The reason why millions of users around the world use Gmail is that it offers seamless organization features that are simple to understand and execute. When we start a conversation with recipients, their contacts are automatically added to the Contacts list. Hence, knowing how to edit contacts in Gmail is necessary if we wish to change any contact details like email addresses or phone numbers.

Apart from editing a contact, users also need to know how to add Gmail contacts, find and sync contacts, import, delete, or merge duplicate contacts. Users can also learn to delete all promotions in Gmail and recover deleted emails in Gmail by a specific contact. After learning all these activities, you will be able to manage your Gmail contacts properly. Gmail initially had a Contacts section in its interface, but Google later migrated it to an individual service.

How To Edit Contacts In Gmail For Proper Organization

Editing contacts in Gmail might seem to be a trivial task. Still, keeping them organized is essential to avoid confusion, like how we need labels to organize emails. Most users add labels to keep emails from specific contacts and forums organized. If you decide to delete or edit contacts, you can also delete labels in Gmail.

Let’s see how to edit contacts and perform other essential functions related to them.

How To Edit Contacts In Gmail

Editing a new contact through a Gmail inbox is easy for users of all levels. To begin with, select the contact in which you want to make the changes.

Select the contact
Select the contact

A dialog box will open up after you select the contact. Now, click on the Pencil icon in the top right corner of the dialog box.

Click on the Pencil icon for how to Edit Contacts In Gmail
Click on the Pencil icon

Now, you can edit the details of any contact profile as per your preferences; you can also enter a text message description in the Notes field.

Edit Contacts In Gmail and click save
Make the changes and click on Save

Click on the Save button when you have made the changes. Well, it’s that simple to edit contacts in Gmail.

How To Add New Contacts In Gmail

Google allows a Gmail user to know how to add shared contacts to the address book of contacts. These Google contacts are also linked with your Gmail account.

First, visit the contacts page to add a new contact.

Click on Create Contact

Now, enter the contact information in all the given custom fields. Click on Save after entering the details.

Enter the details in the fields
Enter the details in the field and save it

How To Import Contacts

Now that we have seen how to edit contacts in Gmail let’s see how to import new and old contacts. Before proceeding forward, ensure you have exported and stored the contacts from their source and kept them in a CSV file.

Visit and click on Import in the left sidebar.

Click on Import
Click on Import

Next, click on the Select file button to upload the CSV file to your Google account.

Select the CSV file for how to Edit Contacts In Gmail
Select the CSV file

If you don’t have a CSV file or vCard, you can click on the Create Multiple Contacts link in the dialog box to create a Google contact group.

Users can also add the contacts to a new Gmail label to keep them sorted and organized.

If you have pressed the Select file button, select the CSV file or vCard you want to import from your desktop. Make sure that the file is under 20 MB. Once you have done that, click on the Import button.

Click on Import
Click on Import

How To Export Contacts From Gmail

Exporting Google contacts is an easy process, just like importing them. First and foremost, open in Google Chrome. Click on Export from the left sidebar.

You need to follow this process only if you want to export multiple contacts. To select multiple contacts, ensure you haven’t selected any Gmail contact before clicking on the Export button.

When you do this, all the contacts will be selected for the export process.

Click on Export
Click on Export

Once you click on the Export button, you can see three options to export all the contacts. These options are Google CSV, Outlook CSV, and vCards for iOS.

Once you choose the option, click on Export. You can also export a label of contacts using this process.

Select Google contacts and choose Export
Select Google contacts and choose Export

How To Export A Single Contact

First, to export a single contact, click on the contact and select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the dialog box that appears on the screen.

Then, click on Export from the drop-down menu.

Click on Export
Click on Export

How To Delete Gmail Contacts

Users can also delete unwanted Google contacts in the blink of an eye.

To begin, select the contact you want to delete and click on the three vertical dots on the right.

Click on the three dot menu
Click on the three dot menu

Choose Delete from the drop-down menu.

Delete contact in Gmail
Delete contact in Gmail

These simple steps allow you to easily delete multiple Google contacts or a single contact card.

How To Edit Contact On Mobile Devices

If you want to know how to edit contacts in Gmail but don’t have a PC or a laptop, you can use your mobile device for this purpose.

If you want to access the Gmail contact list for managing contacts, you need to install the Gmail Contacts app from the Google Play Store.

Then, you need to open the Contacts app you just installed on your Android device. You can also access Gmail contacts from the left sidebar menu in the Gmail app, as shown in the image given below.

Open Contacts Google app for how to edit contacts in Gmail
Open Contacts Google app

Now, select the contact record that you wish to edit.

Select Contact
Select Contact

Now, click on the Pencil icon in the bottom right corner.

Click on the Pencil icon for how to edit contacts in gmail
Click on the Pencil icon

Now, edit the contact by filling in the information in the given fields. Once you do that, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Click on Save for how to edit contacts in gmail
Click on Save

Once you click on Save, it means you have successfully edited the Google contact of your choice.  


We have seen two simple ways to access and edit Gmail contacts on a desktop computer. It’s essential to know how to edit contacts in Gmail to rectify any incorrect information entered in the contact. When people start conversations with recipients, contacts are saved automatically in Gmail. Organized Gmail contacts help when it comes to scheduling emails because users can find them faster.

Apart from knowing how to edit contacts in Gmail, users also need to know how to create, import, and delete contacts to ensure proper organization. You can choose to open the Google Contacts using any way that fits your requirements.