Any household or business cannot do without a budget which is the lifeline of financial security. Today, creating a budget to manage income and expenditure over a time period is not a daunting task, thanks to budget templates. Google Docs budget template provides a means to have an overall idea about your finances, whether on the personal or professional front.

Budgeting templates can vary depending on how you plan to use them. For example, a family budget will differ from a school budget, and both would require a different budget planner to capture all the financial data accurately. Before going to a few budget planner templates, let’s learn what a budget template is and why it is essential. You can also check out invoice templates in Google Docs in case you need them while planning the budget.

What is a Budget Template in Google Docs?

A Google Docs budget template is like a customizable budget tracker that keeps track of your incoming funds, current balance, spending habits, and budgeting progress. With this handy information, it becomes simpler to understand your financial situation and set financial goals accordingly. The spending plan template has a convenient format with a range of cells that can be filled with the income and expenditure and everything around these figures.

Expense report templates are like big-time savers that reduce the time required to create a budget worksheet from scratch. The budgeting method makes sure that all your personal finance data is correctly recorded without missing any. This budgeting tool does the budget calculations, highlights the critical data, predicts your future expenses, and eases your budget allocation for each budget situation.

12 Google Docs Budget Templates  

The success of your financial planning depends significantly on how well you have managed the annual budget figures so that the incoming money in your bank account surpasses the expenditure each month. A Google Docs budget template comes in various forms like bi-weekly budget worksheets, monthly budget templates, and annual business budget templates to help you savor financial success.  

Our collection of templates is different from budget apps but is beneficial whether you prefer a monthly or a weekly budget. You can even go through our sample budget spreadsheet Excel templates if you like organizing data in Excel. Let us check out the budget templates in Google Docs for now.

1. Yellow and Blue Yearly Budget Template

Yellow and Blue Yearly Budget Template

The simple template has four columns denoting income, expenses, profit, and notes. You can add all your financial data in this Google Docs budget template and any additional notes and goals for the year. The structured annual budget template can be converted into a personal balanced budget plan to give an overview of the plight of your finances to avoid debts altogether.

Download Yellow and Blue Yearly Budget Template

2. School Budget Template

School Budget Template

It can be challenging to prepare a school budget, including data from several sources of income and expenses. Fortunately, the School Budget template already contains all the relevant fields where you can enter the correct data for each upcoming month. In addition, the editing tools let you add an additional budget category if required.

Download School Budget Template

3. Annual Marketing Budget Template

Annual Marketing Budget Template

An Annual Marketing Budget is a marketing budget template that lets you perform calculations every quarter. This Google Docs budget template is conducive to business owners who want to promote their products and services and keep the marketing budget in check. Also, learn how to create a newsletter template in Google Docs so you can publish newsletters to spread the word about the latest products and services.

Download Annual Marketing Budget Template

4. Pink Wedding Budget Template

Pink Wedding Budget Template

Taking the role of wedding budget spreadsheets, this wedding planner for your budget consists of fields covering every aspect of your event budget and keeps your budget under control. Columns like estimated, actual, and difference will give insights into how far you have ventured from the actual allocation. You can keep editing the custom format till the day of your celebration and save it in Google Drive for future reference.

Download Pink Wedding Budget Template

5. Soft Colors Holiday Budget Template

Soft Colors Holiday Budget Template

Making a holiday budget with a Google Docs budget template will be as exciting as the vacation itself. It is not a bad option to do the budget calculations in advance. Filling in the blank printable cells beforehand is similar to using a cost estimator that lets you prepare for the expenses before the trip.

Download Soft Colors Holiday Budget Template

6. Cash Flow Budget Template

Cash Flow Budget Template

There is no need to be overwhelmed with the cash flow when the Cash Flow Budget template is here. It is much similar in structure to the Google Sheets budget template, where many are comfortable making a budgeting worksheet. The comprehensive budget templates for Google Docs with appropriate tables to fill crucial information give the convenience of a Google spreadsheet.

The budget summary is given in detail and help you track expenses properly. The template includes the various expenses listed, and the account balance is shown clearly.

Download Cash Flow Budget Template

7. Modern Home Construction Budget Template

Modern Home Construction Budget Template

Any renovation or construction of a house requires convenient budget planning that keeps a record of each penny spent. You can enter the estimated budget in the household budget template and calculate the difference when the actual cost is entered. Filling the daily expenses in the table provided in this Google Docs budget template is vital to prevent overspending. This custom option can also take the form of a budget for groceries.

Download Modern Home Construction Budget Template

8. Magenta Monthly College Budget Template

Magenta Monthly College Budget Template

The budget for college students can be tight, given the monthly expenses for food, books, and other necessities. The College budget template is designed to help students track the budget successfully. One can quickly and efficiently track fixed expenses and irregular expenses too. You can allocate the monthly spending using the Google budget template.

A college student budget template helps prepare a monthly budget to store all data like cell phone bills, cost of utilities, house rent, student loan installments, and many other budget details that come under budget for education.

Download Magenta Monthly College Budget Template

9. Simple Monthly Budget Tracker

Simple Monthly Budget Tracker Template

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The simple budget tracking template in Google Docs is super easy to use. First, enter the monthly income and monthly expenses in the amount column of the Google Docs budget template and add a description. You can then find the total on a monthly basis. Then, when the year ends, see the annual cost and analyze how much you have differed from the estimate. Users prefer to use the monthly tracker as you need to spend less time handling it.

Download Simple Monthly Budget Tracker Template

10. Quarterly Corporate Budgeting Template

Quarterly Corporate Budgeting Template

Corporate budgets must follow a budgeting strategy where each budget category, like variable expenses, has to be carefully planned. This company budgeting plan has the necessary formulae and bar charts to keep the budgeting process straightforward.

Download Quarterly Corporate Budgeting Template

11. Green Money Budget Template

Green Money Budget google docs budget template

Managing your money can be done effortlessly using this Google Docs budget template to prevent your bank statement from showing over expenditure. The structure of this monthly budget contains numerous fields, including outgoing costs, credit card, and fuel charges, among many others. Filling these timely and saving in Google Drive makes for a perfect budget over time.

Download Green Money Budget Template

12. Dark Monthly Budget Planner Template

Dark Monthly google docs budget template

This is again a monthly budget planner that can also be customized to make a weekly budget. It is well-suited for a family budget with fields like home expenses and transport expenses. If needed, you can also append more fields to suit the budgeting requirements of a small business. Viewing all your data in one place enables you to make informed decisions regarding money matters.

Download Dark Monthly Budget Planner Template

Final Thoughts

When it is about finances, you must be on your toes all year round, as every single month calls for a powerful tool to record budget specifications. Family budgets, corporate budgets, zero-based budgets, or any approach to budgeting are best executed if you start with an efficient Google Docs budget template or budgeting app for budgeting assistance. The custom budget templates covered here are some of the best budgeting helpers that offer great flexibility in adding, deleting, or updating data to meet your budgeting goals.

It helps you make money management an easy process. From financial health to work management, expense tracking, and debt reduction, the online budget template allows you to track your personal budget. As a result, you get a clear picture of your financial expense and income. Using them is the way to achieve your financial goals every month.