Games are lively, sportive, exciting, and joyful, and our Android games with controller support are all. Previously, you had to play your favorite games on a PC, but later, many games were developed for Android. And many Android versions let you play your game with controller support.

Play Store is the best place to find Android games that never disappoint you. We have here a compilation of the best games. Some excite you with action, others make you creative, and others give you some relief from everyday life. If your internet connection is down, go for some of the best offline Android games.

35 Android Games With Controller Support That Will Change Your Pocket Device Into A Game Zone

What comes to your mind when we mention Android games with controller support? Are the good old console games you always played or new ones released for Android? Whatever it is that your mind craves, we have got you covered. Walk through each competitive game, and unlock its potential for a great gaming experience. If you want to keep it simple, try some of the best idle games on your phone.

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

If you are looking for some simple Android games with controller support, Stardew Valley is the one. A farming game by genre lets you start with the simple chores on a farm, like planting crops and raising animals. Then, you can cycle through Pelican Town using the controller and have some fun.

Stardew Valley is a simulation video game best played with a gamepad controller. As the game progresses, you can dive into the more complex tasks and get the natural feel of a full-fledged mobile game. So even though it cannot beat the console version, you might still feel content with the mobile version. In addition, the endgame content is pretty cool, so don’t miss it.

Download Stardew Valley

2. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

Gamers will never lose interest in puzzle games like Bridge Constructor and Portal. Their combination, Bridge Constructor Portal, is one of the best Android games with controller support. The best part is you get to solve the Bridge Constructor puzzle and face the challenges of Portal.

There are many characters you will find similar to that of the parent games. These make the game familiar and more interesting. In addition, the game enables you to get achievements through Google Play games. When you make a one-time payment of $5, you can unlock all the game features with no ads.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal

3. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation Android games with controller support

Alien: Isolation is a classic game that is survival horror video game. Developed by Feral Interactive, you can expect every twist and turn you will find in popular horror games. The mobile version comes as a complete game, including all the DLCs.

Alien: Isolation is a single-player action game that requires you to go into a space station and defeat enemies to achieve goals. The game has a great sense of graphics, and the controller support makes it even more desirable for gamers to play on Android.

Download Alien: Isolation

4. The Ramp

The Ramp

If you are a fan of skateboarding games, look nowhere else. One of the best skateboarding Android games with controller support, The Ramp, is here for you. It is a free game that involves a lot of ramp skating. You can select from the available ramps and keep up your interest in the game.

You may have to use some tactics to stay on the ramp and move forward in the game. However, there are no missions to accomplish, just tons of flow, and the controllers make the gameplay easy. Press the buttons wisely, and you can glide through the ramps gracefully.

Download The Ramp

5. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport

The synonym for console-quality racing games, GRID Autosport, is a much-loved Android game. Incredible graphics, top-notch gameplay, and Bluetooth controller support make it different from other games of the genre. In addition, there are different difficulty levels, so the race never becomes boring.

Players can choose from several racing styles, racing tracks, and cars. So, the game has everything to offer, whether you love the bustle of city streets or the dirty tracks on off-roads. The cost of the game is just fit for the quality it provides. So start playing if you want an experience not less than racing on a real track.

Download GRID Autosport

6. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

Fly to your heart’s content with the social adventure game Sky: Children of the Light. It is one of those Android games with controller support that lets you play with your friends for double fun. You have an enchanted cape to help you fly and explore a kingdom high up in the sky. Meet spirits on your way and get ‘winged light’ to go further up.

The sky is so beautifully depicted here, and you will not feel like coming back any time soon. You can make in-app purchases like in-game currencies and cosmetics during gameplay. The soundtrack is ideally in sync with the game’s mood, and we are sure you will love the entire experience.

Download Sky: Children of the Light

7. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Want to try a free-to-play video game? Call of Duty: Mobile, developed by Timi Studios, is our perfect pick for a game too good to be free. Premium pass, loot boxes; you can explore many things in the first-person shooter game. In addition, there are many stages where you can run about and indulge in some shooting.

Using your touchscreen to play can be great, but a physical controller can be even greater. Gamers vouch that these controllers offer precision not found with a touchscreen. So, choose your multiplayer mode and just start shooting.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile

8. Brawlhalla


A game that comes under the fighting game genre, Brawlhalla does justice to the expectations of the players. The gameplay is much similar to Smash Bros. The action platform game is one of the most sought-after Android games with controller support. A compatible controller can improve your complete experience while playing on a mobile device.

There are different characters and stages for the players to select. Cross-play support is also a highlight. Modes like Brawl of the Week and casual matchmaking are cherries on top that add extra fun. You don’t pay anything to download Brawlhalla, but you can still make purchases while in the game.

Download Brawlhalla

9. Dead Cells

Dead Cells Android games with controller support

Dead Cells is a roguelike platformer game that requires a lot of energy to survive. If you are playing it on a mobile platform, it is better to use a controller for extra precision. Brutal challenge and brutal combat are some of the descriptions that best suit the game.

Dead Cells support HD graphics, making it perfect for all kinds of high-end or low-end devices. Death is inevitable, but every time you fall, you can rise and fight better the next time. So there is no rest for the players if you want to win.

Download Dead Cells

10. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night received a warm welcome when it was made available in Google Play Store, more due to its attractive price. Android games with controller support like this urge the players to explore their way to victory. The game is a 2D platformer where everything depends on how you explore.

The fantastic storyline will make you stick to the game for hours together. Players must find their way through a mysterious castle, and the Android port offers excellent support for external controllers. We tell you, don’t miss this classic game for anything.

Download Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

11. Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe Android games with controller support

The Android version of Rocket League is equally competitive as the real one. Rocket League Sideswipe is a 2D game where you play with a ball. The ball is hit from one side to the other, and players can view it from one side of the arena.

A controller is highly recommended, as you cannot take risks with precision. It would help if you scored goals at lightning speed, as timing is of utmost importance. You can play with your friends or play with strangers from anywhere in the world. So, personalize your car and get going.

Download Rocket League Sideswipe

12. Evoland 2

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 came out as the second part of Evoland 1 and ranks as one of the premium Android games with controller support. It is a 2015 role-playing video game created by a French video game development company named Shiro Games. The story offers over 20 hours of content so that you can have plenty of gameplay.

The characteristics home to RPGs slowly pave the way for newer genres as the game progresses. So, the story is not dull! Use a Bluetooth controller or Android TV, and this game is a valuable addition to your library of mobile games.

Download Evoland 2

13. Life is Strange

Life is Strange Android games with controller support

A five-part episodic game, Life is Strange, comes in five parts, each equally thrilling. The player can go back in time and change the past, present, and future. The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the support for controllers is an added advantage.

The story is about a photography senior who sets out to rewind time to save her friend. However, in the course of her journey, she realizes that changing the past can sometimes be destructive. So hop in and play the game for all the adventure it offers.

Download Life is Strange

14. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Android games with controller support, like Gangstar Vegas, always have a huge fan following. It is an open-world action video game involving gang wars, sniper action, auto racing, and more. In addition, it is a role-playing game, and the goal is to become a gang leader in Las Vegas.

The 3D graphics and the soundtrack are the highlights of the game. With third-person shooter and driving game characteristics, Gangstar Vegas gives a unique experience to the players. You are invited to explore the city and fight till you win.

Download Gangstar Vegas

15. Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

If you like Snowboard Party, you will like Grand Mountain Adventure, a winter sports game. The testing release of the game was upgraded by adding new mountains, controller support, new tricks, and mainly snowboarding experience. You can hit the first mountain for free.

If you liked the game, you could opt for the paid version that gives access to the entire game. The game lets you freeride steep mountains, explore the cliffs, visit ski resorts, and much more. The mobile version will excite you, especially with the controller attached.

Download Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

16. Railbound


Railbound is one of the interesting Android games with controller support that has a storybook theme. The game features two dogs on a train journey to explore the world. The cute graphics are accompanied by top-grade gameplay where you have to connect different trains by building tracks.

The puzzle game has more than 150 puzzles for the players to solve. You have to traverse different landscapes and help each traveler reach their home. The landscapes are puzzles, and you must successfully navigate them.

Download Railbound

17. Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4

The Streets of Rage trilogy has an excellent successor named Streets of Rage 4. The beat ‘em up is no less in offering outstanding gameplay to the fans of its predecessors. Released by Dotemu, the enhanced graphics are well-suited to the latest mobile devices. Plus, the touchscreen controls are superb.

The players fight against enemies using modern weapons. Players can opt for controllers that give a better grip to take the game to a higher level. The premium release comes with a price, and you must pay extra if you want the additional DLC, which is worth it.

Download Streets of Rage 4

18. Townscaper


If you are tired of all the fighting and competition involved in Android games with controller support, here is a place to rest. Townscaper is a peaceful city-building game that lets you build your own city. The game has no targets or enemies to distract you. Instead, you can create your city at your own pace.

Tapping the screen is all you must do to build the city step-by-step. You can also use your controller to make the process easier. In addition, the game has a lighting system that can be adjusted if you want. Overall, Townscaper is your destination after a busy day.

Download Townscaper

19. Into the Breach

Into the Breach Android games with controller support

Into the Breach is exclusively created for Netflix members, and you need an account to play it. It is a strategy game that requires players to team up and combat enemies trying to destroy civilization. However, protecting the world from approaching aliens is also up to them.

Download the game on your Android device and try it for the savior experience. Use a controller of your choice and carefully confront the enemies who will provide you with more challenges over time.

Download Into the Breach

20. Disgaea 1 Complete

Disgaea 1 Complete

If strategy RPGs are what you are looking for among Android games with controller support, Disgaea 1 Complete will make you happy. It has many additions compared to the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. These include touchscreen controls, cloud saves, and support for controllers.

The game’s characters are on their adventurous journey through the Netherworld, and the players will have lasting enjoyment with them. When the Android port was introduced, many improvements were made to make the gamers’ experience one-of-a-kind. In addition, the remastered soundtrack and the visual appeal will woo the audience.

Download Disgaea 1 Complete

21. Terraria


Play Terraria on an Android device with your friends, and you will always remember the experience. The controller support, expert mode, touch controls, and much more give the otherwise neglected game a new life. The best thing is that the game gets updated frequently.

The players get three essential tools and must embark upon each adventure that awaits them. You will also be involved in some combat to keep boredom at bay. The Terrarians are out there digging, fighting, exploring, and building. Don’t you want to join them?

Download Terraria

22. Descenders


Are riders missing out on Android games with controller support? Not anymore. Descenders mirror the console and PC game of the same name. You can freeride downhill on your favorite bike and have a say on freestyle bike controls. You can control the simplest bike movement to get to the target successfully.

Your hill bombs and jumps decide the rider’s fate, so ride carefully. The controller support and touch controls in the game are excellent. However, the developers recommend playing the game on a high-end device for the best performance.

Download Descenders

23. Baba Is You

Baba Is You

The unique puzzle game Baba Is You will make your brain work harder as you try to solve each puzzle. Every level has some rules, and you can change them if you wish. For example, it would be best to push the blocks to solve the riddle; these blocks of words decide the rules when interacting with them.

You have to push the block, and who knows, you might turn into a rock, or something surprising might occur. The game is full of surprises, and the controllers let you easily navigate them.

Download Baba Is You

24. Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins is considered one of the best Android games with controller support in the racing games genre. Especially with top-down racers, it is unmatched in its performance. The tilt steering options and the 60FPS gameplay support it offers are additional features that make the Android game worthwhile.

The physics and graphics from Rush Rally Origins 3 are retained, giving the players a familiar air. You can race on surfaces like dirt, snow, tarmac, and more. There are 36 unique stages, each from a different part of the world. Use your controllers and drive like crazy.

Download Rush Rally Origins

25. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition greatly inspired the makers to create Crashlands with a different theme. It is a 2D survival game that asks players to collect materials and combat enemies. Death is always around the corner but never mind. You can come back and repeat the process.

The plot is about a person named Wilson who is taken to a different world. He has to do everything in his capacity to fight back and return home. The mobile edition is as good as the original and is even better when you use a controller to play.

Download Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

26. Minecraft


One of the most popular Android games with controller support, Minecraft, is a survival game. It is equipped with building mechanics, and you can play it with a friend or anyone on the internet. Players are free to decide what they want to develop. A simple home or a palace, the game offers unlimited support.

You have enough resources to be creative and build your dream buildings. You can also improve the game by making your weapons and fighting unknown enemies. Do it alone or with your friends; the game is super exciting on a mobile device.

Download Minecraft

27. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Just as the name is amusing, the gameplay is entertaining too. You have to do exactly as the name suggests, evade paying tax. You must travel to gloomy dungeons to dig up documents and destroy them, so you don’t have to pay tax anymore. Armed with a tinge of humor, you must go into those dark places and solve puzzles.

The game takes a maximum of two hours to complete. So you can have a quick dose of entertainment exploring dungeons. Playing the game on your mobile device makes it even more adventurous with handy controllers.

Download Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

28. Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Android games with controller support

Diablo games are an essential part of Android games with controller support that gamers enjoy. Diablo Immortal comes with all the aspects of a typical Diablo game and with mobile controller support this time. The touch controls work well too, but you can make your choice here.

Confronting demons, accumulating loot, and gathering great powers are on the bucket list if you want to win the game. It is a free game; you can download it from the Play Store. Try the action role-playing game for once, and you will never stop.

Download Diablo Immortal

29. Doom

Doom Android games with controller support

Every gamer is familiar with the Doom series. The game was born decades ago, and its Android port is classic. There is support for PS4 and Xbox controllers, and the soundtrack is alright. However, the keyboard and mouse controls are the additional features rarely found in others.

The first and second Doom games are famous for demon slaying, which is its trademark. In fact, it is one of the first FPS games that gained popularity. The games run at higher frame rates and keep players engaged for hours.

Download Doom

30. Limbo

Limbo Android games with controller support

Limbo or creepy, you can decide what to call the game. Infamous for its spooky dark theme, Limbo was introduced for Xbox and became one of the Android games with controller support. It is now known as an indie platformer that accentuates the fear factor in you.

You can solve the puzzles in the game and go farther, enjoying the immersive music, which is the only respite. You will find many games similar to Limbo that were inspired by it. But these are no replacements for the original.

Download Limbo

31. Grimvalor


Grimvalor is one of those games that thrill gamers with immersive graphics. It is available for Android and iOS, so you can play it on any device. The action platformer involves combat, and the visuals are just amazing to be missed. Furthermore, you can play it for free.

When we say free, it is just a trial for you to decide. If you like, you can get the entire game and start a never-ending combat story. You can spend hours playing the action game with your choice of controller.

Download Grimvalor

32. Teslagrad


Teslagrad is one of the Android games with controller support that follows a steampunk storyline. It is again an indie platformer, and winning requires gaining new skills to outperform others. It is a 2D game packed with action elements sure to impress action and puzzle game lovers.

The Teslagrad tower, built by technological wizards, is the talk of the town. The players have electromagnetic powers to explore the tower and its environment. First, you must solve the complex puzzles before your enemies demagnetize you. Then, get the game to unravel what lies beyond the tower.

Download Teslagrad

33. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has remained a hot favorite of gamers for more than three decades. Its glory has only increased since the Android port was introduced in 2019. The 2D platformer features hand-drawn animation and improved music to draw gamers worldwide.

Whether you want action, exploration, or adventure, the game is packed with all three. The game’s story revolves around a half-human, half-lizard form in a quest for a cure. You can choose to play using touch controls or physical controllers. Anyway, you are going to love the experience.

Download Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

34. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is one of the Android games with controller support that features HD graphics. There are two of its successors available on Android, and they are equally excellent. The puzzle platformer presents an array of obstacles before the players, and winning over them is super fun.

As you are the savior of the species, there is no other way than to explore your possibilities to succeed. The latest technology, deeper gameplay, and improved sound quality are the features unique to this game. Once you are into it, there is no looking back.

Download Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

35. Bombsquad


Bombsquad has several mini-games full of action and adventure. You can play it with friends to discover the eight-game modes competing for excellence. You can play the games in several ways. A specialty of the game is its graphics that resemble cartoons.

The feature of controller support or the Bombsquad Remote app can be used to involve in gameplay. Play it on any Android device or Android TV with friends and beat them one by one in your style.

Download Bombsquad

Final Thoughts On Android Games With Controller Support

Games are best played outdoors, but these Android games with controller support prove it wrong. These excellent games convince us that if you have a mobile device and a controller, you can have as much fun. We recommend using a controller over touchscreen controls so that you have better control over the characters.

You might be a puzzle fan or an RPG fan, but our list of evergreen games is so compelling that you will want to try all of them. So, grab your gear, get your game mode on and be ready to experience the best controller games you have ever played.