mind to eradicate self-imposed limitations and philosophies
  • Ascertain the primary reasonings and motivations behind human behaviors
  • Understand how the mind interprets everyday experiences

Online course duration: 52.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 94,000+
Ratings: 4.5
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Psychology students, social workers, and medical professionals

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4. CBT For Psychosis

The skills that this CBT certification course provides are beneficial for everyone in fields like psychology, social work, and mental health care. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for psychosis is an evidence-based method that mitigates distress and disability related to psychotic experiences. This method is used to help patients gain full recovery. 

The course starts with a basic introduction of CBT and how helpful it proves to be in Psychosis. This is followed by the introduction of two major CBT techniques used to cover combat Psychosis. The course contains video lectures, some slide diagrams, and video demonstrations of CBT being practiced on Psychosis patients.  

Key Highlights

  • Know about the basic foundation of how CBT is used for Psychosis
  • Study two major CBT techniques used for Psychosis
  • Describe ways of integrating this psychological approach with existing treatment methods
  • Use evidence-based CBT approaches to reduce distress and disability related to psychotic experiences.

Online course duration: 6 hours

Completion certificate: Yes

Best suited for Psychologists and psychiatrists

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5. The Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from Udemy

Yet another brilliant masterpiece from Achology Ltd and Kain Ramsay, this CBT training course is ideal for anyone wanting to know about the core practices and fundamental ideas concerning CBT. You learn about the innate connection between human thoughts and behavior.

In this CBT certification course, Ramsay highlights the main principles first and makes you understand why the mind sees itself as a victim of negative emotions and fears. Understand how CBT works, eradicate anxieties, and change how people feel about themselves and others.

Key highlights

  • Understand why CBT is so-called, and the techniques used for fast results
  • Get a thorough knowledge of cognitive-behavioral techniques and how it evolved
  • Learn to use basic CBT principles to bring change in others
  • Communicate more effectively with all kinds of people
  • Apply fundamental CBT principles to daily lives
  • Put the resources that you get into practice with others
  • Study the connection between emotions, thoughts, and actions

Online course duration: 6 hours
No. of students enrolled: 2500+
Ratings: 4.4
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Anyone who belongs to the field of psychology and CBT

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6. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Diploma Course from the Centre of Excellence

The cognitive-behavioral therapy online course teaches you everything about techniques that can be used to identify and change negative behaviors and thoughts. The aim is to get rid of anything that has the potential to limit the progress of an individual.

The course has 3 levels or modules. You gain 150 CPD points. In this CBT certification course, there are assessment exercises at the end of every module, which includes practical examples and real-life situations.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction to CBT training and its techniques
  • Gain knowledge about the history of Behavioral Psychology
  • Study human behavior and theories
  • Learn about the biological component of emotion
  • Understand how to express emotions so that you can pursue others to do it, as well
  • Know about the levels of change
  • Learn how to motivate people so that they are more receptive towards change

Online course duration: 150 hours
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for: Beginners and CBT therapists
Price: $182.79

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7. Introduction to CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Udemy

introduction to cbt by udemy

The CBT certification course is an introduction to CBT training and techniques. Anyone who wants to learn only the basics must get their hands on this training program.

The online counseling course helps you in understanding the human mind and behaviors better. You gain knowledge about life therapy skills and learn how to use them in real-life situations.

Key Highlights

  • Learn what is CBT and what is it used for
  • Understand CBT principles, techniques, and applications
  • Identify thoughts and feelings and learn how to alter them
  • Recognize emotions and thinking traps and cycles
  • Challenge negative thinking patterns and behaviors
  • Understand the CBT triangle
  • Change unpleasant feelings into pleasant emotions

Online course duration: 1.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 11000+
Ratings: 4.1
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Beginners

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8. CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification: Accredited from Udemy

The CBT certification course teaches you to empower your clients so that they do not indulge in self-sabotaging behaviors. You learn how to reprogram their mind to prevent them from negative thinking.

You understand the art of mastering emotions and the first step towards changing many lives for the better. Are you ready to induce self-confidence in others? What more? You also stop your clients from doubting themselves and make them believe that dreams do come true.

Key Highlights

  • Use CBT training to help people come out of procrastination
  • Learn how to control emotions, thoughts, and behavior
  • Empower people by showing them the positives
  • Make your clients feel that nothing is out of their control and help them overcome bad decisions
  • No more holding on to fears and worrying
  • Minimizing anxiety
  • Stop negative thinking and instill positivity

Online course duration: 5.5 hours
No. of students enrolled: 6600+
Ratings: 4.5
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Therapists, counselors, and life coaches

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Introduction to Psychology from Coursera

The CBT certification course is a part of a training program on Clinical Psychology by the University of Toronto. We have added this specific course for the ones who want to go beyond CBT. While the course is full of experiments in the fields of psychology and discusses the causes behind specific human actions and behavior, lecture 7 is explicitly dedicated specifically to CBT.

You get to explore the brain and its cognitive abilities. You also examine human behavior and understand why people do certain things routinely. Understand all forms of mental illness and their cure.

Key Highlights

  • Study the human mind and behavior
  • Explore the brain and its cognitive abilities
  • Understand all forms of mental illness
  • Help people recover from their sufferings
  • Learn about basic CBT principles

Online course duration: 20 hours 30 mins
No. of students enrolled: 240K+
Ratings: 4.9
Completion certificate: Yes
Best suited for – Clinical psychology students and therapists

Price: 7-days free trial/buy the plan for $49

Check the lecture on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


CBT training is basically using psychotherapy treatment to alter a person’s negative thoughts and emotions. Have you ever felt sad for a long period and were clueless about the reason? Well, everyone is coming out in the open and accepting that they have been or are currently victims of mental illness. It can be anything from depression to anxiety, including incessant panic attacks.

Getting a CBT certification is for anyone who wants to solve these issues. You understand CBT techniques and principles, and of course, the workings of the human mind. As a certified practitioner, you can keep sessions for your clients, listen to their problems, and help them overcome it. Can there be a better profession than making this world a better place?

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