Gmail is most definitely our go-to email service. It is widely used by people from all spheres for meeting their daily email requirements. But, have you ever felt the need to forward multiple emails in Gmail at once? Be it sending a formal invitation to a large group of people or issuing a new date for the impending team meeting, bulk forwarding is extremely useful.

Chatting on social media and sending people quick texts has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, when it comes to a formal exchange of communication, sending emails comes in handy. It is the accepted norm with work and denotes professionalism while increasing productivity. Emails are the best way to indulge in communication and a great tool for disseminating important information.

The Best Methods to Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail

Gmail comes loaded with awesome features, but there is no direct method for forwarding multiple emails in Gmail in one go. So, what do you do when you have to send mass emails in Gmail? We’ve listed all the probable methods for you.

You can either create a filter, manually send yourself all the emails, or add an extension to your browser.

1. Use a Chrome Extension to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail

If you have no issues with using Extensions, you can try this method for forwarding multiple emails in Gmail. Since Gmail does not offer any direct method to bulk send emails at once, you should try out this extension for it works well.

Out of the names listed on the Chrome Web Store, Multi Email Forward for Gmail is the only one that is useful.

Please note: You should be using Google Chrome as your browser for this.

Please follow the steps listed below if you use the extension.

1. Add the Google Chrome Extension for multi email forward for Gmail from the Chrome Web Store to the Chrome browser.

add Gmail Chrome Extension to forward multiple emails gmail
Add the Gmail Chrome Extension

2. Once the Extension is added to your browser, select all the messages that you want to forward and choose the method by which you want to forward the emails in Gmail.

For instance – Forwarding them individually, in one email, or as a PDF attachment.

forward email gmail
Choose the forwarding action from the dropdown menu

3. Create Account will flash as you choose one of the forwarding actions. Choose your preferred account, and a pop-up box will show up.

Write the name of the email address you want to forward the emails to.

type email address
Type in the email address to which you wish to send the emails

Click on ‘Forward emails’ and you will be able to send the emails. So, for the ones looking for how to send mass emails in Gmail, we hope that the steps mentioned above are helpful.

2. Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail as Attachments

Gmail keeps making changes to its interface and this time it has brought this very helpful feature back. Yes, you can forward multiple emails in Gmail as attachments. The process is easy and takes a few seconds only. You can select multiple emails by ticking off the checkbox and forward them altogether.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to your mailbox and tick off the emails you wish to forward.

2. Next, click on the three vertical dots.

3. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Forward as attachment.’

click on three vertical dots
Check the emails, click on three vertical dots, select ‘forward as attachment’

You can type in the email address to which you want to forward the emails and click on Send. You will see that your emails are being sent as attachments.

3. Manually Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail

You can use Gmail to send bulk emails manually, but it is time-consuming since you can send only one message at a time. It can become cumbersome if the quantity of the emails that you wish to forward is high.

Follow the steps mentioned below to forward multiple emails in Gmail.

1. Go to your inbox and open the email you wish to forward.

2. Next to the reply option, you will see three vertical dots – click on it.

3. Select ‘Forward’ and type in the name of the email address you want to send it to.

click forward
Choose ‘Forward’ to forward the desired email.

So, you need to manually open each message and forward it to the desired email address. So, this is how you can forward multiple emails in Gmail one by one.

3. By Using Filters

You can also use filters to forward multiple emails in Gmail to another email id. The process might take two to three minutes to set up since there are a number of steps involved. It is not a fool-proof method because it only enables you to forward future emails addressed to you and not the ones already existing in your inbox.

So, if you’re traveling or want your future emails to reach a new email address, go ahead and use this filter.

Steps on how to forward multiple emails in Gmail to another email id:

1. Log into your Gmail account with your credentials.

2. Next, go to the Search bar and click on the down arrow/triangle on the right.

3. Choose a criterion for creating the filter from the options available in the drop-down menu. You can type in an email address, specific names or the subject of the email; as you like.

choose email address
Choose email address and Create Filter

4. Click on Create Filter.

5. Choose your preferred action – ‘Forward’ in our case.

forward selected emails in Gmail
Select ‘Forward it’ to forward the selected emails in Gmail

6. Click on ‘Add a Forwarding Address.’ Write the name of the email address to which you want to forward the future incoming emails.

Type in address
Type in a ‘Forwarding Address’

7. An email will be sent to the desired email address where you want to forward the emails from now on. It requires Confirmation.

confirm the action
Gmail will send you a prompt to confirm the forwarding action.

Once you’re done with the confirmation process, your future emails will now be forwarded to the email id you gave.

Download Multiple Emails from Gmail to your Google Drive

Are you a teacher wanting to save assignments of the students in their respective folders? Or a corporate employee wanting to save your daily Uber receipts? Use the Gmail add-on for downloading multiple emails and attachments and make your work tenfold easier.

Google’s Add-on called Save Emails and Attachments is a boon for everyone who wishes to download multiple emails from Gmail at one go.

It enables you to export attachments to your Google Drive, and it automatically updates itself every hour.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the add-on link given above and click on ‘Free.’

download emails for Gmail
Add-on link for downloading multiple emails for Gmail.

2. Choose your account – the one from which you want to forward/download the emails and attachments.

3. On the Google spreadsheet, go to Add-ons. Choose ‘Save Emails and Attachments.’ Click on Create New Rule.

create rule for downloads
Create a New Rule for downloading attachments

4. A sidebar will open on the right. You can choose the emails that you want to download according to the name of the sender, the email address, the subject or even particular dates.

forward multiple emails gmail
Choose the filter for the emails you wish to forward

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar and click on ‘Continue.’

6. Give the ‘Rule’ you just created a name. Type in the name of the ‘Folder’ of your Google Drive in which you want to download the attachments and click on ‘Save Rule.’

select the folder in which you want to save the files
Write Rule Name and Select the folder in which you want to save the files

Note 1: The sheet will contain the information about the emails and attachments that are being downloaded to your Drive.

Note 2: You can also ‘Download’ the files from the drive folder to keep a copy of the files.


Sending across individual messages in Gmail is pretty easy. You only need to do a couple of steps, enter the address where you want to send the mail, and you are good to go. However, the internet giant service is yet to come up with a direct and straightforward method to forward multiple emails in Gmail.

Sometimes, sending messages in bulk is the need of the hour. So, what do you do in such a situation? Well, we’ve listed the best methods that will help you in bulk forwarding emails. All of them work just right. Adding a filter, manually sending, or going with a browser extension, what would you pick? You can try them out and choose your preferred method.

Let us put to use all the rich features offered by Gmail to its fullest capabilities.

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