Faraday Future was one of those company’s last year that made a big impact because nobody quite knew who they were or what they were doing.

The FFZERO1 concept car last year on the show floor was cool to look at and Faraday Future had big aspirations on what it wanted to do by 2017.

Flash forward to CES 2017 and the company’s big reveal event. Does it live up to the hype?

At the Honor product launch, the press and industry analysts got their first look at the Honor 6X. Capitalizing on the brand’s enormous popularity in China, Honor is looking to break into the smartphone market in North America and Europe in 2017.

The Honor 6X isn’t groundbreaking, but it comes with an innovative promise: A high-quality phone for half the price. Starting at $250, the Honor 6X has lofty goals to fulfill that promise.

Let’s look at what Honor presented, what we can expect from the show floor, and more from their CES press conference.

Fiat Chrysler, or FCA, introduced its Portal concept car in a bid to win over millennials looking toward integrating technology and driving. Chrysler capitalized on the idea of “the third space” where younger generations are spending more time in between one place or another on the road.

This third space idea turned into the Portal which came alive on stage during FCA’s press conference at CES 2017.

Here's what FCA presented, what we can expect from the show floor, and more from their CES press conference.

CES Unveiled is one of my favorite events each year. It gives members of the press one-on-one time with companies big and small. Most of these companies can be found on the floor of one of the many CES show floor locations, but CES Unveiled is a much smaller and intimate event.

This gives us the chance to go hands on with products, talk with developers, ask questions, and really see what makes these companies stand out from the competition.

Here’s five of the best finds from 2017’s CES Unveiled event.

It seems like just yesterday we were on the show floor covering the ins and outs of CES 2016. Now, CES 2017 is upon us and TechNorms is looking forward to another fun-filled adventure to Sin City.

Before we hit The Strip bringing you the latest and greatest CES offers, let’s look at some of the big trends to expect from this year’s show.

Browser hijacks convincing you to call Microsoft, Comcast, the FBI, and other organizations are becoming more common across the web. Whether you’re visiting an area of the web you shouldn’t or a website’s been hacked, you should never fall for these scams.

These browser hijacks will often come with loud sounds, fake pop-up windows, and render your browser seemingly useless.

Let’s look at how to prevent these browser hijacks and what to do if they take over your browser.

Facebook recently “killed off” many of its members as it rolled out a new feature that allows users to determine what happens to their account after they die. This new feature allows users to set a designated contact that can reach out to Facebook after you pass away to let them know.

From there, the choices you made before you die on what happens to your account will go into effect. Right now, can choose to memorialize your Facebook account or permanently delete it.

This guide essentially answers the question: "What happens to my Facebook Account After I die?" This is a kind of a digital will that you leave behind and is one feature that Facebook should have introduced much earlier.

One of the issue you may need to troubleshoot when upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is conflicting between your computer and its associated DNS settings. DNS, or Domain Name Servers, are basically the web’s phone book.

This is how the IP addresses of websites are translated into domain names and if this information gets jumbled, it can be difficult for your PC to load your favorite websites and internet destinations.

Let’s look at how to troubleshoot DNS issues after installing or upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Soon Microsoft will be riding Apple’s coattails to the bank. At this year’s Microsoft Event in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft showcased its visionary outlook on Windows as a platform with powerful introductions to the Surface Studio, the Surface Book, and the future of HoloLens technology in the hands of consumers.

Let’s recap five of the biggest – and let’s face it, most awesome – announcements from Microsoft’s headquarters.

Windows 10 Universal Apps run in the background whether you’re using them or not. While running, they fetch data, keep the apps updated, perform app updates to the latest version, and more.

For some internet connections and computer specifications, these Windows 10 apps running in the background can consume network resources, drain PC resources, and run your battery down to zero.

Let’s look at how to stop background apps from running in Windows 10 and why you should consider doing this for apps you never plan on using.