Halo 4 is the latest edition of the blockbuster Halo series of games published by Microsoft Studios. The Halo series is exclusive to the Xbox console and is a major exclusive game for the platform, along with Gears of War. Since its announcement in mid-2011, Halo 4 was deemed to be one of the biggest game releases for 2012.

The franchise set a new record with the release of Halo 4. With over four million copies sold within a month, Halo 4 has been one of the best grossing games of 2012. We have always enjoyed the Halo series. If you like Halo, don’t miss out on the Halo Reach theme that we have made earlier.

Halo 4 Theme for Windows consists of 25+ Hi-Res wallpapers, a set of custom icons and sound clips to replace a few sounds on your system.

Halo 4 Theme Screenshots:


These are just a few of the 25+ wallpapers included in the theme. Download the theme to get them all!

Custom Sounds and Icons:

These icons will replace the default icons on your desktop.


Also included are a few sound clips that play when you apply the theme or log on/off your system.

How to Change The Start Orb and Better Manage Windows 7 Aero:

You can change the start orb to match the theme. If you have not done this before, refer this guide to know How To Change Start Orbs in Windows 7.

You may also like to check out out handpicked 50+ Start orbs for Windows 7.

AeroRainbow is a nice utility to automate the aero color on your Windows 7 system. The aero color can be set manually or it can change automatically to suit the current wallpaper.

Download Halo 4 Theme:


Download the theme directly by clicking the link below. You can also check out many other themes in our Windows 7 Themes Gallery. If you need any help with installing the theme, please read our installation guide – How to Download & Install Windows 7 Themes.

Download Halo 4 Windows 7 Theme.

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