It’s another week, and we’ve got another Weekend Games Corner for you. We spent the past week hunting down a fun game for Android, iOS, and PC. They’re free, fun, and should keep anybody entertained for a weekend. These days, there are quality free games for every platform out there. With our help, you can find them.

This week has a silly theme. It’s all about blobs. Those mysterious piles of goo have wormed their way into more games than you can count. We picked three fun blob-themed games this week. Although each one is radically different from the other in its genre, all are united by a common love of blobbery. OK, that last sentence was a bit much. Sorry. Here are the games.

Rise of the Blobs (Android)

Concept: Rise of the Blobs is a game about Marsh Mal, a headphone-wearing sentient marshmellow trying to beat back nefarious blobs. Marsh Mal says things like “Hot chocolate! That was awesome!” He also discusses his mysterious phobia of sticks and fires and his aspirations to be an astronaut.


It’s rare to find a mobile game this charming. Marsh Mal’s tongue-in-cheek humor goes a long way toward making the game stand out from every other mobile app.

Gameplay: Marsh Mal stands atop a tower and throws a constant stream of fruit at an ever-advancing tide of blobs. Fruit lodges inside blobs of the same color. Tapping the lodged fruits destroys that blob and every connected blob of the same color.

The concept is clever and works well. The game did have some trouble registering our touches. Other than that, everything functions without issue.


Rise of the Blobs is interesting because you don’t have to blow up lodged fruit immediately. You can leave it there and wait for the blobs to build up. It’s classic risk/reward gameplay.

If the blobs ever build up too much, there’s always the option to drop super weapons like coconut bombs. Persistent perks also go a long way toward making the game easier.

Cost: Rise of the Blobs is free to play. The game uses a single currency (coins), which can be earned in the game or bought with real money. Prices are reasonable. The only upgrades that take only real money are the cosmetic enhancements.


Verdict: Rise of the Blobs is charming, cute, and fun. With persistent upgrades and multiple gameplay modes, there’s no reason not to start fighting the blobs now.

Download Rise of the Blobs

Blobster HD Lite (iOS)

Concept: Blobster HD Lite is a story about one lonely blob fighting off an evil polluting corporation called Big & Powerful LTD. B&P had a mine which exploded and polluted Blobtopia. Real subtle, guys. You the blob are tasked with cleaning up the land.

The game is highly kid-friendly. It’s a story about a happy blob. The graphics are smooth and inviting. Even the music seems positive.


Gameplay: Blobster HD deserves a tip of the hat for its excellent controls. Tapping the sides moves the blob back and forth. There are also buttons for quickly jumping and zooming out to see the whole stage. The controls are simple and effective.

The gameplay is typical platforming. The blob jumps from ledge to ledge while collecting coins and avoiding the minions of the evil B&P. Finishing the level quickly or after collecting a lot of pollution earns bonus points.

In our opinion, the game relies too much on in-level power-ups for avoiding enemies. A single touch from a minion means death. Some lives like in Super Mario 64 wouldn’t be amiss here.


Cost: Blobster HD Lite is free and comes with ten levels. The full game is only $1, so it’s not breaking the bank. Try the Lite version and see if you like it.

Verdict: Blobster HD is a fun platformer. Friendly graphics and simple controls make this a game that kids (and adults) can enjoy.

Download Blobster HD Lite

Blob Wars (Flash)

Concept: Simple but surprisingly fun. Underneath the generic graphics and boring name is a complex game similar to Othello. There are two teams of blobs. Placing a blob next to the other team’s blobs turns them to your side. The game ends when the board is full of blobs. The winner is the team with the most blobs.


Gameplay: Blob Wars is excellent. There’s a delicate balance between moving, duplicating, and capturing blobs. All it takes is a single mistake to mount a comeback, so constant concentration is a must.

We’d also like to salute the developer for making Blob Wars playable with two people. You use the same computer and take turns moving blobs. If you’re fresh out of friends, the computer is decent at the game. We were about even with it after a few games.

Blob Wars adds some replay value with extra maps. Instead of the standard blank board (think chess), there are boards with pieces missing. This radically changes the balance of the game and makes you rethink your strategy.


Blob Wars would make a good board game. As a video game, its content leaves something to be desired. We wish there were more blob types or more levels. Regardless, it’s still a fun game.

Cost: Viewing the ads at Addicting Games. There are also in-game advertisements.

Verdict: Blob Wars is simple to learn but addictive. The back-and-forth gameplay of converting blobs to different sides is a lot of fun. Like Othello, this game has a great deal of higher-level strategy. We’d recommend it to any gamer looking for a mental challenge.

Play Blob Wars