Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time for yet another week at the Weekend Games Corner. We’re your hosts, the good staff at TechNorms. We’ve spent the past week combing through games on Android, iOS, and Flash to find some good ones we think you’ll enjoy. They may not be as complex as Halo 4, but these games are some good casual fun.

This week’s theme is autorunning. It’s a popular genre on mobile devices because of its flexible control requirements and casual nature. We tried to find an autorunning game from each platform that felt like a quality title we’d recommend to friends. Here are our picks for this week.

Subway Surfers (Android)

Subway Surfers is a clever 3D autorunning game about a kid on the run from a cop after being caught painting graffiti. The kid has to escape through a dangerous train yard with the cop hot on his tail. Think of it as Frogger meets Temple Run meets Jet Set Radio.


Subway Surfers bears bright, friendly graphics and easy controls. Like Temple Run, the kid is controlled by swiping in different directions to dodge obstacles and collect coins.

Moving side to side dodges trains. Up and down gets you past barriers and hurdles. See a group of seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Grab a hoverboard to get an extra life. Even cooler, you can run atop the trains.

Subway Surfers is an impressive game. It could have been a Temple Run ripoff but differentiates itself through gameplay style, graphics, and overall theme. The persistent upgrade system with all sorts of awesome power-ups helps as well.


Upgrades are bought with coins. These are collected in the game or by watching sponsored videos. The game is generous with coins, so there’s no real need to spend actual cash. Developers, take note: this is how you do free-to-play.

Subway Surfers is friendly, fun, and free. We’d recommend it to Android users everywhere in search of a good casual game.

Download Subway Surfers

Rayman Jungle Run (iOS)

Usually we feature free games, but Rayman Jungle Origins is so good it couldn’t be passed up. It’s a smaller cousin to the recently-released console title Rayman Origins and the upcoming Rayman Legends. We have played Origins and can attest that it is a fun game.


While not as complex, Jungle Run incorporates the silly fun of its predecessors into its new mobile form well. Rayman runs forward constantly, but the player controls whether he jumps, wallruns, or punches enemies.

The platforming itself is phenomenal. We can’t say enough about the fast, fun, and polished gameplay. You have to collect Lums (coins) to set high scores. Levels can be completed without getting any Lums, but this misses the point of the game.

Each world introduces a new way to collect Lums. There’s a world for jumping, flying, wall running, and punching. Levels are few but highly polished.

As a side note, the game also supports multiple saves, achievements, gallery mode, and leaderboards.


Rayman Jungle Run is worlds better than most autorunning games, including the other games on this list. We highly recommend this game.

Download Rayman Jungle Run

Super Kotaro-Kun

Super Kotaro-Kun is an… interesting… game about a ninja that dodges obstacles while constantly running forward to the tune of terrible music.


The main draw of the game is its approach to spatial movements. Instead of simply moving on a flat 2D plane, the ninja can run along the wall in the background to dodge some of the trickier obstacles.

Dodge enough obstacles and you can earn some currency to spend on new ninjas and improved stats. There are also goals a lá Jetpack Joyride.

Overall, not bad.

Play Super Kotaro-Kum