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Google Fiber 101: All You Need To Know About Google Fiber And What It Can Do For You


Google Fibre's initial promise is that of blazing fast internet but it does not stop there. The service encompasses digital TV as well as phone service.

Depending on your location, Google Fiber might be offering plans from 5 Mbps Free internet to high-speed 1000 Mbps. Here's all that you need to know about Google Fiber service offerings.

How to Use the Game Launcher and Game Tools on Samsung Galaxy S7


The Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Marshmallow is loaded a variety of new features, including the Game Launcher and Game Tools. Both are meant to help make the gaming experience on Android better than ever before.

Let’s look at how the Game Launcher and Game Tools work on the Samsung Galaxy S7 so you can get the most out of gaming on your Android device.

Enhance GX-C1 Review: A Nice Laptop Cooling Pad for Gamers

We laptop consumers seem to have decided that we don’t need heavy-duty cooling on our electronics. As laptops get thinner and thinner, one of the first things to go is the fan.

That’s why I was interested in trying out the Enhance GX-C1 cooling pad. It promises to be a clean, simple solution for keeping your PC cool. It’s a pad built around four small fans and one large one in the center. It seems simple and effective, but is it?

7 Reasons That Make Samsung Galaxy S7 Superior to iPhone 6s

Consumer Reports just named the Samsung Galaxy S7 the top smartphone it’s ever reviewed. That’s huge. Everyone is raving about the S7 and S7 Edge. People are ditching phones left and right to get the latest from Samsung; even some hardcore Apple fans are ditching the iPhone 6s – the standard of phones in the last year – for the Galaxy S7.

Let’s look at seven reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S7 is superior to the iPhone 6s and why it might be time to finish that apple.

Power Data Recovery Review: An Effective Freemium Tool to Recover Lost or Formatted Data

Data corruption, deletion or storage device crashes are part of every computer user's life. They happen and, unless you have backups, they leave you in a bad situation with important files, photos or even documents lost.

MiniTool's Power Data Recovery is a simple to use yet effective data recovery software that you can use for free or get a license that suits your needs.

How to Convert Missing (Unallocated) Disk Space To Drives in Windows 10

When you install Windows 10, you might find that you have only one drive on your system and it has the OS installed on it. There might be no other drives and you will have to create them yourself.

Disk Management on Windows 10 can help you create drives from unallocated space. Here's how to use Disk Management to do that

How to Change Permissions for Apps On the Samsung Galaxy S7

Marshmallow has changed the way Android users can set, change, and learn more about permissions on their devices. While Marshmallow is available on the Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s slowly rolling out to Nexus and Android-based devices. If you wanted more control over how apps work with your phone, your prayers have been answered in some ways.

Let’s look at how the Marshmallow permissions work on the Galaxy S7 and why you should know about this important change.

Rosewill Air Fryer Review: A Smart Way to Cook Healthier Fried Food

When it comes to the smart home, it’s about more than just spending tens of thousands of dollars to be smart. The average consumer can’t afford to make their home smart. Not yet.

So, it’s all about finding appliances and accessories to make life easier without shelling out a retirement fund to do it. Frying food might seem to like a truly American way to cook food, but it’s slowly becoming hard to do at home.

That’s where an Air Fryer comes in handy. If you want to deep fry at home but don’t have the space or the resources, the Rosewill Air Fryer might just be the smart solution you need.

How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption on Android and iOS

As Internet connectivity evolves, the pricing schemes also evolve. Gone are the days of unlimited, albeit slow Internet packages. Nowadays, the carriers are racing to provide faster speeds, but at a price - bandwidth caps or limitations.

For example, T-Mobile is said to deliver an average of 12.26 MBPS in 4G LTE mobile connectivity, the fastest in the US as of February 2016. However, its base plan at $50 per month only has an allotment of 2GB. For unlimited, you have to shell out more money.

Not everyone needs unlimited data to use when they’re out and about. But what if you’re waiting for a very important email to come in?

While there are similarities and differences in Apple and Android-based devices, there are 4 key principles to saving data while you’re on 3G /4G or Cellular Data mode.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Data to Your Galaxy S7 From Any Device

Samsung Smart Switch is an easy way to transfer data when moving to a new phone, including the Galaxy S7. You can transfer contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, and more.

Introduced with the Galaxy S6, Smart Switch works with iOS, Blackberry, and Android phones so long as you have a USB to micro USB adapter. An adapter comes with the Samsung Galaxy S7, making it easy to transfer data from your old phone to the S7.

We'll show you how to use Smart Switch and transfer data between two phones with this amazingly simple to use app from Samsung.