super-monsters-ate-my-condo-app-iconOnce more, the Weekend Games Corner has returned. To our regular readers (both of you), welcome back. To new readers, congratulations. You found our regular series showcasing a fun, free game available for Android, iOS, and PC. Games are everywhere these days. With the advent of free-to-play, you don’t even have to buy most of them. That’s neat.

This week features a grab bag of the strange and normal. We’ve got something from Adult Swim, the founder of 4chan, and a surprisingly complex Shockwave game. If we didn’t know any better, it would seem like games were getting more creative. That’s hard to judge, though. One thing is for sure: There are a lot more of them. Here are some good ones we picked out from the crowd this week.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo! (Android)

Concept: Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is another oddly fun game from the guys behind Adult Swim. It’s got the same bizarre, slightly overdone humor that pervades their shows. It’s just strange enough that you know they’re joking.


The concept itself is unusual. You score points within a time limit based on swiping away floors of a condo building. Yep.

Gameplay: Even if you’re not into Adult Swim humor, the gameplay in Super Monsters Ate My Condo! is good. Like Robot Unicorn Attack, this game has some depth to it.

The basic gameplay consists of swiping floors of a condo building out of the stack and off the screen. This allows you to match same-colored floors of the condo and score points.

Things get more complicated with the addition of realistic physics. Anything less than a careful swipe will destabilize the tower. Get too careless and everything will collapse.


Then there are the background monsters. There are always two monsters in the background that can help with unique powers if you feed them a matched set of houses. Match their color of house and they’ll swap out for another monster. Leave a monster unswapped for too long and he’ll get angry and attack the tower.

The gameplay is complex and enjoyable enough to merit several playthroughs. It’s good fun.

Cost: Free-to-play. You can buy more upgrades or coins for real money. Some of the upgrades do look useful. This game isn’t pay-to-win, but it is pay-to-get-a-solid-advantage.


If you like the game, you can also support the developers by buying some merchandise.

Verdict: We’d recommend Super Monsters Ate My Condo! It’s complex, fun, and silly. That sounds like an entertaining app to us.

Download Super Monsters Ate My Condo!

DrawQuest (iOS)

Concept: Score points for drawing daily challenges. Think fingerpainting, on the iPad, with a scoring system. Interestingly, this game was made by Christopher “moot” Poole, the founder of 4chan. It’s funny to see such a family-friendly game from the guy who spawned /b/.


Gameplay: DrawQuest stretches the definition of game. There are no levels or boss battles, just you and your art. It’s almost like a virtual coloring book.

Each day unlocks a new challenge to draw. You might have to draw a house for a dog or a meal for an alien. Any kind of drawing completes the challenge and earns you points. You can do old challenges, but for fewer coins.

Coins are the sole scoring system of DrawQuest. They’re used for unlocking more colors.


Once you’re done drawing, you can upload your masterpiece and look at others. This can be depressing sometimes, as people have gotten really good at iPad artwork. Still, we liked seeing what other people did with the same prompt.

Lastly, there is Facebook integration. You can link your profile to DrawQuest and show your work to your friends.

The problem with DrawQuest is that it’s essentially fingerpainting. As much as we tried, we never felt comfortable drawing on a virtual screen with our fingers.

Cost: Free to use. There is an option to buy coins with real money, but the game doesn’t push it. We had to search for the micropayment menu, so it’s not egregious by any standard.


Verdict: If you don’t mind drawing with your fingers, DrawQuest is good fun. We’d also recommend it to families for its kid-friendliness.

Download DrawQuest

Road Spies (Shockwave)

Concept: Road Spies is like the chase scene in a Bond movie. You drive a kickass weaponized car and have to attack targets while weaving between pedestrians.


Gameplay: Road Spies is remarkably complex considering that it’s browser-based. The 3D graphics are about at the same level as the Nintendo 64. Ditto for the annoying music.

Weaving in between cars and blasting away at the bad guy vehicles is enjoyable. We liked the thrill of the chase. The game gets better later as you gain more weapons like the rocket launcher, laser beam, and homing missile.

Cost: Viewing the ads beside the game.

Verdict: Road Spies is fun if you like driving games. We’d recommend it.

Play Road Spies