Bubble-Blast-Halloween-android-app-gameWelcome back to yet another edition of the Weekend Games Corner. I’m your host, and we’re here with a fine selection of cars and SUVs… er, mobile games for your enjoyment. We’ve got something for everyone. Android, iOS, and Flash have great games that come out every week. This column is a simple attempt to pick through them to find the ones worth playing.

This week’s theme is all about Halloween. It may be past, technically, but things are still looking spooky. Aren’t they? The scariness doesn’t stop just because Halloween is past. In the spirit of the holiday, we picked out three games sure to chill your bones and make you reach for that security blanket. OK, so maybe they’re just three vaguely Halloween-themed games. Decide for yourself.

Bubble Blast Halloween (Android)

Bubble Blast Halloween is a seasonal version of Bubble Blast 2, kind of like how Angry Birds Seasons is related to Angry Birds. It’s essentially a graphical makeover with some clichéd sound effects.


The core of Bubble Blast 2 is still intact. You tap pumpkins in order to make them explode and set off a chain reaction that destroys all the pumpkins on screen. Touches are limited, so be sure to pick the pumpkin carefully.

This concept is introduced well over the first few levels. You learn the basics of the different pumpkin types easily enough. A working knowledge of the gameplay is essential as the puzzles quickly increase in difficulty. Clearing a few pumpkins is easy, but it’s much more difficult when the screen is packed with pumpkins and you have only one touch.

Bubble Blast Halloween impresses with sheer volume of content. There are 50 level sets for a total of 5,000 puzzles. That doesn’t even count arcade mode. The entire game is free as well. Fair warning: That free price comes at the cost of out-of-game notifications.


The other annoyance about BBH is that the game logic can sometimes be hard to follow. Solutions that look like they should work often don’t, without any explanation. Solving puzzles also comes down to randomly tapping more times than not.

We liked Bubble Blast Halloween. The sound effects have a certain cheesy charm to them. The plethora of levels should keep the most avid players busy for a while.

Download Bubble Blast

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ (iOS)

Like our last iOS entry, The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ is a game targeted more for children. The adorable-if-cheap looking graphics depict a pumpkin who has to collect candy while avoiding careless pumpkin-crushing trick-or-treaters.


The game’s replayability comes in the form of goals. The game tasks you with collecting certain types of candy and different combinations. Unfortunately, these combinations are never specified, making the game needlessly frustrating.

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ is unprofessional and cheap (it lacks a pause button), but it is cute and somewhat entertaining. Kids might like it.

Download The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

Zombacalypse (Flash)

OK, so Zombacalypse isn’t technically Halloween-themed, but it’s got zombies (zombies are scary, right?). This is a game about surviving against waves of the undead with a machete.


As you kill more zombies, items drop from the sky. These range from useless (the pistol) to game-breakingly amazing (the machine gun). Kill combos earn more weapons and air support. Think killstreaks from Call of Duty.

Zombacalypse is fun, especially with the weapons. It’s easy to daisy-chain kills together and use one weapon to earn enough points for another. Each weapon has limited ammo, but weapons are plentiful enough that it doesn’t really matter.

Gameplay reminds us a lot of Zombieville, USA. It’s a 2D action game, which means that your only options are moving forward and backward. This makes spacing between you and zombies a critical element which must be carefully managed.


As far as casual games go, Zombacalypse is impressive. It has achievements, persistent unlockables, new weapons, new characters, and upgrades. We liked its professionalism. All in all, a fun arcade-style shooter.

Play Zombacalypse

Any other Halloween themed games played this week? Share with us in the comments!