Google Docs is an online collaboration go-to tool for creating, editing, and storing different types of documents. So much so that it also allows users to add footnotes which is a big add-on for any user who loves to work in detail. You don’t have to be a genius to know how to add footnotes in Google Docs.

Furthermore, Google Docs’ footnotes play different roles in different types of documents. In a research paper, footnotes in Google Docs can include the reference of information. On the other side, they can also be used to make some remarks or add notes to the document. Users can also boost their productivity with Google Docs shortcuts.

Learn How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs For Extra Information

Footnotes in Google Docs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adding references, citations, or adding information about the main text in the document. They are generally used in academic writing to denote the extra piece of information regarding certain topics. If you want to write a scientific research paper, an essay, or a project report for your college, make sure you know how to use footnotes effectively.

How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs

Adding footnotes in documents is a two-click process. The result of adding a footnote in Google Docs can be seen in the footer section of the page.

Highlight the term for which you want to add a footnote. Then, click on the Insert tab and select Footnote.

Click on Insert and select Footnote
Click on Insert and select Footnote

You can also use Ctrl+Alt+F, a shortcut to add a footnote. As seen in the image above, the word ‘nescient’ has been highlighted before adding a footnote.

The footnote will then automatically get added to the bottom of the page.

how to add footnotes in google docs
Check the Inserted footnote

Users can also style their footnotes using the usual formatting options as per their needs and requirements. This is the simplest and the only process for learning how to add footnotes in Google Docs.

How To Add Footnotes in Docs On Mobile

Adding footnotes in Google Docs app is a cakewalk, just like adding it on a PC.

To start with, open the document in which you want to add a Google Docs footnote. Then, select the term for which you want to add the footnote.

Next, tap the ‘+’ option above. Select ‘Footnote’ in the menu that appears below.

Select the term for how to add footnotes in google docs
Select the term and add the footnote

Now, enter your footnote and press Enter.

enter the footnote
Enter the footnote in the document

That’s all about how to add a footnote in Google Docs on a smartphone. It is very simple and similar to the process we execute on the desktop.

How To Copy And Paste Footnotes In Google Docs

For the ones, who don’t remember the meaning of a particular word, or need to refer to the footnotes in Google Docs on a particular page again, can also copy and paste the footnote in places wherever that particular word reappears or reference is needed.

To begin with, select the term that has a footnote, right-click on it, and then choose the Copy option.

You can also use the Ctrl + C shortcut to copy the term.

copy for how to add footnotes in google docs
Select the term and copy it

Now, navigate to the place where you want to copy the term. Right-click on the place and select the Paste option.

You can also use the Ctrl + V shortcut to paste the term.

paste the footnote
Paste the term with the footnote in a different place

You can see that the term has been pasted in the area along with the footnote appearing below on the page.

view the pasted footnote
View the footnote

Google Docs will automatically assign footnote numbers depending on the number of endnotes on the same page.

Now that you have learned how to add footnotes in Google Docs and copy them, let’s learn how to move them.

How To Move Footnotes In Google Docs

Moving footnotes is all about changing its attribution. In this process, we will learn how to attribute an already created footnote to a different term in Google Docs.

First, locate the footnote in a document and select the footnote number.

select and drag the footnote to move it
Select the footnote and drag it

Now, drag that number and place it in front of any other term of your choice.

move the footnote
Move the footnote

That’s all. You can move a footnote just by dragging and dropping it in the places of your choice. Hence, if you attach a footnote to the wrong term, you can always move to it to the right term.

Third-Party Add-ons For Adding Footnotes

In case if you would like to try a different way to add Google Docs footnotes, you can do so by using third-party add-ons. They are referred to as ‘citation services,’ and help in attributing proper citations to research papers and project reports. There are many citation services that will tell you how to add footnotes in Google Docs.

You can use EasyBib Bibliography Creator for creating a citation and adding it as a footnote for terms. This add-on helps users in searching documents, journals, articles, or websites, and create a bibliography for their content. Once you are done, the add-on will add the bibliography to your Google document. The paid version is available for $9.95 per month

Paperpile is another useful alternative add-on for adding citations in footnotes. Just search your terms, and when you find what you want, click on Cite. Paperpile adds a reference with a link and also cites the item in your document.


Footnotes are a common sight in any project report, research paper, or an essay. They are used to explain a particular term or add an extra bit of information regarding the same. The process for how to add footnotes in Google Docs can be executed in a few simple clicks.

Footnotes can be added to Google Docs through a PC as well as a mobile phone. Users can also copy and paste the footnotes as many times as they wish. You can also move the footnote from one term to another. However, you will have to change the content of the footnote once you attribute it to a different term. There is no doubt that footnotes help in giving documents a professional touch. The choice of using the footnotes depends on the user.

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