The magnitude of applications of a 3D printer is beyond imagination since it almost allows any individual to create a pint-size manufacturing unit in his or her garage. With the number of cool things to 3D print, it is probably the best technological innovation in the recent past.

From 3D pen to 3D modeling software, the usage depends on the need and category of users. In fact, for a 3D printing enthusiast, there are online courses to learn 3D printing too. Creators are using the 3D printing process to produce creative work that is fun, trendy, and not very complicated.

73 Cool Things To 3D Print That Are Useful And Fun

If you are wondering what you can make with a 3D printer, then here are some wonderful ideas. The various cool things to 3D print that are mentioned below can be easily done with materials readily available at our homes. Phone case, 3D printed shoes, 3D printed toys, pencil holder, 3D pen, earbud holder, what would be your pick first?

Furthermore, these are the most useful 3D printed objects and are sure to go a long way in making your life easier.

1. Smartphone and Tablet Stand

phone stand cool things to 3d print

One of the cool things to 3D print, the phone stand is capable of holding a range of smartphones and tablets. The 3D printing process is easy. Use it as a stand or hang the table stand to a wall. 

Download Smartphone and Tablet Stand

2. Cable Savers

cable savers cool things to 3d print

Are your phone chargers and other cables fraying out? Then this is one of the cool things to 3D print. Besides, being a great 3D printing idea, the 3D model of cable savers will extend the lives of the wires by preventing them from being worn out.

Download Cable Savers

3. Earphones Case

earphones case cool things to 3d print

No matter how hard we try, our earphones do end up getting entangled. Here’s a good solution to use 3D printing technology and create printed parts for the earphones.

This 3D printed object enables you to keep the earphones safe and prevents them from getting damaged.

Download Earphones Case

4. Battery Dispenser

battery dispenser cool things to 3d print

Are you running out of batteries? Certain gadgets, wall clocks, and other products need rechargeable batteries.

One of the cool things to 3D print for every 3D printing enthusiast is this parametric cylindrical battery dispenser. It will help you stock the batteries, and keep them handy whenever required. 

Download Battery Dispenser

5. iPhone Amplifier

amplifier cool things to 3D print

If you love loud music and don’t have external speakers, this is one of the cool things to 3D print

A great 3D printed object without spending on buying the gadget. In addition, this useful 3D model enables you to increase the volume of your iPhone, where no Bluetooth or batteries are required.

Download iPhone Amplifier

6. Strong Flex Door Carabiner

carabiner cool things to 3d print

Of all the other cool things to 3D print, carabiners can be a really useful product for every 3D printing enthusiast. 

It is a specialized kind of shackle that has a metal loop and is locked by a spring-operated gate lock and used for climbing, sailing, or for home utility. The 3D printing process is very easy and convenient.

Download Strong Flex Door Carabiner

7. Bag Clips

bag clips cool things to 3d print

Wondering how to store a packet of chips or other snacks that are half used? The probable answer and substitute for zipping, in terms of the 3D print idea is a bag clip.

One of the cool 3D print things, the bag clip makes sure that anything that is stored in them stays tightly sealed. A perfect 3D printing project for beginners.

Download Bag Clips

8. Blade Key- Key Organizer

key organizer cool things to 3d print

The perfect organizer for keys and one of the cool things to 3D print on your own. You can customize the 3D printer models in terms of width, length, breadth according to your requirements.

This 3D printer project is fun and keeps all your keys organized in one place.

Download Blade Key

9. Citrus Juicer

juicer cool things to 3D print

Want to use 3D printing technology for health benefits? What better than juice extractors! 

These 3D printer models will definitely make your life easy and healthy too. All you need to do is juice out any citrus fruit. You can create two versions of 3D printed parts – either a solid one or a hollow one with internal ribs.

However, do not forget to wash the 3D printed object before you use it.

Download Citrus Juicer

10. USB Cable Holder

cable holder cool things to 3d print

Too many cables around your house or at your work desk? Well, then one of the cool things to 3D print is the cable holder.

All you need to do is fit the USB cable holder on the wall, and this 3D print idea is perfect. The 3D model cable holder will help you clear the clutter by keeping the cables organized.

Download USB Cable Holder

11. Cable Spools

spool for cables

A cable spool is a circular object which is used to carry and put electric wires in. Known to be one of the most essential utility tools, this 3D printing idea will help you manage.

By using the 3D printing service, you can roll the cables and make them look neat and tidy too. You can also size the 3D printer models to whatever length you want.

Download Cable Spools

12. Bottle Opener

bottle opener

How about getting a stylish bottle opener, without having to spend money? One of the cool things to 3D print, the bottle opener enables you to open the bottle using just one hand. 

The 3D printing technology makes it easy to print it but you do require a small coin.

Download Bottle Opener

13. Phone Case

phone case

Bored with your existing phone case? Now rest easy, since it is one of the cool things to 3D print plus you can customize your own.

The useful 3D print enables you to fabricate a new phone case as and when required with any creative design that you fancy.

Download Phone Cases

14. Coral Lamp

coral lamp

Want to create home decor products using the 3D printing service? Well, with 3D scanning, you can create anything. All you need to do is simply look for a good design that can be 3D printed.

The coral lamp looks stylish and can be either used as a bunch or just a solo piece to light up your house. Don’t you think it is one of the most beautiful and cool things to 3D print? We vouch for it.

Download Coral Lamp

15. Spiral Hair Stick

spiral hair stick

One of the cool things to 3D print for people looking for hair accessories, this spiral hair stick is a must product. It is 15-cm long and helps you tie your hair in a neat bun. 

The shape looks like a double helix in a continuous spiral. If you are using an FDM printer, remember to sand the final product, which will give you a smoother surface. Just download files with instructions, and go ahead to create 3D printed parts!

Download Spiral Hair Stick

16. Soap Dish

soap dish most useful 3d printed objects

One of the cool things to 3D print is this self-mounting soap dish. Created using 3D printing service, it can be stuck to your wall without drilling.

Two suction cups are required to fix this soap dish to the wall, and it can hold two razors, one on each side. All you need is to download files, namely the .scad file and the .stl file to begin 3D scanning and printing.

Download Soap Dish

17. Pliers

pliers cool things to 3D print

Pliers are a common home utility product you find in every household. A must for every 3D printing enthusiast, the parallel jaw plier consist of 3D printed parts namely two jaws and one each of handle A and B. 

For the 3D printing service, you will need to download files with the Jaw.stl file and the Handle.stl file. You will also require socket head screws to get the finished product. This useful 3d print saves you a trip to the hardware store.

Download Pliers

18. Combination Safe

Combination safe most useful 3d printed objects

A perfect place to keep your micro SD card, USB drives, and other small valuable items, this cool 3D printed combination safe is perfect. 

Consisting of a five or seven-digit combination, the safe keeps tiny products secure in one place. One of the best things to 3D print, this combination safe requires no support structures and no cleaning.

Download Combination Safe

19. Measuring Spoons

Measuring Spoons

Did you lose one of the measuring spoons making your set incomplete? Well, no worries, just use 3D scanning and print your own.

One of the cool things to 3D print, you can custom make them in all sizes.

Download Measuring Spoons

20. Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

The cool 3D print Tape Dispenser enables you to have something which is not available at the stores. The tentacles act as blades to cut through the tape.

In addition, this also looks like a stylish addition to one of the quiet corners of your home.

Download Tape Dispenser

21. Shopping Bag Handle

Shopping Bag Handle

Shopping Bag Handle is an extremely useful thing to 3D print. Simply adjust the scale depending on your need for slim or thick handles and carry all your shopping bags with ease.

Download Shopping Bag Handle

22. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Want to own a bird feeder without spending too much on it? Get this cool 3D print done and you’re sorted. The 3D printed item sticks to your window and doesn’t require special skills for installation.

Download Bird Feeder

23. Self Watering Planter

Self Watering Planter

Do you forget to water your plants every now and then? One of the cool things to 3D print, this self-watering planter takes care of your forgetful habits. It provides flexibility in your watering schedule.

All you need to do is just fill it once a week and you’re done. Furthermore, it is a way to save the dying greenery around us. Once you have the 3D modeling parts handy, it is easy to set up and use. Plus, no cleaning required.

Download Self Watering Planter

24. Ball-jointed Frog Doll

Ball-jointed Frog Doll

A ball-jointed doll, as the name suggests, is one of the 3D printed toys made by putting together ball and socket joints. They are commonly called BJDs and are a rage among kids.

Just give the children the 3D printed toys, and they are ecstatic. The 3D frog doll is the easiest model when it comes to 3D printing and assembling.

Download Ball-jointed Frog Doll

25. Zipper Handle

Zipper Handle 3d printed things

One of the cool things to 3D print, this zipper pull replacement can be made without any fuss. In addition, it can be made according to your size requirements.

Download Zipper Handle

26. Hair Trap/ Drain Cover

Hair Trap/ Drain Cover

Hair getting clogged in the shower drain or the washbasin sink is the ugliest eyesore ever. How about getting a 3D printed hair trap that will fix this issue?

Be it your shower, tub, or sink; this useful 3D print enables you to get rid of the mess by covering the drain.

Download Hair Trap

27. Cylinder Textured Box

Cylinder Textured Box

Don’t we all like to collect beautiful objects? How about getting a box printed that can be used to store anything, like a 3D pen or brushes or household items.

You can also use it as a pencil holder or an earbud holder. The 3D scanner files are in STL format and come with a Japanese pattern. The 3D printer item is the perfect storage box. 

Download Cylinder Textured Box

28. Pen Holder

Pen Holder

Besides being one of the most useful things to 3D print, a pen/pencil holder is also required by all of us at our homes and at work.

The 3D modeling pencil holder enables you to keep a 3D pen, pencils, SD card, sketch pens, markers, gem clips, and any other stationery.

Download Pen Holder

29. Card Holder

Card Holder

Business cards and visiting cards are not disappearing from the picture anytime soon. The 3D printed item will stack the cards neatly and help you stay organized.

This exquisite-looking card-holder is one of our most favorites when it comes to cool things to 3D print.

Download Card Holder

30. Sunglasses Visor Clip

Sunglasses Visor Clip

One of the coolest 3D printing plastic items, the sunglasses visor clip also comes handy when you do not wish to put them to use. In addition, you can always think of keeping a spare one for your dear friends or family too.

Download Sunglasses Visor Clip

31. Jewelry Box with Dividers

Jewelry Box with Dividers

Small pieces of jewelry like rings and earrings are always prone to be lost. But if you have this as a handy 3D printed jewelry box, then it might not be so.

This 3D printing idea is a blessing since it stores the knick-knack in one place. In addition, you know where exactly to look out for when you need one.

Download Jewelry Box with Dividers

32. Wall Flower Mount

Wall Flower Mount

Gloomy weather? No more worries. This 3D printing project will brighten up your home.

One of the most useful things to 3D print, this colorful wall flower mount will add a creative edge to your balconies and terrace gardens.

Download Wall Flower Mount

33. Coffee Sleeve

Coffee Sleeve

If you’re a coffee-lover, this cool 3D print is ideal for you.

Save yourself from the burn and get this coffee sleeve, thus providing comfort to your hands.

Download Coffee Sleeve

34. Pip Boxes

Pip Boxes useful 3d prints

Irrespective of how many drawers we have, aren’t we always running out of space? One of the cool things to 3D print, these boxes do not need any support and can be stacked one on top of the other.

Download Pip Boxes

35. Baroque Photo Frame

Baroque Photo Frame

Don’t we all love pictures? How about storing some of them as physically tangible copies rather than just having them on our phones?

This 3D printer project enables you to do so. In addition, this flamboyant design will give an antique look to your home decor.

Download Baroque Photo Frame

36. Shark Comb

Shark Comb cool things to 3d print

How about custom 3D printing a product that we require on a daily basis?

This 3D printing idea adds a cool accessory to your utility items and takes care of your tresses.

Download Shark Comb

37. Porcupick

Porcupick cool things to 3d print

Looking for a fancy toothpick holder in the market? One of the cool 3D things to print, this toothpick holder looks like a porcupine.

Useful and innovatively designed, Porcupick will be a star attraction among your guests at dinner.

Download Porcupick

38. Rugged Waterproof Box

Rugged Waterproof Box

Multi-purpose boxes are a blessing. This 3D printer project enables you to  3D object design a customizable waterproof box that can store anything.

Although you will need 8 screws in total to get the assembling done, it promises to be the easiest 3D printing articles.

Download Rugged Waterproof Box

39. Shower Head

Shower Head with 3d printing

Are your kids bored of the regular fixtures at home? Try 3D printing articles without spending a bomb.

One of the cool things to 3D print, this T-Rex shower Head is bright, funky, and will add craziness to your bathing experience.

Download Shower Head

40. Drink Coasters

Drink Coasters

A drink or a beverage coaster is used to rest your drinks. Rest your glasses and cups on the 3D printed stuff that looks trendy and cool. The coasters take only a few minutes to print.

Download Drink Coasters

41. Guitar Wall Mount

Guitar Wall Mount

Thinking of a spot to place your guitar? Try this 3D printed violin or guitar wall mount that can be customized.

Convenient and space-saving, this 3D printed violin/ guitar wall mount will keep your prized possession safely hung on the wall.

Download Guitar Wall Mount

42. Measuring Cups

Measuring Cups

Home baker or not, the 3D printed stuff especially measuring cups are useful in your kitchen.

A useful 3D print, these measuring cups come in handy when you are short of a particular size and can be printed in various sizes. The free stl files can be downloaded and you can also customize them.

Download Measuring Cups

43. Dice

Dice 3d print

Love playing board games? If you cannot locate your dice, you can use the 3D digital file to get it printed.

The most useful 3D print idea, this simple 16mm dice is flat, glossy and ready to roll.

Download Dice

44. Candle Holder

candle holder

Do you love candles? This 3D printing project enables you to light up your house creatively. Out of the various options available, this coral-inspired candle fixture is our personal favorite. 

Download Candle Holder

45. Key Holder with Shelf

Key Holder with Shelf

One of the cool 3D printed objects, this key holder with a shelf is simple and fast to print. Use the 3D scanner app for correct files and if you want, you can create your own remix!

This multi-purpose 3D printed item enables you to hang your keys and also keep small items on top of the shelf.

Download Key Holder with Shelf

46. Watering Spout

spout cool things to 3D print

How about making your own makeshift watering spout? 

Featured in Make Magazine’s Winter 2013 Ultimate Guide to 3D printing, and one of the cool things to 3D print, this product makes watering plants convenient. In addition, it productively uses the bottles you no longer use and helps with recycling too.

Download Watering Spout

47. Vase

vase cool things to 3D print

One of the best 3D printed items, this curved honeycomb vase looks exquisite and will be a creative hand-made addition to your existing home decor.

Download Vase

48. Doorstop

. Doorstop 3d print ideas

One of the best 3D printed items, this doorstop is quirky, functional, easy to print and of course, serves the purpose. It will stop the door from opening too wide, thereby preventing the adjacent walls from damaging.

Download Doorstop

49. Structure Clock

Structure Clock 3d print ideas

One of the cool things to 3D print, this structure clock is filled with intricate designs. After you have the 3D printed products handy, just add a clock mechanism, and you’re sorted.

Download Structure Clock

50. Tealight Holder

Tealight Holder 3d print ideas

One of the best things to 3D print, this tealight holder is classy and elegant. Even after the candle liquefies, it won’t melt, as the flame is accommodated inside the 3D printed metal parts foil.

Download Tealight Holder

51. Superhero Keychains

Superhero Keychains cool things to 3d print

Love comic book characters and superheroes? Elegantly designed and easily identifiable, the 3D printed people superhero keychains are the best things when it comes to 3D modeling.

Download Superhero Keychains

52. Earrings


Besides being one of the cool 3D printed jewelry, these earrings are easy to print and light to carry and give you an added fashionable look.

Download Earrings

53. One Hand Book Holder

One Hand Book Holder

Are you a book lover who loves nerdy accessories? One of the most useful 3D printed products, this one-hand book holder enables you to keep the pages propped open.

Download One Hand Book Holder

54. Four Elements- Fridge Organizer

Four Elements- Fridge Organizer cool things to 3d print

One of the cool things to 3D print, this fridge organizer provides you with more space in the fridge by enabling you to keep things in these little compartments.

Made with the visually impaired in mind, the four containers are called Earth, Water, Fire, and Air and have symbols of the same drawn. The users can keep whatever they like in any of the 3D printed parts and recall where’s what by just touching the icons. 

Download Four Elements- Fridge Organizer

55. Book Owls

Book Owls useful 3d prints

Bookmarks are extremely convenient since it is not feasible to always remember the number of the page you last read. How about getting owl bookmarks printed? These useful 3D printed objects come in two sizes and are quick to print.

Download Book Owls

56. Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant

One of the cool things to 3D print, this 3D printed jewelry symbolizes purity and looks classy. Just add a string of your choice, and the flower pendant is good to go.

Download Flower Pendant

57. Survival Whistle

Survival Whistle

The survival whistle is shrill and can be heard in long areas of distance. One of the coolest 3D printed products, this V29 survival whistle is easy to make, convenient to carry, and very loud- emitting a pitch of 118db.

Download Survival Whistle

58. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder cool things to 3d print

How about a home utility 3D print online that we require on an everyday basis? The 3D print stl toothbrush holder is to organize your daily items. Go, get yourself this useful 3D print done in the shape of a starfish that is cool and funky.

Download Toothbrush Holder

59. Secret Shelf


One of the most useful 3D printed projects, this secret shelf enables you to keep your valuables, extra cash, and anything else you do not wish to fall under the human eye.

Furthermore, you can 3D print it in two parts, the base, and the cover. 

Download Secret Shelf

60. Can Handles

can handle

Let’s get this cool 3D print done and boast about our creative skills to our friends.

One of the most useful things to 3D print, can handles are a blessing. They provide a grip to the beverage can you’re holding and, of course, prevent your fingers from freezing.

Download Can Handle

61. Among Us Crew

among us crew

Well, this is for the Among Us fans. The popular multiplayer online game has a big army of characters, and this beautiful 3D print design by Huang You Liang enables you to print them all. 

The Among Us Crew is one of the cool things to 3D print and newly added to the 3D model library. The game’s app is immensely famous worldwide, and you can color them as per your choice. 

Download Among Us Crew

62. Flight Sim Joystick

flight sim joystick

Everyone seems to be hooked to the new video game called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Although it is not easy to print or assemble, printing the Flight Sim Joystick is still a better deal than spending on the actual gaming controllers. 

One of the cool things to 3D print and newly released, Flight Sim Joystick, is definitely worth the time and effort. It resembles a regular USB joystick one would use for playing games using their Mac or Windows systems.

Download Flight Sim Joystick

63. Target Pen Holder

target pen holder

One of the cool things to 3D print for people who love to hoard stationery items, Target Pen Holder, is a must-have. 

The funky-looking 3D print design can also be used as a decorative item in your living room, study, or office desk. The archery target pen holder is one of the most fun, useful, and creative 3D print projects. 

Download Target Pen Holder

64. Lens Cap Holder

lens cap holder

One of the cool things to 3D print for all the ardent photographers, this Lens Cap Holder is an excellent product. If you own a DSLR camera, getting this 3D design printed to protect and safeguard your gadget.

Once the 3D printed stuff is ready, attach it to your camera strap, and it is good to go. It is easy to print and not time-consuming. The design digital file is ideal for a 55mm diameter lens.

Download Lens Cap Holder

65. Slim Credit Card Wallet

slim credit card wallet cool things to 3D print

Extremely useful and easy to print, this 3D design gets ready in 8 hours and is a product you didn’t know you wanted. It includes space for five cards, so you no longer need to keep the credit cards in your wallet.

The 3D design consists of 3 parts, and all the custom printing instructions are laid out well. One of the cool things to 3D print, the Slim Credit Card Wallet, slips comfortably in your pockets.

Download Slim Credit Card Wallet

66. Anti-Gravity Planter

anti-gravity planter cool things to 3D print

One of the super cool things to 3D print, this Anti-Gravity Planter is simple yet awesome. The design print looks exquisite and feels like the planter is hanging in mid-air. 

So, when you print the beautiful 3D design, do not forget to add an extra layer of gravel first. This will ensure your plants are healthy and happy. 

Download Anti-Gravity Planter

67. Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer

kitchen sink hair drainer cool things to 3D print

No one likes clogged kitchen drains and this is where this cool 3D print project comes in. One of the really cool things to 3D print when it comes to the houseware department, this Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer is a blessing to have. 

Get the 3D kitchen design printed, cover your kitchen sink with it, and have all the food residue and kitchen debris collected in it. The geodesic design is customizable and available in multiple colors.

Download Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer

68. Disposable Lock

disposable lock cool things to 3D print

The disposable lock is simple to print and very useful. It can only be used once, after which you will have to discard it. One of the super cool things to 3D print, the single-use disposable plastic lock, is one of the fastest products to get ready. 

You can also check if the 3D model design has been tampered with or not. Be it your favorite jar of cookies, piggy bank, personal diary, or a small door, this 3D printed object comes in handy.

Download Disposable Lock

69. Toothbrush Case

toothbrush case cool things to 3D print

If you do not wish to dirty the toothbrush bristles, it is best to keep them covered. A toothbrush case is also useful when you are traveling. 

One of the really cool things to 3D print, this cute little Toothbrush Case fits every toothbrush well and keeps the product free of moisture.

Download Toothbrush Case

70. Overheating Support

overheating support cool things to 3D print

Most of us cannot do without our laptops and are well aware that the gadget overheats after continuous usage or if it’s old. Among all the super cool things to 3D print we have enlisted, Overheating Support is one of our personal favorites. 

Get hold of the lifesaver and provide anti-heating support to your device. The 3D printed item can be used on all systems and is very efficient. 

Download Overheating Support

71. Emotion Ball

emoticon ball cool things to 3D print

Very different from the other 3D design and 3D printed parts that we’ve listed, this one is not for daily usage but simply meant for fun. An ideal DIY 3D printing project for kids who are creatively bent, the Emotion Ball is one of the really cool things to 3D print.

You can choose from multiple smiley options, and all of them are available in yellow filament. 

Download Emotion Ball

72. Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner cool things to 3D print

One of the cool things to 3D print for people who cannot sit still, this Fidget Spinner is a must-try. The amazing 3D project is ideal to help you concentrate and stay focused.

With new 3D printing technology, Fidget spinners are the best source to bring back focus on the current activity and keep your mind occupied. 

Download Fidget Spinner

73. Spirograph Set

spirograph set cool things to 3D print

The Spirograph set is one of the cool things to 3D print, and it takes you down memory lane. If you are looking for fun and playful activities for your little ones, get this stunning 3D design printed and relive your childhood memories. 

You will need a pen and paper to start doodling once the print is ready. With the latest 3D printing technology, the design is easy and ensures hours of unadulterated fun.

Download Spirograph Set

Final Thoughts

We have listed some cool things to 3D print that exhibit that you can create whatever you wish to with some plastic filament, materials, or screws, and a 3D printer. 

Want to impress your girl? Gift her 3D printed jewelry. Want to impress your children? Print them 3D printed toys and 3D printed walking robot. Looking forward to adding cool 3D printed food items to your kitchen? Print useful things like the citrus juicer, measuring spoons and cups or the bottle opener. How about adding cool 3D prints that make our lives convenient? The smartphone stand, bag clips, and earphone case serve the purpose.

The list is never-ending, and if you happen to be a 3D printing enthusiast, most designs are easy and take only an hour to get ready. However, some products need a surgeon’s precision, expertise, and time. You can tweak the settings for most of the products and print according to your preferred color and size. 

(Article Updated on 19th March 2021)