Card games are an excellent way to kill time and keep yourselves entertained when you are free. If you wish to unwind after a long day at work or want to use the free time during your daily commute, card games are a brilliant idea. Whether you are a kid, a teenager, adult, or elderly, card games have no age limit. Plus, now you can indulge in playing cards on smartphones with Android card games.

You can connect with and challenge people you know or play with random opponents online. You can also play individually and brush up before you beat the rest.

Top 31 Android Card Games To Download In 2020

Card games are usually played in your leisure time and are the best way to relax. The list mentioned below involves some classic and popular card games that you have played all your lives and some new entries which are equally thrilling. Most of the games are free, and some offer in-app purchases.

Every name is available on the Google Play Store for download. Single-player, multiplayer, and strategy-based, you will find them all. So, no more wasting time looking for the best card games –

1. Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic card game. The look of the interface is clean and eye-catching. You can select easy or difficult modes before starting your game. One full deck consisting of 52 cards is available. You have to drag and drop cards from one column to the other to correctly place them in descending order. The cards will be placed in alternate colors.

In case you wish to change your last move, there is an undo button. You can customize the background. It is possible to play the game offline. You can play in both landscape and portrait modes. If you get stuck anywhere, you can ask for hints. One of the best Android card games, Solitaire, requires patience.

If you want to revisit your childhood, you must get your hands on this one. The game is not mindless. It requires you to strategize your moves.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Solitaire

2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the best free card games and extremely popular. Have you ever played Clash of Clans before? If yes, you will find similarities in Clash Royale because the makers are the same. You have to collect cards that are inspired by the characters of Clash of Clans Universe. Use the cards to defeat and knock out other players.

You can join the online community that consists of players who regularly indulge in playing Clash Royale. You can form a clan with them, challenge them, and also share your cards. Are you ready to put up a fight against Princes, Baby Dragons, and Knights?

On defeating the rivals, you earn crowns and trophies. While the game is free, you can purchase some unique items to upgrade your gameplay. Clash Royale is one of the most interesting Android card games played in real-time with multiplayer mode.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Clash Royale

3. Callbreak Multiplayer

callbreak multiplayer Android card games

If you are hunting for Android card games that can be played with partners, you must try Callbreak Multiplayer. You can have three partners in this game that involves having various tricks up your sleeves. The gameplay includes a full deck of 52 cards, and there are five rounds. You can play with people you know or join random players online. It is also available in single-player mode.

The first dealer is automatically selected, and he/she deals with the cards in an anti-clockwise direction. Every player gets 13 cards each. The rules are simple – bid, trick, and win.

All four players are given negative or positive points after each round. You can play CallBreak Multiplayer offline as well. Remember, you are lucky if you have Spades. There, we’ve said it. Do you think your set of cards will have the trump card? Well, play and find out.

Price: Free

Download Callbreak Multiplayer

4.  Clue

Have you played the board game Clue? This one is the mobile version of the same. As players, you have to move around a map, collect multiple clues on your way, and try to guess the killer’s name. You also have to name the place where the murder happened, and the weapon used. You collect various cards that include tools, different locations, and names of suspects.

Every card that you have can be used to guess the murderer’s name. The original board game is a classic, and the mobile version is a faithful inspiration. The gameplay involves many micro-transactions as well. While the main game is free to play, you can go ahead and purchase items to get some special powers. Each player takes a turn to guess the murderer. Will you be able to crack it?

One of the best card games to play, Clue will get you hooked in no time.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Clue

5. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a strategy card game. The award-winning game is comparatively new in the genre and has managed to establish a massive fan base. You have to collect the maximum number of cards, build a deck, and combat the opponents. You can either choose the online player vs. player (PvP) mode or campaign mode.

If you love thrilling adventures, you must get your hands on this game. You get to travel and explore Morrowind and step into the Clockwork City. The adventures keep on growing as you proceed in the game. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is one of the Android card games that involve battle fights and turn-based strategies. It is also one of the best single player card games.

Are you ready to kill dragons in Skyrim?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download The Elder Scrolls: Legends

6. Gin Rummy Free

gin rummy free Android card games

AI Factory Limited is known to have made various Android card games. Gin Rummy Free is another brilliant one made by them. If you have played Rummy before, you know what we are talking about. The gameplay is fascinating, and the rules are very similar to the CPU version. There is an undo button to alter your action and ask for hints as well when stuck.

You can select any background you like from the available options and navigate through the polished interface to drag and drop cards. The game is best suited for two players. To win, you have to create sets of cards in the same shape and color before the opponent. The gameplay is easy, and if you are a first-time player, you can check out the detailed rules.

Are you game to try your luck?

Price: Free

Download Gin Rummy Free

7. UNO!

Our favorite game has made it to the list at number 7. One of the best Android card games, UNO, will take you down the memory lane. We’ve played it as kids; we play the game still. You can play the game to indulge in some nostalgia and even introduce your kids to this part of your childhood. It is a household name in millions of families.

Your ultimate goal is to get rid of all the cards distributed to you at the beginning of the game. Whoever does so first, wins. The game then continues between the other players. There are various action cards involved. If you have got one, make sure to use it when the right time comes.

You have to create and enter into an online room to play the game with your friends. Players can come up with custom house rules as well. Also, do not forget to say UNO while playing your second last card, or pay the penalty. Let’s recreate memories and play the game we have all loved while growing up.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download UNO!

8. Exploding Kittens

One of the newer Android card games, Exploding Kittens is a highly-strategic multiplayer game. It is played with two to five players. You can ask your friends to join in or play with strangers online. Every player continues to draw one card until one member from the playing group gets an exploding kitten. If the player with the exploding kitten card does not have a diffuse card, his/her game is over.

If you have played Russian Roulette before, you will find similarities in Exploding Kittens. Exploding Kittens is a kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. There are various other cards in the deck that is used to avoid and mitigate the Exploding Kittens. The interface is polished and consists of zero cheap graphics.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Exploding Kittens

9. Spider Solitaire

spider solitaire Android card games

We listed Solitaire as our numero uno card game on the list, a slightly different version of the classic game makes it to our list. One of the best Android card games, Spider Solitaire, is extremely user-friendly. The gameplay is easy to understand. The version is supported in both Android phones and tablets. There is a detailed rules page where you will find the nitty-gritty of how to play the game.

Players can pick easy, medium, or difficult modes. If you want to get the best score, make sure you reach the end with the least number of moves. You can ask for hints when stuck. There is an undo button for you to change your last move. The game gives you the option of customizing the background.

There are various animation effects as well. Do you think you performed well? Do not forget to check out the best scores list. So, are you ready to drag and drop cards?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Spider Solitaire

10. Hearts Mobile

How many of you have played Hearts before? Remember those days when there was no internet, and we would always play a few pre-installed games on our PCs? Well, in the 90s, you would find Hearts in every computer. We too, have indulged ourselves in playing the game in our younger days.

The interface of the game is pleasing, and the gameplay is competitive. It is played among four players, where everyone is competing against each other. Each player gets 13 cards at the beginning of the game. You have to make sure to shove away cards that hold points and only collect cards with zero points. One who has the least number of points in the end wins. If an opponent’s score reaches 100, he/she loses the game.

The graphics and animations in Hearts Mobile are superlative. Popular and captivating; are you ready to play one of the best Android card games?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Hearts Mobile

11. Hearthstone

hearthstone Android card games

Hearthstone has a massive fan following. The game includes hundreds of cards, so you can create your own exquisite deck with the cards you like. You can even create and play with multiple decks. This unique feature adds variety to Hearthstone. The game is multiplayer, and the content is frequently updated with something new quite regularly.

Cast spells, collect minions, and put up a fight in the ever-shifting battleground. You get to experience both mischief and magic. Formulate a mindful strategy and defeat your enemies. You can either play with your friends or join random players online. Are you ready to harness the abilities of your minions and unleash the demon inside you?

The gameplay is fast-paced. You have to win over the battleground and seize control in real-time. Let’s step into the arena and carefully put across every step like a clever rouge while playing one of the best card games on Android.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Hearthstone

12. Evil Apples: You Against Humanity!

evil apples Android card games

Have you played the board game Cards Against Humanity? Evil Apples: You Against Humanity is based on similar lines and is an unofficial version of the board game. The gameplay involves more than 5,000 answer cards. There are over 1,300 question cards as well, ensuring that each round is unique and funny. You can either play with your friends or connect with random players online.

You can send game invites via Facebook, text message, or even Twitter. Evil Apples includes tons of wild cards. These cards enable you to add your distinctive custom text. To emerge as the winner, you have to collect 7 points the fastest. One of the best Android card games, Evil Apples: You Against Humanity, is hilarious, fun, and the ultimate party game for adults.

One person among the players is the judge. He/she decides the best card and gives one point to the winner.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Evil Apples: You Against Humanity!

13. Pokemon TCG Online

Even if you have played mobile versions of Pokemon games earlier, you will still find Pokemon TCG Online to be different from all of them. In the other Pokemon games, you collect actual monsters and put up a fight against them in battles. The game is played like a quintessential card game and is made just like the classic original. It is on the same lines as the actual Pokemon card game.

Every player needs to collect multiple cards, build unique decks, and come out victorious in glorious battles. You can either play with your friends or choose the online player versus player (PvP) mode. What more? You can also exchange your cards with other players. So, which deck will you choose? Water, fire, or grass?

You can even customize how your cards look. We guarantee you will be hooked to your phone screens and lost track of time.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Pokemon TCG Online

14. PokerStars

pokerstars Android card games

The most popular game played in get-togethers and parties, Poker, has a fantastic Android version. One player needs to create a poker table and share the number code with the fellow players. You can enter the room by typing in the code and start playing with your friends. There is no real money involved. However, you can always keep an account of the scores and exchange virtual cash, if you so wish.

One of the best Android card games, PokerStars, involves both luck and strategizing. The gameplay is exciting, fun, and you always have to be attentive. Do you think you are a champion with numbers? Participate in the multiplayer tournaments and see how you fare. You can refill your stack of chips with more than 15,000 coins, without any cost, every four hours.

Are you ready for the thrill?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download PokerStars

15. Card Thief

You play the role of a thief. The aim is to sneak your way out without getting caught and collect cards simultaneously. If you find treasure on your way, do not forget to collect that too. Players can use equipment cards to get ideas on how to loot. But, do not overuse those cards, or you will run out of sneak points. It can also result in you getting caught.

You will have to extinguish torches and engage yourself in various other mischiefs. The gameplay is easy to pick. The best part about Card Thief is that every round takes only two minutes to complete. There are daily challenges that require you to strategize well. If you are an ace player and pull off heists skillfully, the game enables you to progress. You are offered to upgrade your equipment cards.

If you are a fan of strategy-based card games, you must check out Card Thief. So, are you ready to pickpocket guards?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Card Thief

16. Reigns: Her Majesty

One of the best single player card games, Reigns: Her Majesty is unique, fun, and addictive. You play the role of a monarch. As players, you have to make decisions concerning your kingdom’s four departments – wealth, army, people, and church. The main aim should always be to maintain a balance between all four of these. If anyone reaches its maximum capacity or drains out completely, you lose the game.

Have you played the hit game Reigns before? This one is a follow-up of the same, with the only difference being that you play as Queen instead of Kings. Reigns: Her Majesty is one of the best Android card games and is full of new interactive characters and various branching storylines.

The game offers replayability. They maintain an inventory and expect dedicated fans to be interested in the game for the long-term. So, if you create a magnificent reign for yourself, you can keep coming back to it and continue to rule for as long as you want. Some love it; others find it silly.

Price: Free

Download Reigns: Her Majesty

17. Ascension

If you are looking for some unique card games for Android, you must check out Ascension. The game is available on all Android devices and also a physical card game. You have to build a deck by collecting cards. The gameplay focuses on spending Runes to gather the most powerful cards and beat the monsters. Defeating each monster gives you Honor Points.

Ascension becomes very addictive after a couple of rounds, and you will end up spending money to get some exciting upgrades. If you liked or played the game Magic: The Gathering, you will love this one. Ascension is made on the same lines and is a better version.

There are more than 50 exquisitely-designed cards available. Multiple artificial intelligence components enable players to formulate strategies.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Ascension

18. Spades Plus

spades plus Android card games

Spades Plus is a popular card game with stunning visuals. Zynga, the company that has made Spades Plus, has included beautiful animation and HD graphics. Spades Plus is a part of the massive Spades Game community. You can challenge thousands of online players worldwide.

There are various game modes for you to choose from – mirror, classic, VIP, and solo. You can create your own tables and invite your friends to play. As a joining bonus, each player receives 20,000 coins for free. You can participate in the tournaments and knock out your opponents. The gameplay is simple. It revolves around the regular card-trick strategies.

So, are you ready to put up a fight against other players around the world? Also, a good internet connection is recommended while playing Spades Plus to give you the best experience.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Spades Plus

19. Canasta

canasta Android card games

One of the best Android card games, you must check out Canasta if you love exploring new versions of games that are played with the regular deck of cards. The rules are easy to understand. The graphics involved are visually appealing. Canasta can be played in both single and multiplayer modes.

You can customize the background design and colors. You can choose to play the game in both portrait and landscape modes. We’ve played the game as kids on our computers, and it is thrilling to see an online version for smartphones and tablets.

Before you start playing, do not forget to check out the well-described rules page. Canasta has been made by Karman Games, and the developers update the interface very regularly. With each update, the game becomes more user-friendly.

There is a statistics page that enables you to see live scores. Are you ready to beat your friends? Or, would you like to play against the bot first?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Canasta

20. Magic: Puzzle Quest

Magic: Puzzle Quest is a deck-building and a deep level role-playing game. Players need to collect cards from Magic: The Gathering collection, build their own unique decks, and defeat the opponents. Elements from the original Match 3 RPG game are combined with Magic: The Gathering to come up with this match-three game full of stimulating action.

Magic: Puzzle Quest boasts newly constructed cards like the 2020 core set. There is an online player vs. player mode as well, which gets you head-to-head with players across the globe. Since two distinct games are merged to give rise to this one, Puzzle Quest ensures players and fans have very different gaming experiences.

Do not forget to hunt for specific cards to unleash war on the enemies. To come up with the perfect strategy, you can create your own Booster Packs as well.

Free, in-app purchases

Download Magic: Puzzle Quest

21. Reigns: Game of Thrones

reigns game of thrones

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If yes, you must get your hands on Reigns: Game of Thrones, one of the best Android card games. The game’s cast includes all your favorite characters like Sansa Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow. Simply by swiping left and right, you will be able to decide and alter the future of the seven kingdoms. Exciting, isn’t it?

When you feel a character is bothering you, you can tear their card apart. Well, it does come with some cost. Are you ready to decide who sits upon the throne? It is amusing to witness the most powerful rulers keep their majestic concerns aside and participate in trivial matters.

Fans will be delighted to know that the game allows you to recreate adventures according to your whims and fancies. What more? Be safe, watch your steps, and do not lock yourself out in a dungeon. Let’s see what you decide as fate for Westeros.

Price: Free

Download: Reigns: Game of Thrones

22. RWBY: Amity Arena

One of the newer Android card games, Amity Arena, is similar to a couple of others we listed, namely, Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Players have to gather various cards from the RWBY universe and compete against opponents. There is an online multiplayer mode, dozens of cards to collect, several tournaments to participate in, and leaderboards to keep an eye on real-time scores.

The card game is inspired by a board game called Remnant. Taking the most fun elements from Remnant and adding in some additional features, Amity Arena is sure to get you hooked. You can play the game with your friends or challenge anyone across the globe. Collect your favorite characters and units and build a strong team.

Expect some twists and turns in the middle of the game and be ready with a few tricks up your sleeves to defeat the enemies.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download RWBY: Amity Arena

23. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

While there are plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh Android card games available in the Play Store, Duel Links caught our attention since it has the highest number of downloads and is very highly rated. The gameplay is usual – you have to collect cards, build powerful and unique decks, and battle it out against the other players. You can choose both human and artificial intelligence as your opponent.

The game is rewarding if you play right and very gripping. The graphics include stunning action-packed sequences. The rules are simple enough for a beginner to understand. If you have seen the Japanese manga series Yu-Gi-Oh, you will find many familiar characters in the game. The voice-over artists are also taken from the original show.

One of the best Android card battle games, Duel Links, includes epic cutscenes in 3D. Will you be able to summon the monsters and emerge as the most powerful Dueling Master? Play and check out.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

24. Zynga Poker

zynga poker

We’ve listed Poker earlier, but this one is a different version. Zynga Poker is better than most of the other online versions of the popular card game. You create a table, share the code with your friends, ask them to join in, and start playing tournaments with them. The table, the setting, the features involved, and excellent graphics; give you the feeling of an actual Poker table. Well, such is the claim of some fans.

There is a free chip system, so you need not invest real money if you so wish. However, you can keep a tab of your daily scores and trade in actual cash, if that is how to like to play the game. Are you ready to have an authentic Poker experience? Do you think you will be lucky enough to hit the jackpot? Cannot maintain a poker face? Good for you that the game is online, so there is no giving away hints.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Zynga Poker

25. Microsoft Solitaire

One of the most popular Android card games, Microsoft Solitaire, boasts millions of downloads. All of us who have had a desktop computer back in the ‘90s have played Microsoft Solitaire. The online version of the same will refresh your childhood memories. Apart from the original Solitaire game, the Android version consists of four more variants.

You can participate in daily challenges. After you win a round, the animation that comes up on the screen is exactly how it used to be in the original game. The game offers cross-platform support. You can connect and play on your Windows 10 PCs as well. Players can compete against family and friends and earn Xbox Live achievements.

Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, or Tripeaks, which of these variants will you try first?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Microsoft Solitaire

26. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

If you have been a fan of The Witcher Universe or played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will understand how exciting it is for fans to finally have an Android version of the game combining elements from the predecessors. Every deck of cards comes with its own set of weaknesses and abilities. You have to choose the perfect cards and build an unbeatable deck.

The ultimate goal of every player is to score the maximum number of points at the end of each round. If a player wins two rounds, he/she wins the game. Each card includes some points. You earn points by playing the cards you have. There is more to it, of course. You can attack your enemies and deplete their points by destroying cards that could make them win. They will try to do the same for you.

Well, do not forget to be tactful and bear a small loss to ensure your deck is safe in the next round. Are you ready to play one of the most competitive Android card games?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

27. Legends of Runeterra

legends of runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is Hearthstone’s competitive come out. The gameplay, look, features, rules, and graphics are very similar to Hearthstone. However, there is one stark difference. Legends of Runeterra is based on the League of Legends Universe. It is a 1v1 game. Your goal is to exhaust your opponent’s health pool as fast as possible.

You get one round each for attacking and defending. Every card includes its own health and attack status. Some of them may have special abilities that will prove beneficial for you when the time is right. The gameplay consists of spell cards as well that come with different levels of speed. These might include barriers and healing spells as well.

The game requires you to come up with strategies at some points, and there is an excellent variety of card decks available for you to build and choose. One of the best Android card games, Legends of Runeterra, requires creativity, skill, and cleverness.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Legends of Runeterra

28. Crazy Eights

crazy eights

One of the best free Android card games, Crazy Eights, is highly addictive. The game is easy to play. If you have a handful of strategies up your sleeves, you will end up winning. You, of course, need good cards at hand. The rules are similar to any regularly played classic card game. It can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Four participants are required at once to play the game. The number of cards you have is important, and so is the direction in which the round is moving. A change in direction, well, can be crucial. There are various action-packed drawing cards and jokers that can change your position from last to first in no time. Crazy Eights supports multiple languages apart from English.

Irrespective of whether you are a novice or a professional in the card game genre, you must get your hands on Crazy Eights. Certain rules can be customized. What more? The game includes 3D animations and stunning graphics.

Price: Free

Download Crazy Eights

29. Shadow Era – Trading Card Game

shadow era

If you have wanted to play a trading card game, look no further than Shadow Era. Easy rules and addictive gameplay, you will find yourself hooked to your phone screens in no time. Shadow Era comes with cross-platform support. There are high-quality 3D animations, special effects, and graphics used. The multiplayer game boasts of more than 600 unique cards at its disposal.

Choose your human hero, decide your strategy, build your deck, and battle it out against the enemies. You can choose to play in real-time with players from across the globe or pick AI as your opponent. The custom soundtrack is fantastic, and there is a leaderboard to check the scores. No other trading card game has such an active online community.

One of the most entertaining Android card games, Shadow Era, is well-balanced, well-designed, and a one-of-a-kind RPG.

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Shadow Era – Trading Card Game

30. Deck Heroes: Legacy

deck heroes legacy Android card games

Very different from the classic Android card games, Deck Heroes: Legacy requires players to collect the ultimate hero deck. There are various fictional characters and heroes involved. Each of them aims to save their kingdom. Pick your heroes, form your clan, and save your threatened kingdom. The game requires you to choose your factions, form alliances, and engage in endless war.

There are more than 100 cards to be collected. Every deck is unique. The battles are thrilling and take you on an adventurous and majestic journey. The exceptional 3D graphics and animation used in Deck Heroes is a feast for the eyes. The gameplay is innovative and forces you to come up with many tactics.

You can join millions of enthusiasts worldwide and participate in competitions. So, are you ready for some adrenaline-pumping action?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Deck Heroes: Legacy

31. Shelter Free

shelter free Android card games

One of the most engrossing and unique Android card games to make it to our list is Shelter Free. It is an amalgamation of castle defense strategy and deck-building. You wake up and realize zombies have taken over the world. So, as players, you have to beat them and carve your way out. Will you be able to stay away from the impending danger?

You lookout for the best cards and build a deck. You fight it out with zombies, overcome hazards, and strengthen your position with the help of the most powerful cards. The storyline and graphic novel artwork will keep you hooked. The intense card battles will force you to keep coming back for more action.

Easy to pick but takes many hours to excel; are you ready to indulge? Will you be able to come out safe from the zombie apocalypse?

Price: Free, in-app purchases

Download Shelter Free

Final Thoughts On Android Card Games

The Google Play Store is full of wonderful things that you can include in your Android phones and tablets. Card games are quite entertaining and an excellent means of spending your free time. We’ve listed the top Android card games for you that are free to download. You can indulge in online battles with your friends and family or pick random strangers to defeat. What about choosing AI as your opponent? Yes, that is possible too.

The list includes classic games like Solitaire, Rummy, Poker, Hearts, and UNO. You can also try various strategy-based games like Magic: Puzzle Quest, Shadow Era, and Card Thief. Exploding Kittens, Clash Royale, Clue, and Ascension, are immensely popular. RWBY: Amity Arena and The Elder Scrolls: Legends are comparatively new, whereas Hearthstone and Evil Apples are our personal favorites.

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