Hello and welcome back to yet another entry in the Weekend Games Corner. We spent our week “working,” and by that we mean playing games for Android, iOS and Flash. We tried to find a few of the most fun available for every platform so that no matter what device you’re rocking, you’ve got something fun to play over the weekend.

This week’s selection is all about offbeat games, titles that make their own way through life. Or whatever games do, considering they’re inanimate objects. You get the picture. They’re weird. Here’s what we picked this week.

Hiversaires (Android)

Concept: Strip away adventure game conventions to create a minimalistic journey through a strange world.


Gameplay: Hiversaires is a weird one, even by the standards of this article. The only real gameplay per se is tapping the screen to move around and interact with objects.

The game brings old-school PC adventure titles like Myst to mind, but even Myst had writing in it. Hiversaires has not a single line of text. There’s no dialog, no menus, no explanation, nothing.

The entire game world is littered with strange symbols. Figuring out what those symbols mean and deciphering how to advance is the crux of Hiversaires.


The game deserves a serious salute for its outstanding graphics and soundtrack. Levels are rendered in stunning black and white. The effect is magnified by the minimalistic music.

Between the visuals, audio, and unfamiliar world, Hiversaires creates something most other apps never have: atmosphere.

Cost: Hiversaires is free and lacks ads.


Verdict: This is one of those games that will appeal a lot to a small subset of people, mostly adventure game fans. If you count yourself among them, definitely give Hiversaires a try.

Download Hiversaires

Dead Ahead (iOS)

Concept: Combine autorunning with 28 Days Later and throw in Jetpack Joyride and you get this game.


Gameplay: Dead Ahead is a fun genre mishmash. Players control a lone human trying to escape on a moped from a horde of angry (and speedy) zombies.

Escape is no mean feat, as it requires weaving between obstacles on the road and dodging zombies trying to catch the player from behind. His/her only options are to lure the zombies into a trap or shoot them down with a gun.

Juggling looking ahead for obstacles with looking behind for zombies creates some frantic and fun chase scenes. Dead Ahead definitely has the same sort of pick-up-and-play appeal as other popular games.


The game is meant to be played at length. Escaping the zombies is difficult initially when the player’s only weapons are a moped and pistol with the firepower of a rubber-band gun. Doing well requires putting time into the persistent upgrades.

Cost: Dead Ahead is free to play. Players can choose to purchase extra gold with in-app transactions if they wish. The game gives paying customers a lot of money, so look into dropping $2 on this to skip a few levels.

Verdict: Dead Ahead is simple to learn but fun enough to keep playing at length. Sounds like a good app to us.

Download Dead Ahead

Hot Dog Bush (Flash)

Concept: Help former U.S. President George W. Bush in his new job as a hot dog vendor after being unceremoniously kicked out of the White House.


Gameplay: Underneath the silly quasi-political veneer, Hot Dog Bush is a good management game in the vein of Diner Dash.

As a hot dog vendor, the player has to juggle multiple orders with grilling hot dogs, customizing toppings, and serving them quickly to earn big tips.

This is surprisingly difficult. We learned that life as a hot dog vendor can be vicious, even for a former President. It takes talent to organize everything.


Cost: Advertisements.

Verdict: Hot Dog Bush is a decent management-style game. If you’re into organizing, give it a try.

Play Hot Dog Bush