If you have played Android games, you might know how addictive they can be. But here we are talking about playing Android games to earn real money. Compared to before, Android phones are not just for the basic functionalities they support. Today, you can do much more than that, like making some real cash out of your ingenuity.

Many game apps let you play classic games on your mobile devices and give you a chance to win unbelievable prize money. You can simply download the apps, start playing the games, and earn real money even if you are not skilled. We are here to help if you need help figuring out where to start. You can check out the best stock market game app if you like trading for money.

31 Android Games To Earn Real Money And Win Prizes

If you have decided to play Android games to earn real money, let us tell you that finding suitable app games can be tricky. Check out the games in our article, and you will find what you are looking for. We have arcade games, puzzle games, Android card games, and many others to suit every game style. So, come, let’s play an array of games and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Only the best-known game apps with good positive ratings are listed here.

1. Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo

If you are a Bingo master searching for Android games to earn real money, why not try your luck at your forte? Blackout Bingo is much like the classic Bingo, but you will spend money to gain more. It is a skill-based bingo game where cash tournaments are organized, keeping the players’ skills in mind.

The game offers weekly contests and bonuses for the players to win cash prizes. You can get your money through your chosen payment method, PayPal, or a physical check. Unfortunately, the tournaments are not available in a few states. So check if you are eligible to play for money from your place.

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2. Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold

The gaming app Dominoes Gold lets you get hold of some real money while you also enjoy the gameplay. If you are a fan of the classic game of Dominoes, you will surely like this one. You can participate in different tournaments, each with an entry fee. Thankfully, you will get it back if you win.

As evident from the name, here you will play with gold dominoes. Since you will play with other real players, your level of skills must match theirs. It is the only way to win the tournaments for cash prizes. You can select your mode of payment – the original form of deposit, PayPal, or paper check.

Get Dominoes Gold

3. Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is one of the Android games to earn real money that can also be played on iOS by getting it from the App Store. It is a bubble shooter game where the player who shoots all the bubbles first wins cash prizes. So, it asks for your brains and competitiveness.

Bubble Cash is an arcade game where there is no place for luck. It is your focus and precision that matters. Gain experience, and you will have more chances of winning real rewards. It is a game that tests your speed, but it is still fun to pop all those colorful bubbles.

Get Bubble Cash

4. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube

Klondike Solitaire game has come in the form of Solitaire Cube to offer tangible rewards as cash prizes. Developed by Skillz company, the card game lets you compete against other players for extra money. And you will get bonus points if you finish the game first.

Play the game on your Android device, and you will see that the gameplay is swift to take you to your rewards faster. Unlike the traditional game, you can play Solitaire Cube with other players. You and your opponent face the same deck of cards, and the one with the maximum points wins. If you like this one, you must try some more Android card games.

Get Solitaire Cube

5. Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is one of the much-loved Android games to earn real money where you can win cash even without a deposit. And if you are ready to invest $5, your winnings will shoot up. The only shortcoming is that the game is available only on Samsung and iOS.

Match your skill levels with other players and proceed in the game for a real fight. Multiplayer tournaments are plenty to let you play Bingo for money. The grand power-ups make your win easy, but you must make wise decisions to get cashouts faster. Bingo Cash is a unique game that takes you to different cities worldwide and offers real cash prizes.

Get Bingo Cash

6. AppStation


Head straight to AppStation to find not just one but many real money games for Android. It is a mobile games app that is free to download. Players are offered real-world rewards when they download the app and try their luck to get cash for playing games.

Once you get the app, start playing the games, and in some time, you will see the rewards appearing. You can take these out as gift card rewards or withdraw them as cash. To get them, you may have to reach a certain level. The app is free of ads and in-app purchases, which is a great blessing.

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7. The PCH App

The PCH App Android games to earn real money

The PCH App from the Publishers Clearing House is a popular game app reputed for offering millions of dollars in prizes since its launch. It presents many Android games to earn real money. It is evident from the fact that each day sees many winners with app rewards.

You can play many PCH games in the app, including Slots games, Solitaire, and many more. So if you hear something like ‘Where America plays to win,’ have no doubts. It is about the PCH app that has so much more to offer than any other gaming app.

Get The PCH App

8. Zynga Poker

Android games to earn real money Zynga Poker

The Android game list can only be complete with a game of poker, and here is one. Zynga Poker is an online cash game where the tables and matches provide the perfect arena for winning big. The cash tournaments are famous, and Poker fans flock to the tables for endless fun.

In Zynga Poker, players get the feel of playing Texas Hold ‘em Poker, where they can choose any table and compete with their friends. Once you step in from your mobile phone, you get chances to win jackpots. So play it on your mobile device and exchange gifts with other players. And remember to check the leaderboard to see the chip ranking.

Get Zynga Poker

9. MistPlay


Mistplay features a wide variety of Android games to earn real money. We are sure you will be spellbound with the games list available in the cell phone app. If you are particular about the money part of the game, check how fast you can earn before choosing a game. Some games take more time than others to enable cashouts.

When you start playing, you will earn units. These units can then be converted as cash prizes. In addition, the prize money can be taken out as gift cards to Google Play Store, Amazon, and more. For fun, you can use the app’s chat feature to chat with your friends in your free time.

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10. Jackpocket Lottery

Jackpocket Lottery

Now, Jackpocket Lottery is an app purely to try your luck at lottery tickets. You might have bought lottery tickets in several ways, but getting them at your place with a few clicks is something new. In addition, the app lets you play lottery games safely from your home.

You can trust the app because players have got millions as prize money. You can select your ticket and carry on with your work while it gets delivered to your phone. The tickets are bought from popular retailers, so the whole business is secure.

Get Jackpocket Lottery

11. GAMEE Prizes

GAMEE prizes

Play some absolutely free Android games to earn real money with GAMEE prizes. There are over 70 minigames, and new ones are added every month to keep players engaged. There is no entry cost or other charges involved, so you can have lasting enjoyment playing and winning cash.

The scratchers and daily lottery are the icing on the cake for extra fun. The games let you earn tokens and proceed in the game. You can also spin the wheel every day and collect enough and more cash prizes.

Get GAMEE Prizes

12. Draftkings Fantasy

Draftkings Fantasy

If there is one game that can stand up to the famous Fanduel Fantasy Sports, it is Draftkings Fantasy. Players worldwide have received substantial cash prizes for playing the fantasy sport. In addition, there are paid tournaments and free matches that cater to different players.

Before preparing for the tournaments, check whether these are available in your state. The beginner contests that are part of the sport are for new players and can’t be played by experienced players. You can withdraw your prize money through PayPal or your mode of deposit.

Get Draftkings Fantasy

13. Money Well

Money Well

Money Well is one of the best Android games to earn real money and gift cards. First, the app keeps track of how long you were active in the game. You have enough opportunities to collect tickets from the beginning to the end of the fun game. Finally, you can exchange these for gift cards. Isn’t that simple?

The only drawback is that you may earn less money playing the game, but a little extra cash in your pocket is always good. Also, the smaller rewards keep the game grounded and don’t give high expectations to the players.

Get Money Well

14. Cash’em All

Cash'em All

Do you want to get paid just for playing your favorite games? Then, Cash’em All is for you. Every second of your gameplay fills your wallet with real money. You can get it as cash or gift cards. In addition, you can select any game you like to earn actual dollars.

Fortunately, there are no in-app purchases or deposits. So you can choose your game, sit back and play till you’re tired. Then, call your friends to join in and make way for more rewards. Cash’em All is an Android-only app that can be obtained from the Google Play Store.

Get Cash’em All

15. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play Android games to earn real money

Again an app that works with only Android phones, Rewarded Play is one of the best Android games to earn real money. The app has a plethora of mobile games, so you can entertain yourselves for hours. Games like Wheel of Fortune and Solitaire are some of the hot favorites.

Most games have simple tasks for the players. On completion of each task, you get points. When you gather a good amount of points, trade them for actual money or gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon, and more. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for the gift cards, but they are worth the wait.

Get Rewarded Play

16. Willy Wonka Slots

Willy Wonka Slots

Casino games fans, this way. The app comes with casino-style games that pay real money. Play with the cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and accumulate some big prizes in the process. In addition, you can tour the chocolate factory while in the game.

The slot games are your gateways to traditional casino games straight from Las Vegas. The soundtrack from the movie will keep you on your toes while busy spinning and collecting coins in the Android casino game. You can spin on the game machines and collect the factory ingredients and some money.

Get Willy Wonka Slots

17. Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash

The Bingo craze is not over yet. Here is another one to test your skills. You can forget the traditional game of chance and delve into the latest Bingo Android games to earn real money. It all depends on how fast you are in marking off your numbers and completing the game.

Bingo Clash is free to download and lets you participate in tournaments against players possessing the same skill set. It is a secure platform that promises fair gameplay for all players. But if you are in certain states, you can only play free games.

Get Bingo Clash

18. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz

Play the legitimate game 21 Blitz and have a 2-in-1 experience. Yes, we are talking about two games here – Blackjack and Solitaire. The three-minute rounds are great opportunities to win big money. In addition, with minimum deposits, you can compete in tournaments and get smaller payouts.

If you are not as experienced, try the free game first before making the big move. You get a full deck of cards for each game, and the stage is yours to prove your skills and win prizes. In addition, you get a time bonus if you complete a deck before time. If you like card games, this one is a must-play.

Get 21 Blitz

19. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash from Papaya Gaming company is available only on iOS and Samsung devices. Still, we included it in the Android games to earn real money list because of its fun element. Fans of card games can never get over their craze for Solitaire Cash if played the right way.

Skills are essential to win in Solitaire Cash and get hold of some real dollar bills. The app is free to download, and you can directly jump into cash tournaments as if you are a pro. If you have experience in authentic Solitaire, this one will be a no-brainer.

Get Solitaire Cash

20. Gamehag


If you are looking for free online games to play on Android, Gamehag is for you. And the game pays you too. You can get to your cash prizes in just three steps – play games you are familiar with, complete quests, and be rewarded.

You gather soul gems when you perform the game tasks and communicate in the community. Trade these for riot points, game keys, and your favorite rewards. The Android app is very user-friendly and fun to explore. So, hop in if you are ready for an adventure.

Get Gamehag

21. Cashyy

Cashyy Android games to earn real money

Android games to earn real money can boast of many things but deliver as close to nothing. But Cashyy is a legit cash game app loaded with many new games to interest each player. In addition, the app presents various missions to the players. Completing these brings in money.

You get the money as coins, and you can turn it into cash and get it deposited into your PayPal account. The prizes can also be collected as gift cards to the Google Play Store, Amazon, and many others.

Get Cashyy

22. MyPoints


Playing games to win real money is fantastic, but you can also do many other things in MyPoints that earn you cash rewards. For games, you may have to make purchases to play. However, you can play the daily tournaments with an entry fee of $1 and earn four points.

Some games you can play in the app include Scrabble, Angry Birds, Spades, and Wheel of Fortune. Besides playing games, you can also win cash by watching videos, taking surveys, and testing new apps. One of the additional bonuses includes a $5 sign-up bonus after five surveys. So try MyPoints if you want some playtime along with some other exciting tasks.

Get MyPoints

23. Block Blitz

Block Blitz

We must do with a puzzle game in our list of Android games to earn real money. Block Blitz is much like the good old Tetris, where you get points for clearing blocks. You can earn more points with power-ups, which will get you more cash rewards.

With your tactics, you must clear block lines and move towards clearing all the blocks. You get more points when you clear one or more lines in a row. And if several lines are cleared in a single go, you earn big. The game is available for iOS and Android.

Get Block Blitz

24. Money RAWR

Money RAWR

Playing games for real money can be exciting if no deposit is needed. You can play as much as you want and keep collecting cash in Money RAWR. Here you will find various games, and new ones are added as daily games.

Every second of gameplay yields coins you can take out as gift cards. The number of coins increases the more you play. The game is so much fun; all you have to do is play, collect coins, and get money for playing games.

Get Money RAWR

25. Long Game

Long Game Android games to earn real money

How about playing Android games to earn real money plus some bank interest? Well, that’s Long Game. The app has two partner banks, and it can connect to your bank account in any of them. If you have enough current savings, you can earn more coins.

You can play your favorite games with the earned coins and win real prizes. The prize money is deposited in your bank account. The whole idea is to save in a fun way. So, get the app now and work towards your financial goals.

Get Long Game

26. Bingo Win Cash

Bingo Win Cash Android games to earn real money

A real-time multiplayer game, Bingo Win Cash, lets you play in a safe and secure environment. You can choose between slot games and classic Bingo to have the best playtime of your life. Winning gives you bonus cash which can be converted to real cash.

When you download Bingo Win Cash, you will get plenty of opportunities to win a jackpot. With stunning scenes and exciting gameplay, you will never want to miss this one.

Get Bingo Win Cash

27. App Flame

App Flame

You will like the Android games to earn real money if you can simply play and earn. Choose from several games that are available in App Flame and play for real money. It pays you because you are giving your time to play. Isn’t that incredible?

One thing that players like about the app is that there are no ads to distract the gameplay and no in-app purchases. You will get coins when your playtime increases, which can be exchanged for real cash or gift cards. From casual to strategy and arcade games, you will find everything here.

Get App Flame

28. Pool Payday

Pool Payday

Pool Payday is all about playing Pool online and beating other players for cash. You can join with friends and have a fun game or get involved in cash tournaments for some real pocket money. Pay an entry fee, and you can take advantage of these tournaments.

You can opt for a variety of payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, or any other digital wallet. In addition, there are bonus points for game tasks in this addicting game. Finally, you can select one of the two options to try your luck – real-time and offline.

Get Pool Payday

29. Verydice

Verydice Android games to earn real money

Verydice is one of the simplest Android games to earn real money. All you have to do in the casual game is roll the dice. Yes, you read it right! Tap and press the ROLL button to roll the dice. Roll the dice, and you get tickets each time you do it.

Once you get the tickets, you can exchange them for gadgets, electronic devices, and many more. People love this instant-win game for its simplicity and pleasure.

Get Verydice

30. Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Big Buck Hunter has been one of the best hunting games for years. A favorite game often seen in bars and restaurants, it is now available on your smartphone. The task is simple – you, as a hunter, must shoot male deer to collect points.

Remember that you cannot shoot female deer. If you do, you will lose points. You might find it easy to play initially, but as the game progresses, it becomes tougher. The competition is not easy to win. But if you win, you get big money.

Get Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

31. Brain Battle

Brain Battle Android games to earn real money

Now, the last one to give the ultimate challenge to your brain. Brain Battle is one of the best Android games to earn real money that improves your brain function. It is an app for video games that requires some math skills to get real rewards.

You qualify for the cash prize drawing when you earn a ticket. But to be eligible for the grand prize, you need many tickets. The app has already given thousands of dollars as prize money. Now, it is your turn to try the game.

Get Brain Battle

Final Thoughts

If you want to make some money and have fun simultaneously, try Android games to earn real money. Game developers of popular games have ported their games to the Android platform so that everyone can play games for money. Some game apps are dedicated apps for a single game, while others have many fun games.

Our list of apps will make each gamer happy with their uniqueness and gameplay. However, some game options ask for an entry fee or deposit, and others are games without investment. It is your decision to choose which rewards game is for you and how much real money you want to earn.