Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s book subscription service, a sort of Spotify or Netflix for books. The premise is easy enough to understand, it is a book subscription where the user has access to over one million titles in the...

The importance of backups is often realized only after a system crashes or some data is lost. Till then, it's often just one of the 'most important' things that you plan to do soon. A sudden crash of my iPhone last week made me think about the lack of a backup setup on my desktop, which has much more sensitive data on it.

I looked for a reliable and easy-to-setup backup solution and decided to set up Backblaze for my Windows 10 based desktop and haven't looked back since then.

Windows Update has finally changed for the better, a bit, with the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update. For most users, these changes are what they’ve been waiting for since Windows 10 release a few years back.

Let’s look at the updates to Windows 10’s Windows Update functionality in the Creators Update and how this will affect the user experience going forward.

Smartphones have become ubiquitous; almost everyone carries one these days. Unfortunately, with the increase in the usage of smartphones, there has been a subsequent increase in the number of malware attacks on smartphones.

Malware attacks can be pretty vicious leaving you with a series of problems ranging from inflated bills to stolen personal data or worse. The best way to avoid an infection on your smartphone is by being vigilant about certain signs that your phone would exhibit when it is infected. Here are 8 of those signals and how to deal with an infected device

The Chinese company OnePlus has a reputation for building premium phones with an attractive price tag ever since they launched their first flagship killer OnePlus One in 2014.

After the success of OnePlus One, all the phones launched thereafter have achieved similar successes and a strong fan following. Now, all eyes are trained on the company waiting to see what their latest phone – the OnePlus 5 – has on offer.

iClever is one of my favorite affordable accessory brands. Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth products, gaming accessories or something between, iClever is a dependable low-cost option for everyone.

I was lucky enough to snag some new products from the company to try out and review. Here are my thoughts on those four accessories – something for everyone this time around.

The WannaCry ransomware – also called WCry, WannaCrypt, or Wana Decryptor – has been in the news for being the worst ransomware attack in history. It is said to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries...

Recently, it has emerged that Google is working on its third OS after Android and Chrome OS, called Fuchsia. Google Fuchsia is a universal OS and runs on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a real-time, open source operating system and is based on Google’s own kernel Magenta.

The new OS appeared briefly in August last year, before disappearing into oblivion. However, recent activity on Fuchsia has re-surfaced bringing along all sorts of speculation about Google’s intentions with the OS.

With the Anniversary Update last year and this year’s Creators Update, staged releases have frustrated many consumers who want faster access to the latest version of Windows 10.

Let’s look at the steps to take to prepare Windows 10 before updates roll out to your specific computer or device.

At the MicrosoftEDU event, Microsoft unveiled both Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop – both aimed at making student life that much easier.

We take a look at what Windows 10 S offers, what makes the Surface Laptop different, and how this changes Microsoft’s long-term game with the Windows ecosystem.