A fillable calendar can provide an ideal way to let you adhere to a schedule, whether in your personal or professional life. But, if you have always wanted to use a digital calendar, why not try the beautiful calendar template for Google docs that are both editable and look classy?

Unfortunately, Google Docs does not have in-built calendar templates like Google Sheets, but you can always download them from websites that provide the same. A blank calendar template can be a great option. Apart from calendar templates, resume templates for Google Docs are also inevitable for any professional to shine in their career.

What Is A Calendar Template?

A calendar template is a basic calendar structure in the form of editable calendar format with ready-made tables having rows and columns. The template for each type of calendar has every single month given separately, with the dates clearly shown. Usually, the dates are mentioned in calendar boxes where you can fill in your calendar events and comprehensive schedules. The monthly calendar template can be kept handy to track your monthly activities.

Many websites have calendar templates for Google docs that you can edit to suit your requirements for the entire month. The benefit of downloading these is that you don’t have to make the template from scratch. Once you download the editable calendar template, you can work your way to add in events and do customizations as you do in cover letter templates for Google Docs.

12 Calendar Template For Google Docs

Google docs calendar template is much more than a traditional yearly calendar, the primary difference being the capability to edit the former. Many sites offer different template options that you can choose according to your needs. Most of them are 12-month calendars that can be used as wall calendars or otherwise.

Some may opt for formal ones to store professional information like deadlines, meetings, and the like. On the contrary, some people want to use free printable calendar templates to remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. We have compiled a list of the best calendar template for Google docs that you can download for a quick overview of your upcoming events.

1. Simple Office Life Calendar Template

Simple Office Life Calendar Template

If you need the motivation to work daily, this Google docs calendar template is just the right one for you. The layout of each month unveils a fresh picture of different office scenarios.

Whether it is the workstation with a laptop and coffee mug, the to-do list, or the quote about being focused, each picture reminds you of the professional that you are. Therefore, you are more than welcome to personalize the calendar template for 2022 by adding photos of your office and important events.

Download Simple Office Life Calendar Template

 2. Weekly Event Desk Calendar Template

Weekly Event Desk Calendar Template

Unlike the digital calendar template explained above, this is one of those calendar template for Google docs that features a weekly planner where each page contains just the seven days of a week to record the weekly schedule. In addition, this is a fully editable calendar template where you can change the name of the month and dates and add more content like your goals for the specific week.

The specialty is an in-built bulleted list under each date where you can add your upcoming events. There is extra space for additional details, so you do not miss anything. You can also add images to give it a more personal touch. Learning how to create a template in Google Docs will enable you to make such simple templates manually.

Download Weekly Event Desk Calendar Template

 3. Nature Desk Calendar 2023 Template

Nature Desk Calendar 2023 Template

Are you a nature enthusiast who gets charged up with pictures of nature? If yes, try this editable calendar template for Google docs. With images of sunlight, raindrops, snow, and flowers, this template will lighten up any dull area if you choose to get it printed and be on schedule.

The images can be replaced with your personal favorites or the ones you clicked while taking a walk in nature. In addition, there is plenty of space on each page where you can add your notes in detail so that you remember to complete your work in a specific time frame.

Download Nature Desk Calendar 2023 Template

 4. Birthday Calendar Template

Birthday Calendar Template

The birthday calendar template is so delightful to look at, with the birthdays of all your loved ones listed month-wise. It is not an easy task to remember everyone’s birthday, and writing them down as a list is again not very useful. This online calendar template lets you know each month’s birthdays so that you can prepare in advance.

Impressive calendar template for Google docs like this are much in trend owing to the informal design they adopt. So keep a printed copy with you and never forget birthdays for life.

Download Birthday Calendar Template

5. Prayer Ukraine Calendar Template

Prayer Ukraine Calendar Template

This online calendar template is like a silent prayer for the people of Ukraine, so you can do your part by making this your personal or professional calendar. The ready-made template has everything printed on it and has a unique design with the colors of the Ukraine flag.

The Prayer Ukraine Calendar template can be printed as it is, or you can make custom changes to suit your taste and let it be on your laptop. But if you want to make a calendar from scratch and save it in Google Drive, you can check how to make a calendar in Google docs

Download Prayer Ukraine Calendar Template

6. B&W Stylized Calendar Template

B&W Stylized Calendar Template

With B&W Stylized Calendar, let us venture into a more serious-looking monthly calendar template that speaks elegance. With every month’s page, you get to see some unusual designs in black and white that are sure to arouse your curiosity and remind you of the plan of action.

Adding pictures and notes to such calendar template for Google docs is absolutely possible with the editing options available. In addition, the images on the monthly planner template are of high resolution so they will give a natural look once printed.

Download B&W Stylized Calendar Template

7. Bright Calendar 2023 Template

Bright Calendar 2023 Template

This editable calendar template can make your day soulful if you are a fan of bright, eye-catching colors. The months are placed on a bright blue background and colorful boxes.

This premade calendar template will be the right fit for personal or business use. All the editing options work on this template, and nobody will fail to notice it when you hang it on your wall.

Download Bright Calendar 2023 Template

8. Simple Fruit Calendar Template

Simple Fruit Calendar Template

As the name suggests, this is one of the simplest calendar template for Google docs printed all over with the drawings of fruits. Apples, oranges, strawberries, and pears make the whole annual calendar one of a kind and inspire you to include more fruits in your diet. The font of the numbers adds to the playful vibe of the template.

Printing the calendar with a fruit design for your dining room will be a great idea to attract your loved ones to healthy eating. You can do any customizations you want and call it your calendar.

Download Simple Fruit Calendar Template

9. Zodiac Constellations Calendar Template  

Zodiac Constellations Calendar Template

If you are obsessed with Zodiac signs, this Google Docs calendar template can make you happy with one constellation each for one Zodiac sign. So when you look at this calendar, it seems like you are looking at the sky studded with beautiful stars.

Whether you want to gift someone or keep it for yourselves, this modern yet simple calendar template is the perfect solution. People who love black will undoubtedly choose this template over others.

Download Zodiac Constellations Calendar Template

10. Stylish Poster Calendars 2022 Template

Stylish Poster Calendars 2022 Template

Your search for the best calendar template for Google docs that are suitable for the office ends with this stylish template. This calendar for meetings that has a more formal appearance helps you plan for weeks or months ahead.  

You can perform minor edits with the editing tools in Google docs and make it a more personal planner. In addition, the sophisticated design gives more beauty to your office room when you hang a paper calendar.

Download Stylish Poster Calendars 2022 Template

11. Yearly School Calendar Template

Yearly School Calendar Template

This Google Docs calendar template makes for the best school calendar with its bright pink layout. The date fields are big enough to be visible from a distance, and students and teachers can take advantage of this handy planner to be on schedule at all times.

While teachers can note the details of their lesson plans and document their observations, the students can record the key dates, goals for the year, and much more in the ample note space provided.

Download Yearly School Calendar Template

12. Marketing Calendar Template

Marketing Calendar Template

Business owners are always keen to keep their marketing strategies top-notch. A marketing calendar template for Google docs helps them make their marketing campaigns successful by offering a space to record their upcoming business activities.  

These online calendar templates are divided into four quarters with ample space for each month. You can note the key marketing activities in the twelve fields and keep up with your activity timelines.

Download Marketing Calendar Template

Alternative To Google Docs Calendar – Google Sheets Calendar

Google Sheets calendars are excellent alternatives for calendars in Google docs, mostly because you get ready-made Sheets calendar templates. With Docs, this option is unavailable, and you have to rely on other websites for templates. However, the fact remains that Docs is best for editing documents rather than something like a regular calendar.

Although the calendar template for Google docs allows you to edit the table cells, there are many other functions like highlighting particular days that can be done easier with Sheets. Business owners prefer making their versions of editorial calendars using the editorial calendar templates available in Sheets. This creates a visual workflow that makes things easier.

Using these perfect base calendar templates in Google Sheets is easy. Open a new Google Sheet by selecting one from the several templates available in the template gallery.

Final thoughts On Calendar Template for Google Docs

Calendar templates for Google docs provide a neat outline of your daily schedule. By filling in your important events like meetings, appointments, special days, and much more in the calendar type of your choice, you can plan your days more effectively. When the calendar is in place, you will never miss out on important dates as everything is right in front of your eyes.

Each Google Docs calendar template is designed keeping in mind the usability of the same in both home and office. You can choose any of the templates mentioned above, do your customizations and get them printed once and for all to put an end to all the regular calendar limitations.