Anyone who says sports is just a form of entertainment hasn’t got a clue how wrong he or she is. It’s more than just entertainment. It’s a different culture. And, the best way to stay connected to your culture in this domain is to have the best sports app that suits your needs and requirements.

You can classify yourself as a hardcore sports buff if you cheer madly when the New England Patriots score a touchdown or the New York Yankees manage to win a nail-biting fixture against the Boston Red Sox. The adrenaline rush that you get while following and watching your favorite team play is second to none and inexplicable.

Best sports App: Gets You Closer To your Favorite teams

For sports aficionados, it’s natural to see them glued to their smartphones, devouring the latest bit of news and updates of live scores during games. As a result, every sports buff searches for the best sports apps that can cater to his needs in terms of live score and news updates. On that note, let’s have a look at 20 best sports apps that deliver the latest updates.

1. FanSided


FanSided claims to be one of the biggest sports networks in the USA, covering almost every game that you can think of. Soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, baseball; their network consists of more than 100 websites that concentrate on producing content related to specific sports, leagues, and teams.

Coming to its functionality, FanSided is excellent in terms of the services it offers. It is the best sports app for devouring the latest updates, news, and match previews. However, it doesn’t display live scores as many people usually experience from a sports application.

FanSided will suit people who love to read about the game they love, with the app churning out more than about 500 pieces of original content every day.

Download FanSided for AndroidiOS

2. CBS Sports

cbs sports app

Now, here’s the complete package for hardcore sports buffs! Install CBS Sports and you will have the latest news, live scores, match previews, and schedules related to your favorite teams at your fingertips!

Fans can also get on-demand video highlights with CBS Sports. You can also customize the updates that you want to receive on your phone.

CBS Sports also gives users access to podcasts to create an enriching and engaging experience while consuming sports content. It also hosts live streaming of events like NCAA Basketball and the PGA Tour.

Download CBS Sports for Android / iOS


espn sports app

Well, not just the sports lovers but even those who follow no sport know what ESPN is. The sports media conglomerate is one of the most popular and respected brands worldwide.

The ESPN app offers up-to-the-minute updates, latest sports news, live scores, match schedules of sports such as cricket, football, basketball, F1, baseball, golf, and much more. It also offers various podcasts that deliver in-detail match analysis and other aspects of popular sports in question.

The ESPN app also allows users to customize the updates according to their own needs and requirements. If you are an avid watcher of a particular team or a league, you can set it up in a way that will provide you updates only related to your favorite team or league.

Hands down, the ESPN app for Android is one of the best sports apps to have on your phone if you love watching multiple sports.

Download ESPN for Android / iOS

4. theScore

thescore best sports app

To all the Apple iPhone owners, if you are scouring the app store for the perfect all-round sports app, the Score fits your bill in every sense.

Made with a comprehensive design and an easy-to-use interface, theScore is one of those sports apps that will rarely disappoint when it comes to delivering up-to-the-minute updates to its users. It delivers live updates and sports news, match schedules, and analysis of major sports like football, basketball, American football, baseball, and college basketball.

Similar to ESPN, theScore allows users to customize the app and receive updates related to their favorite teams and players. What’s more, the users can also chat and connect with sports fans and form online communities to enjoy the trademark banter they love engaging in. TheScore also allows users to share summaries, news, scores, and match reports with their friends via social media.

Download theScore for Android / iOS

5. Bleacher Report

bleacher report sports app

When it comes to sports apps, the Bleacher Report app has made quite a mark in the segment. The usual customization is available; you can get the latest sports news about your favorite teams by adding it to the ‘My Teams’ section.

Bleacher Report also offers a praiseworthy social media integration. It also delivers the latest stories, news, live score, video highlights, match previews, and schedules in the form of push notifications.

Bleacher Report also allows users to sync their fantasy teams with the app itself, helping them to choose the right players by reading the latest updates, news on the go and thus, makes it the best sports app.

Download Bleacher Report for Android / iOS

6. Sportskeeda

sportskeeda best sports app

If you are an avid follower of multiple sports, Sportskeeda is an application you ought to have on your smartphone. The best sports app, Sportskeeda is an Indian website that aims to deliver the best sports news and latest content to its audience.

Mainly known for its website content, the website covers a wide range of sports from WWE, NFL, NBA, to Soccer, Cricket, and Tennis. Sportskeeda tends to update its users mainly through push notifications. They are sent the minute there is breaking news. While it makes sure you don’t remain shy of the latest news regarding your favorite league or team, Sportskeeda doesn’t update live sport score.

Fans who are into reading informative and analytical articles about their favorite sports are likely to enjoy it better than those who are looking to just be up-to-date with the latest events. The sports app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Download Sportskeeda for Android / iOS

7. Eurosport – Sports News App

eurosport best sports app

The best sports apps are comprehensive, easy to use, and have a user-friendly interface. The Eurosport app checks all the three aforementioned requirements to be in this list. On a daily basis, Eurosport churns out around 150 sports news updates daily. If you are continuously hung up on your phone for reading breaking news, it is a godsend for you.

Apart from the unbeatable content that it offers, Eurosport also provides the standard functions a sports app is expected to deliver. It has the scores, live updates, customization, sports calendars and schedules, and text commentary updates.

Added to that, Eurosport also allows fans to connect and chat with each other and form a community of like-minded individuals.

Download Eurosport for  Android / iOS

8. The Athletic

the athletic best sports apps

The Athletic delivers all the standard functions of a sports app. It gives out live match updates, detailed analysis post-game, news, scores, schedules and sports calendars, and player performance report cards.

However, that’s not exactly what The Athletic is known for. If you are an avid reader of literature related to sport and in-depth tactical analysis, this app has seasoned professional writers delivering all that content to your phone on the go.

The Athletic comes with a subscription fee per month but also offers a 7-day free trial of the full version. That is because they care to deliver an uber reading experience without disturbing their consumers with ads. Athletic is one of the best sports apps to turn to if you love background reading about your favorite sports.

Download The Athletic Android / iOS

9. Thuuz Sports: Best Sports App To Download

thuzz sports app

Users would rather have updates via push notifications rather than opening a sports app and searching for them. Thuuz Sports happens to know that far too well.

Through push notifications, the sports app delivers match previews, live score updates, news, and much more. It also covers a wide variety of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, NFL, and much more.

Thuuz Sports rates sporting events between 1 to 100, thereby helping users decide what to watch and follow. This unique excitement rating feature has tremendously helped them in increasing fan engagement over the years. Thuuz Sports also comes with a fantasy tracker that helps users select the right players for weekend games. Hands down, it is the best sports app to turn to if you want updates on the go.

Download Thuuz Sports here

10. Yahoo! Sports

yahoo sports app

Well, we are already familiar with the famous search engine, aren’t we? But Yahoo does more than just churning out countless search engine results. For sports fans, it has an application that will make you want to look no further for sports updates.

The Yahoo! Sports app is an all-round package that delivers everything you might ask for. Live score updates, latest news, match previews, predictions, video highlights, and much more.

Yahoo Sports covers possibly every sport that you can think of. Basketball, baseball, American football, cricket, soccer, Formula 1, college football – name any sport, and this application will have it in the locker.

If you love watching multiple sports but want to avoid having multiple apps for different sports, Yahoo! Sports is the best sports app for you.

Download Yahoo! Sports for Android / iOS

11. FOX Sports

fox sports app

FOX Sports is one of the best sports apps to try out if you want to stream live games on the go. It streams several games such as NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, soccer, golf, MLB, and others.

FOX Sports provides the latest updates, news, real-time score for sports, and alerts for live games. You can sign in to the app through Facebook or Gmail and start accessing the features. You can also stream video highlights whenever you like.

FOX Sports also provides an enhanced home screen and allows users to personalize the app according to their needs. Also, this app can customize itself according to the user’s location and provide regional updates as well.

Download FOX Sports for Android / iOS

12. FIFA official Mobile App

fifa application

For all the soccer fanatics who love devouring the latest sports news, statistics, player performances, match results, post-match discussions, and more, FIFA’s official mobile app is a mandatory thing.

The best thing about FIFA’s official app is that they will be the first to break out sports news on the official platform.  You can view exclusive interviews, photos, and live sports videos posted on the official website –

If you are more interested in international football in contrast to club football, FIFA will serve you with every little update that you need. It covers all the international tournaments ranging from the U-17 FIFA World Cup to the Beach Soccer, Futsal, and the FIFA World Cup itself.

To be short and precise, the official FIFA app is the best sports app to have for updates and scores when international tournaments are on.

Download FIFA official Mobile App for Android / iOS

13. UEFA Official App

uefa official

When it comes to club football, no competition gets closer to the magnitude of the UEFA Champions League. For that matter, fans who follow this competition whole-heartedly can get the best updates from the official UEFA app itself.

This app covers a range of international tournaments like the UEFA Euro to the Champions League competition in club football. With the UEFA Euro 2020 in plain sight and just a few months away, soccer fans can get the latest scores, news, updates, statistics, match schedules, and also live sports score.

The UEFA official sports app also offers exclusive interviews, analysis, photos, and video highlights to its users. Fans can also access and play the UEFA Fantasy League using this application.

Download UEFA official for Android / iOS

14. BBC Sports

bbc sport sports app

Football, Formula 1, cricket, rugby, tennis, and golf – if you love savoring any of these, BBC Sports won’t disappoint you in terms of updates. It offers personalization to its users, displaying the latest updates like sports news, videos, match schedules, and live scores on the home screen.

You can view results, fixtures, schedules, pre-match and post-match analysis of about 150 teams that the BBC covers. It also allows users to set reminders for an upcoming game or an event and share the results of a particular match with their friends and followers.

However, BBC Sports isn’t one of the best sports apps to go with if you are an NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB fan, as it doesn’t cover any of these.

Download BBC Sports for Android / iOS

15. Formula 1 official Mobile app

formula1 to watch live race

If wheels are your passion and Formula 1 Racing is your religion, look no further than NASCAR Mobile for the latest sports news. The sports app can cater to all your needs like the Grand Prix standings, statistics, videos, exclusive interviews, news scores, and much more.

It comes with a new Crew Chief feature that includes live real-time data for every driver, including speed, RPM, throttle and estimated fuel, pit stop info, and even the GPS positions of the top ten drivers on track. Also, the official Formula 1 app provides lap-by-lap updates through their blog writers.

You can also consume the in-depth content analysis by the F1 experts and access free leaderboards with gap times. If you want to make sure that you are updated with the latest events and happenings in the world of F1.

Download Formula 1 Mobile for Android / iOS

16. NFL Mobile

nfl mobile

NFL – the mere mention ignites a fierce passion and raises the bars of excitement in millions of Americans. The National Football League is the most-watched sport in the country.

The NFL official mobile app is your one go-to destination if you wish to have match schedules, live scores, news updates, live streaming, on-demand video highlights of every NFL Game Pass, articles, and statistics related to the sport.

Users can also access the player performances and injury updates as and when required. The NFL official mobile app will make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting event, sports scores, or action in American football, meanwhile preserving the intense love the fans harbor for the sport.

Download the NFL official for Android / iOS

 17. NBA Mobile

nba mobile for basketball

Do you love watching LeBron James net a three-pointer out of a tight spot? Can’t you just live without seeing Kawhi Leonard shooting a few hoops and garnering immense admiration from the supporters?

Well, if you are a hardcore NBA follower, you might as well get the official NBA Mobile app downloaded on your phone. The sports app will provide up-to-the-minute updates like the details of all the teams, fixtures and schedules, standings, individual player statistics, scores, stats, and much more.

The NBA Mobile app also provides live streaming services and on-demand video highlights but only to the premium subscribers. Premium users can also watch the 24-hour NBA channel which displays classic matches and also provides exclusive interviews, discussions, and press conferences.

Download NBA official app for Android / iOS

18. MLB At Bat

mlb at bat for baseball

The sound of the ball being dispatched to a homerun is music to the ears of baseball fans, isn’t it? And, to all those baseball fanatics that love staying connected to their beloved game, you can download the MLB official app to quench their thirst for the latest updates and information.

It is one of the highest downloaded apps for baseball when it comes to news updates, live scores, standings, team, and player performance statistics, and much more. You can also personalize it as per your needs and get the latest updates related to your favorite team.

The MLB official app also provides high-quality streaming videos of highlights and live Look Ins that allow users to see important plays. It is the best sports app for all baseball aficionados, period.

Download the MLB official for Android / iOS

19. NHL

nhl for hockey

For hockey fans to get their fair share of updates, the NHL official mobile application is the perfect solution they can ever ask for. The sports app for Android and iOS phones can deliver the latest updates like statistics, game alerts, match schedules, discussions, and video highlights.

Beyond these facilities, the NHL app also allows you to book tickets for live games. Also, it provides push notifications to update its users for score updates, game start, game end, and more.

If you are a hockey fanatic searching for sports apps that will provide you valuable updates, you will have a hard time finding a better one than NHL.

Download NHL official for Android / iOS

20. FotMob

fotmob sports app

If you want a sports app that delivers updates on both international and club football games, FotMob can serve you well. It provides push notification updates related to scores, news updates confirmed teams before games, transfer news, team, and player performance statistics, and much more.

FotMob allows users to personalize the settings as per their needs. You can either choose to get updates on a single team or on multiple ones. The app also has unique notification sounds that tell you whether your favorite team has scored or conceded a goal.

FotMob is probably the one-stop-shop for updates as it provides notifications for almost every international as well as club football

Download FotMob here

21. Hotstar

hotstar best app to watch live sports free

For tennis buffs who can’t go beyond Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal, Hotstar is nothing short of a boon. It is primarily an OTT platform but serves well when it comes to broadcasting live matches.

Viewers can watch cricket, specific leagues of soccer such as the Premier League and the Bundesliga, the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, Formula 1, and more. The good thing about Hotstar is it has a very easy and simple user interface. Viewers can access and operate the application seamlessly. It may not be one of the proper sports apps, but Hotstar definitely holds a high place amongst the sports streaming applications thanks to its high-quality streaming services.

Download Hotstar for Android / iOS

22. Sony LIV

sony liv sports app for android

Sony Liv is also a great option to avail of if you are looking for an application that offers a high-quality streaming service. It is primarily not in the race of sports apps but given the number of sports and matches it broadcasts, Sony Liv can be a tough competitor in the streaming apps market any day.

Cricket, UEFA, La Liga, EPL, WWE, FIFA World Cup, Copa América, The FA Cup, Italian Serie A, The Rugby Championship, Super Rugby, NFL, NBA, The Masters, PGA Championship; that’s pretty much of what Sony Liv offers.

Users have to register via email to buy a subscription. You can then watch the games without any hassles. Also, it is relatively cheap and affordable.

Download Sony LIV for Android / iOS

23. Mobdro

mobdro best app to watch live sports free

Mobdro is the only application on this list unavailable on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Yet, it is one of the most famous streaming apps out there for both iOS and Android devices.

Mobdro is the ultimate choice for users who are searching for a free app to stream multiple sports.

It provides streaming services in 30 different nations and 10 different languages. Also, you don’t require any login account to access it. It is the best sports app to watch live sports for free.

Download Mobdro here


To tell the truth, tons of apps can cater to the various needs and interests of the users. In terms of applications that provide news updates, livescore, match schedules, and alerts, ESPN is the best sports app to go with. For free sports streaming services, based on consumer reviews, Mobdro is a great option to go with. However, if you wish to get more quality in streaming, you can also avail of the subscriptions of Hotstar and Sony Liv.

You don’t need to install all the apps mentioned in this list. The choice of application depends upon a user’s favorite sport, local coverage, plus how much interested he is in staying connected with it.

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