Windows 10 blue screen errors are more sophisticated than those in older versions of Windows operating systems. You know the exact problem, which makes it easy to resolve. The System Service Exception is a blue screen of death experienced by many Windows users.

The reason for experiencing this error may differ from system to system. Still, the common causes are viruses, corrupted system files, outdated driver, third-party applications, and bad sectors on the system drive. You can avoid blue screen errors by taking good care of your system and keeping it up to date. Although this error may seem dreadful, it is resolvable by troubleshooting it accurately.

17 Solutions for System Service Exception in Windows 10

You can try the below solutions by logging in to the system normally. Well, this can be possible if you are experiencing System Service Exception abruptly while you are logged in. If you cannot enter the system normally, you can enter safe mode and then perform the fixes.

1. Update Windows 10 Operating System

You can update Windows operating system to the latest version to fix the System Service Exception stop code error. The Windows update carries driver updates, security patches, and new features. So if the reason for the blue screen error is outdated drivers, updating Windows will be helpful.

Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app and go to the Update & Security section. Make sure you are in the Windows Update section from the left panel.

Now, click on the Check for Updates button.

Check for new updates in Windows
Check for new updates in Windows

If there are any updates available, download and install them. We recommend installing the optional and pending update as well. Once the PC is updated, check if the stop code error is resolved or not.

2. Update Windows Device Drivers

If Windows update doesn’t update the drivers, you need to update them manually. In addition, the corrupt or faulty device drivers also need to be updated with stable driver software to avoid errors on Windows PCs. Also, update the driver with the latest driver software that is stable and correct.

You can update device driver from Device Manager or use third-party software like Driver Booster to update it for you automatically. Make sure you update the graphics driver, as many Windows users fixed System_Service_Exception by updating display drivers.

3. Uninstall Recently Installed Application

Some third-party applications can cause troubles in the system, especially if they have compatibility issues. If you have recently installed any third-party application from a fishy source, you can remove that app from your PC to fix the blue screen error you are experiencing.

Open the Settings app on your PC and click on the Apps section.

Open the Settings app
Open the Settings app

Search for a recently installed app in the search bar and when it appears in the search results, click on it.

Lastly, click on the Uninstall button.

Uninstall recently installed app
Uninstall recently installed app

Once the app is uninstalled, restart your PC and check if the blue screen of death error is resolved or not.

4. Disable the Webcam

Many Windows users fixed the BSOD System Service Exception by disabling the webcam. Whether it is a built-in webcam or an external webcam, you can disable it from Device Manager.

Press Windows key + X to open the quick link menu and click on Device Manager to open it. Alternatively, you can search for it in the Start menu and open it from there.

In the Device Manager window, expand Cameras, and there you can find the webcam driver. Now, right-click on the webcam driver; in our case, it is Integrated Webcam, and click on Disable device.

Disable the webcam
Disable the webcam

If you don’t find it under Cameras, try searching it under a different heading. It may differ based on your webcam integrations and system configuration. You may now get rid of the System_Service_Exception error on Windows.

5. Uninstall or Disable Third-party Antivirus Applications

Some antivirus programs can lead to unwanted errors and restrictions. You can disable the third-party antivirus to fix the System Service Exception BSOD error. It is easy to turn off Avast and other antivirus software on your computer. If the blue screen/stop code error is resolved after disabling the antivirus, you can uninstall them permanently.

You can install any other trusted malware removal tool or use Windows Security to protect your PC from malware and other cyber threats.

6. Uninstall Specific Apps on Windows PC

There are specific apps that can cause trouble on some Windows 10 PCs. If you have any of the below-mentioned apps on your computer, we recommend uninstalling it and checking if the System Service Exception is fixed or not.

Asus GameFirst Service

If you are using an Asus computer or laptop, you can remove the Asus GameFist Service app to resolve the blue screen error you are currently experiencing.


The gamers who are seeing the System_Service_Exception while playing should uninstall Xsplit. At times, updating Xsplit can also help fix the BSOD issue.

MSI Live Update

MSI Live Update also contributes to this blue screen error; we recommend removing it and checking if the error is resolved or not.

BitDefender and Cisco VPN

The VPN allows you to have a secure connection on public networks. However, some VPN software can cause unwanted trouble for you as well. You can temporarily disable or uninstall BitDefender/Cisco VPN to fix the issue you are facing. Once the apps are uninstalled, you can check out other VPNs like SurfShark or ProtonVPN for secure connections.

Virtual CloneDrive

Another app that you need to get rid of is Virtual CloneDrive. Many users fixed the System_Service_Exception after uninstalling this app from their PC.

Uninstalling the app mentioned above may or may not work for you. It depends on the drivers, system configurations, and also version of the app you are currently using.

7. Perform SFC and DISM scans

One of the reasons to experience blue screen errors is corrupt system files. To scan and repair Windows system files, you can use Windows inbuilt utilities, SFC (System File Checker), and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management).

Type cmd in the Start menu’s search bar and click on Run as administrator to open Command Prompt with administrator privileges.

Open Command Prompt as administrator
Open Command Prompt as administrator

In the terminal window, type the sfc /scannow command and press Enter to fix the corrupted system file.

 SFC command execution
SFC command execution

Now, let the SFC utility scan and repair all the issues with system files. Once the SFC command is executed, type the below command and press Enter to use the DISM utility.

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
Execute DISM command
Execute DISM command

The command execution may take some time, do not close the Command Prompt in between. Once the commands are executed, restart Windows PC and check if the System Service Exception error is resolved or not.

8. Check for Virus and Malware

The virus can enter your system from the Internet or USB flash drives you use. As a result, it can reside on your computer and cause unwanted troubles.

You can use Windows Security to scan and remove all the viruses, malware, and threats from your PC.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your PC and go to Update & Security settings.

Step 2: From the left panel, go to Windows Security and click on Virus & threat protection.

Open Virus & threat protection
Open Virus & threat protection

Step 3: Click on the Scan options link.

Step 4: Select Full scan and click on Scan now button to begin with the scan.

Perform a Full scan
Perform a Full scan

Windows will thoroughly scan your PC and check if there is any virus present on files or programs. The scan may take time, depending on the number of files that need to be scanned. However, all the viruses and malware will be removed from your PC.

After the scan, restart your computer and check if the System Service Exception error is fixed or not.

9. Reinstall Graphics Driver

You can reinstall the graphics card driver to fix the System_Service_Exception error in Windows 10. It is easy to reinstall drivers from Device Manager.

Open Device Manager and expand the Display adapters section. Now, right-click on the graphics driver and select Uninstall device from the context menu.

Uninstall graphics driver
Uninstall graphics driver

If asked for confirmation, confirm the uninstall. Once the driver is uninstalled, go to the Action from the menu bar and click on Scan for hardware changes. This will reinstall the removed driver for you.

Scan for hardware changes
Scan for hardware changes

You can also restart the PC to reinstall the graphics drivers. If there are any other faulty or corrupt drivers, you can reinstall them as well. There is a yellow exclamation mark next to the drivers with issues so that you can find such drivers for reinstallation.

10. Run Driver Verifier Tool

The Driver Verifier tool performs stress tests on your system’s drivers to find out their issues. Microsoft recommends using the Driver Verifier tool on the computer used for testing and debugging because extreme tests can make your computer crash. You can read the detailed information here.

Once you read all the information and warnings, proceed with the below instructions to run the Driver Verifier tool on your computer.

Open elevated Command Prompt on your computer. Now, type the verifier command in the terminal prompt and press Enter to execute it.

When the Driver Verifier Manager opens, select Create standard settings and click on Next. On the next window, select Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer and click on Finish.

Restart the PC after clicking on Finish. Then, you will know if there are any issues with the drivers.

To check the test results of the Driver Verifier tool, execute the verifier /query command in Command Prompt with admin privileges.

And if you wish to stop the test in between, you can execute the verifier /reset command.

Once you find the drivers with issues, you can update, rollback, or reinstall them.

11. Execute the chkdsk Command

The system drive can have bad sectors and errors. You can use the Windows chkdsk (Check Disk) command to check and repair the bad sectors in the system drive.

Open the elevated Command Prompt and type command –

chkdsk C: /f /x /r 

Then, press Enter to execute the command.

Execute the chkdsk command to fix system service exception
Execute the chkdsk command

You need to change the C letter in the command with your system drive letter. The system drive is the drive where Windows is stored and installed.

After the command execution, you will be able to use your computer without any blue screen errors.

12. Turn Off Google Update Service

This solution may sound weird, but it helped many users to fix the blue screen System Service Exception error in Windows 10. All you need to do is disable the Google Update service from the services app.

Press Windows key + R to open Run and type services.msc there. Click OK to open the Services app.

Open Services app
Open Services app

Search for Google Update Service in the Services app and double-click on it to open its Properties window.

Make sure you are in the General tab and set the Startup type as Disabled. Then, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

Disable Google Update Service  to fix system service exception
Disable Google Update Service

If you have multiple Google Update Services, you need to disable each one manually, as mentioned above.

Once the service is disabled, reboot your computer and check if the blue screen error System Service Exception vanished or not.

13. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

You can check for memory-related issues in Windows using the Memory Diagnostic Tool. Many blue screen errors are caused because of RAM memory problems.

Open Run and type mdsched.exe there. Click OK or press Enter to open the Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Open Memory Diagnostic tool
Open Memory Diagnostic tool

In the Windows Memory Diagnostic window, select – Restart now and check for problems.

 Select ‘Restart now and check for problems’
Select Restart now and check for problems

Your PC will restart and check for issues with the memory.

14. Run Startup Repair

Another way to fix the System Service Exception is to run the startup repair. It is easy to run startup repair in Windows 10, and it also helps fix many blue screen errors.

Go to Settings ➜ Update & Security, and then from the left panel, go to the Recovery section. Click on the Restart now button under Advanced startup.

Start Advanced startup
Start Advanced startup

Suppose you are not able to open the Settings app. Then, you can try the below instruction to enter Advanced startup.

Press the hardware button to turn off your PC forcefully. Once the PC turns off, press the physical power button again to turn on the computer. Once you see the startup logo, shut the PC again using the power button.

Now, repeat this process until you see the ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’ message on the screen.

Whatever process you used, follow the below steps to run startup repair.

Step 1: When you see the Automatic Repair screen, click on Advanced options.

Step 2: From the next screen, go to Advanced Options ➜ Startup Repair.

Windows will run the startup repair and fix the BSOD error for you.

15. Update BIOS

You can update the BIOS on your PC to fix the System_Service_Exception error message in Windows 10. Well, it can be difficult to update the BIOS, especially if you have done it before. However, BIOS is a crucial part of your Windows 10 PC, and if it is not updated correctly, it can damage your computer permanently.  

You can take help from an expert who has an idea for updating the BIOS. Once the BIOS is updated, check if the blue screen error is resolved or not.

16. System Restore

If you have created a system restore point, you can restore your computer to that point to fix the System Service Exception error. System Restore will not delete your personal files and data. However, the apps that were installed after the restore point was created will be deleted. Also, the settings will be reverted.

This will prevent wrong settings, apps, and new Windows updates from causing the BSOD in Windows 10. You can perform a system restore easily and get rid of the issue you are facing.

17. Reset the Computer

The last resort to fix the System Service Exception is to reset the PC. When you reset the computer, Windows is reinstalled. This will help you fix all the minor and major issues with your PC, along with BSOD. In addition, you can keep your personal file and folders by selecting the right option during the reset process.

The third-party apps will be uninstalled. The settings will also be restored to default. However, you can make the settings change again and install the app after the reset.


The blue screen errors in Windows 10 are abrupt and indefinite. You cannot work in peace once you start experiencing a BSOD loop on your PC. The System Service Exception is a BSOD error that needs to be resolved immediately to avoid further complications with the Windows PC.

The reason to experience this error depends on the system and usage. Therefore, the list of solutions is long. However, you can try all the solutions one by one until you find the one that works best. And if the issue persists, you may need to reset the PC or perform the system restore to fix it.


What is meant by System Service Exception?

System Service Exception is a blue screen error that can show up on your Windows 10 computer.

What causes System Service Exception error?

Some of the common reasons to experience System_Service_Exception are:-

  • Viruses and malware
  • Corrupt system files
  • Outdated drivers
  • Third-party apps
  • Bad sectors in the system drive

How to fix the System Service Exception Error in Windows 10?

You can fix the System Service Exception with some working fixes such as updating Windows OS, disabling webcam, reinstalling or updating drivers, turning off Google Update service, updating BIOS, running startup repair, and performing system restore.

How do you stop a system service?

You can go to the Service app and right-click on the service you want to stop. Then from the context menu, click on Stop to stop that service.

What are blue screen errors?

Blue screen errors occur when Windows does not know how to react or resolve any particular issue that occurred on your computer. The blue screen error shows up with a message and error code on your screen.