Looking to get much more from Google Plus? Google Plus has now grown to over 250 million users, and new third party apps are added regularly. Ordinarily, Google Plus Hangout will strike you as an application for conference interaction with up to 10 persons, but there is more to Hangout today. Many popular platforms and entities like SlideShare, Al Jazeera and A Story Before Bed have integrated with Google Plus Hangout, thereby making the social network much more fun.

Moreover, playing around with other important apps like Google Effects, Scoot and Doodle and Cacoo help you use Google Plus Hangout very meaningfully. Also games like Hangout Quest and Aces Poker are just a few of some of the games that now make Google Plus Hangout a lot more fun.

Some Awesome Google+ Hangout Apps

The following consist of several apps and interesting games that make interaction on Google+ Hangout a lot more fun. Read through and discover some of the apps that will help you enjoy Google+ more.

1. Hangout Quest

Hangout Quest is an interesting game that involves locating artworks within some of the world famous museums. Players have to find hidden clues and use them to discover hidden treasures inside that location. They will have to play with friends to gain as many points as possible.


Launch Hangout Quest

2. Slideshare

You are probably familiar with SlideShare already. On Google Hangout, Slideshare lets you present slides to participants more easily. Depending on your work and what you aim to achieve, you can use Google Hangout SlideShare app to conduct interviews, create a virtual classroom, hold meetings and collaborate on projects.


You can search SlideShare vast library of presentations and share with participants on Google hangout. You can even assign other participants of your hangout session to present the slides you find.

Launch SlideShare in Google Hangout

3. Scoot & Doodle

Scoot & Doodle Google hangout app is unique, helping several Google hangout participants to create diagrams simultaneously. The app is particularly good for having fun on Google hangout at spare times. You can also use the available tools to explain school homework to your little daughter.


Regardless of age, you can draw, play and create diagrams simultaneously with other participants. You can play games like Guess My Drawing, Guess My Tune, and Guess My Word.

Launch Scoot & Doodle

4. A Story Before Bed

Do you usually read to your little daughter before bed and now you are traveling? No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a good Internet connection, you can now read to your daughter real-time with A Story Before bed app for Google Plus Hangout.


Impressively, you can read to more than one child in different parts of the world.

Launch A Story Before Bed on Hangout

5. Cacoo

Cacoo is a more professional diagram creating tool. It comes preset with several types of stencils for drawing almost any kind of diagram. You can draw mindmaps, create website mockups, wireframes and other types of diagrams. Cacoo also lets you draw a balanced diagram by making sure each object aligns with other nearby objects.


After creating, you can save your output as PDF or SVG and also share on Google Hangout. You can create diagrams and finish them up with connectors.

Launch Cacoo

6. Aces Hangout

Now you can liven up your poker experience online with Aces Hangout app. When you win a hand, you get the crown. The app comes with taunts and accessories that bring more fun to the game.


Launch Aces Poker on Hangout

7. Al Jazeera Live

As watching TV gradually intertwine with the web, Al Jazeera has launch a Hangout app for interacting with friends while watching events live on Al Jazeera Live Hangout. Since Twitter updates have become important source of information, the app also integrates Twitter feeds into the screen to ensure users get optimum satisfaction.


Launch Al Jazeera Live Hangout

Still Not Satisfied? Launch More Google Hangout Apps

Try more Google Hangout apps and see which one eventually becomes your favorite.


Google Plus Hangout is a great application by itself. The host of third party applications being added regularly bring a lot more spice to Google Plus Hangout. Be sure you try them out!

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