From shopping to eating out, from filing taxes to availing various business services, getting receipts in return is common. Keeping the physical copies of the bills safely is a cumbersome process. More often than not, the chances are that the receipts will be lost in a sea of other documents and papers. But luckily, with the receipt scanner app, you can keep a check on all the expenses now.

They come with advanced technologies like image recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, and related online tools that enable you to access your receipts from anywhere.  The receipts apps are ideal for keeping a check on your personal budget, tax purposes, and business expense management; whether yours is a small enterprise or large. The apps save time, space, manual effort, and more importantly reduce clutter.

Be it Android and iOS – Check the Best Receipt Scanning Apps That You can Download

Holding on to the physical copies of the bills and receipts is no longer a hassle or considered as a chore. Be it the regular apps meant for taking notes that include receipt scanning abilities or the apps that are specially made for expense tracking, we have curated a list of the best receipt scanner apps for you. These receipt apps will enable you to scan, track, and manage your paper bills with ease.

1. Expensify


Expensify app is an extremely popular and widely used receipt scanner app because of its financial report and expense submission features. It makes tracking your receipts and managing expenses easy. How? You only need to take a picture of the bill, and the receipt app will automatically transcribe the details.

Apart from capturing receipts, the Expensify app enables you to import your debit and credit cards and produce mileage reports. These reports can easily be submitted through the app by only entering the email address of the recipient. The app claims to prioritize accuracy over speed; therefore, it might take a bit longer to extract information from the images that have been captured.

Expensify app has the ability to track expenses for specific trips and boasts of a professional look. The base app is free but limits you to five scans a month.

Price: Free, subscription available

Download Expensify on Android | iOS

2. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts app

The most dedicated receipt management app, Smart Receipts can generate reports and visualizations as well as customize it. It comes in handy when you wish to keep the receipts organized as per your preferences.

The receipt scanner app for Android lets you create expense report folders to categorize your receipts and can generate graphs. You can easily stay up-to-date with your latest expenses since the graphs auto-generate; making this one of the most useful features of the receipts app.

If you’re availing of the free plan, you will have to pay for OCR scans, to avoid entering input values manually. However, you receive only two free OCR scans and must indulge in the in-app purchase to avail the rest. Upgrading to the premium version of the app is a better and cheaper option than buying Smart Receipts Plus on the Play Store.

Price: Free, premium version available

Download Smart Receipts on Android | iOS

3. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense receipt app

Zoho Expense is a handy receipt scanner app for managing receipts and comes with in-built text recognition. It enables you to track expenses like mileage and automatically records your expenses. How? The app does so by creating expenses from the receipts you upload.

The free receipt scanner app is ideal for automating business and travel expense management. Zoho Expense is a perk for traveling employees to keep a tab of how much is being spent where and for the managers who have piles of expense reports awaiting approval.

The free plan makes 100 OCR scans available to you without any cost. The scanning is fast, accurate, and generates correct information in no time. While the app is efficient and effective, the report generation functionality is a bit finicky.

Price: Free, subscription available

Download Zoho Expense on Android | iOS

4. Evernote

evernote scanning app for android

Evernote is primarily a general note-taking app but it makes it to our list of the best receipt apps because it recognizes images with text, which makes it a useful and worthy receipt storage app too. It comes in handy, especially when you want to keep your receipts recorded but do not wish to generate expense reports.

Apart from allowing the users to take pictures of receipts to store, the app also lets you scan your gallery for images with text. Once this function is enabled, Evernote will inform you every time you click a picture of a bill from your phone’s front camera. The app will also confirm if you wish to save the image. The most convenient way by which you can always have your receipts sorted is by adding labels to them. This facilitates easy filtering when you need them later.

If you require robust receipt management apps, you can get your hands on a dedicated receipt scanner app. Whereas, if you only need to keep track of all your bills and receipts that can be effortlessly sorted, Evernote comes in handy. It has some fantastic organizational features which can make your daily life more productive.

Price: Free, subscription available

Download Evernote on Android | iOS

5. Google Lens / Google Photos

google lens scan receipts

You can scan receipts and keep them organized using Google Lens via two methods – either through the Google Photos app or through integrating it with Google Assistant. You can also access Google Lens as a standalone app on your Android device, but since it is already available through the other apps; it is a more convenient option.

If you’re using it with Assistant, type in – ‘Show me my receipts.’ A list consisting of your latest receipts will be produced. This feature is very simple in Android Oreo. However, Android Pie can recognize the receipts and sort them in a much better manner.

You can sort through your receipts using Google Photos as well. Write ‘Receipts’ in the search bar and Google Photos will display all the images of your bills. Although these apps cannot generate reports, they are useful in keeping images of your receipts.

Google Photos and Assistant are pre-installed on most Android devices, which is a major convenience. This means you do not need any additional app for receipt management, and can instead integrate it with an app you already use to manage your photos.

Price: Free

Download Google Lens on Android here

Download Google Photos on Android | iOS

Download Google Assistant on Android | iOS

6. Receipts by Wave for Business

receipts by wave best receipt scanner app

Receipts by Wave is a free receipt scanner app that is mostly used as an expense tracking tool by business houses. However, the app’s ability to scan many receipts together and its website syncing capabilities make it a powerful option for people in the lookout for a tool to track and scan receipts. It also enables you to search through your phone gallery for receipts.

The receipt scanner app for Android has impressively accurate OCR capabilities, which means the users will not have to waste their time in editing receipt information. Another advantage of using Receipts by Wave is that it is completely free and, therefore, does not put limits on the number of scans allowed every month.

The only drawback is that if you wish to manage your bills after you’ve already submitted them, you will need to sign into their official website. Apart from this, it is an excellent receipts app to use.

Price: Free

Download Receipts by Wave on Android | iOS

7. ABUKAI Expenses

abukai expense scan receipts

ABUKAI is a simple and free scanner app for iPhone and Android. One of the app’s main attractions is that it manages all your expenses without putting too much effort.

Saving your receipts is a simple two-step process. You just need to take a picture of your invoice or receipt and submit it. It will be saved on the app. The app then processes the receipts to the expense report you’ve set up. You can also send the same to your email address.

ABUKAI Expense is an exceptional receipt scanner app when it comes to its automated report-generation feature. The reports can also be exported in PDF format or Excel sheets. The free version gives you 12 expense reports in a year.

Price: Free, subscription available

Download ABUKAI Expense on Android | iOS

8. Genius Scan

genius scan free recipt scanner app

If you’re looking for an app that will scan and manage your receipts with utmost accuracy, get your hands on Genius Scan. As the name suggests, the app is exceptional when it comes to document detection and perspective fixing.

The receipt scanner app is easy to use and is ideal for scanning and storing your invoices and bills while you’re traveling. You can also export your scans to your cloud storage account in PDF or JPEG format. The app integrates with Evernote, Dropbox, Box; et all.

You can scan multiple receipts at once, and the quality of the scans is very high. You can also tag the receipts so that they are easy to find. All your receipts and bills are immediately stored on your device, thereby providing security.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available

Download Genius Scan on Android | iOS    

9. Clean Scanner

clear scan receipt app

A perfect receipt scanner app, Clean Scanner has built-in OCR functionality which accurately recognizes text from the images and imports them as well.

The scanner app for iPhone and Android can be used while you’re traveling to capture all your invoices and bills quickly. You can either save them in JPEG format or as PDF files, which can be clubbed together with your expense reports. You can also sync the app with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and others. Therefore, your receipts become accessible from anywhere.

A unique feature of Clean Scanner is that it detects the corners of your receipts; so you only end up saving the receipt, and no additional information is recorded. This saves device space. You can also edit the images before saving them.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Download Clean Scanner on Android | iOS

10.  Tiny Scanner

tiny scanner free scanner app for iphone

If you’re looking for a simple app to scan receipts, get your hands on Tiny Scanner. It turns your smartphone into a portable document and a receipt scanner. The app is lightweight; therefore, does not take too much space on your device.

It saves all the documents and receipts in PDF format or as an image, and the process is speedy. Apart from being great at organizing receipts, the app can sort your scans and put them into different folders. You can share the scans via cloud storage services, through email, or even over Wi-Fi directly to your PC.

You can sort the scans by date or title and view them as a list or in a thumbnail version. The app also allows you to protect your documents with a passcode. If you’re looking for a receipt scanner app that is speedy and lightweight and works on both cellphones and tablets, then you should surely go for Tiny Scanner.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Download Tiny Scanner on Android | iOS

11. Microsoft Office Lens

microsoft office lens receipt scanner app

Microsoft Office Lens is a free scanner app for iPhone and Android. The app is primarily a document scanner, but it is best suited for receipt scanning.

The scanning works quite well since the receipts app trims and enhances the document automatically. This makes the text extremely easy to read. You can export the scans to any Microsoft Office app like Powerpoint or Word. You can also send the same to your email as a PDF attachment or to your OneDrive account.

Apart from scanning receipts, you can use Office Lens for scanning and saving any type of document. You can put the scanned documents to use in any other app that Office Lens integrates with. Scan receipts, manage them well and be much more productive with all the paper documents that you regularly deal with.

Price: Free

Download Microsoft Office Lens on Android | iOS

12. Evernote Scannable

evernote scannable best scanner app for iphone

Evernote Scannable is the best scanner app for iPhone and iPad. Just point your device camera towards the expense reports, receipts, documents, or whiteboards and take a picture. Your receipts will be added to your app account.

After you’ve taken the picture, Evernote Scannable enables you to preview the scan, retake the picture if you think the first one isn’t clear, or even discard. All your receipts, business cards, contracts, and other documents will be saved to Evernote’s cloud-based app. You can access the same from anywhere.

The receipt scanner app automatically crops, adjusts, and rotates all your images and receipts; thereby making the scans easy to read and clear. Scannable deals with paper professionally by pulling out information from business cards and saving them as contacts in your smartphone. Are you ready to go paperless?

Price: Free

Download Evernote Scannable on iOS here

13. Shoeboxed: One of the Best Receipt Scanning App

shoeboxed receipt app

Shoeboxed has been around for a while now. It is the best app to be used during the tax season. It follows the same protocol – you can add all your bills and receipt details by taking a picture of the same.

The phone app is linked to the web version of Shoeboxed, thereby allowing you to sync all your data and documents in real-time from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. It also allows you to export your expenses onto popular tools like Quickbooks and Excel, among many others.

Apart from being a receipt scanner app, it also enables you to keep track of your mileage for tax purposes. It also has the ability to specify which expenses are deductible, thus making it an extremely useful app to be used during tax time.

What more? You can create expense reports within the app and forward them to the tax preparer or your colleagues from your smartphone. What we like the most about Shoeboxed is that it comes with human verification of data.

Price: Free

Download Shoeboxed on Android | iOS

14. Verify

verify best receipt scanner app

Irrespective of whether your device is offline or online, use Verify to eliminate manually entering your receipts by scanning it through this app. Verify can process your receipts in less than 10 minutes.

The free receipt scanner app also helps users in keeping the data organized, which comes in handy during filing taxes. The app takes privacy a step beyond all the other receipt scanning apps. How? It has HIPAA and GDPR data privacy compliance. Therefore, Verify is the best receipts app for privacy.

You can create expense reports and export them in Excel and PDF formats. This facilitates further reviewing and offline tracking. You can also sync Verify with other productivity and accounting apps to make it more powerful. Quickbooks, Slack, and Dropbox are just a few examples of the possible integrations.

Price: Free, premium version available

Download Verify on Android | iOS

15. Quickbooks Self-Employed

quickbooks scan receipts

This scanner app for iPhone and Android is undoubtedly one of the best choices available. It boasts of seamless integration with Intuit products, a stunning user interface, and an extremely organized layout.

Apart from being a mile tracker and an expense tracker, Quickbooks Self-employed aims at putting more money in your pocket with the help of its invoice generator and tax deductions estimator.

The app also helps you in saving money during filing taxes. How? You add all your receipts to the app throughout the year. After which you can directly import all expense related information and data into TurboTax for quick tax filing.

Whether you are a freelancer, self-employed, or an independent contractor; get this receipt scanner app for Android to help you find your tax deductions and organize your finances better.

Price: Free, subscription available

Download Quickbooks Self-employed on Android | iOS

16. Neat Receipts

neat receipts scanner app

Neat is the best receipt scanner app for sharing and collaborating. It accesses your smartphone’s camera to scan receipts, documents, business cards and extracts the essential information from them. Therefore, you end up saving time and effort as you no longer need to enter the details manually.

If you need to share the details of the receipts and expense reports with someone else, for example, your manager or business partner, you can do so by giving them access to that particular folder only. The app also has the ability to store comments on each of the expense reports.

The users can also upload images, electronic receipts, and documents in PDF format from their PC and file them with the receipts they’ve uploaded through their phones. You can sync all your data across devices, so it becomes accessible from anywhere.

What more? Neat has intelligent text recognition capabilities. So, the app reads printed texts and extracts vital information from them with the utmost accuracy.

Price: Free,  offers 3 payment plan levels

Download Neat Receipts on Android | iOS

17. Receipt Bank

receipt bank

Receipt Bank enables you to track, read, and store all your receipts, bills, and invoices on the go. It is the best receipt scanner app for accountants, bookkeepers, and for those who need to file tax returns.

Once you’ve taken a picture of your receipt from your smartphone, you can forward the same via email or upload it through the web. The app aims to digitize and securely store all your paperwork online.

You can integrate the app and sync the data with popular accounting software like QBO and Xero. Similar to the other apps we’ve listed before, Receipt Bank has built-in technology that transcribes the date, amount, and all the other information from the receipts, thereby keeping a record of the same for you.

Price: Free 14 day trial, subscription available

Download Receipt Bank on Android | iOS

18. SAP Concur

sap concur best receipt scanner app

SAP Concur is the best scanner app for iPhone and Android, which enables you to capture and upload receipts on the go. It is a powerful expense tracker and fully developed receipt scanner. SAP enables you to scan barcodes as a precautionary measure. Sort your receipts and club them into different categories to quickly access them. You can also print them or share the same with others via email. Simple user interface and easy-to-use features make SAP Concur your go-to receipt scanner app.

Capture the receipts so that losing one isn’t a big deal anymore, review and approve invoices, travel requests, and reports, and easily manage all your travel expenses on the go. You can also import data from the credit cards.

Price: Free

Download SAP Concur on Android | iOS

19. NumReceipt

numreceipt app

NumReceipt is an exceptional scanning app for Android which turns all your paper receipts into organized statements. It also acts as a good expense manager enabling you to keep track of your daily expenses and financial activities.

The app boasts of smart features like OCR scanner and Mileage Tracker, which helps you in managing your money better and planning your budget accordingly. NumReceipt also has Multi-Currency Support and Cloud Storage available.

You can append multiple images for the long receipts and search for a particular expense by entering the name of the retailer or category. The receipt scanner app allows you to view and generate expense reports in PDF or XLS formats. You can add bar diagrams and pie charts to the expense reports and mail the same with receipt attachments.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Download NumReceipt on Android | iOS

20. Foreceipt

foreceipt scanner app for iphone

This receipt scanner app for iPhone enables you to scan, organize, and keep track of your receipts, bills, and invoices. It uses intelligent OCR technology for scanning these, and the data thus collected comes in handy for monitoring finances for business or personal purposes.

The receipt tracker and scanner app simplify expense tracking and management. It helps you systematically scan your paper bills and saves the data derived from the receipts on Google Drive. If treated as your personal and business finance manager, Foreceipt will let you track taxes at your fingertips.

Use Foreceipt for effortless bookkeeping, during the tax season, as a tool for effective savings management, and money accounting. In our opinion, it is the most convenient and easy to use expense tracker available.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Download Foreceipt on iOS here

21. TriNet Expense

trinet expense scanner app for iphone

TriNet Expense helps companies and individuals in managing the entire expense reporting process with ease. You no longer have to collect, store, submit and track paper reports, timesheets, and receipts.

The receipt scanner app allows you to export expenses from your banking accounts and credit cards. Apart from allowing you to capture receipts on the go, TriNet Expense supports Mileage Tracking via Google Maps. After capturing the contents of the receipts in the form of images, you can directly create expense reports from them.

The app allows users to apply integration data from Quickbooks and receive alerts on any expense policy violations. You can also submit and approve timesheets to your approver. Other than project-based time tracking and receipt management, one of the key highlights of this app is that it supports 160 currencies.

What more? You no longer have to carry stacks of paper bills to get reimbursement for the same after returning from a business trip. Also, no more getting panicky on losing the physical copies of the receipts.

Price: Free

Download TriNet Expense on Android | iOS

22. 123 Receipt Expense Tracker

123 receipt expense tracker

This scanner app for iPhone is an easy to use finance tracker and receipt organizer. You no longer have to store crumpled pieces of bills and receipts in your pockets. Simply click a picture of the bill and save a copy in the Cloud right away.

123 Receipt Expense Tracker enables you to organize your receipts by creating custom categories. Just as you capture a receipt from your smartphone’s camera, the app’s organizer will log your expenses with details like the total expenses, date, and the name of the retailer.

You can view your expenses from any period and track how much you’ve spent and even run reports with extensive filters. What more? You can input your expenses on the go and review your bills and invoices from your PC at home with their easy-to-use companion website.

Price: Free, offers in-app purchases

Download 123 Receipt Expense Tracker on iOS here

Final Thoughts on Receipt Scanner App

We’ve listed the best receipt scanner apps for you, which will ease the process of saving receipts and bills digitally. These apps help you in managing your finances better and make expense tracking extremely simple. It also facilitates the easy creation of a database for all your expenses, which comes in handy during budgeting and especially while filing your taxes.

No more stacking heaps of paper in your wallet. So, are you ready to go paperless? Best overall receipt scanner apps, in our opinion, are Expensify and Smart Receipts. The most suitable receipt app for tax time is Shoeboxed. If you’re looking for an app for sharing and collaboration, get your hands on Neat Receipts.

Best scanner apps for iPhone? Check out SAP Concur, Evernote Scannable, and Foreceipt. Verify is the best when it comes to privacy and Receipts by Wave is ideal for small businesses.

Be it crafting a budget, keeping a detailed record of your financial transactions, or visualizing how you’d spend your money, the best receipt scanner app act as a great digital tool serving the purpose. Also, no more wasting Sunday afternoons sorting the receipts and invoices by filling them, keeping them in a box, or entering the details in an Excel Sheet.

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